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the magazine for contemporary peculiar women

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neonV is

a biannual magazine for contemporary peculiar women—we celebrate women + individuality. assuming an uncanny perspective, neonV offers women a compelling storyline of traditional and innovative content by exposing the cultural and subcultural continuums in fashion, art, beauty, lifestyles, and travel.

photographer: acyee brown + model: aziza | "kuro," volume I, black excellence



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we are the lifestyle brand that celebrates

neons women who believe in the power of the p— peculiar that is.

neonV serves peculiar women, who are in their twenties and thirties, who self-­identify as fashion rebels, wanderlusters, tastemakers, cultural producers, influencers, art enthusiasts, cultural critics, nudists, feminists, foodies and everything outside + inside the box too. the peculiar woman is well rounded, challenges the barriers placed on her by society, enjoys everything from an art exhibit to a hot, sweaty “i’ve been dancing all night” party. she is confident, and chooses neonV because her lifestyle revolves around stimulation—visual and mental.

women_ +_indivi_ _duality. photographer: ryan handy + mua: karla powell | “vanity parlour,” volume I, the continuum



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rajni perera, “gators (2011)�,volume II, classic

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why lowercase?


dear readers



why lowercase? in a contemporary world filled with binaries: standard english/sms language, print/web, copy editors/auto correct and the peculiar woman, replacing capitalization for lower-case letters is quite natural. as editor•in•chief of neonV, i petitioned the founders—a group of creative peculiar women—on trading in a few standard grammatical practices for aesthetics. i figured, since i spent years learning the traditional rules of grammar, surely i could also break the rules when i saw fit. yes, it takes a lot more work to fight the many years of capitalization and the many computers that believe they are smarter than this lower-­case lover. yet, i have always had difficulty with staying inside the box. i color inside the lines when necessary and being that i too, as a visual artist create those very lines, i am always coloring within my own parameters. enjoy, I: tanekeya word editor-in-chief art, literature + culture editor



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tanekeya word

carmela wingfield

michelle german

editor-in-chief + creative director art, literature + culture editor

accessories, music + travel director

health + beauty director

wild wanderer + chromatic soul.

glam gangsta.

hybrid chic + illmatic intellectual.



kimee brown

lillian ling

managing editor + fashion director

art director

fashion rebel.





elise peterson

claudia watts

elizabeth “lemon”

lifestyles journalist + assistant art director

marketing director

lifestyles director

social + butterfly.

lemonmade + starbright.

black + gifted. MMXIV


media kit

mission statement





photographer: kea-dupree alfred + model: sia ahmadu | “untitled,” volume I, black excellence

art, literature + culture: bridges cultural and subcultural continuums via full-­ length features, art criticism, quirky q+a’s, multi-genre literature, photographic editorials, scholarly articles and conceptual collaborative projects. lifestyles: exposes the peculiar styles of the way in which a person or group lives; through articles, interviews and photographic spreads. travel: explores the uncommon areas of the universe and gives a unique perspective on popular hot spots of the world. accessories: features innovative brands while emphasizing an unconventional approach to the art of adornment. music: showcases musicians and musicianship, as well as, sheds light on the creativity behind the artistry of composing, producing, and songwriting. health + beauty: seeks to unlock a new creative space amongst readers that may often challenge what society deems “normal”; while educating on various health and wellness topics to inspire beauty both on the inside and out! fashion: a rebellious, yet fun fashion forward perspective that can be found at the corner of thrift lane and high-­end consignment avenue.



media kit



past left: photographer: quincy jones + model: shadai + derrick | “black kennedys,” volume I, black excellence right: photographer: lisa marie | “anne akiko meyers,” volume II, classic

our special collector’s editions, volumes I + II, featured ingenious creatives from the arts, culture, music, fashion, lifestyles, and beauty industries, as well as those who travel. these contributors, shared their most intimate, quirky and random thoughts via articles, film, interviews + photography. neonV understands that your best feature is your mind, so volume III + beyond will continue the journey of getting to know the people behind the creations + brands.



