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9 Thursday, July 29 , 2010


Residents at a Meadlowands apartment building are without water again as city worked on a main break 4

ROCKIN’ FOR HAITI CUPE holds fundraiser for island nation of Haiti at Andrew Haydon Park 10

Photo by Jennifer McIntosh

A performer sings a traditional Inuit song during an aboriginal culture night at Algonquin College on July 22. The night was the end of a week -long program for Inuit, Métis and First Nations youth to help them learn about college life and sample some of the programs.

Aboriginal youth choose careers at college sampler JENNIFER MCINTOSH

BRAIN WAVES Former engineer and Nepean resident offers scientific camp designed for local youth. 12

Despite the summer lull, Algonquin College was flooded with life on the week of July 18 as 30 aboriginal youth descended on the campus to sample careers and realize their dreams of higher education. For the third year in a row, the college has taken on the care of young people aged 12 to 16 from as far away as Rapid Lakes or Maniwaki, Que. The program, which offers opportunities for Inuits, Métis and First Nations children from remote rural communities the chance to stay at the college for a week and sample of stream of college programs, is funded by the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities. With almost 10 per cent of the college’s

student body being made up aboriginal youth, the program manager for the Algonquin College Access Program (ACAP), Denyce Diakun said that it’s time to take notice of this growing population. “We have 1,534 aboriginal students presently enrolled,” she said. “Our goal is recruitment and retention so we have to understand what their needs are.” Diakun said it is important for the kids to get a taste of college life and an idea of what it will mean to live in an urban centre. “The program has really grown in popularity over the last few years,” she said. “We have a lot of students who came and tried careers in health services the first time and are doing carpentry or something different this time around.” Diakun said that one of the ways to ensure retention is to do a lot of work in the front

end to make sure young people are choosing the right program for them. “It’s incredibly effective, this way you don’t go into something blind,” she said. On top of the course instruction, kids had fun-filled evenings with games and outings. The cost of the stay and the activities is covered by the program, but the transportation is the responsibility of the parents. The communities are often quite willing to work with the college to get their kids to Ottawa, with one young man even returning this time around to work as a counsellor. The cap to the week-long initiative, called Dream Quest, was a cultural night with throat singing, Inuit games and dancing. “The fact that we had so many people come out to celebrate with the kids shows how important this is,” one of organizers Elizabeth Costello, said.

Nepean This Week - JULY 29, 2010

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Ruthishauser said they got chased by a few storms but were able to out-bike most of them. “You’re biking for your life,” said Ramsay with a laugh, adding that most people they met were very friendly; one gentleman stopped the cyclists on a highway in Moosejaw, SK to warn them about an impending tornado. “The people in general were amazing,” said Ramsay. The bikes, which were regular road bicycles, “took a lot of hits,” said Ruthishauser, whose bike suffered six flat tires. Out of all the areas they travelled, they

Photo by Jessica Cunha

Mario Ramsay and Chris Ruthishauser who both teach at Algonquin College rode their bikes from Jasper to Kanata. said Ruthishauser, laughing. During the entire journey they only took one day off on July 11 to watch the FIFA World Cup Finals and avoid a large thunderstorm.


It took 29 days and close to 4,000 kilometres, but Mario Ramsay and Chris Ruthishauser completed their bike ride from Jasper, Alta. to Kanata. The duo celebrated their return with family and friends on Thursday, July 22 after pulling into Ruthishauser’s driveway in Glen Cairn. The reason for such a long trek: the love of biking. “I talked about doing a trip like this for four years,” said Ramsay, who lives in Manotick. “If you tell as many people as you can, you can’t back out.” Ramsay and Ruthishauser, who both teach culinary classes at Algonquin College, were part of the same running club, and after much persuasion, Ramsay was able to talk his friend into joining him on the trek. “I wanted to do a long trip,” said Ramsay. “I just wanted to see Canada.” The two set off from Ottawa for their journey on June 21 with Mike Fraser, who drove out and followed the bikers back. They complete their first day of cycling on June 24. “I’d classify them as adventurers and me as an explorer,” said Fraser, a resident of Katimavik. “While they were off riding, I’d go off and explore different areas.” They traveled through Alberta, Saskatchewan, parts of the United States and Ontario. “When you dream about it you make it a reality,” said Ramsay. The biggest consistent during the journey was breakfast at Tim Hortons whenever one was available. Ramsay and Ruthishauser biked between six to seven hours a day and managed 130 to 180 kilometres on average. “It’s nice, it’s like we just went for a day or two,” said Ramsay about the month-long trip. They camped outdoors and spent a few nights in motels while on the road. They also blogged consistently about their adventure, their destinations, how many kilometers they covered and the ups and downs along the way. “We wouldn’t remember everything if we didn’t write it down,”


Pat Cassidy, Nepean Optometric Clinic

It’s Time to Say ‘Good-Bye’ After almost thirty years of greeting and helping the people of Nepean and the surrounding area, I will be saying “Good-bye” on July 28. It has been a great time for me over the years participating in the growth and changes at Nepean Optometric Clinic while also watching our patients grow and change. I have enjoyed working with the doctors, the staff and our patients. Our first location at Bell Mews was in a small office on the second floor with one optometrist and two staff. Now we have four optometrists and twelve staff in our ground floor location at Bell Mews Plaza. Over the years I have met many interesting people. I have had the privilege of getting to know three and four genera-

tions of the same family as they come to our office for their eye care. I look forward to my first year of retirement as I travel to Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Ireland and Mexico. At this time, I would like to say “Good-bye” to one and all and thanks for making my working life such an enjoyable time. Because of you, our patients, I will have a lot of wonderful memories to take with me into retirement. Thank you. Pat Cassidy

Pat has been meeting and greeting patients at Nepean Optometric Clinic since 1981. She has made an effort to know and care for each of them individually. We will miss you, Pat! The Doctors and Staff of Nepean Optometric Clinic | 39 Robertson Rd. Bells Mews Plaza | 613.820.8272

404643 391915

said Ontario was the worst, both for drivers and roads. In contrast, the roads in the states had four to 10-foot wide shoulder lanes, all paved and smooth, and most drivers gave them a wide berth, said Ramsay. Asked if they’d ever consider doing something like this again they both agreed they would but not anytime in the near future. However, they said they were planning on biking to Tim Hortons the next morning for breakfast. To read their blog, visit

Nepean This Week - JULY 29, 2010

Cross-Canada Cycle: Jasper to Kanata


It’s been a very dry summer

Nepean This Week - JULY 29, 2010


Meadowlands Avenue residents without water as pipe bursts again JAMIE DOGGART


Meadowland residents have run dry again as a water main breaks for the fifth time since the beginning of July. Tammy Rose, manager of drinking water services, said that the pipe was old – which was why it was breaking, despite efforts to fix the main. “It’s because of corrosion that that pipe is breaking and failing,” she said. “The repairs are holding strong.” One resident affected by the break who did not wish to be named, wrote about the inconvenience. “We have no water to use in the kitchen and washroom,” he wrote in an email. “We are using the Tim Horton’s washroom for which we had to drive all the way to Meadowlands and Merivale.” On July 23, water was shut off from approximately 6 a.m. until 9 p.m. that night. Usually main repairs take up to eight hours but because so much of the pipe was corroded and the amount of previous collars, the repair took longer than usual. Repairs were being made with a better, more durable type of iron than was originally used in the hopes of having it last longer. According to Rose, a large section of pipe will need to be replaced. However, replacement will depend on what

• The Winter Triathlon (held in February each year in Ottawa - skating eight km on the Rideau Canal, x-country skiing five km in the Experimental Farm Arboretum, and running 5 km); • The Gatineau Loppet (held in February each year in Gatineau Park - x-country skiing 50 km); • A registered running marathon of 42.2 km Cullen ran in the National Capital Marathon earlier this year in May)

FORMER MAYOR ENDORSES WATSON On July 22 a former Mayor of Kanata Merle Nicholds endorsed Ottawa mayoral candidate Jim Watson. Merle joined Jim and his volunteers for an evening canvass blitz in the Kanata area, knocking on doors and speaking with residents about the upcoming municipal election on October 25th.

workers find when they expose the buried pipe. In the meantime, the city is rushing to replace a section of pipe – approximately from Hogan St. to Ness St. – in the hopes that the temporary fix will hold until all the appropriate studies for the extended replacement can be made. Rose said that she’s hoping this section replacement will be enough and that no more pieces of the pipe will

give out. Minto, the owner of the majority of apartment buildings in the area, was made aware of the ongoing problem and made the Parkwood Hills pool and facilities available to the community – providing fresh water to drink as well as washrooms. Residents are also encouraged to call 3-1-1 to find out more information on the water main status.

Even dads get the blues JENNIFER MCINTOSH

Councillor Alex Cullen joined 2,300 participants in the 2010 Lake Placid Ironman Triathlon Sunday, July 25 in Lake Placid, New York. This was an official ironman event, covering a 3.8 kilometre swim, 180 kilometres cycling and a 42.2 kilometre run (a marathon distance) within 17 hours. It is the third iron-distance triathlon Councillor Cullen has participated in, but the first in the registered Ironman series. Completing this ironman triathlon qualifies Cullen for the esteemed Rudy Award, named after a well-known local triathlete (Rudy Hollywood - for more information go to www. for completing five endurance events in a year. To qualify for the Rudy Award a person must, in a calendar year, finish:

Photo by Jennifer McIntosh

A crew works on the watermain near the intersection of Fisher and Meadowlands Avenues. Residents have been without water five times since the beginning of July.

A researcher at the University of New Brunswick is looking to Nepean as part of a study about how dads deal with postpartum depression (PPD). Nicole Letorneau did a study in 2005, examining the needs of mothers with PPD and found that most of the respondents perceived their husbands as supportive, but limited in their understanding of the illness. Her research also shows that many men are also affected by depression and other symptoms during this time. “We know that this is a problem,” she said. “But we are looking at how to support dads.” Letorneau said that people whose partners are depressed are 20 per cent more likely to be depressed themselves, yet there are few to no support systems for dads facing depression. In 2009 researchers completed a pilot study in which they interviewed 11 men whose partners had postpartum depression. The men were asked to describe their experiences, support needs, resources, barriers and preferences for support. A number of fathers reported that, although they recognized that they detected changes in partners’ emotional status, they did not initially

identify it as PPD. Once their partners were diagnosed with PPD, fathers reported having difficulty identifying sources of support. Lack of information and a stigma associated with PPD often acted as barriers to finding help. When speaking about their personal experiences with PPD, some fathers revealed that they had experienced a range of depressive symptoms, including anxiety, sleep disturbances, fatigue, irritability, feeling sad or down, changes in appetite, and thoughts of bringing harm to self or baby. Results of this pilot study have been used to support the funding and implementation of a larger-scale Canadian Insititute of Health Research (CIHR)funded study and the intervention test to follow. Letorneau said that with the help of Andrea Doucet, a sociology professor at Carleton University, Esther Shoemaker a PhD candidate at Institute of Population Health at the University of Ottawa and Ottawa Public Health, researchers are recruiting in Ottawa and Nepean to help gather some of the 90 fathers required for the study. For more information on the study and participation, visit child/CIHRDads.html


Clive Doucet announced on July 26 that Dr. Declan Hill would be his new campaign manager. A former journalist – Hill worked at the CBC: The Fifth Estate – he has won a number of national and international awards including ones from Amnesty International, the Canadian Association of Journalists and the Danish organization Play the Game. “I am proud to say that I was born and raised in Ottawa. My closest friends and family have always lived here,” Hill said in a press release. “However, when I returned to live in the city two years ago I was deeply angered by what has been happening to it. Some of the parks and green spaces I had enjoyed growing up have been replaced by parking lots and condominiums. There is no effective transit plan and there are traffic jams up and down the Queensway. Taxes are going up year after year and it seems that a handful of rich developers are being benefited to the expense of everyone else in the community. “Worst of all, no one in the present government status quo seems to be doing anything about it. The current mayor even spent much of his term fighting off officially-laid corruption charges. Until Clive Doucet announced principal candidates were the mayor, a former mayor and one of the deputy mayors. There was no opportunity for real change – they were all simply variations of the political status quo that has so failed this city.”

