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It is now going on the third edition of the paper. We have been learning and evolving. Everyone has been working diligently to bring you the very best information and entertainment possible. I hope you will thank the IRON members that have devoted their time and effort to this project. The other departments of the BoI have also been actively working on other areas for your Enjoyment. I thank and salute them all sojo

Bureau of Information Roster

Bureau of Information Roster

Secretary of State DVDCCHN

Media Market (radio, Wikipedia, youtube) Department Head Stockhunter

Director sojourner Art Corps (graphics) Department Head Crusty Juggler Staff Blade619

Staff andrew734 kahzaa AcidNine JerBer

Bureau of Information Roster Writers Corner Writers/Layout (newspapers and blogs) Department Head Phish / Nerau Staff blade619 blascowicz cristoir Derenna Narsis Thelzarc

Department in Focus: The Trading Post by Nerau The Trading Post’s goals are are to help provide trades to the nations of IRON, I recently sat down with the Director, Samus, and asked him a couple questions regarding the trading post and what it does to benefit the populos of the Republic How is the trading post organized to benefit IRON? The IRON TDP is apart of the Citrus Trade Initiative (CTI). Within CTI a group of orange nations come together to benefit each alliance’s nation’s trade; we work together to provide fast and efficient trade circles for our member nations. What is best thing a member of IRON can do to help

IRON and their nations in regards to trades? Join trade swapping if you lack an operating trade circle!! What are some of the benefits of Trade swapping? Maximum tax collections. Minimum bill payments What are some of main differences between CTI and OUT? OUT is a treaty created to protect and help other orange alliances, both diplomatically and militarily, whereas CTI is a treaty purely for trades Any closing remarks? Samus owns you all!!! >_>

Ad for delta: Nations of delta squadron listen up because this one is especially for you. Your smart and sexy military officers have come up with an ingenious way to improve activity while at the same time giving you the chance to earn free money and tech. “Money and tech” i hear you say, “that is free” . Yes, delta officers in a super ingenious plan to increase activity will each week put a link to one game in a designated forum that we want you to play. Then everyone who enters posts a screenshot of their scores. Points will be awarded depending to how well you do:

1st place gets 3 points 2nd place gets 2 points 3rd place gets 1 point Points can them be exchanged for the following prizes: 6 points can be exchanged for 3 million and 4 points can be exchanged for 50 tech. Its really that easy. However in exchange for initiatives like this one we expect activity from delta members. Its activity will make Delta Epic. Ferro Credimus Cristoir Reporter and Delta Master Sergeant

I’d like to share with you a few things about war and the important lessons I’ve learned from it. War can be fun. In fact I was just a casual CN player before I fought for IRON in the Karma War. I didn’t pay too much attention to CN and I didn’t even grow my nation very efficiently until after fighting in Karma and thoroughly enjoying myself. Here are some of the most important lessons I’ve learned from warfare. Number 1 is HAVE A GOOD WARCHEST! I know it may sound obvious and I know your military officers are always stressing it, but trust me, you don’t want to find out the hard way. I had an awful warchest when Karma kicked off and paid for it. For much of the war I found myself outgunned and outnumbered and it’s difficult to do much damage when you’re burning through what little money you have like there’s no tomorrow. I fought hard as long as I could, but in the end my enemies were better prepared and had more

resources for the fight, and eventually I was forced to turtle. I was rendered almost useless on the battlefield. For the CnG war I was better prepared, but only had about $120 million in the bank instead of the recommended $200 million for my squadron standard minimum. I did very well for a good while, until I ran low on money again. At this point I would slip into peace mode, get some aid, (Thanks TOP!) rebuild to 1,000 infra and stock some nukes to drop on our enemies. I did a fair bit of damage because of my tech advantage, but in the end I couldn’t keep re-buying everything forever. I would have been much better off with that extra $80 million and could have went on fighting until the war concluded. Number 2 is preparedness and coordination. I learned this lesson from some skilled fighters at =LOST= who retaliated swiftly and seamlessly after I hit some of their members. It was

