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Voice of Fetus, Nepal Raising voice for LIFE

Caring mothers, saving babies and stopping abortion

Breaking the silence of churches in Nepal I am typing this greetings with my own fingers hoping that you are living your life beautifully and happily. And I believe that you have been praying and raising your voice for the lives in risk in your daily prayer and living. Last week I received an email and attachment of a horrific picture of India. It was written like this ’India is # 1 in killing of female unborn baby’. While viewing that picture I remembered Mr. Amir Khan of ‘Satye me jaytein’ Indian TV show, who had

presented the real picture of India regarding sex selective abortion through that TV show. He had just made huge different throughout the India with that single TV show.

When the presentation was finished the seminar took a lunch break. After having delicious lunch, Elisha Soman informed the participants about the potential Pro-life programs and activities run through local churches and future partnership with VOF. Many pastors and leaders were very excited and

Today, lets put these questions mark unto you and me that what is the position of Nepal in the case of killing of unborn babies? And who is responding and addressing this issue in Nepal? And why churches in Nepal are cross armed and silent?

shared their heart to do something very soon. Some pastors even confessed that they were silent or wordless when their believers came to them with the issue of crisis pregnancy. That day, they repented and decided to speak and stand for life. The moment was really blessed. Thank God.

God says, “if they keep quite, the stone will cry out.” We can find another tragic example in Bible itself that when God’s prophet missed to raise his voice a donkey was compelled to speak. Today, stone and donkey may not speak but people like Amir Khan will speak definitely. As it is written in Bible, ’for if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise from another place (person)...” (Source: Luke: 19:40, Esther 3:14)

VOF Nepal’s Recent Pro-life Activities On 10th June, 2012 VOF conducted a Vision Building Seminar in Punarabas, kanchanpur Far-west Nepal even in the hottest day of 44 degree C. Punarabas is a Christian mission field where we can find many churches, big school and medical clinics run by Churches and Christian organizations. There is the majority of Tamang and Chaudari people group. It is the border area to India and Nepal. We came to know from the Christian Society of Kanchanpur that Punarabas is a place where maximum abortions happen, even inside the Christian community, so they decided to keep this seminar in Punarabas. More than 90 Pastors, woman and youth leaders and interested individuals from different churches and organizations were participated in that seminar. The seminar was started with an opening prayer by Ps. Ram Bahadur Bista the chairperson of Kanchanpur Christian Society, then the remaining time of seminar were handed over to Soman Elisha Rai the Executive Director and Resource Person of VOF Nepal.

Vision Building seminar in Kanchanpur.

First of all, Soman Elisha Rai led the participants with fact and figures and genuine information about tragic image of abortion in Nepal then he drew the attention of participants towards the church's reaction to abortion. When the participants were ready to receive the main teaching Elisha Soman Rai presented the Pro-life DVD called 'Wonderfully and Uniquely created' and 'Therefore Choose Life' produced by Gabriel International (GI). It was clearly seen that all the participants in seminar were touched and moved with the teaching and testimonies of DVD.

At last, Soman Elisha Rai presented them 'LIFE BAG' and challenged them to speak for life by using the DVD, book and brochures in their community. And the seminar concluded with recovery and repentance prayer that remained really strong and effective.

Vision Building Seminar in Pokhara

On 17th June, 2012 VOF Nepal conducted another vision building seminar in Ramghat Church, Pokhara, Kaski with the active coordination of Ashal Chemeki Nepal(ACN) and Pokhara Christian Society (PCS). More than 85 Pastors, woman and youth leaders and the leaders from Para-church organizations were participated in the seminar though it was heavy rainfall in Pokhara. The seminar was initiated with the opening prayer of Elder Dependra Pokhrel of Ramghat Church and a short worship by Elder Prakash Pariyar the Program Supervisor of ACN. After that, all the remaining times were submitted to Soman Elisha Rai from VOF.

He started the class with the brief background of VOF and the identification of the problem of abortion in Nepal. He also enlightened the participants about the tragic situation created by the provision of abortion legalization in Nepal and its direct and indirect effect in churches. When he finished provoking the participants with the harsh truth of the

Interview in Radio Safalta, Pokhara

situation created by abortion he led the participants with the teaching of abortion in Biblical perspective by presenting DVD called 'Wonderfully and uniquely created' and 'Therefore Choose Life' produced GI. He also presented some other additional pro-life clips. In the first session of seminar itself the participants were blessed and touched with the information presented by the DVD. After the presentation, seminar had a short lunch break. In second session, participants were enlightened with the teaching of life saving option of abortion and church response. While presenting the subject Soman Elisha Rai presented the Pro-life Programs and activities run by VOF and the idea of Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC) and Mother Care Center and Baby Center by sharing some genuine stories experienced by

On 17th June, 2012, some media persons from different radio FM stations and local journals were also participated in our seminar in Pokhara. They collected our news and published and presented through their newspaper and Radio. Radio Safalta invited Soman Elisha Rai with Ashal Chemeki’s Program supervisor for interview. The interview was really effective. And it was great opportunity to pass the pro-life message to whole western part of Nepal simultaneously .

Global Prayer Day for the children in risk

VOF. He also challenged them to adopt the Pro-life Ministry as a unit of their church ministries. Many of them were challenged and encouraged to do something in the sector of saving and teaching life very soon. Some of them expressed their desire to conduct same kind of seminar in their local area also and some came with desire to welcome a newborn baby in their family. At last, Elisha Soman Rai gifted them "LIFE BAG' and requested them to use it in their local church and community. And the seminar ended with an effective healing prayer by Ps. Bhavindra Rana. Thank God.

On last 2nd June,2012, 4-14 Forum Nepal had conducted Global Prayer meeting at Putalisadak Bethsalom Church, Kathmandu, where more than 300 children from different homes and churches were participated. Mr. Gajendra Tamang( AWANA) had shared from the word of God and Soman Elisha (VOF) had led one hour prayer. The prayer meet was really amazing.

Pro-life class in women leadership training -NCFN Prayer points:


Please for Priya who is delivering her baby this week.


As our fiscal year is finishing, please pray for us to prepare new year Plan and budget .


Pray for the participants in our last seminars .

Fund: VOF believes in Vision then provision. In order to fulfill its vision it needs your active and practical involvement. VOF Nepal receives any kinds of grants, voluntary, technical, commodity and financial from local churches, NGOs, INGOs, Government agencies, donor agencies and individuals.

On 27th June,2012 Soman Elisha Rai gave three hours class to the woman leaders from different districts of Nepal. They were all sixteen and each of them got ‘LIFE BAG’ to train their people in church and community.

Banking Detail:

Account No. 00602676670017 Account Holder: Voice of Fetus Nepal Bank Name & Address: Himalayan Bank Limited, Patan Branch, Lalitpur. Nepal. Swift Code: HIMANPKA

For further information: Voice of fetus Nepal GPO:8975 EPC 2194 KTM Nepal. Email: Contact: +977_9841651569

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