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London Destination Guide

Destination Overview Whether you’re looking for a cultural night out in London’s West End or sightseeing at some of the world’s most famous tourist attractions, a trip to London never disappoints.

London’s famous permanent attractions, such as the menacing Tower of London and the jaw-dropping London Eye, you’ll never be stuck for things to do when visiting the city at any time of the year.

London is home to the country’s finest museums and can be great for celebrityspotting too, making a trip to the city a fantastic choice for all the family.

Visit London by train

See the sights of London

From London Euston and London Kings Cross in the north of the city to London Waterloo station in the heart of Westminster, you’re never far from a major train station when staying in London hotels, and you can get even more out of your visit by hiring a car to explore the city at your leisure.

If there’s anywhere in the UK that could claim to have something for everyone, trend-setting London is surely it, from musical shows to fine dining in London’s top restaurants. With annual events such as the Notting Hill Carnival drawing the crowds and

Travelling to London? Whether you’re staying for business or taking in the sights of the city, find your perfect hotel from five star luxury to bargain buys.

London is at the heart of the UK’s rail network, with frequent trains arriving from all over the country into its famous stations.

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Trains to London can be simple and convenient. Choose your station and buy cheap train tickets in a matter of minutes and you can soon be enjoying all the hustle and bustle of the capital . London is a destination loved by business travellers and sight-seers alike, and it’s home to come of the UK’s biggest and brightest attractions so it’s no wonder it’s train links are excellent.

London Destination Guide  
London Destination Guide  

A quick and easy destination guide to London.