media kit


the continuum: was a compilation of ideas and ideals depicted via art, beauty, culture, fashion, literature, music and more; that saluted the past for its timing and genius—while building and creating futuristic ideals and lifestyles that take on a new and fresh form of their own. featured: kirsten van den hul, change agent interviewed by stephanie n. mills nina chanel abney, visual artist interviewed by tanekeya word karla powell, international makeup artist + social media queen i­nterviewed by michelle german ski beatz, acclaimed music producer interviewed by paris hines black excellence: challenged contributors to broaden their associations and meanings of black excellence. most often imagined with a culture, mood, or fashion statement, in contrast, this issue exemplified the many different levels of the conceptualization of the color black—status, culture, art, moods, class, luxury, legends, opulence, and beyond. printed only in black and white, we embraced darkness without boundaries and encouraged readers to add their own colors and meanings of black. featured: coco mitchell, first african american model on the cover of sports illustrated, model interviewed by stephanie n. mills

classic: as the new one in print + digital media, neonV happily ‘eased on down the road,’ and indulged in classic subjects of contemporaneity and beyond. inspired by all things classic, film, music, culture, children’s stories, design, fashion and beauty (and the list goes on), neonV was honored to highlight the work of emerging creatives, who are successfully mastering the balance of historic and contemporary influences, and producing gifts that we’ve grown to love. they are the new classic, and so are you.

vol- ume

featured: issa rae, ­webisode phenomenon and creator of “the misadventures of awkward black girl,”interviewed by issa eugenia coralie bickford-­smith, penguin classics, international, award winning, book cover designer, interviewed by tanekeya word deep cotton, wondaland arts society musical duo interviewed by carmela wingfield maria zamansky, fashion costume designer and emmy award nominee (for her supportive role on hbo’s “boardwalk empire”) interviewed by kimee brown twin general managers of jay-­z’s 40/40 club interviewed by stephanie n. mills peculiar queens, drag queens, interviewed by michelle german




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past features


volume III


in neonV vol. III we bare it all, don’t judge, we like to “look good naked”—especially in the spring + summer—don’t act as if we’re the only vain ones around. we talk about sex baby, and just in case you’d like to go “raw,” we have a remedy for that too. documenting the people who create culture, shaniqwa jarvis takes us in the bathroom with her subjects, lurks behind their backs, and spies on the very alert youth culture in an authentic portraiture editorial spread. in a maximalist world, scarcity is never optimal; silent tapes travelled to slums around the world to show us happiness is beyond materialism, artist anika trujillo invited lifestyles journalist, elise peterson on a dumpster diving excursion for a day, and we sat dear friends down, liz lemon + words from a wanderer author, alex elle, to have an intimate chat.


III designer + artist, andrea pippins speaks on having a foundation via “the creative crews: a process of collaboration,” so we peek into the creative minds of the black + sexy tv founders, who offer us four shots of hilarity and wisdom, and we archive the tedious process of building a fashion collection via richards. last but certainly not least, we feature toyin odutola whose use

of basic artist tools, transforms portraiture into celestial like beings. we agree with james baldwin, “the purpose of art is to lay bare the questions that have been hidden by the answers,” we did just that—unmasked the subjects behind the brands and works to give you the person. welcome to spring/summer MMXIV of neonV, “the magazine for contemporary peculiar women.” MMXIV


media kit

past features


nina chanel p








karla powell is a young talent whose passion

kp: i would not be where i am today if it wasn’t

for beauty can be felt through her images. with

for getting my name out there via social media

only five years of experience, she is a force to

platforms. social media has changed industry

be reckoned with. fall in lust with her work— i

professionals and has made becoming known a

know i did.



bit more attainable. it’s a great networking tool, and did i mention—i am very addicted to it!?

IV: you are an amazing makeup artist whose

IV: well social media has definitely worked in your

work i admire; but, who would you consider to

favor, so keep feeding the addiction! many

be your makeup idols? karla powell: pat mcgrath! she creates such a widerange of make up looks, and creates

people reach out to you via social media for make a great makeup artist? kp: being able to be flexible and adapt are the best skills i think an artist can have. also, knowing

unconventional and i constantly view her amazing creations as inspiration. her work is just overpowering! you feel social media effected your career?

that makeup evolves, and as a makeup artist you have to also. IV: well said. if you could do anything without getting caught, what would it be? kp: go through pat mcgrath’s makeup kit…i would be in heaven! IV: if i went through your kit…i’d be in heaven!