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Sunday Worship August 1 – 10:00 a.m. Nursery & Church School

“Glorious Reflections (1)” Guest Preacher: John Fair Minister: James T. Hurd


Everyone Welcome

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INTRUSIVE Transport Minister John Baird said suggesting the City of Ottawa will have to create their own statistics department to gather census information is “a tad alarmist.” “If this is such a huge issue for the city I can’t believe the mayor hasn’t called me,” said Baird. “I think there’s a bit of political mischief making here.” He declined to elaborate on the comment. Baird said he met with several councillors and the mayor this week during several different public functions and none of them mentioned the city’s problems with changes to the census. “Which surprises me,” said Baird. “If this is such a huge issue, no one picked up the phone and called me.”

Baird said some municipal politicians are making political hay out of the issue. “Their biggest priority is how I can (put) myself in the news this week,” said Baird. The Ottawa West-Nepean MP said he has yet to hear complaints about removing specific questions in the census. “Let’s have a discussion based on facts,” said Baird. “If the city has concerns, let me hear them – which questions from the census do they question? “There can be a legitimate difference of opinion,” said Baird. “I think as an MP we should always be listening.” Nepean-Carleton MP Pierre Poilievre said the only change to the census is that it is now voluntary. “That’s because we believe it’s wrong to force people under threat of jail time to provide unnecessary personal information to the government,” said Poilievre. Poilievre said people shouldn’t be forced to provide unnecessary information such as the number of bedrooms in their homes and what time they go to work. “There will be no additional cost to the City of Ottawa resulting from this change,” said Poilievre. “We believe if we send a voluntary survey to a third of all people, (it will provide) more than enough of a sample size (with) helpful data.” Great Britain and Germany will hold their last census next year, said Poilievre, and some countries such as Denmark haven’t used a census for decades. The federal government will send the voluntary census to a larger number of households, said Poilievre and collect data from an equal number of people on a voluntary basis. “I think all Canadians will do their best to make a contribution

to the census,” said Poilievre. Poilievre said companies, municipalities and hospitals already collect statistical data on a voluntary basis to serve their markets. Carleton-Mississippi Mills MP Gordon O’Connor was unavailable for comment. The National Statistics Council is suggesting a compromise to the federal government. The advisory group suggests maintaining the long-form mandatory census but removing the threat of jail time for those who fail to fill out census forms. No statistics were immediately available that indicate anyone has ever been jailed for refusing to complete a census form. The group also recommends a review of the census questions to ensure each is necessary. “The National Statistics Council believes that these steps, taken together can respect the valid concerns voiced by Canadians about privacy and intrusiveness, while ensuring that the vital information that currently flows from the long-form census can be maintained and continues to serve Canadians needs,” said McKinnon in a statement issued this week.


The City of Ottawa’s taxpayers will be on the hook to pay for statistics research as a result of changes to the federal census, said Kanata North Coun. Marianne Wilkinson. The federal government recently announced it will scrap the mandatory long-form census, replacing it with a shorter voluntary one. But municipalities can’t rely on the statistics provided in a voluntary census, said Wilkinson, forcing them to research information normally provided by Statistics Canada. “It’s going to cost us money to do research we (now) get from the census,” said Wilkinson. Ottawa city council passed a motion earlier this month asking the federal government to reconsider its decision. Municipalities can’t depend on statistical information provided on a voluntary basis, said Wilkinson. “Who’s going to fill it out?” asked Wilkinson. “There’s no way to ensure it’s valid.” Wilkinson said certain statistical groups, such as new Canadians, will be under represented or ignored in the new census. “You would not have valid data you could use,” said Wilkinson. “This is political interference in something that should be absolutely arms length from government.” Canadian municipalities depend on the census data to apply for federal and provincial funding, said Wilkinson. Cities will have to spend money to collect data missing from the new census, she said. “It’s research that’s used all the time by the planning department,” said Kanata South Coun. Peggy Feltmate. “Every municipality uses its information.”

Since Industry Minister Tony Clement announced the changes to the census in June, politicians, researchers, statisticians and politicians across the country have complained the voluntary census will produce unreliable data. “We believe the changes will harm the integrity and quality of the Canadian statistical system,” said Ian McKinnon, chair of the National Statistics Council, a government-appointed group that advises Statistics Canada, in a statement issued this week. “At the same time, the council recognizes that concerns about intrusiveness and confidentiality should be addressed.” The council said the voluntary census will compromise the value of statistical information provided to municipal governments, businesses and social agencies, which is used to plan private and public budgets. Last week Muni Sheikh, the head of Statistics Canada, resigned from the national statistics agency in protest over the decision.

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Volunteers helped to harvest the garlic scapes at SilverSprings Farm on July 21. The garlic will be on sale Garlic sale at Silver Spring Farm, 3501 Richmond Rd. at Baseline on Aug. 2, 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. More info at the garlic hotline at 613-569-8993 X 409.




1443 Woodroffe Ave.


Nepean This Week - JULY 29, 2010

City urges federal government to reinstate long-form census


Parkwood Hills looking for a head start JENNIFER MCINTOSH

Service providers, property owners and residents are looking to give the Parkwood Hills community a head start. An advisory committee — formed in September 2009 — has been out on the streets talking to residents about what they think is needed. One of the key things is a space for Best Start programming. The concept of Best Start is a program that works with parents and caregivers of children aged zero to six, hoping to give the caregivers the tools to give kids a leg up. “It’s something we have identified for that community,” Gudrun Klingelstein, director of the Centrepointe Child Care early learning program, said. “There isn’t anything available in the neighbourhood for parents, so we have been looking at a space.” In Centrepointe, the centre offers pre and post-natal parenting classes as well as playgroups and toy-lending libraries. Klingelstein, a member of the advisory committee, said she sees a need for this kind of service in Parkwood Hills as well. “There are a lot of young families,” she said. “It has been part of our 10-year plan to extend service to that area.”

Klingelstein said the program provides a hub for the parents in terms of networking and is the perfect leap frog for school age program. She added that St. Rita Catholic School principal Linda Mancini has expressed interest in the program, but there just isn’t the space available. Brian Kauk, reverend at St. Mark’s Anglican Church, another member of the advisory committee, said that the church is in talks to provide the space. He said he joined the committee because of the church’s long-standing relationship with the neighbourhood. “We have been here for 60 years,” he said. “The church is one of the original members of the community. It makes sense for us to be part of the community building.” Kauk said that while the service providers may have a better sense of what the community’s needs are, the church has always had an interest in early childhood development and literacy. “It would benefit us if we could work it out to offer a space for best start programming,” he said. While everything is far from final, the advisory committee — which includes representatives from the Nepean, Rideau and Osgoode Community Resource Centre, Joe Childs, community operations manager with Minto Group Inc. and representatives from the faith community — has been working for months to put together a strategy that will address some of the service gaps in that area.

Chess champ cleans up at Open JAMIE DOGGART

Joey Qin is 14 years old and heading towards his first year of high school. In his sport of choice, it’s not uncommon for him to compete against athletes more than twice his age – and win. First introduced to the game when he was seven, Joey Qin is a rising star in the chess world and he just keeps getting better. Gordon Ritchie, a pillar of the Ottawa chess community, used to play Joey before he became too strong of a player. Now Ritchie refuses to play him because the teen’s calibre of chess is too high. “He could beat 90 per cent of chess players in the country,” he said. “Joey is an outstanding chess player.” The last tournament Joey competed in was the Canadian Open Chess Championship. The international tournament draws the best players from across the world. Joey placed seventh overall in the nine day tournament and cleaned up in his age division. Joey attributes his success in the chess world to studying past games – with the help of his dad – and knowing how to read his opponent. “We look at their playing style and what to be aware of and what to target,” he said. “Their opening can tell a lot about them.” Despite the wins, it’s the love of the game that keeps Joey staring down the chess board.

Our mission is to restore yesterday’s work, to today’s standards! We are a group of independent, highly skilled CERTIFIED BRICKLAYERS & STONEMASTERS that work for themselves on weekends! We have regular 40 hr/week jobs...building our city’s major projects: hospitals, schools, water treatment plants, hotels & residential homes. ON WEEKENDS WE OFFER OUR SKILLS TO YOU!

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Laying out & construction of footings & foundations Building & repair of chimneys & fireplaces Outdoor structures, garden & retaining walls, BBQs Crack repairs, removal of efflorescence’s & stains Repointing & repair of masonry work Stone masonry Renovation & block work Arches, walkways, brick steps Brick veneer Waterproofing, damp proofing And much more!

For more info, contact: Mitch Bougard (613) 799-7940 (Code #2)

Photo by Jamie Doggart

Chess sensation Joey Qin poses with his chess board in his home. Joey placed seventh overall in the Canadian Open Chess Championship “I like concentrating on things and solving problems. Chess is everything glued together that I like,” he said. In between tournaments, Joey is trying to give back to the community in a way that’s meaningful to him – chess lessons at the local library. The program is called Chess in the Library and is a volunteer based program that is currently only available in Toronto. “Chess really is a great game and I want to share my experience with others,” he said. The program is for players of all ages and strengths who want to come out and learn the game. Only one library – the Ruth E. Dickinson branch – will be offering the program to start but Joey maintains hope that once people show interest, more branches will come onboard. “It’s time for him to give back to the community,” said Lily Qu, Joey’s mother. “That’s why I’m glad (Marilyn Shanks) is giving him the chance to promote chess.” The program will run Saturday afternoons starting in September.

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Nepean This Week - JULY 29, 2010


It’s a match made in Misty River Sitting in the basement office of Misty River Introductions, I was waiting for the magic to happen. During my drive over to the Carleton Place office, I had imagined something out of a movie; the matchmaker would sweep in with a portfolio, hand it to her client saying ‘I’ve got the perfect match for you.’ And it would be. Happily ever after. Instead I was presented with something based a little bit more in reality but still romantic. Today, Thursday, is matching day so clients are calling in all day to hear about their new matches, owner and matchmaker Linda Miller explained. “It’s a climax of all the work we’ve done all week,” she said. MATCH ME UP

Photo by Jamie Doggart

Matchmaker Linda Miller runs a busy office matching singles in the Ottawa area. When a client shows interest in joining Misty River Introductions, they’re asked to fill out a survey application detailing relationship history and what they’re looking for in a partner. A meeting is then scheduled between the new client and one of the matchmak-

for athletes 17 and under

Brought to you by:

The Royal Canadian Legion

The first thing Miller does is open up the caller’s profile. From there she can see all the matches available to her. This week the woman on the phone is offered two matches to choose from because the match paired with her the previous week didn’t turn out, however, that is unusal. Miller reads the two men’s profiles to her client and emails her their photos. Shortly after that call, another client calls to indicate interest in one of her matches. Miller then calls up the man in question, checks to see if he’s interested, then calls the woman back to give her the man’s phone number. “I never give out a woman’s number unless it’s a cell phone and their call display is blocked,” she said. The client hangs up happy and Miller moves on to the next match.

as w a t t gu

O Au -8


Terry Fox Athletic Facility 2960 Riverside Dr.