impressive to watch; they all coordinated with a flood of attacks within a few minutes of each other before and after update. This is a great way to take your opponent down quickly, before they can re-buy military resources. Even if you’re fighting someone bigger than yourself and they seem to have every advantage, if you coordinate with other IRONers you can knock them down and gain ground on them. Do coordinated quad attacks. If you can’t spy their DEFCON ask another IRON nation. Share the nuking responsibilities if their SDI shoots yours down. BE PREPARED. Make sure you have military wonders, guerrilla camps, and other military improvements. All these things helped me a bunch in the CnG war. Some of my opponents even expressed their frustration after attacking me and failing time after time. It was a good feeling. Number 3 is just have fun with your wars! What was really fun for me was trying to have a go at every alliance we were at war

with and spread some IRON lovin’ across the globe. Really, what’s more fun than fighting for our great alliance? I fought every alliance in CnG save Athens, and most of the alliances that aren’t. And I kept track of how many nukes I landed on them - 67 for the last 2 wars. It’s good to know how much damage you did to your foes, especially when they whine about it (lolODN). Why not try being cordial and talking to your opponents too. It can be amusing while you’re wrecking all each other’s hard work. War is what got me really interested in this game, and hands down the most fun thing about it. But it’s way more fun if you have longevity, and you need to have a good warchest, coordinate, and be prepared for anything to make that happen. It took me a long time to learn these lessons, (my nation is 1,150 days old now) but I won’t forget them anytime soon. Ferro Credimus! Owney OSullivan

During times of war throughout IRON’s history there have been select members of the alliance that came forward and risked everything for the alliance: be it fighting without halting, unloading aid to comrades, or working tirelessly to improve morale. However, in this new conflict with the Grämlins we have seen new faces, unexpected and uninvited, joining IRON in the interests of attaining peace. Views of IRON and Grämlins have varied throughout the duration of this conflict, ranging from respect and friendship to disbelief and disavowal. JimKongIl, a former Paradoxian, described Gre: “When I was in TOP I was told of the great bond between TOP and Grämlins and to be perfectly honest I was disturbed by the disrespect shown towards TOP

by Grämlins considering TOP told me they would jump into the buzzsaw to defend Grämlins and they felt that sentiment would be reciprocated. There was a distinct attitude change within Grämlins at some point and that I feel was responsible for the deterioration of the TOP-Grämlin relationship.” Charles the Great, a Mason, described IRON, “I used to think you guys were stuck up before you lead orange to stomp the &%$@ out of us........but I guess you just didn’t notice us yet.....once you knew we existed and were honorable IRON has treated the Lodge with nothing but answer the question I think you guys are great and really like your alliance and the members I have met were all great peeps to chat with. I probably wouldn’t be

here if I wouldn’t wish for better GLoF-IRON relationship.” Christian Trojans took a position which was more common to the opposing side: “My opinion is that IRON made a dumb decision fighting with TOP. I think they seem to be a lapdog alliance. Sorry if it sounds harsh but its my honest opinion.” “I have always liked IRON but i just thought it was a shame that you guys seemed to be lead around.” Tecumseh, a native of UPN, describes Gre: “With respect to Gre, they started to lose me in Karma and then, especially, when they started to split from TOP. Even so, I used to have a great deal of respect for Gre and tC, but there actions in the past few months are, to be kind, regrettable. They now

stand as a very sad example of the impact a single leader can have on an alliance.” One common reaction, however, is that the continuing GreIRON conflict isn’t healthy and needs to end. “The Gre approach to resolving the conflict is, IMO, ridiculous. No alliance ought to be held indefinitely in a state of war without terms being presented. I think it’s significantly better for BOB if this conflict is resolved,” says Tecumseh. JimKongIl states, “I joined IRON because I felt like Gramlins were bullying them into taking a humiliating position and I didn’t think it was right. When you beat someone in battle that should be sufficient. I saw Unconditional Surrender just as a means to obliterate IRON politically if they accepted or militar-

ily if they didn’t.” JimKongIl has also been in constant communication with Gre nations working towards presenting reasonable approaches to peace talks. He has also garnered some attention world wide when he released his conversations with Ramirus Maximus on the Cybernations Forums.