I: your work is largely influenced by classic 17th century rajput miniature painting, with a western pop art twist. if your work were focused solely on the traditional concept of western indian miniaturist paintings, what event in an epic, or love story would you say that you are creating? rajni perera: although i am influenced by the art inspired by indian mythology, i would definitely say that i am writing my own story: something about a powerful woman who at first is deceived into thinking she is someone else. then, upon discovering whom she really is—falls in love with herself. this love manifests itself across humankind and subsequently, the universe.

fingers instead of brushes [i do that often].

IV: i found out about your work via tumblr. how do



tips and tricks. what skill sets, do you feel,

images for the highest couture, to the mere club kids. i love that she works mainly with her alex box is also a massive inspiration; she is so

miniaturism and feminism and pornography, oh my! she’s not from kansas; rajni perera is a sri-lankan artist based in toronto, canada who re-invents classic indian mythology with a twist. like an ethnographer, she gathers and studies cultural and secular notions in society via the lens of digital and print media, then paints her research. rajni cleverly shifts between whimsy and irony: balancing divine women as the “exotic female,” in exaggerated scenes—sometimes placing them on imagined phallic pedestals—thus, questioning the various perspectives placed on the woman’s body. here lies a satirical epic, told by a contemporary storyteller who takes classic and deconstructs it effortlessly.


more vibrant than her color

palette and sense of humor, is her ability to boldly re-mix politics, popculture and peculiarity — nina chanel abney sure knows the power of the p.

karla powell is a social media queen and a fierce beauty assassin with a heart of gold. p h o to g rap h er : r y a n h a n d y / mu a: k a rl a

konstantin maxouris is a photographer that always dreams and likes to create things.

in the booth: a conversation with the musically inclined

if prince’s “let’s go crazy,” and richard hell’s “blank generation” got married and had two bodacious boys —chuck lightning and nate wonder would be their preternatural sons. from dreams and nightmares, to delving into the essence of jam; i was intrigued and entertained by the duo that is: deep cotton.





III: having a distinctive sound is the new classic. what culmination of things or experiences do you think led to your distinctive sound? chuck lightning: growing up as a little kid, i was always interested in bugs, so i thought that would be a good thing to write a song about—bugs. nate wonder: …and a lot of our lyrics deal with chores. III: really? was there a fascination with bugs or chores? cl: it’s like you always have to clean something up, take out the trash... modern life is filled with physical chores. III: i can see the chores affiliation in your recent nw: we didn’t think about it, but if you go back and look— there are a lot of references to chores. III: interesting! what classic songs would best describe deep cotton? nw: “let’s go crazy” by prince, and “as the days go by,” by the talking heads. cl: “zombie” by fela, and “blank generation” by richard hell. III: nice… i was on your website and read that you both said the “only rule—is to break the rules.” with that in mind, what is your creative process like when it comes to writing or producing a song? nw: the one rule that we don’t break, is the law of the jam. we just follow the law of the jam: whatever is jamming, that’s what we do, and everything else falls into place. cl: …and the jam changes from song to song. we also believe there’s good music, bad music, and funk. there is a lot of good music out there and as you go from mu-

sic to music styles, the jam changes a little bit. [you have to] be able to determine where the jam is, know what genre you’re working in, and be able to make sure that you are really following the laws of the jam for a country song, afrobeat song, or whatever you’re dealing with. III. that is very interesting and goes along with my next question: you all say that you are musical renegades; is there anything that is off limits? would you incorporate your style in other musical genres by working with an artist like, ke$ha or a country music artist like, carrie underwood?




you need to watch out for eva leube; her brilliantly hand-crafted

issa rae, a name that has taken what it means to succeed in webisode branding and production to inconceivable heights—within two years—with the first sighting of the now wildly popular series “the misadventures of awkward black girl,” affectionately abbreviated as “abg” by its faithful followers. it is quite safe to say that issa rae productions, issa rae’s very own, welloiled and very equipped machine of leading-edge comedy, drama, and seamless storytelling, has taken over the internet. issa rae has garnered a gamut of major media attention, namely an opportunity to work alongside shonda rhimes in an effort to provide nbc viewers with the best of what the internet’s hot bed of webisodes has to offer.



