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Our Community Impact Offer Our aim is to take businesses on a journey towards more sophisticated community investment programmes that deliver even greater benefits to the local community.

Education & Young People

• Our goal is for every young person, particularly those facing social disadvantage, to receive support from business to help them build successful working lives


• Our goal is that everyone, particularly those with significant barriers to overcome, receives support from business to build the skills and confidence to gain and sustain employment

Enterprise & Culture

• Our goal is for every business to support the creation and growth of enterprise and the arts with a focus on areas of greatest need, to reduce social deprivation, stimulate creativity and economic growth

Business in the Community Business in the Community stands for Responsible Business. We are a business-led charity focused on promoting responsible business practice. Our vision is for every business to act responsibly and so ensure a sustainable future for all. We do two things; We ask our members to work together to transform communities by tackling issues where business can make a real difference, and we offer our members a range of advisory services, practical tools, information and brokerage services to help them transform their businesses and engage with local communities. We have a growing membership of over 850 companies and a further 10,700 engaged in our campaigns. We work locally and nationally through 11 regional teams and together we are one of the largest and most influential leadership networks focused on driving responsible business practice.

Community Impact We believe that the most enduring way businesses can make a positive impact in their communities is through investing in education & young people, employment and enterprise & culture.

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We offer a number of impact-led community programmes, each designed to deliver measurable benefits to the local community and to inspire companies to work together in the communities with the greatest needs. We have 30 years experience of working with business to transform communities. We know what makes excellent community investment and guide businesses against our robust five principles. We offer advice and guidance to help companies to develop their community investment strategies and to progress towards a level of sophistication that delivers maximum benefits to their local communities. We offer high impact community-based volunteering that gives companies the opportunity to visibly demonstrate their commitment to the community and bring to life their corporate responsibility strategy.

Our Community Impact Offer Business in the Community has refreshed its community offer to refocus on both value and impact. Companies can engage in our Community impact offer via three routes:

The offer is designed to encourage long-term engagement with companies to tackle some key social issues, through the delivery of an extensive range of impact-led opportunities and expert advice and guidance.

Additional Benefits Route 1- Strategic Employee Volunteering We offer companies a complete brokerage package, with community programmes organised by sophistication and by social issue. This allows companies to take a pick and mix approach, selecting the activities most relevant to them, and making it easy for them to get involved in community-based employee volunteering. Route 2- Advice and Guidance We offer companies advisory support from a community expert in their region. This can be tailored to meet the needs of an individual company, drawing on Business in the Communities 30 years’ experience of working with business to transform communities.

For those companies who engage in strategic employee volunteering or access our advice and guidance package there are a number of additional benefits:  A named Community Impact manager in your region to act as a point of contact  An annual impact review meeting to discuss the activity undertaken over the previous year  A place on the local operations team made up of other companies active in the community in their area

Pricing Prices start from £2000 + VAT for Route One or Two Prices start from £795 + VAT for Route Three

Communicating your association Route 3- One-off Physical Team Challenges We offer companies the opportunity to undertake oneoff physical team challenges that support community organisations to undertake practical tasks which support the work they do. These range from painting a classroom at a primary school to planting allotments at a community centre.

Every company that signs up to our Community Impact offer will receive support to understand which social issues are of greatest importance to their business and their community. Whether they are at the beginning of their journey or are looking to start increasing their impact in the community we will deliver a well managed and effective programme.

Business in the Community has strong relationships with businesses across the UK who are committed to addressing these key social issues. Our track record in community investment and our impact-led campaigns have led us to being recognised as a trusted brand in this field. Companies that engage in our Community Impact offer are provided with a planter to visibly demonstrate their commitment to the community they operate in and to describe their relationship with Business in the Community.

Find Out More If you are interested in finding out more about our Community Impact Offer then please contact your local Business in the Community Office or visit our website.

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