Ottawa, ON





2 010


t 2 ON 010


ers on staff — often Miller herself — to discuss the application and verify the information. During the first meeting the client is asked to show two pieces of identification, one has to show a current address. “I’m essentially asking the person all the things you want to ask on a first date but can’t,” she said. Miller said that asking for identification also helps her weed out the people who are trying to use her services for duplicitous reasons. “If they won’t show you or are hesitant to show you their ID then you know they’re hiding something,” she said. After the interview package options are discussed. No clients are taken into the service if the matchmaker doesn’t firmly believe there are enough viable matches for them already in the system. So a minimum of 50 possible matches. While Miller is explaining this, the phone rings and the matching process

Nepean This Week - JULY 29, 2010



Addmission: $5

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AUGUST 7 & 8, 2010 International Puppet Festival

In historic downtown Almonte, Ontario

Check out our weekend-long fun activities, go to:



Nepean This Week - JULY 29, 2010




What will they think of next? The latest craze to sweep the Internet meme is i-dosing – using binaural sounds to get high in a safe, legal way. Websites are now selling i-dosing tracks, which play a different tone in each ear to simulate a beat. They promise an altered mood or mindset that is difficult to achieve in any other legal way. All you need is good-quality earphones. I-dosing is supposed to synchronize the listener’s brainwaves to the “beat” of the tones on the track or mix the brainwaves, which in turn creates the altered mindset. Websites are calling the tracks “doses.” Each site has different tracks to achieve different mindsets. The tracks are named for the drug whose effects they allegedly produce. The leading website, I-Doser makes some tracks available for free because everyone is susceptible to binaural beats. Free trials are recommended to ensure that the interested individual isn’t immune before purchasing doses. The doses don’t all come cheap either. Track prices can range anywhere from $1 to $20. User testimonials rave about the effects of doses claiming it will cause hyperactivity, relaxation and hallucinations. These claims are odd because if a drug causes relaxation, it won’t easily cause hyperactivity too. We believe these claims and user testimonials of kids getting high off the sounds are false. At best, it seems the users are experiencing the placebo affect. They want to feel high and be part of the crowd so badly that their mind tricks them into believing the dose worked. So why is the community up in arms against i-dosing? Some parents are under the impression that i-dosing is a gateway drug. Risk-free trials make experimenting with drugs feel safer, which will encourage kids to branch out from binaural tracks, mimicking highs to the real thing. If it works it would also render drug testing obsolete. Likely, the meme will run its course, like every other viral element does. I-dosing will be gone before you can say “Pet Rock.”

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Free from fees The eco fees on consumer products that came into effect on July 1 have now been eliminated. While the Orange Drop program will continue, consumers will not pay fees that retailers had been adding to their bills. Orange Drop locations and municipal collection depots will continue to accept these household hazardous materials for proper disposal. On July 1, Stewardship Ontario expanded the municipal hazardous or special waste program (Orange Drop) to include more waste, such as household cleaners, unused prescription drugs, and light bulbs. In addition to eliminating these eco fees, the province will use a consumer-protection hotline that Ontarians can call at 1-800-889-9768 to report unfair fees. The government will also seek consumer input on the design of a new program.


By request: set public information free DIANNE SAXE Some government institutions are becoming more open about sharing information with the public. For example, Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment recently posted all recent air, sewage and waste certificates of approval and renewable energy approvals online. However, governments often resist releasing information. Freedom of information (FOI) laws provide individuals with a way to access information that governments control. Although the FOI request process may be cumbersome and time-consuming, it is worthwhile to persevere, as it may yield a wealth of information. Canada’s Access to Information Act applies to federal government institutions, and each province has its own FOI law, which operate in a similar manner. THE FOI REQUEST PROCESS To make an FOI request, send

a written request along with an application fee to the government institution that likely has the records of interest. Include as much detail as possible about the records being sought, to ensure that the scope of the request is clear. Where more than one institution may have relevant information, it is wise to file FOI requests with each of these. Generally, the institution must respond to the FOI request within 30 days, although this period may be extended. If the request is denied, written reasons must be provided, but these usually do not include a detailed explanation. It is important to follow up with the government institution for additional details. If the request is accepted, the government will provide an estimate of the fee to cover costs associated with locating, retrieving and copying the records. This can be high, for example if a lot of time is needed to review the documents or if hundreds

80 Colonnade Rd. N., Nepean, ON K2E 7L2 T: 613-224-3330 • F: 613-224-2265 • Director of Distribution Elliot Tremblay 613-221-6204 Editor in Chief Deb Bodine 613-221-6210 Managing Editor Suzanne Landis 613-221-6226 Reporter Jennifer McIntosh 613-221-6237

Reporter Jamie Doggart 613-221-6234 Flyer Sales Bob Burgess 613.221.6227 Advertising Representative Shirley MacIntosh 613.221.6211 Advertising Representative Dave Pennett 613.221.6209

of pages are involved. RECENT SUPREME COURT DECISION The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that the Charter guarantee of freedom of expression does not extend to access to all information held by the government. Access to such documents is constitutionally protected only where necessary to permit meaningful discussion on matters of public importance, where access does not does not encroach on protected privileges. The SCC decision is important because it recognizes a limited Charter right to access government information. This strengthens the FOI process, and reminds us of its complexity. Environmental law specialist Dianne Saxe is one of the top 25 environmental lawyers in the world. For more information, visit http://envirolaw. com

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Goulet deals four players for former Trenton captain his level.” Johnson had three goals and 20 assists in 37 games last season. With training camp approaching on Aug. 6 at Nepean Sportsplex, Goulet is busy scouting in the Boston area and said he might not be finished in terms of player movement. “I’ve still got some holes to fill,” he said. “At the end of the day, I want to have four lines that can play and six defencemen that can play. It’s too early to say what role anyone’s going to have on the team.”

File photo

The Nepean Raiders hope to celebrate more goals in the coming season after adding Jeremy McCarty, the captain of the Ontario Junior A Hockey League’s Trenton Golden Hawks. The deal comes in the middle of what’s usually a quiet time of year for the Central Hockey league club.

Dr. Raya Fatah DENTAL OFFICE I personally invite you to come and try our dental services, and I look forward to meeting you and your family.

ers acquired Ryan Johnson, 18, a defenceman from the Elmira Sugar Kings of the Mid Western Jr. B league for cash – known as a player development fee. “Ryan Johnson gives me a real steady, great skating defenceman, who’s a good puck mover and is capable of running a power play,” Goulet said. “It just gives me another dynamic in a power-play situation. Five-on-five he’s just a top-end guy as far as how smart he is and how well he moves the puck. That’s real important at

– Raya Fatah

• New Patients and Walk-Ins Welcome • Evening Appointments Available • Validated Parking

OUR SERVICES: Comprehensive Family Dentistry • Crowns and Bridges Removable Partial and Complete Dentures Root Canal Therapy • Full Preventative Program Cosmetic Dentistry • Emergency Dental Care

Nepean Medical Centre

Tel: 613-224-6355


1 Centrepointe Drive, Suite 405



SALE 25% OFF ALL in store Jewellery, Clocks and Watches

15% OFF Diamond Jewellery Sale starts July 31st until August 14/10 at both location 399843

Kanata Centrum next to Danier Leather 613-592-4488

Greenbank Mall at Hunt Club 613-726-6340


Heading into his first full season as Nepean Raiders general manager and head coach, Peter Goulet is starting to put his stamp on the team. And he’s looking into the past to do it. Goulet acquired Jeremy McCarty, the captain of the Ontario Junior A Hockey League’s Trenton Golden Hawks last season, on July 22 in exchange for a trio of 20-year-olds – centre Demetri Sakaris and defencemen Brandon Boelter and Lorne Miller – plus the playing right to left winger Ronnie Brohman, 19, from the Winchester Jr. B Hawks and undisclosed cash. As coach of the Kingston Voyageurs for 3 ½ years before joining the Raiders last December, Goulet is well aware of what McCarty brings to the table. The 20-year-old forward played for the Port Hope Predators for three seasons before the team moved to Trenton for the start of the 2009-10 campaign. “I’ve got a tremendous Junior A hockey player with Jeremy McCarty joining our club,” he said, noting that McCarty has over 200 career points and has averaged almost a point per game. “I’ve seen him play a lot of hockey. “He works his butt off shift in and shift out. He can play in all situations – in all positions – which makes him invaluable.” The former Hawks captain recorded 20 goals and 40 assists in 42 games last season, and added three goals and seven assists in nine playoff contests. McCarty was seeking a trade from Hawks general manger Tim Clayden. The deal made perfect sense for Goulet since both Sakaris and Boelter are expected to play in the United States Hockey League in the fall anyway. In fact, Sakaris, a 5-9, 155-pound pivot, had 18 goals and 49 points for the Raiders last season and is pencilled in to play for Clarkson University. “If they’re capable of playing down there, we wish them all the best,” Goulet said. “If not, Tim (Clayden) has the right to talk to them. “They both wanted a change.” In a separate trade, the Raid-

Nepean This Week - JULY 29, 2010



Nepean This Week - JULY 29, 2010


CUPE rocks for Haiti relief

Above: The Bruised Egos, a cover band slotted to play at the free concert, rock out to songs like “Jesse’s Girl” and “Start me Up” to a captivated audience. All donations and money collected were given to the Red Cross to help with their aid efforts to Haiti. Over $2,800 was raised. Below: Aamina Syed, 4, signs herself up for another temporary tattoo with painter Alex Powell. Paintings were done on a give-what-you-can donation basis. All donations were donated to the Haiti relief fund.

Photos by Jamie Doggart

Kylie Anderson, 8, relaxes in the centre of a parachute game during CUPE’s Rocking for Haiti fundraiser event at Andrew Haydon park on July 24.

11 Nepean This Week - JULY 29, 2010


Riding the brain waves at camp this summer

Nepean This Week - JULY 29, 2010


Engineer offers special camps to tiny scientists JENNIFER MCINTOSH

Originally, Parbhakar had planned on going back to school for her Bachelor of Education, but ended up starting the camp after a two-year stint teaching in a Some Nepean kids will have a chance to exercise a difprivate school. ferent muscle at camp this summer. The camps have grown so much over the last decade Electrical engineer and educator Neena Parbhakar that Parbhakar offers the camp during the March break is offering her science camp, Brain Waves at 25 Esquias well. Often the spring break camp is held at the Carmault Ave. ling Avenue Nortel campus — where she used to work. Parbhakar said she came up with the concept about Starting from a one-woman show in the first years, 10 years ago. the camps are now led by many different counsellors as “I always like working with kids and I wanted to put Parkbhakar has taken a step back. my experience with engineering to good use,” she said. “At first it was really good for my kids because they were young and they got to learn a lot about science,” she said. “Then when they NEPEAN got older they were counsellors.” The camp takes a handsto the following names, who voted for their favorite business in our recent on approach to science and 2010 Readers Choice Awards, giving them the opportunity to win technology. $100 each to a ine local restaurant. We would like to thank the thousands One of the camps encourages the students to test who voted, and made this years award such a great success. their mechanical skills by building a Rube Goldberg machine. Named after the American cartoonist, the machines are deliberately over-engineered to perform a simple task in a complicated fashion. • Jimmy Zito “The kids really like this, and they have a choice of • Lisa Schillaci materials and end product,” Parbhakar said. “So • Gail Kuchma it really brings out their



A former camper gets up close and personal with a snake as part of the vet camp.


creativity.” Another camp called reptile vet camp was born out of a partnership with local reptile expert Tom Wellum of Reptiles Rock. During the reptile vet camp, kids get an up close look at amphibians and reptiles. Whatever they are learning, Parbhakar said she tries to make sure the kids are having a good time. “It’s so amazing to see their capacity for knowledge,” she said. “The kids are really interested in learning about science.” For more information on camp times and registration, visit



Leaving Days Inn Ottawa Airport in Byers Limousine's Stretch Hummer for an exciting evening at the Horse Races.

