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INTRODUCTION Whether you run a small or a big business, social media should play a major role in your marketing strategy. Social Media is a key element for those businesses that hope to strengthen their customer relationship in an engaging manner. Most companies already have a strong presence in popular social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. Although having a profile on these sites is essential for any kind of business nowadays, this guide will focus on new social media sites that are starting to become popular. With so many social media platforms across the web it can be overwhelming sometimes to maintain a presence on each. It is important that you identify the sites that work for your business and your customers. Focus on these, build strong profiles and maintain contact with your followers. If you’re not sure of what sites might work better for your business then flip the page and discover some relatively new social media platforms and their benefits.

PINTEREST If you aren’t still on Pinterest, you should really start considering creating a profile on it. Pinterest is considered the “it site” of the moment and the amount of users in the past few months has grown in a surprising way. After you read this, Pinterest should start taking part of your customer intelligence strategy. This is how you can use Pinterest. - Showcase your products creating different moodboards. -

Increase your brand identity; gather images that represent the lifestyle you brand wants to reflect. -

Run competitions, encourage your followers to repin your images and give something in return. -



Post images related to your company such as photos of your offices or employees. Cover every new event related to your company such as a new product launch.

Pin images from your other sites so people can always discover your different profiles.

STORIFY Storify is the perfect site for those companies that are involved in many different kinds of events. If there’s a current event going on and you feel like your business can be related to it then post a story about it on Storify and add a link to your business. Imagine you are an engineering company for example, and some type of industry fair is going to take place. You can create your own story about the event, add tweets from people that are going to attend, videos from YouTube or your images from your own website. Be creative and think of ways of linking your business to current events, Storify is a great place for your company to be discovered!

INSTAGRAM Instagram is a photo sharing app for iPhone, many people are not sure of the business part of it, as it is not focused on link sharing or buying products. On the other hand several brands and companies (Starbucks have more than 90,000 followers) have started to use the app for creating engagement and awareness. If you are interested in creating a profile, here is some advice you should consider in order to attract more followers. - Post interesting images, focus less on branded images and products, post lifestyle photos that can be related to your brand. - Post images consistently, do not post a bunch of images one day and then wait for a month to post some more, your followers want a regular flow of information. - Get involved with your followers, reply to their comments and use hashtags . Run competitions and achieve engagement.

FOURSQUARE Although Foursquare can’t be considered as a new site, there are still many businesses that don’t have a profile on it. Foursquare is a location-based social site for mobile devices. Users can select to check-in at venues based on their GPS location and then earn badges depending on how many times they visit a certain place. This information can be shared on other social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, so having a branded profile on Foursquare is a great opportunity to promote your business online. There are loads of things you can do with Foursquare: - Offer some kind of reward to your customers if they check in a certain amount of times, run a competition and find the most regular customer. - Keep the conversation going and interact with the people that have checked in to your business. - Know your customers, if you know who has checked in you can find out about the type of people interested in your business and therefore try to offer products that meet their requirements easily.

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