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We can help you design for: Small Lots Difficult sites


can provide you with award


can provide you with designs

Modern Contemporary Homes

winning expert advice for your

for individual homes to suit your

Character Homes

building project, large or small.

lifestyle and budget.

Tropical Design

Offering advanced 3d modelling

Particular care is taken to ensure

including sun studies and energy rating that allow you to visualize your projects and the effects of the surrounding area and enviroment to maximise the efficiency during building as well as efficiency during final use. Project Co-ordination and access to our panel of expert consultants is available along with our design and construction documentation.

an efficient and sustainable home is designed to suit your site and reduce unnecessary building and living cost. Giving you a smart, practical and efficient home to love and enjoy.

Project Homes

THE PRE BUILDING PROCESS The diagram below is to give you an idea of the general process required to get your project from initial ideas and wishes to the start of the construction stage. Within each of these steps there are sometimes additional steps to be addressed but a good consultant or project manager will make this process easier. Design



Building budget

Energy Efficiency

Working Drawing

Town Planning

Final Costing

Building Approval


LEGEND Surveyor

Required to map out your site including existing structures, contours and underground services

Designer/Drafter Offer advice relating to good design to suit your requirements. Provide you with plans and documetation for building and approvals.

via our website






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Builder A good builder will work with you and your team to provide you with a complete and precise cost of your project to eliminate variations.

A detailed booklet “Building Consultants Explained” is available via our website. Become a member now and recieve this booklet to

Town Planner

help you understand the role & value a good consultant can add to

If your project requires Development

your project.The Neo Building Design / Interface team can guide

Approval, the town planner will prepare a report on your proposed building works and present to the council.


you through this process to help get your project underway within budget, as quickly and as easily as possible.

Required to provide soil testing and engineering for footings, slab, retaining walls and other structural elements.

Energy Assessor

We’ll provide a report to determin the energy efficiency or star rating (minimum 6 stars) of your project.

Certifier A private certifier will approve and inspect the plans and building work

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Neo Building Design - Custom New Home Design & Drafting  
Neo Building Design - Custom New Home Design & Drafting  

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