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The Mount Gay Rum Neptune Regatta, a yacht race and motor yacht rally that takes participants on a true yachting adventure down to Zero, Neptune Island and natural beauty untainted by modern development. This is a brief overview of what Neptune is about, our ethos and some of the magic of an unforgettable experience of sailing and discovery.

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A Real Sailing Adventure‌

The Neptune Fleet consists of 40 Sailing Yachts (divided into classes of racing, cruising, classics & multihulls) 10 Motor Yachts and The only 4 masted Tall Ship in Asia, the stunning 150ft, Royal Albatross. After congregating in Singapore, the fleet moves south to Nongsa in Batam, Indonesia, where the race starts. Depending on class, the fleet races south to Neptune Island through the beautiful untouched islands of the Riau Archipelago and then on to the Equator.

For full details on races routes and details. Please go to the Neptune Regatta website and view/download the official Notice of Race.


A truly unique, exquisite annual yacht regatta steeped in centuries of maritime tradition.

‘CROSSING THE LINE’ (the equator) .. is the coming of age for any sailor by participating in the ceremony of entering King Neptune’s Court and transforming from ‘Slimy Polliwog’ through to the honourable ‘Trusty Shellback’. The Neptune Regatta is the only regatta in the World that offers today’s pleasure-craft sailors the opportunity to participate in this age old tradition.

NEPTUNE ISLAND‌ An uninhabited island that lies 8 nautical miles above the equator is the southerly base where participants and guests enjoy the unmatched natural beauty of white sugar sand beaches and crystal clear aquamarine waters.

Neptune Organisers put up purpose made canvas accommodation for 350 guests, wash areas, toilet facilities, BBQ area’s, a fully stocked bar, Mount Gay Rum Beach Hut, Medical Hut and Operations HQ. To get the most from the island stay, we issue a list of suggested equipment for individuals to bring. Apart from the jetty, the only thing left on Neptune Island when the last person steps off, are footprints.

Pulau Blanding‌ An island close to the uninhabited Neptune Island is Pulau Blanding with a population of 1,400. A fishing village that has populated the area since the before records began (according to the elders) is from where Neptune employs the local workforce and knowledge critical to the regatta’s success. On the regatta Lay-Day, participants are encouraged to visit Pulau Blanding (we arrange local tenders) and meet these tremendously warm people and enjoy the local hospitality.

Giving Back‌ Neptune is not a charity but we do endeavour to aid the progress of our hosts. In 2011/12 Neptune funded and assisted in a 2.5 Km underwater pipe that now brings fresh water to Blanding Island for the first time.

From carrying water house to house, fresh water is now piped around the village.

A major part of successful sailing regattas are the parties‌ and Neptune is famous for them

During the regatta there are parties most nights held in our northern base of Nongsa Point Marina Resort and down on the beach of Neptune Island.

We also hold 3 large parties in Singapore giving the opportunity to our sponsor partners to gain exposure, always good for participants to win prizes and get ‘free stuff’ outside of the racing. After all, no sponsors no regatta.

The Singapore parties are also great to bring non participating family and friends along to fully take advantage of the envy towards you as a Neptune Racer.

Neptune is very much about camaraderie, story sharing and being a part of something out of the ordinary.

Neptune has social media pages and forums allowing participants and Neptune followers to share experiences and photo’s of their adventures. The Neptune Regatta Facebook page has over 15,000 ‘likes’ (at the time of publication) with followers from all over the world. The Neptune YouTube Channel has videos and slideshows from the regatta’s conception and Twitter is for our younger demographic. We also publish a news letter to keep interested parties informed on progress and updates.

Feature Articles & Testimonials from past participants… The visuals on the right represent a fraction of magazines that run stories and feature articles around the Neptune experience with individual participant stories and photo diaries. So there's plenty of reading material on what to expect.

Here’s some 2012 ‘Shellback’ feedback:

George Hackford, Participant and Volunteer A well-organised series of properly supported races, blended with a tropical adventure in a remote and beautiful archipelago. This has to be the ultimate experience for sailors and adventurers alike! The Mico Verde Crew (Classics Class) The Neptune Regatta is well crafted and an extremely well managed combination of great competition afloat and unique experience ashore. A top organized Boating Event with focus on details including the less fortunate. We would recommend the Neptune Regatta to anyone who's looking to experience a culture in a way that only the freedom of sailing offers. Mehdi Khaled Skipper (Cruising Class): It's one of those events where you wish time will fly till next year. The Neptune Regatta is probably the only race in the world that's not only about racing. It's about people who make a tangible difference in everything they do. With a world-class organising committee, whether afloat or on shore, every moment you spend in the Neptune Week is a delight! Scott McCook – Skipper, The Dash (Multihull Class): I think I've had a few adventures in paradise but this was THE BEST adventure sailing I've ever done! It maybe one of few regattas that have any nautical significance. Meet King Neptune and set foot on an island that was untouched Jonathan Rankine – Skipper, KukuKERchu (IRC Class) As a professional sailor who has raced in many regatta's around the world (I am leaving for Antigua in an hour) The Neptune is without doubt my favourite as it combines challenging racing, staying on Neptune Island, meeting fantastic island people and mad party's, all extremely well managed and run. Bring on 2013!

More testimonials are available via link on the last page.

Neptune’s commitment to Health & Safety.

OK, you’re not going to get Pamela Anderson or imaginary nurses in the sky but we do have your attention…

Neptune is extremely serious about the looking after our participants. The regatta is ISAF OSR Cat 3 and the kit for each boat to be correctly equipped as per category 3 requirements is rigidly checked. (No, you won’t be able to ‘borrow’ a neighbours flares etc.) The list of requirements is issued to all.

Each Skipper is ultimately responsible for their vessel and all on-board with relevant waivers to be signed officiating this. However, the Neptune Team also has a fully trained field medic, a search and rescue team headed by Royal Marine Commandos with a fast rib equipped to assist should the need arise.

We also have a comprehensive medical kit for first aid but we do stress that we should be the last resort (Marines are not renowned for their bedside manner) it’s worth going beyond the base requirements to be well prepared.


As participant sailors in other regional regattas, we understand the need for easy to access information. By going to the dedicated Neptune Website, all the formal documentation and informal information can be viewed and downloaded in PDF Format including rally instructions for our motor yacht participants. As the Neptune predominantly takes place around Neptune Island, individual preparation for spending 4 nights on a normally uninhabited island is recommended so we also issue a ‘Participant Handbook’ giving advice and guidelines on how to get the most out of the Neptune Adventure. Of course, the Neptune Team are always on hand to answer questions and assist.

So… 40 Sailing Yachts, 10 Motor Yacht & 1 Tall Ship. One week of pure fun and adventure, 10 - 16 February 2013…

Are you Polliwog or Shellback?

IRC Racing Class

Cruising Class Motor Yacht Rally

Classics Class

Multihull Class

The Neptune Regatta, adventuring where few others have travelled whilst being constantly tested in team work, navigation and endurance overcoming inevitable unplanned challenges to reach the goal. In this case, one of historic maritime significance, The Equator. This is what owning a boat is for.

Neptune Regatta Information Links

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All information in this document is the copyright of Neptune Regatta Pte Ltd and was accurate at the time of publication. Images are taken from past Neptune Regattas.

Neptune Regatta Participant Overview  

Overview for Yacht Owners, Skippers & crew on expectations of the Neptune Regatta

Neptune Regatta Participant Overview  

Overview for Yacht Owners, Skippers & crew on expectations of the Neptune Regatta