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Leeds Destination Guide

Destination Overview Leeds isn’t only a nice place to look at, it’s also stuffed with theatres, music venues, cinemas and shops – and its nightlife packs a punch too.

A visit to Leeds isn’t complete without a trip to Millennium Square, a central spot that often boasts special events including ice skating rinks and Christmas markets. With a busy centre, the city is also well known as a favourite for shoppers, but Leeds visitors will find many museums and galleries in the mix too. Having fun in Leeds With a large student population, Leeds has become a home to many cultural events and institutions – including the colourful Leeds Carnival and the annual Leeds Festival. Shoppers will love paying a visit to The Light Shopping Centre or taking in

the many shop fronts along the pedestrianised Briggate area, or you might prefer to visit Electric Press – one of Leeds’ best destinations for food and shows. Visit Leeds by train With frequent arrivals and departures, it’s easy and convenient to visit Leeds by train and it’s simple to get to Leeds’ suburbs from the main New Station Street. Book Leeds hotels and car hire before you travel and you’ll be ready to start exploring Leeds as soon as you step off the train. Leeds has so much to offer in terms of culture and is known to be a popular music hub for local and international artists, find out more here.

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Leeds is one of the biggest cities in the North of England and a major centre of culture – full of attractions to keep visitors entertained. Whether you’re taking trains to Leeds for spectacular events at Millennium Square or attending a business conference in the Yorkshire city, make sure you book in advance to enjoy discount train fares.

Leeds Destination Guide  

A quick and easy destination guide to the city of Leeds, UK.