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A fantastic  Rega-a  will  go  down  in  my  memor5  as  the  best  sailing  ex9erience  of   my  sailing  career,  roll  on  2012........  Thanks  for  a  gAeat  time!     Andy  Woodward   SY  Rainbow  Dream    

Great organisation.  Great  location.  Great  weather.  Absolutely   outstanding  camaraderie.     Can  we  do  it  again  nexJ  weekend  please?   Simon  Piff   Skipper,  SY  Rainbow  Dream     Winner  PY  Class  &  Class  Line  Honours  

O N -­‐ B O A R D The  IRC  Class  will  enjoy  two  of  the  longest  and  most  challenging  passage  races  in  the  region.   The  rest  of  the  fleet  will  be  sleeping  on  their  vessels  for  at  least  2  nights  (some  may  choose  to   stay  aboard  at  Neptune  Island)  Outside  of  the  Sailing  InstrucHons  and  the  relevant  Cat  3  safety   regulaHons,  these  are  some  pointers,  along  with  informaHon  on  what  you  can  expect:     On-­‐Board   Recognising  that  IRC  Vessels  will  minimise  weight  for  racing,  we  strongly  suggest  that  certain   provisions  are  taken/kept  on-­‐board,  should  the  wind  drop.  Last  year  we  enjoyed  a  constant  15+   NE  breeze  for  the  passages…  we  all  know  that  isn’t  always  the  case.  The  rest  of  the  fleet  will   undoubtedly  be  fully  provisioned  with  copious  amounts  of  fine  foods  and  aperiMfs  but  all  the   same,  we  advise  the  following:     •  2  litres  of  water  per  person  per  passage   •  24  hours  supply  of  food  per  passage   •  Suitable  waterproofs   •  Mask  and  fins  (fins  as  some  areas  have  strong  currents)   •  Electrolytes  (in  powder  sachets  found  in  most  pharmacies)     We  (Neptune  Organisers)  will  have  all  the  necessary  kit  for  search  and  rescue  etc.  A  team  of  3   BriMsh  Royal  Marine  Commandos,  who  are  also  trained  field  medics,  will  be  available  should  the   need  arise.  Please  keep  your  radios  on  at  all  Mmes,  even  at  anchor.  (a  useful  )p  is  to  use  an   earpiece  for  the  radio  for  whoever  is  on  watch…  and  have  the  radio  on  loud  volume  should  they   nod  off  J  )  Channel  numbers  etc.  will  be  published  in  the  SI’s.  Should  the  need  arise  for  radio   communicaMons  whilst  managing  an  incident,  please  have  one  person  designated  to  represent   the  vessel  and  if  possible,  on  constant  standby  to  receive  procedural  instrucMons  without   distracMon.  This  should  not  be  the  vessel’s  Skipper.     If  this  is  your  first  Neptune  and  you’d  like  more  advice  or  past  parMcipant  input,  please  use  our   social  media  page  to  post  your  views  or  comment:     hRps://    

Thanks for all your hard work chaps, best regatta we've ever done. Eldest daughter in tears now that the regatta is o v e r. O t h e r d a u g h t e r i s y o u n g e s t 'shellback' in Singapore Tim Hill C h a r t e r e r, S Y S i r i u s

Thanks to everyone (power and sailboats) who took part for making the event so worthwhile. Fab week... Stewart McLaren Skipper, SY Men At Work Winner IRC Class

