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Environmentally Friendly DIY Windshield Cleaner If you’re a car owner, keeping your car in good condition is important. Replacing worn out or broken parts can be expensive. It is also especially important in terms of safety for you and other road users. The inside parts of a car often get the most attention, with their being important to keeping the vehicle going. Other parts can be seen like such staple features, though, that we forget that they too need regular maintenance. The windscreen is one such bit – we only really pay attention to it if it gets cracked and needs repairing, but considering that it’s integral to our watching the road, its upkeep is just as important as all the other parts of the car.

Keeping the windshield clean is perhaps the thing that drivers need to be on top of the most. We may not be aware of just how much dirt is building up on the glass and how much it may be affecting our view through it. The water sprayed from the windshield wipers may only serve to smear or streak the glass, making visibility even worse. So using a good cleaner poured into the fluid compartment can really help with the maintenance of your car window. But if you don’t want to spend money on expensive cleaning fluids, or invest in ones with tough, harmful chemicals, check out this DIY windshield cleaner. Ingredients: -

Rubbing alcohol


Liquid castile soup


A jug/container

You will need about eight ounces of alcohol and one ounce of soup and then water to dilute the mixture. Add the alcohol first, then fill the jug until leaving enough room for the soap. Add the soap slowly and then cap the jug, turning it gently to mix the liquids. The mixture is then ready to put into the fluid compartments on your car, to help clean your windshield whenever it is needed.

Often the ingredient used in windshield cleaner fluids is methanol, but this is a hazardous chemical that should be used with caution. This DIY cleaner as described above is more environmentally friendly and will not have such a harsh effect. Another eco-friendly alternative is instead of rubbing alcohol, you can use distilled white vinegar instead. It is usually best to mix the vinegar with water in equal measures, or even add more vinegar than water. Add a little soap to help with the cleaning properties. This vinegar solution, however, is prone to freezing into the fluid compartment and so is not entirely useful for very cold climates. So if you’re looking for a cheaper, environmentally friendly windshield cleaner that you can make yourself, this might be the recipe for you!

DIY Windshield Cleaner  

Keeping the windshield clean is perhaps the thing that drivers need to be on top of the most. We may not be aware of just how much dirt is b...

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