Brent Mathews h it w s, e g d o H y m Tam Mathews from and Ron and Rita ious dinner at lic e d a y jo n e n a e Nep aceway while R n to e rl a C u a e id R e racing. watching the hors

Arriving back at Days Inn Ottawa Airport after a great evening out.

Thank you to our sponsors for making this such a success!

Nepean This Week - JULY 29, 2010

Thank You to our winners and their guests who enjoyed a great evening out. Watch for our next readership contest and perhaps you could be our next winner.

Made for the theatre New musical theatre camp gives teens theatrical outlet

Summer Sizzler

Green Fees $28* Golf & Cart $38*


If your child has a flare for theatrics, then this new summer camp may be singing their tune. In response to overwhelming requests, Suzart has decided to start up a fourth

Afternoon Summertime Special Nine & Dine

After 12 pm Golf & Cart $30*

Friday August 13 5:45 pm Shot Gun $30/person includes: Golf, Steak Dinner & Prizes

camp geared towards young adults 15 to 18-years-old. This camp will be an extension of the current musical theatre camp offered but more indepth. “Still heavy on the performing but more difficult,” Susan Dacey, artistic director of Suzart, said. Campers will engage in intensive workshops on singing, dancing and tech skils. The chosen workshops span across all aspects of the musical theatre business. The tech workhops cover topics like stage makeup, prop building and costumes. During these sessions the kids

will learn to razzle-dazzle with the tricks of the musical theatre trade. In the costume workshop, each teen will be asked to design and create their own costumes, including sewing. The instructor will be on hand to help if campers haven’t wielded a sewing machine before. Aside from the workshops, campers will also focus heavily on solo work as opposed to group work like the similar camp for younger children. Campers will perform three solo numbers and six group numbers. Some of the solo work will be assigned but camp goers will still get the opportunity to choose some performance pieces. Both singing and dancing pieces will be performed. All of the supplies, such as make up and fabric have been included in the cost of the camp. The camp runs for two weeks from August 16 to 27. There are still spots available, which Dacey partially attributes to the camp beis ing new. “First year we’ve done this camp, TAKING REGISTRATIONS! so it’s still a work in progress,” she said. “It’s good for the kids to have Kanata-North Early Learning Centre (KNELC) is a new child-care centre under construction at 232 Herzberg Road a smaller number because they’ll in Kanata. The centre is preparing to welcome parents and get more attention from teachers.” At capacity the camp accepts 24 children for fall 2010 and is currently taking registrations. students for three teachers. “It’s a perfect opportunity to KNELC will offer child-care for toddlers and preschool make new friends and share a love children, aged 1 to 5 years. Please register early to avoid of musical theatre,” Dacey said.

Kanata-North Early Learning Centre

disappointment! For more information, please visit our website at

Would you like to swallow 20 pills every day, just to digest your food?

Mountain Creek

If you had cystic fibrosis, you’d have no choice.

White Lake Road, Arnprior 613.623.8919 * Special Rates are 7 Days a Week, prices include taxes


Please help us.

E-mail: 403700

1-800-378-CCFF •

Discover a new, more affordable lifestyle outside of the city…Customize your dream home starting at $292,900!

Westerra Homes Building Beautiful, Energy Efficient Homes

Why Choose Westerra Homes: t Located in the tranquil community of Kemptville; t Unmatched price and quality; t 15 fully customizable models to choose from; t Tarion accredited; t Energy Star certified homes; t Quick access to Hwy. 416; v i ll e t Guaranteed occupancy Kempt , y a W rra an in 120 days! 6 Weste Canadi

r u o t i Vis home model

Visit or call 613-620-0008

the (behind on Hwy. 43) re Tire sto


Nepean This Week - JULY 29, 2010





Nepean This Week - JULY 29, 2010

Hearing Aid Save up to $800 on selected hearing aids. Special purchase of excellent quality hearing aids. Quantities are limited and available only while they last.

Call today for your appointment!

Photo by Jamie Doggart

YOU’RE OUT! Brent Attridge from from the Parkwood Hills league team, No Glove No Love stretches to make the catch as Terri Wong from McGlovin’s hurries back to first base. No Love No Glove won the game 11 to 9.


VAUGHAN-BASSETT Pine Entertainment Console


2 wood doors/glass shelves 48” x 30” H Reg. $699

Reg. $3499

Regent Design


In Stock: Chocolate Brown








✔ Experienced Audiologist ✔ Hearing Tests And Fitting On-Site ✔ Dispensing And Repairs Of ALL Makes ✔ Repairs and Service ✔ Home Visits on Request ✔ Extensive Selection Of Hearing Aids and Assistive Listening Devices ✔ Service en Français Disponible

Richard Kent, MSc. Registered Audiologist (C) Your appointment at Nepean Hearing is with Richard Kent, a qualified Audiologist, not a technician. Audiologists are hearing and balance specialists who hold a Masters of Science degree in Audiology. They can determine whether your hearing loss requires medical attention or can be treated with hearing instruments. At Nepean Hearing you’ll have a oneon-one discussion with Richard about your concerns and needs.

Nepean Hearing • Life is better when you can hear it! 39 Robertson Rd. Suite 254, Bells Mews, Bells Corners, Nepean 613.726.7098

Register Now for Ottawa River Poker Run OTTAWA RIVER POKER RUN Presented by George’s Marine & Sports

Saturday, August 21, 2010 Don’t miss the powerboating event of the season! Open to all powerboats and PWCs! Choice of 2 courses: Britannia Bay to Quyon (70 km return trip) or Britannia Bay to Constance Bay (45 km return trip)

Enjoy a Flatscreen and Fireplace!

Plus: Special BBQ buffet dinner, live music, dancing and great prizes!!!

Chocolate finish Reg. $1499




“Collin” Sectional 8-way hand tied seating Microsuede seats and back Bi-cast outside


Carleton Place Hwy 29


Mon - Thurs 9-5:30 pm Friday 9-7 pm Saturday 9-5

FREE DELIVERY! All Over the Ottawa Valley!

Hosted by Nepean Sailing Club Reg. $1999




Dick Bell Park, Carling Ave. between Holly Acres Rd. & Moodie Dr. Checkpoints hosted by the Quyon Lion’s Club, Port of Call Marina & CVGR

Proceeds benefit Easter Seals Ontario

Hwy 508 Calabogie Renfrew

7 y1 Hw

For more information: Brendan Kealey, Event Chair 613.762.9293





PHONE (613) 623-4859



Nepean This Week - JULY 29, 2010


Deadline for submissions is Monday at 9:30 a.m. Call 613-221-6234 or email

Community Calendar • JULY 29


A Company of Fools will be performing A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Andy Haydon park. The show starts at 7 p.m. Bring your own seating (blanket or lawn chair) and bug spray!

Bereaved parents self-help group: Understanding & Support The Compassionate Friends Ottawa Valley/Outaouais chapter meets the third Tuesday of each month at PinecrestQueensway Community Heath Centre 1365 Richmond Road. For more info call or email 613-692-4521 /

•JULY 31


Enjoy a traditional Garden Party & Tea on Saturday, July 31, 2010 from 1 to 4 p.m. on the grounds of Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind, 4120 Rideau Valley Drive North, Manotick. Tickets are $13 per person in advance, $15 at the door. Tempt your taste buds with Devon Cream Tea, featuring clotted cream imported from the U.K., and fresh homemade scones prepared by the chef of the British High Commission. Advance tickets are available at Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind or by calling (613) 692-7777. This is a rain or shine event, with indoor and outdoor seating. All proceeds from this event benefit Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind, providing professionally trained guide dogs to the visually impaired since 1984.

• AUGUST 4 Opening Night of ‘Tuesdays With Morrie’ will be held August 4, at the Ottawa Little Theatre, 400 King Edward Avenue, in support of Friends of Hospice Ottawa. Reception & Dessert Extravaganza begins at 7 p.m. Come meet the cast of this outstanding play! Tickets are $55.00 pp. Bus available at no cost from Richmond, Stittsville and Bells Corners. For tickets & information call 613-591-6002 x26.

Photo by Jamie Doggart

SMILE OF WEEK Nicole Loveless works at the front office of Comfort Keepers, answers the phone with a smile and greets people coming into the office with the same infectious smile. Nicole smiles during the most challenging days. Her laugh is totally contagious. If you know someone in the community with a welcoming smile, please email Nepean This Week and we will send a photographer out to capture it for an upcoming issue. Email editor@ or call Jamie Doggart 613-221-6234.

or contact Roberto Mirabelli at Mirabelli67@ or by phone at (613) 852-0599.”

• AUGUST 16 • AUGUST 8 Friends of the Farm Victorian Tea, Sunday August 8. Classic tea $6 from 2 - 4 p.m. served on the lawns of Bldg. 72, Central Experimental Farm Arboretum, east at Prince of Wales traffic circle. Bring a patio chair and listen to the music. Enter the best hat contest, don period costume for an old-time CEF tradition (not required). In case of rain the event will be held in Building 2. For information call 613-230-3276,, www.

• AUGUST 12 This City of Ottawa is presenting the following date for their ‘Concerts in the Park’ series 2010. Place: Village Square Park, Main Street in Stittsville, ON Thursday, August 12th from 6 to 8:30 p.m. Music: ‘The Mick Armitage Band’ from 7 to 8:30 p.m.There will be a Community Youth BBQ starting at 6 p.m. with free admission. Bring your chairs, blankets, dancin’ shoes and your friends and neighbours. Classic rock and roll favourites will have you on your feet. No pets or alcohol. Info: 613-226-9178 or

• AUGUST 14 The Kiwanis Club of Nepean presents its Charity Car Show in support of the Queensway Carleton Hospital. The event is to be held in the Bells Corners Loblaws parking lot at the corner of Moodie Drive and Robertson Road from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and is open to all makes and models (domestic and import) of cars, trucks and motorcycles. Regirstration fee is $10 and the first 100 registrants receive a dash plaque with trophies for class winners. For further information see

Nine and Dine! The Professional Associations of Ottawa 3rd annual golf tournament for Make a Wish Foundation. Monday, August 16, Eagle Creek Golf Club. Join us in granting a child’s wish through your participation. Visit for more details.

