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Alex Sayago | Pen Collection | Fifty Years | February 2018

Campinas, 10 de janeiro de 2018

Alex Sayago | Pen Collection | Fifty Years | February 2018

Esta pรกgina estรก intencionalmente em branco.

Although you have always admired the beauty and precision of fountain pens, it was only in recent years that you started collecting them. In your collection there are some pens that you bought and some that were given to you by people that you admire and love. This book has pictures of some of your favorite ones. We have done it as a way of celebrating your 50 years of life. Thinking about your spirit, your ideals and all that you have done for us. May you continue to keep writing the story of your life with health and passion. May you keep finding treasures in your life: love, friends, knowledge, challenges....and beautiful pens that combine design and craftsmanship. May you continue writing your ideas, your thoughts and words of love and encouragement to the people you love for many more years. Love, Paula

LĂ­der By Paula SĂĄyago Aluminum and copper Stanford, California. 2017. United States

TeslaCoil Michael's Fat Boy Pens Aluminum and copper United States

First limited edition with a spring loaded, bolt-on clip, machined from a solid bar of aluminum. Only 88 Fountain Pens. The Nib is 18K Gold. Barrel and screw-on cap features tightly wound copper wire screwed down with stainless steel bolts simulating the windings found in electric motors.

Regatta Sport, Full Carbon model Monteverde Carbon Fiber Canola Park, California. United States

The remarkable weight of 50 grams of this pen is caused by the magnetic closure system. The sporty element of the looks of this Fountain Pen is the use of real carbon fiber.

The Souverän is the classic Fountain Pen - the one by which all others should be judged. The range is rightly considered to be one of the finest available. All Souverän pens are solidly constructed using high quality materials such as brass, gold and rhodium. The high-capacity differential pistonfilling system is simple and convenient. Barrels and nibs are meticulously hand-finished.

Souverän Pelikan Brass, Gold and rhodium Germany

Opera, Metal Roadster Visconti Aluminum Florence, Italy

Visconti introduced its Opera line of fountain pens in 2003. In the intervening years, there have been a number of variations on the line, featuring a wide variety of different materials and slight design differences. The Opera line has been made mainly of plastics. In 2015, Visconti introduced a new entrant to the Opera line with the Opera Metal, made of an aluminum alloy called Avional.

Rembrandt, Ivory White Visconti Resin Florence, Italy

Van Gogh Starry Night Visconti Resin Florence, Italy

Timeless Collection Taccia Brushed metal with wood grain accents Japan, Taiwan and United States

TecFlex P3110 Porsche Design Stainless steel weave, palladium, silver Ludwigsburg, Germany

The sleek lines and sporty feel of a vintage racing car: the Racing rollerball pen by Chopard is an ode to legendary sports cars. Aerodynamic curves, palladium finish and tire-tread motif on the blackrubber body.

Racing Rollerball Chopard Sonvilier, Switzerland

Montblanc, Burgundy Hamburg, Germany

Montblanc, Noir Hamburg, Germany

The StarWalker Extreme collection is an evolution within the existing product line. The bold and strong silhouette and the floating Montblanc emblem enforce its statement of modernity. Cap and barrel made of black precious resin with diamond-cut structured inlays and ruthenium-coated clip and fittings.

StarWalker Extreme Montblanc Hamburg, Germany

Black-lacquered brass body and cap, distinctive engraved ring complemented with nickel-plated palladium. Tip of stainless steel. Inspired by the purity of modern architecture.

Perspective Black CT Waterman Paris, France

Buzz Aldrin, Limited Edition ACME

Waterman, Burgundy Paris, France

Gift from Alejandro Sรกyago B.

300 Series Ferrari Design Sheaffer Shelton, Connecticut

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Paula mitre canetas preview