Cleaner and greener: An overview of our renewable Energy Facility

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RENEWABLE ENERGY FACILITY @ SOUTHERLY In 2009, NEORSD broke ground on a new facility that will house three new state-ofthe-art fluidized bed incinerators, which burn biosolids more efficiently. The $170 million project, scheduled for completion in 2013, features many environmentally friendly and cost–effective practices. Some of these benefits are highlighted below. ENERGY EFFICIENT • Fluidized bed incineration uses only 5% of the natural gas needed for multiplehearth incineration, saving approximately $1 million annually.

IT’S NOT THE SUN. It’s a view of the heated sand inside the fluidized bed incinerator that burns biosolids. The incinerator is sealed, but the photograph was taken through a viewing window.

• By capturing excess heat in the incinerator exhaust gases, the process produces high-pressure steam that can operate a turbine to power 25% of the plant’s electricity, saving $1-2 million annually in electricity costs. • The REF has been designed to obtain LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. LEED is an internationally recognized green building certification system. RECYCLING AND POLLUTION REDUCTION • During site preparation in 2009, we recycled concrete and more than 470 tons of structural steel. • Fluidized bed incinerators will reduce greenhouse gas and regulated air emissions.

Construction on Southerly’s Renewable Energy Facility will continue through 2013. For more information, contact Jennifer Elting at (216) 881-6600. LEARN MORE: || FOLLOW US: WATCH US: ||