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Nepean News 11 May 2017 Issue 200

Finest females enjoy RSL morning tea

OUR finest females, who were award recipients on International Women’s Day enjoyed a morning tea prize at Penrith RSL last week. Winners Linda Kemp and Debbie O’Connor were joined by Penirth MP Stuart Ayres, Neel Chand who is the CEO of Penrith RSL and Gai Hawthorne, CEO of Penrith CBD Corporation, to enjoy a chat over coffee and cake. Other local business owners and some members of the media also attended.

Blue brewing over Badgerys Creek By Keegan Thomson

A SOUTH Ward Councillor has thrown shade at Councillors from the East Ward over their supposed lack of action on the Badgerys Creek Airport development. Veteran South Ward Councillor, Cr Kevin Crameri, has gone on the attack accusing the representatives of East Ward of letting down their constituents. “I think anyone who is on Council, particularly those who represent East Ward, are selling out the people they represent because they will be the most affected people by airport noise and pollution,” Cr Crameri said. “I feel sorry for the people of St Marys, St Clair and Colyton who’ll be copping it from the noise and pollution 24 hours a day. “It is unfair for the constituents,” he said. Local Labor Councillor for East Ward, Cr Greg Davies, lashed back at Cr Crameri saying he’d fight for every opportunity that came up. “As an East Ward Councillor my role is to make sure that as a decision has been already been made to build an airport, that we take every advantage

 The stage is set for Badgerys Creek Airport. Photo: Kennedi Geyer.

of any upsides and at the same time push hard to lessen any disadvantages that may come from the construction and operation,” Cr Davies said. When asked, Cr Davies said, “We’re still awaiting the determination of the flight paths.” Cr Davies said the negative attitudes towards the development of the airport would, in the long term, do more harm than good. “Councillor Crameri’s attitude is that he’s going to oppose the airport every inch of the way,” Cr Davies said. “Given that his decision has been

to oppose the airport at any cost, his stance would severely restrict any opportunities to talk to the government about any mitigation factors,” he said. The two biggest issues Cr Crameri has with the airport are the possible pollution overload and the continuous operations of the airport. “Out here we don’t have a sea breeze, like they do at Mascot,” Cr Crameri said. “It is dead still and with those fumes staying stagnant in the area, we’ll cop it all the time, with carbon and diesel fumes flowing into homes,” he said. Currently it is hard to know the full environmental factors associated with the airport but, with the Government taking over the development process of the airport, we’re bound to see studies into the affects released in the coming years. In terms of the pollution, Cr Davies said he had a different type of pollution to deal with at the moment. “The biggest issue facing east ward at the moment is the incredible smell of rotting garbage from the tips and waste facilities nearby,” he said. “That’s clearly my main focus at this time.” The airport at Badgerys Creek is set to begin construction before the end of 2018.

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