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Riordan Manufacturing MRP System BSA/376

Trade-Off Design Riordan Manufacturing requires a system which will organize their raw materials thus increasing revenue and manage inventory problems: a task which has not been able to be performed by any previous system. The system’s design is very significant. While the process of designing, time, cost, performance and effectiveness are the factors that need to be kept in mind. “A trade-off study refers to an assessment of your options done at a time during the design process when a decision is important to be made between two different options. It is also called trade study and it is a very advantageous facility so that the design procedure is documented and the design scope remains within certain boundaries.� (ArgoPress, 2005, p.1). The main factor involved in any design is cost so it should be evaluated with care. Research, support, design and training are all parts of cost. Without proper research and design, it is impossible for a system to be created successfully without any errors.


Bsa 376 week 4 team project draft  
Bsa 376 week 4 team project draft