•AUGUST 21 Art on the Farm On August 21, rain date August 22, Friends of the Farm invite you to visit the Central Experimental Farm Arboretum from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., for our Annual Art on the Farm event. Artists working in various formats will display and sell their original works on the lawn under the trees. Admission and parking are free. For information call 613-230-3276,,

• UPCOMING The West Ottawa Children’s Chorus has now concluded their fourth season of presenting choral concerts in the west end of Ottawa. WOCC performed at the Ottawa Kiwanis Music Festival on April 20 for the first time and received three second place finishes with marks of 83 per cent, 85 per cent and 85 per cent in their categories. The director is holding auditions for new members of the choir aged 7-18 years old for rehearsals which begin on Tuesday, Sept. 7 at 6:15 p.m. Rehearsals are held in Kanata at St. Paul’s Anglican Church, 20 Young Road. In September Sara-Lynn Hutchison will join us as the new accompanist and assistant director. The next concert will be held at St. Paul’s Anglican Church, 20 Young Road beginning at 3 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 5, with a reception following. Tickets are $12 and will be available at the door. Children 16 and under are always free. For more info go to http://, email, or call 613-829-4402.

• UPCOMING • AUGUST 21 The Ottawa Carleton Plowmen’s Association is holding it’s annual plowing match and rural celebration this August. On Saturday we will be welcoming plowmen from outside of our area as well as own to compete using everything from walking ploys to turnover ploys. Area vendors and organizations will be available, VIP plowing, a trivia challenge, games, trolley rides, BBQ and much more. Plowing Match and Field Day, August 27 and 28, corner of Eagleson & Rushmore Road. All welcome. Rain or shine. Horse/tractor competitive plowing, try plowing yourself, displays, trolley rides, games, BBQ, entertainment. More information, 613-826-3278. Free on 27th, $2/person on 28th.

Come sing with us! The Ottawa Brahms Choir under the direction of Kurt Ala-Kantti is recruiting members for all voice parts to join us and celebrate our 30th Anniversary season with two concerts: Christmas Favourites, November 28, 2010; Ein Deutsches Requiem by Johannes Brahms, Spring 2011. Our delightful accompanist is Ioulia Blinova. Our Rehearsals: Mondays 7 to 9 p.m.; at Southminster United Church at Aylmer/Bank. starting date September 13, 2010. For information: 613 749-2391;

•ONGOING Villa Marconi is currently looking for volunteers to walk with our residents in the garden, help in the coffee shop, and visit with our residents. If you would like to assist, please call Antonietta at 727-6201 ext. 6660. Orientation and training are provided.

What are you doing this summer? Wouldn’t it be great to spend your summer having fun with a new puppy? Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind is looking for individuals or families that would like to foster a puppy and, eventually, turn that puppy into a well-rounded ‘good dog’ suitable to enter formal training to become a working guide dog for a visually impaired person. The puppy must be welcomed as a member of the family, learn basic obedience and be introduced to a multitude of situations that will aid it in eventually becoming a working guide dog for the blind. An adult has to be home most of the day or have permission to take the dog to work.The foster family is responsible for training the dog obedience and socialization skills, working closely with a professional dog trainer from Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind. For the volunteer, it’s much like having your own puppy, but you must add specific commands and rules which are geared towards this puppy becoming a guide dog. It’s a long-term commitment of twelve to eighteen months, having the puppy accompany you almost everywhere you go, and adapting to the fact that the dog must be given back to enter into formal training at the end of the fostering stage. A large part of the reward is the chance for the puppy you raised to graduate as a working guide dog and provide an incredible gift to a visually impaired person. If your dog graduates, you get the opportunity to meet the blind person whom the guide dog is matched with.You must be available to attend regular training sessions, have access to a vehicle to get to veterinary appointments, and have plenty of free time. This volunteer position is referred to as Puppy Walking. Although it’s actually fostering the pup or dog, a large component to the program is walking the dog several hours daily. Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind provides all food for the puppy and is responsible for all veterinary expenses. Attend an Information Session on July 9, July 23, or August 6, 2010. Registration is required. To register or to get more information, phone (613) 692-7777 or email .

• ONGOING The Ottawa Regional Youth Choir (ORYC), conducted by Kevin Reeves, is seeking young people between the ages of 15 and 23 to join the choir in September. The choir performs its own concerts and collaborates with a wide range of other musical ensembles. Altos, Basses, Sopranos and Tenors interested in auditioning should contact Carolyn Smith at 613-823-1114; website:

• ONGOING Nepean Lawn Bowling Club at the Sportsplex (adjacent to the Woodroffe Ave. parking lot) invites you to enjoy this fun summer activity. Week days at 9 a.m. and Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings at 7 p.m. Free coaching, use of equipment and refreshments. Juniors Program available for Students 18 years and under. Tuesdays, from July 6th to August 31st, 4 to 5 p.m. Call 613-226-1948 or come in and just try it!

17 Nepean This Week - JULY 29, 2010


Call Email



WHITE CEDAR LUMBER, Decking, fencing, all dimensions, rough or dressed. Timbers and V-joints also available. Call Tom at McCann’s Forest Products 613-628-6199 or 613-633-3911


WEDDINGS, BAPTISMS & Funerals, location of your choice. Also available Small weddings, my home, weekdays. The Rev. Alan Gallichan. 613726-0400. ARTICLES 4 SALE

SCOOTER SPECIAL 25% Off Select Models Buy/sell Stair lifts, Porch lifts, Scooters, Bath lifts, Hospital beds etc. Call SILVER CROSS 613-231-3549

EASTERN WHITE CEDAR Lumber, Great prices, great quality, decking & fencing, dressed, ready for your project. We deliver. 613-628-5232

DOG SITTING, Experienced Retired Breeder providing lots of TLC. My Home. Smaller dogs only. References available. $17$20 daily. Marg 613-721-1530.


Wanted: Looking for an Old English Sheepdog puppy for spring 2011. We live in FIREWOOD FOR Kemptville, have a SALE. Early Bird good sized yard and Special. All Hard- are used to large dogs. The lady of the house wood. grew up with Old Eng613-836-6637 lish Sheep Dogs and it is now time to bring a new member into our family. If you are a HUNTING breeder, or know of one, please call: 613 - 5 5 8 - 9 810 HUNTER SAFETY CA- evenings. NADIAN FIREARMS COURSE at Carp HOUSES August 27, 28, 29th. FOR SALE Wenda Cochran 613256-2409

HOT TUB (Spa) Covers. Best Price, Best Quality. All Shapes & Colours Available. Call 1 - 8 6 6 - 6 5 2 - 6 8 37 HUNTER SAFETY nadian Firearms SOLID OAK BED- Course. Courses and exams held throughout ROOM SET, dresser with mirror, 2 night ta- the year. Free course if bles, headboard for you organize a group, King or Queen & ar- exams available. Wenmoire $1600. Call da Cochran, 613-2562409. 613-822-9322


MOTHERS.... IF YOU ARE EXPECTING OR HAVE A NEW BABY Place Your Birth Announcement in your Community Newspaper (includes photo & 100 words) and recieve your Welcome Wagon FREE information and GIFTS from local businesses. ded) lu c in Please register on line at (tax or call 1-866-283-7583


Redeem this coupon at the Kanata Kourier-Standard Office Attention: Classified Department 80 Colonnade Rd N. Nepean, ON K2E7L2 Ph:(613) 224-3330 Fax: (613) 224-2265

GENERAL STORE: Mississippi busy tourist area. Lucrative, big 6 bedroom home. $115,000. Mortgage at 5%. Gerry Hudson, 1 - 613 - 4 4 9 - 16 6 8 , Sales Rep., Rideau Town & Country Realty Ltd. Brokerage. PERTH: 50 acre classy updated hobby farm. Lovely spotless 4 bedroom home, swimming pool, double garage, large barn. Creek meanders through property. $320,000. Gerry Hudson, 1-613449-1668, Sales Rep. Rideau Town & Country Realty Ltd. Brokerage. Town home for sale! 1123 sq. ft., Mattamy home features upgraded floors and central air. Relax in the sun on 2nd floor deck and walk to parks, buses and Scotiabank Place. www.bytheown for information and open house schedule.

House for Rent Amberwood Stittsville Adult condo bungalow, 2 Bedrm 2 Bath, harwood floors, 4 season sunroom, 4 appliances included. Avail. Sept. 1st, 2010. $1,500.00 per mos plus utilities. Call Mel or Sandy 613-831-5510



COTTAGE FOR RENT private cottage on Norway Lake, fully equipped, available August, $650 per week, phone 613-7520269


Beautiful treed views. 8 Acres of Park Setting. Secure 24hr monitoring.


100 Varley Lane

KANATA Available Immediately


WATERFRONT CAMPGROUND for sale: Nice home and café. Park-like picturesque, 1,320’ on Mississippi. Fully equipped. $620,000. Gerry Hudson, 1-613-449-1668, Sales Rep. Rideau Town & Country Realty Ltd. Brokerage.

3 bedroom townhouse, 1.5 baths, 2 appliances, COTTAGES FOR SALE unfinished basement, one parking spot. WHITE CEDARS $1000 per month TOURIST PARK COTTAGE BUILDING plus utilities. FOR sale 25’x35’ com- Seasonal sites, water-

613-831-3445 613-257-8629 Don’t forget to ask about our signing bonus

SINGLE 3 BEDROOM in Barrhaven. Available Aug. 1 $1495 Call 613-723-3562


CARP: Private, spacious, immaculate one bedroom apartment includes fridge, stove, parking and utilities. $725 per month, available immediately. 613-256-5591

MANOTICK - 1 Bedroom basement apartment. Private entrance, parking, cable, internet, 3 appliances included. Optionally furnished. Pet/smoke free. Clean and Quiet. 613-8582280


plete with all contents, great for cottage or hunt camp, you move by Sept. 01, 10k negotiable, 613-832-0089

front cottage rentals, tenting, boat rentals, big lots, sandy beach, boat launch. Store onsite. Best rates in the valley for services provided. 613-649-2255


DAYTONA BEACH: 2 bedroom condo right on the beach, near Dunlawton Bridge. Fabulous view. 12th floor. Available weekly. Comfortable and fully equipped. 613-2675544.

PITCH away your unwanted items in the Classifieds. With our extensive, organized listings, readers will find your ad easily, so you can make room for the stuff you really want.

ottawa region

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WORLD CLASS DRUMMER (of Five Man Electrical Band) is now accepting students. Private lessons, limited enrollment, free consultation. Call Steve, 613831-5029. w w w. s t eve h o l l i n g



NATURE photography field trips hosted by photographer Jeff Ryan. For more info visit; www.jeffryan-photog “workshop key”. Cost $60. p/individual. 613.599.5363

Professionally designed & built on-site Many choices available Starting at $1,850


Call for free on-site consult 613-294-1467

1-877-298-8288 ottawa region


PLANNING A TRIP TO FLORIDA? Search from 100s of Florida’s top vacation rentals. All Regions of Florida from 2- to 8-bdrm homes. Condos, Villas, Pool Homes - we have them all!

Rates starting as low as $89/night On your next Florida Vacation do not be satisfied with a hotel room when you can rent your own private Vacation home! S US SIIT TU V T VIIS A W T NO OW A

Official Sponsor to Welcome Wagon Ottawa Region




The best place to start planning your Florida Get-Away!


