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Industrial Design and Product Development Engineering

About me...

I am Nerea Gallardo, an Industrial Design and Product Development Engineering Degree student at Mondragon University. (Guipuzkoa, Spain). I am an active and cheerful person who loves learning new things and developing new skills. I am also a nature lover and I like doing outdoor activities. I decided to course these career due to the technical and creative combination of the product design process. These are my selected works. Hope you enjoy them.

About me... Personal information

Software skills

Born: Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain Adress: C/ Pintor Clemente Arraiz 4 3ÂşA 01008 Vitoria-Gasteiz, Ă lava Contact: (+34) 638290917

Microsoft office programmes. 2D and 3D modelling and rendering programmes.

Studies I coursed primary and secondary studies at VitoriaGasteiz, where I was born. I have studied Industrial Design and Product Development Engineering at Mondragon University. (Guipuzkoa, Spain).


Spanish, mother tongue Basque, fluent written and spoken English, fluent written and spoken. FIRST level (B2)

Material selection

Eco-design metodology

Interests and hobbies Sports Rhythmic gymnastics since I was 5 Ballet Physical training Handmade Sketching Painting Doing mock-ups Origami

Design Process

Adaptation ability


Selected work Redesign of an iron

Ambition Design of a terrace



Conceptualization Development

Heart &brain

Redesign of a hairdryer

Identify a need from a macrotrend

Solution Final product Find problems

Searching tendencies and find out the incoming future trends.

Make questions Find answers Define the context of the problem by searching, selecting information and taking decisions. Analyse it and define the design strategy Use CUT values.

Try to find the answer to the problem defined. Define three possible solutions to the 75%

Design of a dron shell

Execute solutions Define the found it solution to the 100%

Interests and hobbies


MLNIM iron

Redesign of an iron

Team project 3rd semester 5 weeks Team members: Laura Guinea Iratxe Ruiz de Mendarozqueta Miriam Ortiz de Guinea Miren Zugazua Me, Nerea Gallardo

MLNIM iron

MLNIM iron



This project involves the redesign of an iron with the aim to do it more attractive to the users and to increase the sales of the company of this iron.

A young target that was gone from their parents’ house and feel the need to buy an iron.

Analysis Investigate what can be found in the market in order to know what the people look at when buy an iron and anticipate to their needs.

Development An iron which is attractive, colorful and supplies the need of the target making them easy to iron with a nice iron.

Idea generation and sketches


Two end points A basis to leave the iron


Final design MLNIM Iron

Iron basis


Design of a terrace

Team project 4th semester 6 weeks Team members: Oihane Arambarri Ion Fajardo Alexander Lizarralde Alazne Oses Me, Nerea Gallardo



Nowadays, there is a tendency to go and enjoy the services provided by a bar on the street. This is due to the smoking ban adopted in 2011 after which it was banned smoking inside the establishments. The challenge was to design a terrace for the Boulevard Street in San Sebastian (Spain) which follow the same line that the aesthetic of that place.

Conceptualization As the objective was to create a terrace which follows the aesthetic line of the street, it was analyse the market and it was made a trend panel to see which lines, colors and shapes needed to be taken into consideration


To get started, it was analysed the market to learn about what it could be found and also the normative which we found it very restrictive.

Places with the aesthetic line of the determined street Two main shapes

Development After doing sketches there were 3 interesting solutions to the problematic.

3 drafts

Lรถcher Binimal and Lรถcher follow more aggressive and straight lines and in addition, Gartenbeet, has rounded shapes. The 3 of them combine wood and metal



Final design Take a cool breath

Ideal for couples, families and friends

Materials of Lรถcher, final design Panels made of grey casting iron and tempered soda-lime container glass

Mockup 1:10 Made with methacrylate, foam board, grey spray and adhesive


Redesign of a hairdryer

Team project 5th semester 2 weeks Team members: Ibai Fernรกndez de Pinedo Laura Guinea Ana Gonzรกlez Me, Nerea Gallardo



Brief The aim of this project was to combine the design to the product and the added value of the eco-design aspect included. The hair dryer was disassembled to see all the pieces. Then all of them were analysed and look at the material, weight and fabrication process of them.

