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Interview with Shaahree Buckley 1

Interview with Introduction to Behavioral Science (BEH 225)

Credible, dramatic, honest, humanistic, humorous, inspirational, pragmatic, scholarly, and spiritual are a few words that I can use to describe my friend Shaahree Buckley. I met Shaahree several years ago when she applied for a sales position at the establishment I was

Interview with Shaahree Buckley 2 managing. I was taking a chance hiring her with no sales experience; but I felt her personality and enthusiasm outweighed the lack of sales experience. Now, many years later, we both have different positions with different companies, but remain good friends. The quality of our friendship encouraged me to ask Shaahree to participate in an interview for this psychology class. With no hesitation, she agreed with the stipulation that I would not commit her to an insane asylum. This interview with Shaahree has given us the opportunity to get to know each other on a psychological basis and to rehash many memories we have developed over the years. Throughout the interview, I asked Shaahree how she remembers information. Shaahree stated that she preferred distractions such as music or television. In learning information, she would rather observe something being done as to reading it. According to the website, Funderstanding Observation involves four separate processes: attention, retention, production and motivation.


Beh 225 week 9 final project interview profile  
Beh 225 week 9 final project interview profile