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Choosing the Right Television Buying a new TV is tough as there are so many types and sizes to pick from. You also need to consider the stand and what extras you may need. To make it easier we will run down what your options are‌

Size The first thing you need to consider what size you need your computer to be. Work out what size of TV you need for your room. Quick Guide:  19-26” for bedroom TVs  32- 42” for most living rooms  46- 60” for the full home cinema experience

Screens: LCD vs. LED vs. Plasma The next thing to consider is what type of screen you need. There main screen types available are LCD, LED and Plasma. Here is a brief run-down of what you need to know when picking a screen‌

Screens: LCD Manufacturers- All  Pros 

 Uses less power than Plasma

Cons  Doesn’t work well in bright rooms

Screens: LED Manufacturers- All  Pros 

 Uses less power than LCD

Cons  Expensive with no real benefit against LCD

Screens: Plasma Manufacturers- Samsung, Panasonic & LG  Pros 

 Great in dark rooms

Cons  Uses a lot of power

Basic Features 

These are the elements you should look out for in your new TV:  Inputs- You need to make sure you have

enough HDMI cables for your satellites box, blue-ray player and video games console  Menus- Look through the menus to ensure it is easy for you to use  Energy Efficiency- This is becoming an important element in technology so check how much power your new TV may consume

Extras TV’s these days come with many extras so find out if it comes with (or could be included in your deal):  DVD/ blue-ray player (inbuilt or add on)  Freeview (in-built or add on)  HDMI Cables

 Special screen cleaning cloths

3D TV 3D TV is the latest innovation in TV but it has a long way to go before it becomes mainstream. Here is what you need to know:  You need 3D glasses to get the experience  3D TV’s can be very expensive  3D TV’s can also play 2D TV  Limited 3D content available yet

Sources If you need further advice on what TV to buy, check out these sites:  CNET 



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