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CELL Testimonies Before, I had Hormonal Imbalance that’s why I’ve suffered alot everytime I have my monthly period. I usually experience High Fever and chilling. I even suffered from severe migraine and dysmenorrhoea. I’d like to thank I Love Wellness Marketing because I’ve found the real solution to my problems. By always using CELL Drops my health problems were already solved. Dysmenorrhoea, Migraine and Periodic Fever are all history! I highly recommend CELL Drops! It’s really powerful!

International Love Wellness Marketing “Committed to Excellence”

ALICE MONTAJES: Business Woman / Veteran Village, Quezon City

I was amazed the first I used CELL Drops. After spraying diluted CELL Drops on my aching knees, the pain was gone in few seconds. With my continuous usage of CELL Drops, I no longer experience gout rheumatism. CELL Drops is truly a blessing to me and my family! ROSITA MASINAG-AMOYO: MIDWIFE III / Tayabas Health Center, Tayabas, Quezon

I feel blessed knowing CELL Drops. When I was suffering from severe knee pain, i drank a glass of water with few drops of CELL Drops after few seconds I felt a relief. I continued using CELL drops and it truly helped me in my immediate recovery. I noticed that I am stronger, full of vibrance and energy. Now, I am able to ride a tricycle again without fear that my knee will be aching. I can climb and go down the stairs conveniently and go long - distance walking. I believe that our Great Creator sent CELL Drops to me to provide me the power and might to better serve our church and other people. MELINDA P. YOPYOP : PASTOR, Redeemed Assembly of Christ Int’l. Inc., /Tayabas, Quezon

C A U T I O N : Do not Drop on Eyes, Mouth, Ears and Mucus Membranes. IT IS RECOMMENDED TO ALWAYS DILUTE IT WITH WATER


Good for People with:

For More Inquiries Call or Text: Office Address: Unique Plaza, Sierra Madre St., Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City

W h a t i s C.E.L.L. D r o p s ? (Concentrated Energy Living Liquid) CELL Drops(Concentrated Energy Living Liquid) is a processed All Rights Reserved c 2011 Great Flaming Phoenixliquefied International Designs concentrated mineral supplement into micro-scale form. It is compose of minerals which are broken-down into the smallest particle as possible thru the latest technology to be absorbed efficiently and effectively by our bodily cells.

What is the pH Miracle?(pH=Potential Hydrogen; measurement of negative ion in a substance) Illness, fatigue, weight issues and generally poor health are caused by one thing--an imbalance in the body's ph levels. Without the proper foods, fluids and lifestyle, our blood and tissues can become too acidic and we become sick. However, we can overcome even some of the most dramatic health issues simply by alkalizing (or adjusting) the pH level of the fluids in our bodies through proper diet and lifestyle. THE pH MIRACLE FOR DIABETES:

It is complete with essential micro-scaled bio-available macro and micro minerals that our body needs.

Balance Your Body Chemistry, Achieve Your Ideal Weight By Robert O. Young, Ph. D., and Shelley Redford Young

W h y s h o u l d w e t a k e C. E. L. L. Drops?

M I N E R A L S (General-Overview) Every living cell requires minerals for proper structure and function. Minerals are required for healthy bones, nerves and muscle tone. It is also essential for proper composition of body fluids; function of the cardiovascular system and for the formation of the blood. Like vitamins, minerals are important co-enzymes or catalyst involved in the normal production of energy, growth and healing. Each mineral is dependent to one another and a balance must be maintained for proper chemical function of the body. If the initial deficiency or excess of mineral is not corrected, illness may result. Bibliography : Excerpt from Minerals General-Overview

Since the body could not produce minerals on its own, we must get them from the foods we eat. Unfortunately, we rarely eat the right variety of food which is rich in minerals. Farming nowadays are grown in less nutrient-rich soil, which was compounded with the lost thru storing, drying, freezing, cooking, heating, food processing and consuming lots of white products such as white flours and sugars resulting to nutrients lost. The best way to get minerals, greater bio-electricity and balancing body’s pH level is by taking the mineral-rich supplement CELL Drops (Concentrated Energy Living Liquid).

by: Dr. Natasha Turner,

H o w t o D r i n k C. E. L. L. D r o p s ? “You can trace every sickness, every disease, every ailment to mineral deficiency.”


RDI(Recommended Daily Intake) 3 Drops in a Glass of Water – (3 Times a Day)

- Dr. LINUS PAULING, Two time Nobel Prize Winner 2.

Ages 7 to 12 RDI(Recommended Daily Intake) 2 Drops in a Glass of Water – (3 Times a Day)

A L K A L I N E (General-Overview) The General Rule of the Thumb is to eat 80% alkaline and 20% acid foods. There was a book called, “Alkalize or Die” written by Dr. Theodore Baroody wherein he said... “The great alkaline reserve is the body’s bank account. ...the alkaline elements neutralize the acids. ...But when the alkaline reserve is depleted, death follows.”

Adolescent to Adults (13 years old and above)


Ages 4 to 6 RDI(Recommended Daily Intake) 1 Drop in a Glass of Water -


(3 Times a Day)

Ages 0 to 3 years old RDI(Recommended Daily Intake) 1 Drop in 1 Liter of Water


Detoxification 6 Drops in a Glass of Water - 6 Consecutive Glasses intake


Cancer Patient 10 Drops in a Glass of Water -

10 Consecutive Glasses intake tolerable water level ( 3 Times a Day )

Cell Drops  

Cell Drops

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