#1A STEEL BUILDINGS SALE! Save up to 60% on your new garage shop, warehouse or storage building. 6 different colors available! 40 year warranty! Free shipping for the first 20 SAVE UP TO $400 callers! 1-800-457ON YOUR CAR INSU- 2206 www.crownsteel RANCE. Good driving record? Call Grey Power today at 1-866-424- *HOT TUB (SPA) Cov0675 for a no-obliga- ers-Best Price. Best tion quote. Additional quality. All shapes and Discounts Available. colours. Call 1-866Open Weekends 585-0056.

CLEAN DRIVING RECORD? GREY POWER could save you up to $400 on your car insurance. Call 1-866473-9817 for no-obligation quote. Open week-ends.









613-258-1146 MORTGAGES & LOANS


$$MONEY$$ Consolidate Debts Mortgages to 95% No income, Bad credit OK! Better Option Mortgage #10969 1-800-2821169

LAWN/TREE LANDSCAPE Maintainence Ltd. # 613-623-9410 Cell # 613-978-3443 Property maintenance, landscaping, arbourist, Tree Removal. W.E.T.T. certified, renovations demolitions, etc. Call FREE YOURSELF for free quote. FROM DEBT, MONEY FOR ANY PURPOSE! DEBT CONSOLIDAPUBLIC NOTICE TION. 1st, 2nd, and R. FLYNN 3rd mortgages, credit LANDSCAPING lines and loans up to operated #1 IN PARDONS re90% LTV. Self em- Owner ployed, mortgage or company. Quality move your criminal References record. Express Partax arrears. DON’T work: dons offers the FASTPAY FOR 1YR PRO- available. GRAM! #10171 ON- Interlocking stone, EST pardons, LOWEST Garden walls, and prices, and it’s GUARTARIO-WIDE FINANCIAL CORP. CALL 1- all your landscaping ANTEED. BBB Accredneeds. 13 years ex- ited. FREE Consulta888-307-7799. tion Toll-free: 1-866www.ontario-widefinan- perience. Free Estimates. 416-6772 www. Call 613-828-6400 LOAN OR CREDIT **PLEASE BE ADProblem? Yes we can help. Get up to $1 mil- SAVE UP TO $400 on VISED** There are lion dollar business or your car insurance. NO refunds on Classimortgage loan and up Clean driving record? fied Advertising, howto $300,000 personal Call Grey Power today ever we are happy to loan with a minimum of at 1-877-603-5050 for offer a credit for future 24k with interest rates a no-obligation quote. Classified Ads, valid for 1 year, under certain starting at 3.9 percent. Open weekends. circumstances. Bad credit welcome. Apply now at w w w. g e t c a n a d a or call 1-888LAWN & GARDEN 560-6764

WWW.PREMIERSOLA RINC.COM “Your Long Term Solar Partners” Dealerships/System Sales/Installs. From 25k. Start making money with the ‘Microfit Program’ today! Call Now! Toll-free 1-877255-9580 SERVICES

CARPENTRY, REPAIRS, Rec Rooms, Decks, etc. Reasonable rates, 25 years experience. 613832-2540 CERTIFIED MASON 10yrs exp., Chimney Repair & Restoration, cultured stone, parging, repointing. Brick, block & stone. Small/big job specialist. Free estimates. Work guaranteed. 613-250-0290.



Quality paint, interior/ exterior. Wallpapering. Specializing in preparing houses for sale/rent. 14 years experience. Free estimates,

Reasonable, References.

Donna 613-489-0615

DRYWALL-INSTALLER TAPING & REPAIRS. Framing, electrical, full custom basement renovations. Installation & stippled ceiling repairs. 25 years experience. Workmanship guaranteed. Chris, 613-8395571 or 613-7247376


ALWAYS GOING TO PARTIES ALONE? Isn’t it time you met someone and enjoyed being in a relationship? Misty River Introductions has been matchmaking single people with their partners for 17 years. wwwmisty (613) 257-3531, No computer required. Are you troubled by someone’s drinking? We can help. Al-Anon/Alateen Family Groups 613-860-3431 LOVE! MONEY! LIFE! #1 Psychics! 1-877478-4410. CreditCards/Deposit. $3.19/min 18+ 1-900783-3800. www.mys BINGO

KANATA LEGION BINGO, Sundays, 1:00pm. 70 Hines Road. For info, 613592-5417.

Residential & Commercial Lawn Packages • Sod •Hedge Trimmming

KANATA-HAZELDEAN LION’S CLUB BINGO. Dick Brule Community Centre, 170 Castlefrank Road, Kanata. Every Monday, 7:00pm.

Voted Ottawa’s Best Landscaper By A Channel

STITTSVILLE LEGION HALL, Main St, every Wed, 6:45 p.m.

Call Frank



SEND A LOAD to the dump, cheap. Clean up clutter, garage sale leftovers or leaf and yard waste. 613-2564613 HOUSE CLEANING







COIN AND STAMP SALE New location the RA CENTER - 2451 Riverside Drive Sunday August 8th, 9:30 - 3:30pm. Information 613-749-1847. mmacdc342@rog (Buy/Sell)


AZ COMPANY DRIVERS & O/Os WELCOME - Financial Stability; Great Lanes; Quality Freight; Dry Vans; Competitive Pay and Benefits. Call Celadon Canada, Kitchener. 1-800-3320518 www.celadon Business to Business Telemarketer Ezipin is seeking a energetic, target driven individual to identify, qualify and develop prospective customers for our electronic prepaid solutions and services across Canada and the U.S. This individual must possess a professional phone manner, the ability to work to deadlines and superior communications skills. Call centre experience is an asset but demonstrated customer relation skills are a must. This is a fulltime position in a small friendly, environment, with base salary, commissions and extensive benefits. Please forward your resume, cover letter and salary expectations to: or fax (613) 831-6678

START Immediately. Stair Manufacturer requires shop help. Positions available for assemblers, finishers, and general shop help. Carpentry skill an asset, but will train. Must have own transportation and be physically fit. Fax or email resume to 613-838-2143 or Stillwater Creek Retirement Community Requires an individual on a parttime basis to perform general maintenance and construction duties such as painting, carpentry, drywall and repairs, plumbing, etc. Ability to work flexible hours; prior experience working in a seniors’ residence an asset. Please forward resume to: or fax to 613-8281594 - no phone calls please.

WE ARE looking for key people to expand our financial services business in this area. Experience not necessary. We will train. For Customer Care an interview, call MatServices thew McBain at; As an Ezipin Customer 613-723-1139 Care Agent you will train customers via phone, respond to in- PAID IN ADVANCE! bound requests and Make $1000 Weekly participate in outbound Brochures from home. call initiatives. A mini- 100% Legit! Income is mum of one year cus- guaranteed! No experitomer service experi- ence required. Enroll ence and fluency in Today! French and English is essential. This is a fulltime position in Kanata ESTABLISHED COMwith competitive salary PANY has immediate and benefits. Send your openings for Experiresume with cover letter enced Landscape into: or stallers with extensive fax to 613-831- landscape construction 6678 experience to join our team. Permanent F/T positions. Salary basted on qualifications and experience. Full benefit package. Our company offers opportunities 1-877-298-8288 for personal growth success in a team and environment. Email resume to ottawa region

CARRIERS NEEDED Ottawa South/Barrhaven This Week

**WORD AD COPY TAKEN BY PHONE IS NOT GUARANTEED FOR ACCURACY. For guaranteed wording please fax your word ad or email it to us.

HOUSE CLEANING SERVICE IN KANATA/surrounding areas. Meticulousness, reliable, honesty and the respect your home deserves. Reasonable prices. WSIB free case assess613-796-9421 ment. No up front fee for File representation. Over $100 Million in settlements. Call toll ottawa region free 1-888-747-6474, Quote # 123

Please give.


DOWNSIZING, household items, books, furniture, dishes, etc. Saturday July 31 7:30 noon 9 Pickwick Drive Barrhaven

One day per week delivery Please contact Lori Sommerdyk for further information about routes available in your area 613-221-6246



Local Electronics Manufacturer seeks staff for positions:

ElectronicTechnicians Board Assemblers (through hole) AdministrativeSupport

Laurysen Kitchens Limited is receiving resumes for several production positions available immediately. Machinery and Building Maintenance • Immediate Opening • Fulltime Position • Benefits Package • Background in trouble shooting, welding, pneumatics. “Benefit Package”

7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday

Send responses to: ABSOPULSE Electronics Ltd. 110 Walgreen Road, Carp, Ontario K0A 1L0 e-mail: Fax: 613-836-7488

Fax 613-836-2345 Attention: Jim Grenier; Only candidatesEmail chosen for an interview will be contacted.


Experience the excitement of the aerospace industry in a rural setting!

For over 50 years, Haley Industries Limited has been producing magnesium and aluminum castings for the aerospace industry. Located in the heart of the Ottawa Valley west of Renfrew we have an immediate opening for a:

CNC Programmer Qualifications: • Candidates must have minimum 1-2 years experience programming CNC Machines using Master cam • Experience with CATIA Models in NC programs for automation. Additional experience with Solid Works, Poly Works and Hyper Mill will be an asset. • Experience in Aerospace Design and manufacturing engineering is desirable. Must demonstrate: • excellent oral and written communication skills • ability to work in a team development environment • ability to achieve objectives and goals within tight deadlines • must be able to work with minimal supervision while achieving desired expectations We offer a comprehensive flex benefit package including: Major Medical and Dental along with company paid pension. We thank all applicants, but only those invited to an interview will be contacted.


Qualified applicants should submit their resume in confidence to: Email


$$$ SECURITY GUARDS $$$ No Experience Needed. Full Training Offered 613-228-2813

CARPENTERS / FRAMERS WANTED Full Time employment with custom homebuilder. Valid drivers licence required. Call 613831-2067 or send resume by fax 613-8318283 or email

NO telephone calls please


Nepean This Week - JULY 29, 2010

on Hwy 43, various unit sizes. Security fenced (24hr key pad access).

REMOVE YOUR RECORD: A CRIMINAL RECORD can follow you for life. Only PARDON SERVICES CANADA has 20 years experience GUARANTEEING RECORD REMOVAL. Call: 1 - 8 - N OW - PA R D O N ( 1 - 8 6 6 - 97 2 - 7 3 6 6 )



NEED BASEMENT / CRAWLSPACE? GreenR-Panel Building Systems. 8’ high NO CRETE (TM) Prefabricated Instant Below Grade Foundation Wall $69 / foot. Flexx-Block (TM) Styrofoam Concrete Wall Award Winning ICF only $33.00 / Foot. Home Lock - Up Kits from $19,975.00. Code/Engineer approved. Fast/Easy Erection. www.greenr 1-800871-7089. Dealers Welcome!!!








Haley Industries Limited 634 Magnesium Road Haley, Ontario Canada K0J 1Y0 Fax: (613-432-0743) Email:

Ready to Take the Real Estate Plunge? Find your answer in the Classifieds – in print & online!

No telephone inquiries please CL20776

well spent TIME Fast, Easy

well spent MONEY Affordable! Classified Advertising Works For You!


1.877.298.8288 REAL ESTATE STARTER HOME. 2-b edroom ranch. Gre at locatio n. Just reduced. Cal l Wendy 555 .3210

Go to or call 1.877.298.8288




carriers wanted

Steady Part-Time and Spare, especially for the West End including Stittsville, West Carleton, Barrhaven, Bell’s Corners and more. Generous training allowance! (at participating locations) Great for stay-at-home parents, retirees or homebased professionals. Free training. No evenings and weekends. School holidays off. Beat the rush to get on board now for September.