think the avenues for peace are closer but my prediction is that IRON will maintain the status quo until August when Ramirus is up for re-election. If Gre votes Ram out peace will be imminent and if they keep him Planet Bob will come crashing down on their heads. I hope that IRON waits until the election to start declaring on the non aggressive Gre,” For much of their stay these nations have states JimKongIl. “No concerns about eating been participating in the stalemate in the up- nukes -- I signed up fully expecting several per tiers, watching as Matt Miller and sevnuclear wars,” reassures Tecumseh. eral others pick off Grämlins one by one. For two however this has changed; JimKongIl The future may be hard to envision, but one and Charles the Great have now engaged thing is certain: the conflict will eventually Cuckoo, one of the few Grämlins still holdend. The end will most likely favor IRON, in ing an aggressive stance towards IRON. “I part due to the service given by these individuals. IRON did not expect, nor did she ask for them to join the cause; they volun-

teered. It is for their generosity and friendship IRON gives thanks. Charles the Great, Christian Trojans, JimKongIl, TECUMSEH, Yggdrazil, Dochartaigh, and any others I may have neglected, we salute you o/

Dom Zak and Focus on RnR

Hello Ego. Glad to have you with us. Please answer the following questions the best you can. Thanks. What is the current attitude toward IRON in the R&R general membership and current R&R government? I would say the current attitude is pretty good; we have a few doubters that think our opposite sides on the web are too much of an obstacle, but most of them are people that came from other alliances. Most members and

gov that have had real contact with you guys love you of course And then there’s me; I even married someone in IRON How have your relations been with IRON in the past, and what do you have in store for the future? Well I’ve only been around for just over a year so i might be incorrect here or there on how it was in the past but I’ll try to give the best answer. From what I understand IRON and R&R once signed the treaty to promote orange unity because of a big underlying friendship and there wasn’t a lot of contact. That changed somewhere along

the line though and I remember a time that IRON diplomats even outnumbered the ODN ones with whom we were very close back then. I guess that was kind of the turning point. We got to know you guys better and friendships were made. We were even at the brink of trying to upgrade the treaty to MDoAP once but our opposite sides on the treaty web makes that very difficult. That’s kind of the state we’re in now still. We would like to get closer, not only on a membership base, but also to be able to really fight together with you guys, but it’s just nearly impossible with the current state of bob. I hear IRON has had some in-

creased contact with some other SF alliances; honestly I hope that’s a first small step towards reconciliation between the sides. Many alliances have commented that IRON has always been a lapdog to an alliance, whether it be NPO or TOP. What is your personal opinion on this subject? No I would never call IRON lap dogs. I think it’s because you are not the loudest voice in the mix. People often judge a lot by OWF presence and although IRON as a whole has a lot of members on the OWF, your government usually isn’t all “in your face” on the OWF.

So you agree with NPO or TOP, get together, make decisions, and they “yell” harder on the OWF and people often assume you are just following. But knowing the IRON mentality I seriously doubt your pride would allow you to be a lapdog. What is your current relationship with C&G? Well of course we are tied to them through several of our allies but we ourselves do not really have contact with them. The split up with ODN was a bit of a mess so we’re not the best of buds at the moment. We used to have a PIAT with MK once upon a time but that was scrapped be-

cause of no contact. For the rest I don’t even think I can name you more then 1 member in all the other alliances that are part of C&G. XD What is R&R’s position on the situation involving IRON/ DAWN and The Gramlins? About as specific as I can get: Gre is like a big joke. They used to be an alliance that no matter their side you had to respect. That’s over now. You know we don’t agree with their stance but having different opinions is one thing. Ramirus just thinks he’s so much better

then everyone else that it’s really just pathetic or great humor depending on the mood. We did not support IRON/DAWN/TOPS preemptive strike, but honestly we don’t blame you either. Everyone knew C&G would go in sooner or later. So I think that was understandable. And after that.. well Gre’s demand how “honorable” they intended it.. it was just stupid. Not something we can ever support. I honestly don’t think they would have enforced some harsh terms if you surrendered unconditionally.. but even if they just wanted a kiss to make things better. Any self-respecting alliance will take an unconditional surrender only as its very last option and even

then I’m not sure you should go for it...They gambled, and obviously lost. Is there anything you would like to share from R&R to IRON’s membership? Definitely. Don’t go changing; your membership is one of the nicest to hang around. Much love to all you guys and keep up the good fight. We’re hoping to see you finish GRE very soon so you can go on with other things. And a special shout out to your FA dept, who are always a pleasure to have around, and your trade folks, who have helped us through some pretty bad times

Farewell by Blade619 The cry of the bugle drifted solemnly through the valley, silencing the birds and standing the trees to attention. In my hands was the urn containing the ashes of a great man. A national hero. Leader of men. The father I never knew. As the last notes faded to silence I removed the lid and stared transfixed as the ashes were licked up by the wind and carried down the valley of his birth. Searching the eyes of my brothers, I found only the same lack of sorrow at the death of our life giver. The man who ran away. The above story has 100 words.

