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Week 5

Motivating Employees Checkpoint

So, the question begins, is it possible for a manager to motivate an employee? In my opinion, I consider it depends on the employer’s strategies and intentions for motivating an employee. Additionally, it depends on the employee’s observation of the motivation; if an employee is displeased or disappointed, any type of motivation from an employer or manager may be unpromising. The employee has to be willing to be stimulated before any kind of motivation will work. Therefore, it is definitely possible for a manager to motivate an employee. Intrinsic motivation can come from the employee acknowledging that he or she is doing an excellent job and desiring to mature in his or her expertise and knowledge. A manager can give this chance to their employees by giving them more odd jobs or diverse obligations to perform, which will necessitate divergent skills and in addition would aid the employees in gaining better or more understanding, which is needed in highly developed positions they may obtain potentially in the future. By challenging the employees, the employees will in turn have intrinsic motivation to do a much better job. Managers can as well mentor or set mentors into place for employees consequently showing them their own responsibilities and how much motivation and willpower it takes to get things done in a proficient and professional manner. By considering the job of the higher employee or mentor, the employees may be motivated to become educated on new things and do a better job so that in turn they too may be promoted in the future.


Beh 225 week 5 checkpoint motivating employees  
Beh 225 week 5 checkpoint motivating employees