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Chapter 1 In the middle of an almighty winter a young woman is in the middle of the grand library of Pulpador, which is empty except for her. Books line the shelves that reach towards the ceiling and tables are lined up along the shelves. She is sitting at desk reading a book in a wooden chair. The desk is covered in layers books of all shapes and sizes. She pulls back her white hair into a ponytail, which goes down to her waist. She is wearing a long white coat which stops at her waist with sleeves rolled up; under which is black under armor. She is wearing a medium length white skirt, with a pair of black military boots. She looks up at the ceiling with calm eyes then to the window and notices the sun beginning to set she clutches her long Masamune sword, which is then reattached to her waist. The cricking of a large wooden door is heard and the woman tilts her head to see where noise came from. “The meeting is about to start I assume, for that is why you are here?” exclaimed the woman. A middle aged man slowly walks into the room. The man has light gray hair. He is wearing a white coat in which both sleeves. “Cresilia you are correct the meeting starts in a little while,” calmly said the man. Cresilia stood up and turned towards the man. “I will be there in a few minutes, Demios,” said Cresilia calmly. Demios turned around and started to walk towards the door that leads into the hall. Cresilia went back to the desk and closed the book and pushed the chair in. “I want to have a quick chat with you before the meeting,” said Cresilia with a smile. “Ok I will be in the hall when you are ready,” exclaimed Demios. He walks out and the door closes slowly with a crick. Cresilia then stares at the ceiling and she walks toward the door. She opens the door and walks out into the hall. The hall has marble flooring and high vaulted ceiling. On the opposite wall eight foot class windows line the hall. Demios was leaning against the white brick wall which covered the hall. “So what did you want to talk about Cresilia? “Asked Demios. “Are you planning on resigning at the meeting?” asked Cresilia. Demios puts his hands behind his back. He walks toward the windows and stares out toward the countryside. “Cresilia you know me better than anyone so you should know that answer”, exclaimed Demios. “Demios I can’t blame you for your decision,” said Cresilia. Demios starts to walk toward the council’s meeting room. He reaches half way down the hall and quickly turns around. “Thank you Cresilia, for everything,” says quietly to himself. Cresilia stares at Demios as a tear drops from the corner of her eye begins walking towards the meeting. She reaches the end of the hall and goes up a set of six stairs. She opens the 10 foot wooden door and walks slowly into the room. The room in which is relatively small compared to the rest of the castle. In its center sits an oval wooden table. Dotted around the table are 10 chairs.


The 15 foot room is decorated in marble and paintings from main different generations. “Well it’s time for another meeting I assume all are present,” exclaimed Cresilia as she walked into the room sits in her chair at the front of the table. “Ok first thing is all old business done and taken care of ?” said Cresilia with a smirk. A man stands up and slides a folder across the table towards Cresilia. “With that old business is done, My lady,” calmly said the man. Cresilia picks up the folder and puts it behind her on the shelf. “Ok any new business,” says Cresilia in a somber tone. Demios stands up and takes of his coat and places it on the chair next to him. He stands there quietly with his hand on his chin and his head down. “You have something Demios, “ says Cresilia with wonder. “Come on Demios why are you questioning yourself” thought Demios. He slowly rises his head and walks towards Cresilia. “I would like to make an announcement. This day forward I no longer feel I need to be here, and with that I resign,” exclaimed Demios. The man from before stands up suddenly. “But why,” questions the man. Just then Cresilia lowers her head. “What could I have done to prevent this, curse my weakness,” thought Cresilia. “Demios don’t leave,” exclaimed Cresilia. Demios looks at Cresilia then quickly turns around and raises his right hand. He places his thumb on his chest with his hand clutched. A tear drops from Demios and it quietly hits the floor. “Don’t come after me Cresilia it will all make sense in the end,” said Demios with a smile. Tears begin to drop to the floor, Cresilia raises her head and then puts here palms on the table. “With I humbly accept your resignation, farewell my old friend,” said Cresilia with a somber tone.


Cresselia and Lasell  

Cresselia and Lasell