N E P T U N E I S L A N D   Neptune  Island   Neptune  Island’s  local  name  is  Pulau  Sikeling.  The  island  is  uninhabited  and  completely  natural.  Our   job  is  to  keep  it  that  way.  The  local  village  is  on  a  nearby  island,  Pulau  Blanding.  There  is  a  populaMon   of  around  1,400.  We  employ  many  of  the  villagers  to  assist  in  making  the  rega[a  happen.  They  are  a   very  warm,  friendly  people  and  the  naMve  language  is  Bahasa  Malayu.  On  the  lay  day,  we  are  invited   to  visit  Pulau  Blanding,  hosted  by  the  villagers  with  a  tradiMonal  feast,  dancing  and  a  game  of  football.   (Team  Neptune  will  be  picked  on  the  day  and  I  suspect  we  will  get  thrashed.)   You’re  here  for  3  or  4  nights,  depending  on  Class.  It  is  stunningly  beauMful  and  we  are  as  prepared  as   we  can  be  to  accommodate  you  during  your  stay.  We  provide:     AccommodaHon  &  FaciliHes:   •  Large  Canvas  Tents  that  can  comfortably  fit  6  people  with  kit.  There  will  be  at  least  2  tents  per   boat,  possibly  more  if  cruisers  etc  wish  to  sleep  aboard.   •  Fresh  water  wash  faciliMes  (and  kit  wash)   •  Field  Latrines     •  Security   Note,  We  do  have  a  limited  amount  of  camp  beds  but  we’re  not  officially  supplying  them  as  they  suit   some  but  not  all.  Please  take  your  own  camp  bed  or  bedroll  (the  tents  are  on  a  sand  base)  the  fold  up   beds  are  be[er  as  they  are  off  the  ground  if  it  rains.  The  tents  are  water  proof  but  off  ground  is  be[er   when  it  rains.     Food  &  Water:   •  Free  Bo[led  water  will  be  available  at  all  Mmes.  This  should  only  be  used  for  drinking  as  we  will   supply  for  a  consumpMon  of  2  litres  per  person  per  day  and  therefore  be  limited  beyond  that.  The   fresh  river  water  barrelled  in  from  Pulau  Buaya  is  readily  available  for  cleaning  etc.   •  There  is  a  temporary  covered  food  area  with  BBQ’s,  boiling  water  and  a  selecMon  of  Mnned   produce,  fresh  meat,  fish,  fruit  and  vegetables.  Most  provided  meals  will  be  BBQ  fare  (Burgers,   sausages,  bacon  sandwiches  etc)  there  will  be  vegetable  soup  always  on  the  fire  with  tea  and   coffee.  Please  be  advised  to  bring  your  own  food  if  this  doesn’t  appeal.     •  Ice  will  be  readily  available  to  purchase  from  the  village  but  it  is  only  for  cooling  and  not  advised  to   be  used  as  drinking  ice.    

A FANTASTIC  job  well  done.  Brilliant  perforaance  and  no  hiccups.   On  behalf  of  ever5one  who  parJicipated,  a  BIG  thank  you  to  you   and  the  team.   CONGRATS  ...  &  looking  forcard  to  2012.     MP   Owner,  MY  MantAa  

Thanks again  for  doing  this.  It's  so  oſten  the  case  that  "bar  talk"  never  makes   it  to  the  nexJ  level  -­‐  let  alone  delivering  something  as  monumental  and   historic  as  this.  My  faith  in  bar  talk  is  restored!  Bravo.     James  HarAis   MY  Something  Special     (Winner  of  The  Spirit  of  Nept]ne  Award)  