Do you like to tell a good story, like the the war stories told by IRON warriors on IRC? Do you like to get out a pen occasionally and jot things down? If the answer to either of them is yes then listen up, it’s competition time! Short Story Competition – August 2010 Rules: It must be a complete story, beginning, middle and end. It must be 100 words or less. It must be your own work. It must be submitted before the 22nd of August.

How to enter: You can send your entry to Blade619 as a forum PM’s that get writing! CJ has created a nice prize for your sig.

Welcome to IRON’s 1st photography contest! This contest is designed for us to just have fun, and get to know each other a little more. Depending on how much of you participate will help us decide on running this contest once a month with different themes. So hopefully by having this contest open to all alliances we can get everyone to join in on the fun! To keep things fun we have split the contest into different groups. The 1st group will be the “professional” group. If you have had formal training, or feel that your skills belong here then sign up for this group. Also, anyone using an SLR or DSLR camera with interchangeable lenses should sign up for the pro group. The 2nd group will be the “point and shoot” group. This group is for anyone with a basic/ normal point and shoot camera that isn’t considered a pro. The last group

is the “cell phone” group. If the only camera you got (or are going to use) is your cell phone’s then sign up for this group. If you are having trouble picking a group, just contact me via in-game PM with your camera model and what you feel your skill level is. For the 1st round the theme will be where you are from. You can submit a photo of your city/town, an iconic building, an animal/ plant that is only found in your area, or even a random person/politician who represents your town. Pretty much anything is ok (including panoramas) just as long as it represents where you are from, and you are the one taking the photo. You are allowed to submit up too 2 photos in JPEG (JFIF), GIF, PNG, or TIFF formats. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about: if you can see the photo on your comp then your good to go

. For the pros: part of your judging will be in how well you convert your photos (if nessarry) so if you do have to convert them (i.e. from RAW to JPEG) let us know in the e-mail of your submission! When it comes to photo manipulation just remember that this is a photography contest, and not a photoshop contest . Almost any kind of edit goes (i.e. cropping, resizing, watermarking, etc.), but keep in mind that you can reach a point when your photo will actually look worse with too much editing. To submit your photos, attach them in an e-mail to with the subject as “IRON Photo contest”. In the email body place your ruler name and nation link along with a short description of the photo(s) and what the camera was that you used to take the photo with. For the professional group

entries we would also like the settings you used to take the photo and the photo(s) must be 3MP or larger. Also in your e-mail note what group you are submitting for (cell phone, point and shoot, or pro). Judging will be done by myself and NotAdolfHitler (for obvious reasons we are excluded from participating in the contest). We will be looking at composition, creativity, difficulty, camera used (if the camera is doing all the work then points will be deducted), attractability, and awesomeness . This round will begin now and finish on August 9th 2010, so you will have plenty of time to take your photos and edit/convert them (if necessary). Now get out there and start taking some photos!!!

There’s more to joining an alliance than you think…come help out…meet people…learn new things.. GET A JOB php?showforum=148

If your epic and want to hang out with the coolest kids on the bloc (and NAH) join the Diplomatic corps. We need manpower and diplomacy is one of the funniest jobs there is. We especially need experienced members of the community however all academy grads will be accepted. Drop me a PM. Go on u know u want to….. cristoir Director of Diplomacy

The Bureau of Information needs someone to head its NEW youtube Channel PM to Stockhunter Media Market Head if interested….. Many other fun jobs cause this is where the cool people work sojourner Director of the Department of Information

As you all know people move around in IRON from time to time, Jobs open up, and sometimes people are solicited to do jobs within IRON. There has been some interest in people wanting to join the Military ranks. What we would like to do I get an application list of people who would like to become a Military Officer. php?showtopic=2164

July Herald  

July Herald

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