CALL TODAY! 613-688-0653 We are an equal opportunity employer.

Position: Mailroom Supervisor Division/Department: Ottawa Region, Distribution Location: Ottawa Reports to: Director of Circulation

Position Accountabilities: • A flair for dealing with customers in a patient and understanding manner • Excellent verbal & written communication skills • Detail oriented and highly organized • Ability to handle multiple demands and prioritize tasks • Address timely concerns in a timely and professional manner. • Proficient in Microsoft Office applications including Windows, Word, Excel and PowerPoint • Valid driver’s license and ability to provide his /her transportation • Previous customer experience an asset • Bilingualism in English and French an asset

• Excellent attention to detail • Ability to build and develop effective relationships within the team and with carriers • Strong communication skills • Exceptional customer service skills • Solid organizational skills and time management skills with the ability to multi-task • Ability to work in a fast-paced, dead-line oriented environment What we can offer: • We offer competitive compensation package including mileage allowance • Comprehensive benefits package • We offer rewarding opportunities for development and advancement Interested and qualified candidates should forward their resume and cover letter to the attention of Paula Clarke at Fax: 613-224-2265


Competencies/Skills and Experience: Action oriented, Drive for Results, Composure, Customer Focus, Creativity, Learning on the Fly, Time Management

DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: • Leading the manufacturing team (mailroom department, traffic department) to accomplish the cost control, quality, and productivity targets. • Providing technical and coaching to resolve any processing issues, creating and ensuring the execution of the correct action. • Analyzing and resolving problems at work as a fellow member of the production crew. • Interpreting policies and safety guidelines of organization to workers. • Developing, analyzing and presenting weekly/monthly reports, productivity, forecasts, and safety. • Establishing work procedures to satisfy production needs. • Developing, monitoring, and implementing production forecasts and department budgets in calibration with the Director of Circulation. • Examining products to validate conformance to direct set-up, specifications and adjustments of Automated KANSA Inserting machine. • Managing the production schedule: setting up work schedules, conducting performance evaluations, providing coaching, and training, and setting departmental expectations and goals. • Suggesting and driving changes in working environment conditions and equipment usage to increase the overall efficiency of the production operation. • Assigning controls and monitoring required recourses for achieving established schedule. • Maintaining good liaison with key stakeholders and informing them of any difficulties in product or any quality problems • Ensure the completed products are placed in the proper areas for pick-up by contractors. Liaison between contractors for product pick-up. KEY FUNCTIONAL ABILITIES: • High-level proficient in Microsoft Office Suite • Excellent leadership and facilitation skills • Ability to interact effectively with various levels of individuals within the organization • Ability to guide, teach and communicate with others • Good mechanical skills. SKILLS & COMPETENCIES: Action Oriented, Process Management, Managing and Measuring Work, Hiring and Staffing, Customer Focused, Innovation Management, Motivating Other, Problem Solving, Big-picture thinker. Interested and qualified candidates should forward their resume and cover letter to the attention of Elliot Tremblay at elliot. / Fax: 613-224-2265

We’re looking for a seasoned Real Estate Sales professional to work in the real estate category of our advertising sales environment. We offer: • Competitive compensation and comprehensive benefits • Family friendly hours • Opportunity to work in your community • On the job training • Opportunity for personal development and growth.


Job Title: District Service Representative Department: Ottawa Region, Distribution Location: Ottawa Reports to: Operations Supervisor Job Summary: This is a challenging role that requires an enthusiastic and energetic individual who is a self starter with strong communication, organizational, computer and problem solving skills. Experience is not necessary as on-the-job training will be provided for the right candidate.

Are you a real estate agent looking for a career change?

Job Summary: The Real Estate Advertising Sales Representative is responsible for servicing and growing our existing client base and will increase sales revenue through new business development in the Ottawa Region. Position Accountabilities: • Developing sales programs that meet our clients’ business needs. • Prospect new business by contacting advertisers in competitor publications and reviewing new businesses in the area • Develop creative proposals for prospective advertisers • Assist clients in ad design and coordinate with production to ensure accuracy of ad content • Promote special features and advertising programs to clients • Negotiate rates with clients, within acceptable guidelines set by the Advertising Manager • Where appropriate, co-ordinate special coverage with Editorial • Address client concerns in a timely and professional manner • Attain and/or surpass individual revenue budgets • Understanding of the Ottawa market and competitor publications Competencies/Skills and Experience: • Minimum of 2 years previous sales experience • Knowledge of Ottawa Region an asset • Strong written and verbal communication skills • Solid time-management and organizational skills • Proficient in Microsoft applications • Ability to build rapport for constructive and effective relationships • Ability to make quality decisions within a deadline driven environment • Customer Focus • Ability to work both individually and in a team environment • Ability to sell and promote multiple advertising programs at one time • A reliable vehicle and valid insurance required If you are interested in this position, please forward your resume to no later than August 3, 2010. Please indicate Real Estate Ottawa in the subject line. We appreciate the interest of all applicants however only those selected for an interview will be contacted. No telephone calls please.


Media Group Ltd.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The Mailroom Supervisor is accountable for monitoring the manufacturing activities affianced in the flyer distribution and flyer insertion processes. The Mailroom Supervisor maintains production in accordance with time schedules, quality standards, cost goals and employee safety. The Mailroom supervisor plans, organizes and directs the manufacturing activities to maintain output and production sequence in compliance with goals of Ottawa Region Media Group.


Find your answer in the Classifieds – in print & online! Go to or call 1.877.298.8288

Media Group Ltd.


TED MURRAY 613-257-1303

Ready to Take the Real Estate Plunge?


Find your answer in the Classifieds – in print & online! Go to or call 1.877.298.8288

Routes available in your area.

STARTER HOME. 2-b edroom ranch. Gr eat locati on. Just reduced. Ca ll Wendy 55 5.3210

Time to Get Your Own Place?


Thank you.

Media Group Ltd.

For more information

Visit: OR Call: 1.877.298.8288

Nepean This Week - JULY 29, 2010


1-BEDROO M APT. Mo tomorrow. ve in Affordable monthly rent. Call No rma 555.321 0


Nepean This Week - JULY 29, 2010


Painting, Wallpapering, Moulding Installations

Call 613-566-7077

By Horticulturalist • sod installation

• flower bed installations

• retaining/garden walls

• river-wash stone installation

• lawn maintenance

• hedge planting

• flagstone walkways & patio • natural stone steps

Residential Shingle Specialist • Quality Workmanship • Fully Insured • Free Estimates • Repairs Welcome • Written Guarantee Two FREE Max Vents with every new Roof Contract Financing Available

“Your Interlock Specialists” * Driveways * Pools * Steps * Flowerbed Walls

JEFFREY MARTIN 613-838-7859 •

Affordable Painting rom $6$565aa rrooom om m frofm oo m

Interior & Exterior 18 years experience Quality workmanship Friendly & clean service Stipple repairs/airless sprayingng Written Guarantee Same week service


Call Gary 613-225-9183

* Walkways * Patios * Retaining Walls * Soil & Sod * Repairs



• • • •


613-723-5021 What do YOU need to get done today? *Performed by ECRA/ESA Electrical Contractors insured & bonded

Independently Owned and Locally Operated


PERKINS DECKS Building Since 1993

Quality red cedar and pressure treated lumber Free estimates Reasonable Rates

DAN PERKINS • 613-761-0671


Call: 613-838-4066


• interlock walkways, steps, patios, driveways

Satisfaction Guaranteed




Landscaping Inc.

• Maintenance & Recoating of fences & decks


613 224 6335


• Free Estimates • Best Rates • Senior Discounts

Complete Landscaping & Property Maintenance

• Custom Refinishing Sanding & Staining of decks, fences, siding


• Tile and grout work • Caulking • Flooring • ... and more


• Carpentry • Painting • Drywall • Plumbing


Make Your Walls Come Alive


Home Maintenance & Repairs Home Improvements & Major Renovations


Golden Years


Rob 762-5577

1 2

3 4



By Email:

ottawa region

By Phone:


In Person:

80 Colonnade Rd, Unit 4 Nepean

BOOK YOUR RECRUITMENT AD WITH US AND RECEIVE 15 DAYS ON WORKOPOLIS FOR ONLY $130. The Only Community Newspaper with this added feature. Call 1-877-298-8288 for details.

Nepean This Week

Deadline: Monday 9:00 a.m. Be sure to include name, address, phone number, run dates and payment with all fax and email orders. Pre-payment is required.


LYity OCoN mmun h this

Ask Us About .....

it ap er w Newsp d feature ad d e


Network Classifieds:

Book your Recruitment ad today and receive 15 days on workopolis for only $130* *Placement in this publication is required.

Advertise Across Ontario or Across the Country!

For more information contact Your local newspaper






AZ DRIVERS REQUIRED FOR U.S. CROSS BORDER. EARN UP TO .50 CENTS PER MILE (company benefits, $50.00 bonus for every clean CVIR, .02 monthly idle bonus, $20.00 load securement bonus, $20.00 FDA inspection bonus, $50.00 NYC bonus, .01 safety bonus - paid twice a year, tax savings on .08 a mile due to meal allowance program, plus 1st pick & drop on 400 mile dispatches, dedicated equipment & paid orientation. Call Steve @ 1-800-265-8789 Ext. 228 or (905) 457-8789 ext. 228 or email me at

NEW Norwood SAWMILLS LumberMate-Pro handles logs 34" diameter, mills boards 28" wide. Automated quick-cycle-sawing increases efficiency up to 40%. FREE Information: 1-800-566-6899 Ext:400OT.

GOOD DRIVING RECORD? Grey Power could save you up to $400 on your car insurance. Call 1-877-5050487 for no-obligation quote. Additional discounts available. Open Weekends. (Ontario only).

WWW.ONTARIOBERRIES.COM Fresh Ontario berries are still available! Buy Local, Buy Fresh, Buy Ontario. Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries & more. For Berry Farms in your community, recipes and more, visit:

CRIMINAL RECORD? Seal it with a PARDON! Need to enter the U.S.? Get a 5 year WAIVER! Call for a free brochure. Toll-free 1-888-9-PARDON or 905-459-9669.

A FREE TELEPHONE SERVICE - Get Your First Month Free. Bad Credit, Don't Sweat It. No Deposits. No Credit Checks. Call Freedom Phone Lines Today Toll-Free 1-866-884-7464.

DISABILITY CLAIM DENIED? Toronto's Leading Disability Lawyers will fight for your rights! We offer a Free Consultation for Group & Private Disability Claims. No Fees until we Settle. 1-888-777-1109.