H A R R Y ’ S @ T H E E Q U A T O R   &   M O U N T   G A Y   R U M   Many  tons  of  equipment  and  provisions  are  being  setup  on  Neptune  Island.  One  of  the  ways   that  we  engage  the  local  communiMes  is  by  employing  them  to  build  temporary  faciliMes  uMlising   recycled  local  lumber  and  foliage.  On  the  north  side  of  the  island  is  the  accommodaMon  and   washing  faciliMes.  On  the  south  side  (facing  the  fleet*)  is  where  the  bar,  Harry’s  @  The  Equator,   is  set  up.  This  will  be  parMally  covered  with  seaMng  and  a  fully  stocked  Mcketed  bar.   The  south  beach  is  also  where  the  BBQ  faciliMes  and  covered  food  area  will  be.     Separate,  but  not  disassociated,  will  be  the  Mount  Gay  Rum  Beach  Hut.  This  will  be  open  for   ‘Neptune  Happy  Hour’  giving  free  rum  beverages  at  sun  down  each  day.  There  will  be  a  non   alcoholic  opMon  as  well  but  I’m  not  enMrely  sure  why.     Whereas  Neptune  ParMcipants  will  enjoy  a  certain  amount  of  free  daily  beverages,  Harry’s  is  not   a  free  bar.  It  is  a  Mcket/voucher  transacMon  bar.  Books  of  Mckets  will  be  on  sale  at  Nongsa  prior   to  seing  off  to  the  equator.       To  minimise  on  accumulaMng  ‘rubbish’  we  are  a[empMng  to  have  draj  beer  running  through  a   tapped  cooling  system,  not  an  Eski  full  of  ice,  but  a  proper  field-­‐bar  pump.  This  will  require  a   power  supply  so  volunteers  will  be  needed  to  use  the  converted  ‘bicycle  generators’  during  bar   hours…  (yeah  right!  We  will  bring  a  generator  too)     *This  year  the  anchorage  will  be,  weather  permiing,  in  the  lee  of  Neptune  Island  and  not  in  the   Buaya  Bay  area.  This  means  that  transport  to  and  from  vessels  is  reduced  considerably  and   vessels  can  be  clearly  seen  from  the  beach  and  bar  area.       For  those  without  tenders  (or  even  those  with,  and  wish  to  have  a  rum  or  2)  the  local  fishing   boats  will  be  running  a  tender  fleet  throughout  our  Mme  on  Neptune  Island.  Tipping  the  tender   drivers  will  not  be  required  by  trip  but  a  hat  will  be  put  around  for  Mps  on  the  last  day.  Please   have  some  local  currency  for  the  village  visit  and  Mps  etc.  The  bar  Mckets  will  be  sold  in  SGD.     w w w . n e p t u n e -­‐ r e g a R a . c o m    

What a great Regatta, It was fun, challenging, competitive well organized and safe, and you pulled it off in style. Will definitely be recommending to many more to join on the next one, William Schick Director Yacht Sales, Prometheus Marine, SY El Oro

A great Adventure‌ we saw many beautiful places, great crew mates, made new friends... Chris Schuler Co-Owner, SY Mico Verde

C R O S S I N G T H E   E Q U A T O R   Some  people  take  part  in  the  Neptune  Rega[a  for  the  racing  and  challenges.  Some  people  take  part  for   the  adventure  and  exploraMon.  Most  for  the  beauMful  waters  and  surrounding  scenery…  but  absolutely   everybody  takes  part  to  cross  the  equator  and  join  a  very  select  few  that  have  the  right  to  state  that  they   have  sailed  across  the  equator  and  are  therefore  Trusty  Shellbacks.     Crossing  the  equator  to  enter  into  the  court  of  King  Neptune  is  a  tradiMon  that  dates  back  hundreds  of   years.  Just  by  entering  ‘King  Neptune’  or  ‘Equator’  into  ‘You  Tube’  you  will  come  across  dozens  of  videos   capturing  people  paying  homage  along  with  Pathe  Newsreel’s  of  presidents  and  royalty  all  being  judged   by  Neptune  &  Davy  Jones  as  ‘Slimy  Polliwogs  ‘and    then  ritually  bapMsed  as  his  new  court  members;   ‘Trusty  Shellbacks’.     Neptune  Rega[a  parMcipants  vary  in  their  interpretaMon  of  the  age  old    ritual.  Some  prepare  ghastly   concocMons  and  dress  in  full    regalia  depicMng  retches  of  the  deep.  Others  pop  a  champagne  bo[le    and   raise  a  toast  to  Neptunus  Rex.  However  celebrated,  the  act  of  crossing  the  equator  as  one  fleet,  in  the   world’s  only  rega[a  that  traverses  ‘The  Line’,  brings  together  a  camaraderie  and  unity  in  being  a  member   of  a  very  select  few.  More  people  have  summited  Everest  than  have  presently  raced  to  the  equator!   Which  is  why  from  a  racing  perspecMve,  winning  ‘The  Race  to  Zero’  is  a  very,  very  big  deal.       We  encourage  parMcipants  to  plan  in  advance  their  respecMve  rituals  and  dress  up  accordingly.  The  best   pictures  of  Pollywog  to  Shellback  will  win  prizes  and  the  most  fun  boat  will  win  the  ‘Spirit  of  Neptune   Trophy’.     To  recognise  the  achievement;  every  parMcipant  receives  an  official     cerMficate  and  each  vessel  a  plaque  to  commemorate  the  moment.          