nw: i think the jam is just, the jam. i don’t think that country [or any] genre, or location, can determine jam. when i hear something jamming—i know it’s jamming. so, i don’t discriminate against any artist based on what they’ve done in the past. i am, and we are, more focused on the future, what the song is, and how effective the song is. that’s it. cl: and making sure that we are telling a story. nw: a universal story. cl: yea, a universal story [told] in several different ways. that’s what we try to do when we write and produce songs. for us, if there’s an artist, and the artist is capable of telling a story in a magical way, it’s jamming, and we’re ready to jam.

illustration: tanekeya word


III: yea, on the one! are there any artists that you would like to collaborate with? nw: i don’t think we even thought of it or [are] in that space at all. it has just been: let’s put out our ideas and make an impact with these ideas. i think after that, we would look

masterpieces will leave you in awe!






a mothership of unforeseen entertainment and comedy, issa rae was gracious enough to give tons of insight on: what constitutes the now coveted mantle of the “awkward black girl,” how leading character j’s approach to writing dope rap lyrics fares against the freestyle abilities of the creator-producer-actor herself, what glorious unfoldment led to “abg” being picked up by pharrell williams’ i am other channel hosted by youtube, and more!!!

III: you began studying horology and watchmaking at age 16; what sparked your interest at such a young age? eva leube: i always wanted to learn a craft and work with my hands, to one day be able to create exquisite things that lasted through generations. my mother told me she had often visited a watchmaker near her family home as a girl, i re-

ally liked this idea. her father must have given us the technical mindset; he was a physicist who told us that we will be able to understand any sort of mechanism if we just looked at it long enough. he had a wood turning lathe in his house and showed me how to use it when i was little. i started my apprenticeship at 16, went to master school at 23, and after

a penguin classic michael Contributor's goulding name celebrates in Adobe beautyCaslon in the form Boldofdescription the female body, in Adobe whileCaslon offering Regular a distinct - 8view pt on nudity.

photographer: jürgen jeibmann

a 20th century, western pop-culture continuum of hair via 3d film

the magazine for the contemporary peculiar woman


+ fashion


the continuum

uthor, beatrix potter tells the tale of peter rabbit: a mischievous young rabbit that finds himself in a bind after rebelling against his mother’s wishes. neonV depicts a tale of fashion rebels, inspired by similar morals— rebelling against trends, and bouncing to their own beat.


the magazine for the contemporary peculiar woman

what is




to view the film online visit: www.neonVmag. com/kinky

jasmine rose is two parts flower + one part digital maven.


autumn / winter

collector’s edition



V: name a play/book that best describes your style? maria zamanisky: i’ve worked in the fashion industry for a decade plus, so personal style went out of the window a long time ago. nowadays, i abide by the nyc designer dress code: all black + comfortable clothing. [the book] just kids by patti smith, best describes my personal style; smith documents her life as a rising writer in nyc, including obstacles, love, and her friendship with photographer, robert mapplethorpe. as for my costume design style, it’s hard to narrow it down to one thing because my work isn’t based on fashion or trends, but the script + character. V: how do you build a character’s wardrobe? mz: character wardrobing is solely based on the script + storyline, but it’s up to me to create the character based on the two. the costume designer has to not only consider the script + storyline, but also the time period, whether it’s past or present, + [the] location; whether it’s a small hick town, or a major city. you have to take all of this into account. for instance, i like to play with colors, but sometimes the script doesn’t call for a vibrant character. essentially, you’re a slave to the script.

+ iii

black excellence

health fashion costume designer, maria zamanisky, has worked in the industry for 10+ years with an extensive resume in broadway theatrics, film, and television. neonV’s fashion director, kimee brown, had the incredible honor of speaking with the newlywed, soon-to- be mother, and emmy award nominee for her supportive role on hbo’s boardwalk empire, about her past, present, and future.

