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To Our Dearest Artlet Alumni,

UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS Faculty of Arts and Letters Student Council

The Faculty of Arts and Letters Student Council held their Leadership Training Seminar last May 18 to 20, 2013 in Rizal Re-Creational Center entitled, “ILLUMINATE: Beacon of Genuine Service Shining Ever Brighter after 50 Years”. Almost 80 student-leaders from different societies and interest organizations inside AB participated in the leadership training seminar. We had 5 motivational speakers who were given specific topics to talk about. We had Mr. Chinkee Tan who talked about the topic: “Influence to inspire”. He talked about influence as great factor to determine one’s leadership and that a leader must be a person of influence. Our second speaker was Mr. Dan Monterde Jr. who talked about the topic: “Godly and Grounded”. He said that great leadership is grounded on the Bible, he made mention of a particular leadership principle, “Lead with the intention of leaving”. A great leader knows that leadership is not about him – it is meant to be passed on. Our third speaker was Mr. Chito Maniago who talked about the topic: “True Leadership: The Character of a True Leader”. He said that a leader must have character to whether he is in front of people or not. Our fourth speaker was Atty. Christer Gaudiano who talked about the topic: “Heart to Hear: Leadership Communication”. He mentioned that a leader must make an effort to properly communicate his vision to the people he is working with. Our fifth and last speaker was Mr. Vincent Cifra who talked about the topic: Loving the Artlet Community and Culture”. His talk served as an application of the four topics that were given by the other four speakers. He shared his experience when he became the ABSC President and passionately inspired the students to lead and love the Artlet community. The title of the topics of our leadership training seminar spells the word LIGHT. L – Loving the Artlet Community and Culture I – Influence to Inspire G – Godly and Grounded H – Heart to Hear T – True Leadership This is because we believe that every Artlet should let their light shine before men by serving them that they may illuminate the people around them and honor God in heaven.

UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS Faculty of Arts and Letters Student Council

Our first activity was the Solemnity Night, wherein Matthews Jubilado (Vice – President for External Affairs) talked about forgiveness. He mentioned that a leader, before he leads, must know that he is already forgiven and after that, we went to the bonfire area wherein all the participants wrote on a piece of paper all the things that they wish to leave in the past and throw it to the fire as a sign of moving forward and letting go of the past issues they may have. After throwing it to the fire, we asked them to write on a new piece of paper the promises they have for the Artlet Community and then put it inside the box – after our term, we will open it altogether. The next day we attended the Sunday Mass and went on with the activities lined up for the participants. We were facilitated by the students from the Thomasian Leaders Congress. Each activity is followed by a synthesis which aims to extract a lesson that could be applied in leadership. The participants also had fun with the Socialization Night, the groups were tasked to perform in front of all the participants with a specific theme. A group was assigned to rap, host a show, dance, sing, do a drama, etc. After the Socialization Night was the BOM Elections, where Justin Longboan (LM) won as the BOM Speaker, Faye Sta. Ana (ECO) won as the Deputy and Chin Jongko (JRN) as the Secretary General. The student-leaders decided to spend their last night on the swimming pool and had fun in the giant slide. The next day, we were in for a treat, one of the owners gave a us a Top Show. The show was about the story of Jesus love told through the presentation of tops. Our last activity was the Mr. and Ms. AB-LTS 2013. Each group was tasked to choose two students who will represent them in the pageant. The participants were asked to walk down the aisle, introduce themselves and say a one-liner. Noel Murad (CA) and Faye Sta. Ana (ECO) won this year’s Mr. and Ms. AB-LTS 2013. It was an unforgettable event. It was an opportunity to learn from our leaders what it means to really lead by serving others. We did not only learned new lesson but also earned new friends. We know that these coming Academic Year will be tough, considering the 50th anniversary of the Faculty of Arts and Letters, but making it memorable for everyone is not impossible. As we unite and make every effort to value our relationship with one another, we will finish our term with a contented heart, knowing that we did our very best in serving every Artlet.

Yours in Thomasian Leadership,

Enrique Villamiel President Faculty of Arts and Letters Student Council AY 2013-2014

Matthews Emanuel Jubilado Vice – President for External Affairs Faculty of Arts and Letters Student Council AY 2013-2014

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