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Economic and Ethical Issues of Pricing ACC/557 Accounting Ethics

Economic and Ethical Issues of Pricing In virtually any industry, there are lots of effects which can have an impact on the organization's day to day functions as well as the related prices which they can charge for their services. Our Certified Public Accounting (CPA) Company is actually a small tax advisory company which specializes in providing services to individual taxpayers, of which a considerable part of whom are believed to be in the high-wealth class. Due to the growing rivalry from the changing market, our company has had to check out various ways in order to lessen the costs to the company so as to grow the company as well as experience continued expansion. The objective of this document is to describe the economical problems for the charge of the services and products as well as the moral challenges while employing non-CPAs.


Acc 557 week 6 individual assignment economic and ethical issues of pricing