                                                w w w . n e p t u n e -­‐ r e g a R a . c o m    

Sunburned to a crisp, muscles very stiff, head quite sore and feet rather unusable but a good time nevertheless hosting the race to the equator this week, lots of partying and sailing, new friends and very fond memories. Pierre “L’Hammer” Hadamar Beach Boss, Neptune Island Advance Party

Great regatta right across the board and one that caters for everyone no matter what age or type of boat owned. It was good to have the power boats along to add that extra dimension. Already thinking about next year, Kukukerchu will be there… David Ross, Skipper of IRC Kukukerchu

P R E R E G A T T A   A D V I C E   AccommodaHon  at  Nongsa  Point  Marina  Resort,   If  you  are  not  sleeping  on-­‐board  while  at  Nongsa,  then  we  suggest  that  you  book  your  rooms  now.   Once  Nongsa  Marina  sells  out,  then  we  suggest  staying  at  Turi  Beach  Resort  which  is  literally  around   the  corner.  The  beach  walk  path  has  been  rebuilt  so  it’s  easy  access.  Please  make  sure  that  you  get   your  dates  right  on  which  nights  you’re  staying  and  make  sure  that  you  have  a  copy  of  the   reservaMon  confirmaMon  as  proof.  There  are  more  people  than  rooms  (which  are  close  to  the   Marina)  so  this  is  to  avoid  any  ‘computer  errors’  when  you  turn  up  and  expect  a  room  available.  We   are  working  on  a  special  rate  but  that  will  be  agreed  closer  to  the  dates.  Whatever  rate  you  are   quoted  now  (unless  it’s  less?)  will  be  adjusted  once  room  rates  for  parMcipants  are  agreed.     Green  Books  (Sailing  Permit  for  the  Riau’s)   The  process  and  required  documentaMon  are  on  the  Rega[a  Website/NoR.  You  should   communicate  with  Maria  at  Golden  Image  and  explain  that  you’re  with  the  Neptune  Rega[a.  If  you   are  not  in  Singapore  then  email  us  directly  and  we  will  endeavour  to  assist  for  you  with  Maria.  (A   favour  please….  don’t  use  us  unless  necessary  as  we  are  quite  busy  organising  a  rega?a  that  takes   place  in  the  middle  of  nowhere.)  Green  books  do  take  a  while  to  process,  so  you  need  to  start  the   applicaMon  in  the  first  week  of  January  by  the  latest.     Fuel,   For  diesel  we  have  contact  details  for  a  bunker  barge  in  the  Singapore  Straits  which  stocks   reasonably  priced,  clean  diesel.  We  use  them  for  the  Cruising  Club  and  therefore  can  recommend.  If   you  wish  to  purchase  at  Nongsa,  (we  are  sMll  working  on  cost  but  it’ll  be  cheaper  than  Singapore  by   a  li[le)  we  can’t  comment  on  the  diesel's  grade.   If  you  have  a  petrol  engine  then  sell  it  and  buy  a  diesel….  Petrol  can  be  purchased  at  Nongsa  but  it   needs  to  be  trucked  in,  so  advise  Nongsa  well  in  advance.     Please  feel  free  to  drop  us  an  email  if  you  have  any  further  quesMons.  We  will  look  ajer  you  and  we   hope  you’re  excited  about  your  forthcoming  adventure  to  The  Equator.      

info@neptune-­‐rega[   See  you  soon,     T h e   N e p t u n e   T e a m  

T H E M O U N T   G A Y   R U M  

© 2011  All  rights  reserved.  Neptune  Rega[a  Pte  Ltd  (a  member  of  the  Neptune  Sailing  Group)  www.neptune-­‐rega[a,com     with  thanks  to  Guy  Nowell  Photography  &  past  parMcipants  for  images.       HosMng  Marina:  Nongsa  Point  Marina  Resort  Prime  Sponsor:  Mount  Gay  Rum     Email:  info@neptune-­‐rega[  Tel:  (+65)  9111  0399  Skype:  neptune.rega[a    

The 2012 Neptune Participant's Handbook  

Tips and advice on the Neptune Regatta

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