We used the MET matrix to identify the environmental aspects The most problematic aspect was the use of PP

Idea generation

Conceptualization The objective that it was defined was to create a light, simple, minimalist and ecological hair dryer


Solution Reduce the quantity of material and use recyclable and recycled materials.

Result An important decrease in the environment impact. This impact is measured in milipoints


Final design

Dabaspin 2.0

Identify a need from a macrotrend

Team project 5th semester 6 weeks Team members: Irati Abad Maitane Leal Lourdes Oyarbide Me, Nerea Gallardo

Dabaspin 2.0


This it has been my fourth project. By the moment it is the most complete one; we were asked to make a product for 2020 which make sense with the macrotrend “The creative class”. This has three different challenges; firstly because we had to find a trend by searching information about the creative class and what movement were happening,; secondly because it something for the future and finally because we had to develop a completely new concept. We found out that it had to be something for public places so we decided to create something which only needed the possibilities that the environment offers to work; an eco-friendly product. The product that we create was then defined in detail taking into account all it elements, materials and their production process.

Starting the project

Based on the trend “Cooperate for a common good by using the knowledge and skills for each and using the resources of today” we made a prospective analysis of the society and we thought to make a self-sufficient park. We decided that the product might be ecological, natural and that used the nature factors to work.

Help in the daily life in 2020

For whom is it done? Everyone who wants to help to the nature and wants to gain ecological values For everybody; specially young families with little child

Creative class

People of the basque country

Cooperate for a common good by using the knowledge and skills for each and using the resources of today

Self-sufficient park Resources




What shape is the tendency going follow? Rounded shapes, minimalism, calm colours....

Dabaspin 2.0

Conceptualization Generate ideas

Use the water of the rain and the movement to provide electricity

Combination Child play in pairs, in group or alone and the light goes up and they make the water go up. It is collected in the upper part to go down by inertia generating electricity

Final design


Water tank PVC

Structure Medium carbon steal

Skeleton Plastic Sticks Low carbon steal

Platform Stainless steal

At night it gives light and light lines go up depending of the change while they are using it

Innovative Useful

Components and size

Funny Ergonomic Ecological Environmentally friendly

Design of a dron shell

Team project 6th semester 6 weeks Team members: Ion Fajardo Mikel Maroto Ana Gonzรกlez Me, Nerea Gallardo

Brief It has been my last project. By the moment, it has been the most complete one due to the real application and the final product achievement. The enterprise Erle Robotics asked to make the design of a shell for the Erle- Copter dron. For this challenge, we focused the use of the future design on the finding and browsing of people in places of difficult access.

Components and materials GPS Propellers ABS

It has been designed taken into consideration the environment so all the materials are recyclable, in addition, all the components has been designed in order to have the possibility to make use of the current components of Erle Robotics. It has been modelled the shape of the dron into detail and printed in a rapid prototyping ¡D printer obtaining the real shape and dimensions of the shell. The mock up was made with the same materials and the typography and the graphic design were defined.

Fiberglass legs

Compartment for the transport of food, drink and medicine

Upper shell ABS

Protectors ABS

Under shell ABS Thermal camera and Go Pro

Sales mock up

Information and characteristic provided in the upper and under faces of the sales packaging. There is a manual inside.

A sign of life

Transport mock up

Rescue dron

Both of them are made in 1:3 sized. The first one, is made in carton and it has foam inside in order to protect the pieces. The space has been optimized to use the minimum material as possible. The second one, is a box to carry the dron completely assempbled.This one is made in ABS and it i very useful for it´s propose.

Erle Robotics

Interest and hobbies

Graphic design The design of a poster, flyers and tickets for a solidary event A culinary km to collect money to help to Etiopia.


Origami Animals




Sketching I like sketching both by hand as by computer. I usually make my own sketches because let your imagination run free, it’s relaxing, natural and full of colour; it fulls me of life

Thank you I hope you enjoy my portfolio

Contact me for further information or any details of the projects (+34) 638 29 29 17 I will be pleased to answer you

Portfolio nereagallardo  

Portfolio sobre los trabajos que he realizado.

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