AUTOMOTIVE MOTOR VEHICLE dealers in Ontario MUST be registered with OMVIC. To verify dealer registration or seek help with a complaint, visit or 1-800-943-6002. If you're buying a vehicle privately, don't become a curbsider's victim. Curbsiders are impostors who pose as private individuals, but are actually in the business of selling stolen or damaged vehicles. AUTO PARTS FOR ALL CARS AND TRUCKS - Best price guaranteed! Save up to 70%! FREE delivery in Ontario. Order online at or by phone Toll-Free 1-877-999-0080. SAVE UP TO $400 ON YOUR CAR INSURANCE. Good driving record? Call Grey Power today at 1-866-4739207 for no-obligation quote. Additional discounts available. Open Weekends. (Ontario only). BUSINESS OPPS. WWW.PREMIERSOLARINC.COM "Your Long Term Solar Partners" Dealerships / System Sales / Installs. From $25K. Financing Avail. Start Making Money with the microFIT Program Today! Call Now! Toll-Free 1877-255-9580. BE YOUR OWN BOSS with Great Canadian Dollar Store. New franchise opportunities in your area. Call 1-877388-0123 ext. 229 or visit our website: today. Energy Drinks = LIQUID PROFITS! Distribute our hot selling, allCanadian, pro endorsed energy drinks. Exclusive retail/vending opportunity, limited areas. Investment required. Free samples/information package. 1-800-267-2321. Peak

#1 HIGH SPEED INTERNET $24.95 / Month. Absolutely no ports are blocked. Unlimited Downloading. Up to 5Mps Download and 800Kbps Upload. ORDER TODAY AT or CALL TOLL-FREE: 1-866-281-3538. Canada's largest online selection of factory direct D.I.Y. steel buildings. Visit or call 1-866-441-6356 for free product brochure. FRANCHISE OPPS. A BUYERS CHOICE - The Largest Home Inspection Company in Canada is Expanding NOW into YOUR AREA! Full Training Provided. Don't miss this Great Franchise Opportunity!! 416986-4321, LIVING ASSISTANCE SERVICES, is a ten year old non-medical agency providing superb care to seniors. Now franchising across Ontario. Contact millsp@ or 416-807-9972. HELP WANTED $$$ SECURITY GUARDS $$$ Security guards wanted ASAP, No experience needed, Training provided. SOCIAL ASSISTANCE ACCEPTED. Immediate openings. 1-613-2282813 #1 IN PARDONS. Remove your criminal record. Express Pardons offers the FASTEST pardons, LOWEST prices, and it's GUARANTEED. BBB Accredited. FREE Consultation TollFree 1-866-416-6772. www.Express $ FREE ON-LINE TRAINING. Learn how to become a program guide and turn 5-10hrs/week into up to $2000$4000/month. Free, no obligation evaluation of our program.


MISCELLANEOUS CAN'T GET UP YOUR STAIRS? Acorn Stairlifts can help. Call Acorn Stairlifts now! Mention this ad and get 10% off your new Stairlift. Call 1-866981-6590. MORTGAGES $$$ 1st, 2nd, 3rd MORTGAGES - Tax Arrears, Renovations, Debt Consolidation, no CMHC fees. $50K you pay $208.33/month (OAC). No income, bad credit, power of sale stopped!! BETTER OPTION MORTGAGES, CALL 1-800-282-1169, (LIC# 10969). 0$ ARE YOU SINKING IN DEBT? 1st, 2nd & 3rd Mortgages, rates as low as 1.75% VRM. Also, Bruised Credit Bank Turndowns - Debt Consolidation - Refinancing - Power of Sale - Past Bankrupt - Home Renovations. WE CAN LEND A HAND! (Brokerage License # 11384). www.Canada, Email: paul.pabla@, Toll-free 1-877-9999133 CALL NOW! $$$ 1st & 2nd & Construction Mortgages, Lines of Credit... 95-100% Financing. BELOW BANK RATES! Poor credit & bankruptcies OK. No income verification plans. Servicing Eastern & Northern Ontario. Call Jim Potter, Homeguard Funding Ltd. TollFree 1-866-403-6639, email: jim,, LIC #10409. AS SEEN ON TV - 1st, 2nd or Home Equity Loan's. We don't just say "APPROVED" we mean it! Bad Credit, Self-Employed, Bankrupt, Foreclosure, Power of Sale. Need to re-finance? No problem APPROVED! CALL TOLL-FREE 1877-733-4424 or The Refinancing Specialists! LIC#10408.

EMPLOYMENT OPPS. $$$ ATTENTION CHOCOLATE $$$ Thank goodness school is out for summer!!! Sell different products to make some Money easily $$$! Call us spaces available. 1800-383-3589. Extremely busy GM dealership in Kindersley Saskatchewan requires Journeyman Technicians. If you are goal oriented and a team player, come join our winning team. GM diesel and transmission experience an asset. Well above average hours and hourly salary. Excellent benefits package. We will also offer a relocation package. Tired of low hours, standing around waiting for the next job! Kindersley in located in the heart of the oil industry in Saskatchewan, and a great place to raise a family. If you are ready for a change and want to be part of a winning team, come join the Mainline group. Apply in strictest confidence to: Jason Ediger Fixed Operations Manager Rosetown/Kindersley. rosetown or call (306) 831-9442.

ALWAYS THE 3RD WHEEL? Wouldn't it be nice to be part of a couple? Have someone great to share your life with? MISTY RIVER INTRODUCTIONS can help. CALL (613) 257-3531, FREE TO TRY. LOVE * MONEY * LIFE. #1 Psychics! * 1-877-478-4410 * $3.19/min. 18+ * 1-900-783-3800. DATING SERVICE. Long-Term/ShortTerm Relationships, FREE CALLS. 1877-297-9883. Exchange voice messages, voice mailboxes. 1-888-5346984. Live adult casual conversations - 1on1, 1-866-311-9640, Meet on chat-lines. Local Single Ladies. 1-877804-5381. (18+) STEEL BUILDINGS A-Z Technical Bldg. Systems Inc.: PreEngineered Steel Buildings. Since 1978! Stamp drawings & leasing available. Ask for Wally: Toll-Free at 1-877743-5888, Fax (416) 626-5512. STEEL BUILDING SALE... SPECIALS from $4 to $11/sq.ft. Great pricing on ABSOLUTELY every model, width and length. Example: 30x40x14 NOW $8995.00. Pioneer Steel Manufacturers 1-800-668-5422.



$$$ HOME OWNER LOANS FOR ANY PURPOSE - Decrease payments up to 75%! 1st, 2nd & 3rd Mortgages & Credit lines. Bad credit, tax or mortgage arrears OK. Ontario-Wide Financial Corp. (LIC# 10171), TollFree 1-888-307-7799,

RV RESORT ON LAKE MISSISSIPPI - Fully equipped family resort offering tons of amenities. Tent sites from $19/night, 60 minutes from Ottawa. 1877-814-4141, www.mccrearys

DEBT CONSOLIDATION PROGRAM. Helping Canadians repay debts, reduce or eliminate interest, regardless of your credit. Steady Income? You may qualify for instant help. Considering Bankruptcy? Call 1-877220-3328 FREE Consultation Government Approved, BBB Member. $500$ LOAN SERVICE, by phone, no credit refused, quick and easy, payable over 6 or 12 installments. Toll Free: 1-877-776-1660.

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Nepean This Week - JULY 29, 2010

Th e


Photo by Jamie Doggart

Photo by Jamie Doggart

Brianna Dai, 3, jumps in puddles at the Centrepointe Park splashpad July 21 evening, try- At the same splashpad, Maggie H., 12, and Josephine O., 9, join in the water fun. ing to stay cool in the muggy weather.


Golf & Country Club

0% FINANCING To better service our clients Kanata Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery is now offering 0% Financing through Health Smart Financial Services. Pay for your next procedure in 6 or 12 easy monthly installments. Procedures include: s )NJECTABLES s ,ASER0ACKAGES s #OSMETIC3URGERY For more information please visit our web site.

Bring a guest & RECEIVE 40% OFF green fees. ALL DAY Saturdays & Sundays.

Take advange of our Late Summer Special Through August and September purchase 2 IPL treatments and get a 3rd treatment FREE. !CHIEVEBRIGHTER YOUNGER LOOKINGSKINWITH )0,)NTENSE0ULSED,IGHT ,ASER4REATMENTS

Guest must be accompanied by a member. for more information call Maureen Pim

Telephone: 613s591s1099



54 Springbrook Dr. Stittsville 404375


Nepean This Week - JULY 29, 2010



Never Re-Roof Again! Introducing ...

Affordable Permanent Roofing Systems Contact us today to discuss your new PERMANENT ROOF • ROOF RITE your local and trusted contractor is looking for home owners in the Ottawa region that are tired of replacing their asphalt shingled roofs. • ROOF RITE permanent roof installations use only our trained in-house full time employees, no subcontractors • ROOF RITE is offering a locally made, internationally sold, Canadian metal shingle designed as a permanent alternative to common asphalt shingles. • ROOF RITE’s products are environmentally friendly and have great selections of colours to complement your home. These products come with a lifetime limited 50 year, non-prorated warranty–will not split, rot, crack, curl or fade • ROOF RITE can assure you that these products are worth taking the time to look into. When you participate in our “model home” campaign, you will receive competitive pricing that only YOUR LOCAL COMPANY and its professional employees can offer.

Roof Rite installs a wide variety of SIDING, SOFFIT, FACIA AND EAVESTROUGHING PRODUCTS that will add great value your home.




Call 613-224-2196

Nepean This Week - JULY 29, 2010




24 Nepean This Week - JULY 29, 2010

1200 Baseline Rd at Merivale

One Location ONLY!

GIANT Inventory

GM Employee Pricing at Myers PLUS 0% Financing up to 60 months!˚ $23,338




84 months with down







84 months with down


In S 12 toc k

OR @ 6.29% for

84 months with down


2010 Chevrolet Traverse



$180** Bi-weekly


In S 65 toc k

OR @ 6.29% for

2010 Chevrolet Equinox




OR @ 2.75% for


84 months with down


• Up to $3,300 Cash for Clunkers! • Up to $1500 Loyalty Program!



Leather, chrome wheels.

t Lef 1 y Onl

Low kms & Sunroof!

2006-2007 Chevrolet Cobalt/Pursuit

2006-2009 Buick Lucerne CXL







Automatic, Air, with 1 SS. Some Daily Rentals

Sto n I 6

ck Chrome wheels package

2009 Pontiac G6

Sto n I 3

and leather!





Well equipped w/ GM Warranty

Loads of GM Warranty

4 In

Some Daily Rentals


2010 Buick Lacrosse CX


GM Warranty

ck Sto on this loaded luxury

2003-2009 Cadillac CTS

In S 65 toc k

$206** Bi-weekly

2010 Chevrolet Camaro


84 months with down






In S 84 toc k

OR @ 2.75% for

2010 Chevrolet Silverado Pickup


2007 Pontiac Solstice Convertible

OR @ 2.75% for

2010 Chevrolet Cobalt




2007-2009 Cadillac Escalade



$10,888 All well equipped with 1 being AWD


$44,888 4

to In S

ck All have sunroofs with 1 being a Hybrid


to In S


Ask about NO payments for 6 months!

613.225.CARS (2277) 1200 Baseline @ Merivale

Queensway (417)

*Purchase prices includes all fees only HST and license extra. **Payments include all fees only HST and license extra. Bi-weekly payments are 84 months OAC. Finance examples $10,000 for 84 months at 2.75% variable rate COB is $1013.95.+Purchase price includes all fees only HST and license extra. ˚Applies to most Chevrolet models

Merival e


l Manufacturer’s Warranty 24 Hour Road Side l

150+ Point Inspection l 30 Day/2500 Km No Hassle l l Exchange Privilege




PLUS WIN a trip for 2 to

(Experimental Farm)

Baseline Myers Cadillac Chevrolet NEW SHOWROOM

Clyde Me riva le

In S 32 toc k

2010 Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid

Reduction SALE

Myers Used Car Centre

Nepean This Week  

July 29, 2010

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