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UNIQUE Year of Learning: Youth on the Move! PROJECT DESCRIPTION

Increasing mobility opportunities call to reflect and review the support measures which would be needed and expected by young learners, especially by those who would be interested in choosing flexible learning pathways – from learning in school moving to learning in the programmes of nongovernmental organisation (e.g. youth exchanges or job shadowing) and back; who choose a year of learning as EVS volunteer by this reinforcing motivation to continue studying at higher level of formal education system. The innovative character of the project is the idea to promote cross-sectorial approach to leaning of young people whilst exploring various support measures for learners.

AIM AND OBJECTIVES The main aim of UNIQUE Year of Learning is to offer systematic non-formal education and learning support measures to young people from inclusion groups and local educational organisations. Project seeks to promote and develop quality learning mobility opportunities within the context of Youth on the Move Initiative ( improving young people’s learning and employability opportunities. By this project we seek specifically: • • • • •

To offer variety of learning opportunities and tools for developing participants’ learning to learn competence; To provide participants with the space of exploring diversity in education and learning and strengthen their motivation for further learning; To deepen participants’ understanding of various European learning mobility opportunities and quality demands, especially focusing on youth exchanges, EVS and job shadowing; To introduce participants with the Youthpass as one of the support measures for learners in recognising the acquisition of competences as an outcome of non-formal learning To bring different actors in education and learning together promoting cross-sectorial cooperation and flexible life-long learning pathways.

PARTICIPANTS The idea of UNIQUE Year of Learning is to involve and support organisations/people who are yet new to European youth learning mobility opportunities. Each UNIQUE partner will nominate and prepare a group of participants composed of young people and youth workers/educators. Profile of young people: • Age of 16-20 who are at the critical moment of their lives (e.g. soon to be changing different levels of education (from school to college/university, at the margin of dropping from education, not involved in any education form or activity). • Priority should be given to young people with fewer opportunities.

Youth on the Move An initiative of the European Union

Profile of youth workers/educators: • Profesional workers or volunteers who are actively involved in supporting young people’s nonformal learning at local level; • Are comming from organisations or institutions (can be NGOs, shools, day care centres, youth centres, vocational training, orientation and guidance providers, cultural centres), which set educational goals with young people and yet are new to the Younth in Action Programme; • Both, participants and their organisations should be interested in developing at least one youth learning mobility projects as part of UNIQUE Year of Learning; • Participating organisation should commit for the long-term cooperation and participation in international activities of this project: partnership building seminar in Spain (19-24 September 2011), training course in Lithuania (8-15 January 2012) and evaluation seminar in Slovenia (September 2012) . At least few participants should have sufficient level of English. If there will be participants in the group not able to communicate in English, then where should be reached an agreement within the composed group on the necessary language support. Nominated participants, young people and youth workers/educatiors, should know each other and should have prior contact.

STRUCTURE AND ACTIVITIES 1) Partnership building seminar will take place during 19-24 September 2011 in Lorca, Spain. Partnership Building Activity will involved 30 participants and will support development of their knowledge and understanding of Youth in Action mobility opportunities; will offer learning opportunities to know realities of young people in participating countries; will facilitate getting to know various organisations and their interests; will help to develop possible partneships for youth learning mobility projects. 2) Training course will take place during 8-15 January 2011 in Daugirdiskes, Lithuania. Training course will involve 30 participants and will deepen their understanding of European learning mobility opportunities and quality demands; will introduce Youthpass as one of the support measures for learners; will offer opportunities for participants to develop future learning mobility projects involving young people from inclusion groups. 3) Learning mobility practice phase will take place during February-August 2011 in various countries and various settings with educational support from youth workers/educators. Project organisers will support involved participants in developing concrete youth mobility projects using the opportunities of the European Youth in Action Programme and other funding schemes. It is expected that participants’ organisations will carry on learning mobility projects with young people. 4) Finally people, who took part in learning mobility process, will meet at the evaluation seminar to capitalise learning outcomes, to review the process and results of UNIQUE Year of Learning. The evaluation will take place in September in Slovenia. 5) All this process will be accompanied by the action research in order to design research tools enabling organisers of European learning mobility to measure the impact of mobility.

Youth on the Move An initiative of the European Union

FINANCIAL ASPECTS Partnership building seminar in Spain and training course in Lithuania received funding of the European Youth in Action Programme. Board, lodging and programme costs will be covered 100%. Travel costs will be reimbursed up to 70% upon recieving requested travel documents.

ORGANISERS AND CONTACTS UNIQUE Network is a European network of training, consulting and research organisations as well as individual experts. UNIQUE stands for life-long learning supported by the particular potential of nonformal and informal learning approaches in order to contribute to the development of democratic and active citizenship at all levels. UNIQUE provides a set of complementary knowledge and competence in consulting, training, research and evaluation based on wide experience in European Union, Council of Europe and UNESCO Cazalla Intercultural will be supporting participants from Spain and will be hosting Partnership building seminar in September 2011. Contacts: Association of Non-formal Education in Lithuania will be supporting participants from Lithuania and will be hosting Training course in January 2012. Tipovej! will be supporting participants from Slovenia and will be hosting Evaluation seminar in September 2012. Contacts: Inducar will be supporting participants from Portugal. Contacts: Ushanga will be supporting participants from Finland. Contacts: Citizens in Action will be supporting participants from Greece. Contacts: Go Europe! Will be supporting participants from Germany. Contacts:

Youth on the Move An initiative of the European Union

UNIQUE Year of Learning  
UNIQUE Year of Learning  

This is project description document explaining project idea, objectives and main activities.