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Manisha Pradhan Lamichhane

31 July - 13 Aug 2013

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The Summer of 2012- a chapter in my life The mixed emotions were of fear -not knowing what would happen but also a sense of safety, knowing dad was in best hands and gratitude, oh so much gratitude for the love and support from my family, friends and colleagues.


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nearby hospital and after hours of running several tests, they advised us he had suffered a heart attack! We were in denial for the first few hours. Surely they got it wrong - it must be

happened but then it all came back to me! I got changed to go b ack to the hospit al and I could not believe what was happening! The next two weeks was a

from the travel, he had no history of cardiac problems and he had just consulted a doctor prior to flying but the look on the doctor’s face told us she was serious. They kept dad at the hospital in the CCU overnight and reluctantly we returned home to get some sleep. It felt like a million knives were stabbing my heart when I had to leave dad there. My brother stayed back at the hospital. My phone rang a few hours later which woke me up- it seemed surreal what had

testing time for us. From dad being diagnosed to undergoing a triple bypass heart surgery, the emotional turmoil we went through cannot be described in words. The mixed emotions were of fear -not knowing what would happen but also a sense of safety, knowing dad was in best hands and gratitude, oh so much gratitude for the love and support from my family, friends and colleagues. Now that 7 months have passed since the incident and dad is feeling better than ever





stress are the three main causes for a myriad of illnesses - heart disease b eing one of them. Do not neglect your health to prioritize work and money, as when your health deteriorates, these things mean nothing. The greatest wealth is health and we should not have to lose it to appreciate it. 3. FAMILY AND FRIENDSLearn to appreciate your family and friends. If you are fortunate enough to have good friends, hold on to them. Don’t let trivial things ruin true friendships. Make time to ask your friends how they are- simple as it may sound- it is overlooked many times in the busy lives we live. Take time to show that you care. Tell your family you love them - as it is only love that stands the test of time. I heard it is hard times that reveal true friends- I must be very lucky that I seem to be surrounded with so many! I cannot express in words how much I appreciated the love and support from my wonderful friends and my dear family over this tough time. You were my strength - thank you from the bottom of my heart- you know who you are - I love you! "Love and Compassion are necessities, not luxuries- without them humanity cannot survive"Dalai Lama ďƒƒ




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before, when I look back, I feel like I need to share these three points with as many people as I can. 1. INSURANCE - I cannot stress enough how important it is to take out medical insurance when you have visitors in Australia. Visitor covers with most insurance companies cost about $3 per day and it could save you tens of thousands of dollars, should anything unexpected happen. Australia has no provisions for Overseas visitors health care (except very few countries with reciprocal health arrangements) - even in emergency situations. The person travelling or their sponsor for the visa is responsible for all medical bills - one night in the ICU without Medicare benefits costs $4500 just as an example. Take your time to read the fine print and ensure you pick the right cover for your visitors. Life does not go as planned all the time! 2. HEALTH - If I have learnt anything from this ordeal, it is to look after my health. "I have an early meeting - don't have time for breakfast - I am working late tonight, no time to go to the gym - I have had such a big week, might just get a takeaway for dinner"- I am sure many of us can relate to these - Poor diet, lack of exercise and

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scrumptious lunch I had prepared for them and my parents went to take a nap. I used this time to work on the travel itinerary I had planned for them for the next 6 weeks. I like to be organized. By the time they woke up and freshened up, it was almost dinner time - so we drove to the city and had a lovely dinner at Circular Quay. On the way back to the car, we took a stroll around Sydney Harbour- the atmosphere was buzzing with it being Friday night and plenty of Christmas party festivities around- “it is a beautiful city� my dad said and I remember thinking yes it is- with the evening breeze on our faces and the laughter of "party" people in the background. We got back home not long after and said goodnight to the parents. A few hours later, I heard a knock on the door- I checked the time on my mobile thinking surely it is not time to get up but realized it was only 1 am - I opened the door to my mum who said dad was complaining of chest pain. At first, we thought it must have been due to exertion from the long haul flight or indigestion from something he had for dinner but when he complained of sharp shooting pain in his arms, I knew something was not right. We rushed him to the Emergency Department at a



t was a sunny Friday morningDecember 14, 2012. I woke up even before my alarm went off. It was finally Friday- the end of a long working week and the day mum and dad were arriving from Nepal. It had been 2 years since their last trip to Australia and I was very excited to see them. They were not arriving till the afternoon so I had organized a half day at work. Humming to my favourite songs, I got ready for work. My brother was picking them up from the Airport and I wanted to go with him but I also wanted to save my leave for when they were here- so off I went to work. It seemed like the longest 5 hours until my phone finally rang! It was my mum on the line - she said- “we are here�- “Welcome to Sydney Mum- we will have the best 6 weeks of our lives�- I said - little did I know what lay ahead of us! After the phone call, needless to say, I could not concentrate on work anymore. So I shut down my computer, bid my colleagues goodbye and hurried down George Street to catch my bus home- I had butterflies in my tummy walking up the stairs to get to our apartment and finally when I group hugged mum and dad that really was a blissful moment. W e t h e n e nj o y e d a

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