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All You Need To Know About Stress EKG Or Electrocardiogram The accelerated modern life of today is the root of many diseases which are inhibiting the normal body functions of human. Many people across the world are suffering from one or other disease. In these diseases there is one which is extremely harmful yet enormously prevalent. Cardiovascular diseases are quite common nowadays and people of almost any age can suffer from them. Cardiovascualr diseases can even be cause of death because heart supports normal functioning of the whole body and without it the human body is lifeless. If the heart beats of a person stops, he is declared dead and any further treatment cannot bring him back to life. The main cause of cardiovascular diseases is unhealthy lifestyle and diet. Heart failure , valvular heart diseases cardiomyopathy and hypertensive heart disease are some of the most common cardiovascular conditions which people nowadays suffer from. To effectively treat cardiovascular conditions it is essential that the disease is diagnosed before the condition of patient worsens. For meeting the needs of modern medical industry and to diagnose cardiovascular conditions in a better way stress EKG (electrocardiogram) was invented. The invention of this electrocardiography devise immensely helped in analysis of symptoms that indicate a particular type of cardiovascular condition. This revolutionary devise has made it possible to detect and treat heart conditions which were earlier unknown to the humans. Stress EKG is also known as treadmill test and stress test because the patient has to either walk on a treadmill or pedal a stationary cycle during the test. This machine comprises of a holter monitor system, which measures and analyzes the functioning of heart while the patient is doing a light exercise. There are certain abnormal conditions in functioning of heart that can only be detected when the body of patient is undertaking a light weight exercise which can cause a rise in the rate of heart’s activity. Stress electrocardiography helps in gathering information about the activity of heart during an active exercise mode, which is essential for diagnosing some types of cardiovascular malfunctioning and diseases. A resting EKG is always performed before a stress EKG in order to compare the results of both tests.

This scrutiny is necessary for diagnosis of certain types of cardiovascular malfunctioning. Resting EKG is also necessary because it helps in assessing the medical condition of the patient and in finding out whether he/she is fit for stress EKG test. This is because it should not be performed on patients who are suffering from severe heart conditions. Such patients are not capable of doing light weight exercises and they may have a heart attack even while accomplishing the normal daily chores.

All you need to know about stress ekg or electrocardiogram  

The accelerated modern life of today is the root of many diseases which are inhibiting the normal body functions of human. Many people acros...