V: what are some of the contents in your wardrober kit? mz: the collection is always growing, but it takes awhile to acquire the essentials; i try to buy bits at a time. there are some modern merchandise, but i especially search for oneof-kind vintage pieces that don’t cost an arm and a leg. i also try to have as many accessories as possible, like: jewelry, ties, belts, etc. you never know if you might need something last minute, so it’s always good to have it on hand.

an interview with fine art nude photographer, michael goulding. images reprinted with permission of michael ian goulding, © michael ian goulding

n i n a c h a n e l a b n e y + t h e c h a n g e a g e n t + t h e f o r c e o f p e c u l i a r i t y + s k i b e at z : b e at s , r h y m e s & s a m p l e s + t h e o c tav i a n s + e x

vol II

V: what is your most treasured possession? mz: at the moment, it’s my vitamix blender. i’m expecting my first child, so i’m always craving cool refreshments.

V: is there one thing that completes a look? mz: shoes complete a look, and its common—everyone wears shoes. not only that, but you’re judged by the type of shoes you’re wearing. i often imagine a person’s lifestyle based on their shoes: what’s their profession, social class ranking, etc. please don’t judge me. V: how do you define success? mz: when you get to the point where you can surround yourself with people that make you happy, in both your personal and professional life, that’s when you know you’ve made it. V: when was the last time you did something for the first time? mz: this past winter, i actually i got married! it’s a first for me.

+ iii


V: what’s the best advice you’ve ever received? mz: as a child, my dad shared with me a story about persistence. he explained that when he moved from russia to the united states, he developed a unique plan to build a professional network. he sent out 100 introduction letters and resumes to potential employers and colleagues. after a few months, a dozen or less people got back to him. he continued to contact those people, and over a certain period of time, developed professional relationships with them. over a longer course of time, he continued these relationships, and these people aided him in his line of work. i always think of this as my model for networking within the fashion and entertainment industry. thus far, its paid off. V: what animal keeps the best time? mz: a watch dog. V: what has four wheels and flies? mz: an airplane. V: nope, a garbage truck. mz: *softly chuckles*

sources: i. ii.

maria zamanisky is an emmy award nominee who’s living out her dreams.

vol I COVER_new2.indd 1

CONTINUUM_covers2.indd 5

V: what is your favorite project to date? mz: i love any project that is fantasy or era-orientated, but if i had to choose one… it would be hbo’s, boardwalk empire. it’s exciting to delve into research mode. planning and designing costumes from a specific era is what i live for. while on the set of boardwalk empire, my job consisted of dressing the extras— which are cast members that do not have lines. in this case, i was able to create their identity, profession, family life, etc. it’s all in the details.

V: what’s your favorite classical fashion period? mz: i love anything circa 1920’s-1950’s. there was a great deal of change in fashion, but each decade was more exciting than the previous; this applies to both men’s and women’s clothing. however, a common thread between the periods were hats—men, women, and children all fashioned them.

10/16/13 7:58 PM

11/24/12 2:59 AM



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1,500 vol. III rajni perera “ethnic accessories (2011)�,volume II, classic

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the magazine


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neonV mag digitally gives you a daily portion of uncanny voices, innovative concepts, intimate interviews, inspirational + informative content produced by the founders, and a few guest editors. the blog dialogue continues via social media engagement and interaction, further cultivating relationships with our readers while introducing neons to our partners.


sometimes, you just want more

photographer: aki akiwumi + models: ty michele + monet pringle, “anthropomorphic�,volume II, classic



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partnering our readers value and support brands that speak to them personally. it is our duty, each volume, to carefully curate the content and brands that we serve our neons. neonV welcomes brands that identify with our mission and embrace the beauty of peculiarity, to become our partners. if you are interested in partnering with neonV, please contact info@neonVmag. com for more information.

$1550/page full page print + digital ad includes social media blast $2800 /page full page print + digital ad in vol. III + vol. IV

photographer: liz lemon | "le macaron tea party," volume III



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neonV mediakit MMXIV  

the magazine for contemporary peculiar women. we are the lifestyle brand that celebrates women + individuality. neonV serves peculiar...

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