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Solus photography from Veer is driven by solid concepts and an artistry rarely seen in rights-managed photography. Created and curated by Veer in close collaboration with an international group of professionals, it strikes the perfect balance between visual craftsmanship and commercial appeal. Sophisticated images for discriminating customers.

In society – as economic conditions, demographics, and the zeitgeist dictate. And with individuals – as buying power, family, age, and tastes change. Young wannabes are choosing to own (or lease, or rent) what pieces of the good life they can. The super rich are mostly shopping and label name–dropping – though customization and less showy spending are trends to watch. Others, taking a pass on fashion and such, now label shop to dress up their high-tech castles. And a more evolved group is saying “Enough stuff!” For them, luxury means chasing the next great life experience. Solus rights-managed photography helps you tell the stories of the modern modes of luxury. Hundreds of new images offer personal but highly relevant takes on objects and experiences of desire, and the people who covet them.

One night at a $1,000-abottle club, 29 nights at home. Boutique hotel, fast-food dinners. Young strivers are happy to make trade-offs. The pictures and bragging rights will be worth it. They’re big spenders on fashion and beauty – the best they can afford. And if an “it’s all mine” Aspen retreat Fractional ownership is how savvy climbers live large on their way up.

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is pie in the sky, they just buy a slice.

embarrassed by how much I paid for these and by how happy they make me.

SIP2008615 Lise Metzger

shoes –

SIP2008012 Aaron Cobbett

SIP2006548 Jesco Tscholitsch SIP2008126 Todd Warnock

I couldn’t afford this boat on my own. Not even close. But for five weeks of the year, I’m in the captain’s blazer. And I’m not so yacht-poor that I can’t swing some pretty wild shore excursions with my “crew.”

SIP2008653 Bernd Vogel

SIP2008014 Axel Dupeux

or down payment on a condo? I don’t want a condo – I want a mansion.


SIP2007983 Adam Friedberg

going to be the down payment.

Hedonism is alive and well – and demanding that the water in the hotel pool be raised to 82 degrees on arrival. With once hard-tofind harder-to-afford brands now attainable by the merely well-off, customization and personalization are what set the über-rich apart. Jets, cars, couture, even pets, they’re all so much nicer when made to order. Subtler whisper “I cost a fortune” – are fashionable in some swell circles. But, for most in this stratum, more is still more.

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displays of ostentation – accessories that merely

SIP2008703 Bernd Vogel

SIP2009313 Olivier Cadeaux

SIP2009312 Olivier Cadeaux

SIP2008741 Monalyn Gracia

SIP2008437 Olix Wirtinger

SIP2009114 Ada Summer

SIP2008605 Bernd Vogel

SIP2009112 Ada Summer

SIP2008630 Lise Metzger

It’s German appliances that purr like their sports-car cousins. Italian marble from the right quarry. A wafer-thin, billboard-sized flat screen. When they land long enough to spend some serious time feathering the nest, these jet-setters still want the best. Architects, landscapers, and furniture makers are the design stars status. It’s all about self-expression and building the perfect place to just “be” with loved ones. (And if visitors ask where the 800-thread-count sheets came from, well, that doesn’t hurt a bit.)

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these estate-homebodies look to for

SIP2008494 Olix Wirtinger

SIP2008562 Beau Lark

SIP2009355 Bernd Vogel

SIP2008861 Johannes Mann

SIP2008864 Johannes Mann

The renos are done! May cancel our annual theater trip. I can’t bear to leave this place, even for New York. You and Kate should come here instead. We can raid the wine cellar, then curl up in the media room. ; )

Can a snake bite be a status symbol? If it’s a souvenir of a must-do jungle trek, it could have more cachet than a crocodile Birkin bag. For a new, more evolved breed of luxurians, the good life means ultimate experiences, personal achievement, and more meaningful connections. Causes not couture. Triathlons not Tiffany bracelets. Things still matter, but great adventure. Zen gardens, carbon road bikes, snake-proof jungle gear.

Luxury photography from Solus is available at

for their artistry, or their utility on the next

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I took a year off to write a novel – that’s the first line. It’s about a spy who goes undercover as a wine expert, jetting to tastings in exotic locales. The novel is terrible. But the research has been incredible.

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