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3 Parts of the World

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3% of the world population live in Diaspora = 200 million “We live in a borderless world.” “People are on the move – from everywhere – to everywhere.” GOD IS ON THE MOVE.

3 Statistics 

“a third of all Nepalis live outside the borders of Nepal!” (27m in Nepal: 12-13m outside Nepal) “Remittance sustains 30pc families” (Kathmandu Post 2009) NOW “Half of Nepali households have member working abroad: Survey” (Kathmandu Post 2011) “3 Dead bodies come back to Nepal everyday” (Returned from the Diaspora)

3 Mission Quotes 

Diaspora missiology may well be the most important undigested reality in missions thinking today. We simply have not caught up with the fact that most of the world’s people can no longer be defined geographically” Ralph Winter “Migration is not just one of the dominant features of our globe; it is one of the most significant opportunities for mission today” Missiology, Jan 2003 “Diaspora…God’s strategic tool to achieve His Mission” Jung, Connections 2005 Vol. 4 No. 3.

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3 Bible Verses  

“The LORD watches over the alien…” (Psa 146:9 NIV) – about the migrants “ ‘When an alien lives with you in your land, do not ill-treat him… Love him as yourself, for you were aliens in Egypt.” (Lev 19:33-34 NIV) – to the host nations “ …seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you in exile. Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper.” (Jer 29:7 NIV) – to the migrants

India (10m) in NE, NW & the Metrocities  Open border  Less expensive / agents not needed  Less cultural adaptation  Seasonal Migration  Permanent settlement possible / families  Migrated many generations ago / Indian citizenship SE Asia & The Middle East (maybe 2m)  Malaysia  Qatar  Singapore  Saudi Arabia  S Korea  Emirates  Hong Kong  Kuwait  Japan  Bahrain  Thailand  Oman  Myanmar  Lebanon  Israel  Afghanistan  (Iraq) Expensive (loans - debts) Agents needed (often dishonest) Visas needed Limited contracts Dirty / Dangerous / Difficult work Mostly (young) men though increasing numbers of girls The ‘West’  Expensive  Visas needed (hard to obtain)  Students & Professionals  Gurkhas [UK]  Asylum Seekers / Refugees [Bhutanese in USA]

3 Types of Migration   

The ‘brawn drain’ – Factory & Domestic Workers (Mainly in Asia) 2/3 of 2m workers are unskilled The ‘brain’ drain’ – Students & Professionals (Mainly in the West) The ‘brain gain’ – in the long term – when the migrants return

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3 Outcomes of Migration   

3 Reasons for Migration   

‘Push’ Factors ‘Pull’ Factors ‘God’ Factor

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“Cheated migrant workers return home empty handed.” (Malaysia)  “60 Nepali runaway housemaids sent home from Kuwait.” (Middle East)  “5 Nepali labourers die of electrocution in Herbertpur.” (India) “I will never leave Nepal again.” (Back in Nepal)

3 Problems

3 More figures 

3 Challenging Quotes 

Housing Schooling Back to Square 1

“Nowadays there are at least 1,000,000 Nepalis working overseas as migrants.” (in addition to the 10m in India) “Everyday at least 1,000 Nepalis are migrating overseas via T.I.A.” (this does not include those who go illegally via India) Do not trust all the figures you find said 68% of Nepali migrants were women!!!!! (Maybe they meant 6.8%?)

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The Work is dirty, difficult, dangerous The Agents are (often) dishonest The Migrants are (often) ignorant or naive

3 Phases of Migration   

Outgoing Migrants In the Diaspora Returnees

NeMUN (Nepalese Migrant Unity Network) Nepalese Migrants helping and uniting other Nepalese around the world Linking all types of Nepali migrants and those who visit the Diaspora regularly for fellowship and ministry among Nepalis.  Linking Outgoing Christian migrants with fellowships in the Diaspora.  Linking new Christian Returnees with churches in Nepal.  Promoting harmony between all who share a common vision and burden for work among migrants so linking Nepali church and Diaspora ministry. CONTACTS: GPO Box 8975, EPC 2028 Tel: +977 1 55 26 913 (O) Email: 9851128458 (Sapana Basyal – ex Malaysia) 9849139217 (Abiraj Rai – ex Saudi) 9803949458 (Ganga Limbu – ex Qatar) 9849144997 (Janak Sharma – ex UAE)) 9841337861 (Biru Ghising – ex Korea) 9841274867 (Val Inchley – from UK) 

Mitra Niwas Guesthouse

Peace Zone Hostel

South East Kathmandu - Satdobato  Friendly stay for migrants arriving or departing.  Christian fellowship and advice on finding a church in the village.  Self-cooking facilities available.  Assistance in buying bus and air tickets.  Pre-departure Orientation. CONTACT: Devendra & Ram Maya Joshi Tel: +977 1 55 26 913 (Guesthouse) Mob: 9841026339, 9803424011 Email:

North East Kathmandu - Sukedhara  Accommodation for migrants.  Accommodation for students.  Christian fellowship.  Assistance in buying bus and air tickets.  Food.  Internet.  Fax. CONTACT: Sharan Rai Tel: +977 1 2123335 Mob: 9843053047 Email:

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