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As participant artist in LAM 360° - 5th Land Art Biennial, Mongolia 2018 my intention was through my art work to bring out qualities of the nomadic life and open up a discussion on human values today. As the balance between city-dwellers and rural populations is tipping in the direction of urbanism it gets more complex to understand cultures that are close to ‘nature’. During my stay in Murun Sum, Khentii Aimag I got the opportunity to understand and translate some parts of the nomadic life in Mongolia.

Aside from the modern life in Mongolia the Mongolian nomads live in close relation with nature and their animals as a near and dear part of the family.

A life as a nomad is not about changing surroundings like backpackers, but about maintaining the stability of life.

The nomadic home - the ger - is flexible and mobile. When the household moves on the ger stays the same while the landscape is changing. The ger is like a nest - a symbol of life, a place where you can feel confident and grow up safe.

Nomadic life is about responsibility for the family, for the animals, for the community. It is about respect for nature and concern for life. In the ger everyday life is transparent. You can not hide, and you are not able to pretent as everyone lives in the same nest. The household moves on to secure that the animals get the rights food through out the year and to ensure that the pastures do not suffer from nuisance. The household does not move on for you to discover new land.

Just as the birds of prey the nomads protect their nest. In the nomadic family you share a collective responsibility with one and another as you treat and care for the environment in a sustainable way. Relations, I find, we miss the most in our modern western consumer society as we believe in freedom and individuality. When life gets too complicated we seek for a more simple version. Often we search to find our inner self by travelling in our mind or in the outer world as individuals going back to ancient or foreing cultures. We are taking off to live like nomads, we say, travelling around the world, free from responsibility only conserning about ourselves and our own goals. But is this a nomadic life? Or do we misunderstand and disrespect the essentials about the nomadic life? Can we combine values of nesting with our eager to discover the world?

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