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Let our New Years resolution



Issue 12 | December 2012

be this, we will be there for one another as fellow members of

humanity, in the finest sense of the word

~~Goran Persson

Team Spirit

5 Successful Years in Team Computers Please tell us about your journey with Team so far? I started my career with TEAM in July 2007 as a ERP Help Desk Trainee. Later, I got the responsibility to handle TEAM ERP Development. In Internal IT Team I learnt a lot under the guidance of my Mentor Mr. Shailesh Jaria. Currently, I am associated with BAECS team as a Technical Consultant and Security & Services Vertical Lead. My journey in Team has always been full of challenging roles which I achieved with complete dedication. My leader & colleagues always trusted me & their trust has always been a great motivation for me. In BAECS Team, I am learning a lot under the guidance of my seniors. Any memorable professional experience that you would like to share with us? I never forget Stanvac ERP Up-gradation Project. Customer gave us order on the condition that we have to make it LIVE within 10 days. We accepted this challenge and did it within 10 days. This was our fastest up gradation with zero support effort after GO-Live to customer.

Rahul Choudhary

Sr. Technical Consultant BAECS

What is the best thing about Team? Team is the best place to work, grow and prove your abilities. I learnt a lot from my seniors and their guidances helped me to grow in my career. They have always been very supportive and helpful. What three adjectives to describe Team? Dedication, Devotion and Determination.

“Warmest thanks and congratulation for all of Rahul’s hard work and outstanding contributions as a committed member of the organization. I know how much effort, energy and dedication shown by Rahul during his tenure, and I deeply appreciate all of his efforts toward achieving the organization goal”

G P Pandey BAECS


One idea which can make Team even better? To Increase our business we need to Understand Customer needs and identify, integrate, and support high quality, low cost IT Solutions with speed, flexibility and an attitude of ‘SEWA’. A thought you would like to share with our readers. If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.

December 2012




Team Spirit


December 2012

BHAGIRATH MAHTO Technical Support Engineer InS


Team Spirit

Marketing Initiatives


December 2012


Team Spirit


December 2012


Ravinder Soni Good Mr Soni ,

Bhagirath Mahto, Ram Kripal & Team

You are doing your job very well . We appreciate your dedication and effort in all such deliveries .

Dear Both,

Ritesh Mishra Manager IT Max Life Insurance

Thanks for the smooth installation and making the CCTV Environment live. I must appreciate the approach & project completion by Mr. Bhageerath and Ram Kripal and of course their team.

Himanshu Nirbhay ICT Perfetti Van Melle India Pvt Ltd

KUMAR GAURAV Hi Gaurav, Thanks for enhancing our skills about new apple gadgets, its applications as well as Mac OS. we will be expecting your support in near future also and hoping that you will share your intelligence in a same way.

Abhishek Sharma Asst Manager IT Dharampal Styapal Group

Raghu Kull Hi, Issue has been resolved and for now, no alarm is coming related to DASD on LPD.

Manish, SP Selvamani, Hima & Hyderabad Team Thanks to Manish, Hyderabad Helpdesk Team and SP Selvamani for the timely and effective support. Dear Hima – I really appreciate your efforts for co-ordination and communication during the activity.

Aakash Gupta Manager IT Tata Tele Services Ltd.

Pankaj Lamba Asst Manager IT IDP Education 09

Team Spirit

Raghu Kull Dear Team, This is to inform you that the following ticket has been successfully closed. The concern shown by the engineer Mr. Raghu is appreciable. Further, please find the trailing data/form required. Thanks for timely solving the problem.

Harish Rawat Jones Lang LaSalle

Sunny Kaushal Hi Team, Would like to call out the tremendous support that Sunny Kaushal have given us during the past few months. Really appreciate the efforts in a short span of time to make a better experience for our trainers. Thanks for being such a wonderful support and team. We are sure to have the similar sustenance in near future as well.

Priyanka Langroo Site Manager Microsoft

Kailash Joshi

Shailesh Shailesh, This is to place on record that Kalp Kumar is an excellent IT person you have on-board. He followed my instructions to the core and efficiently completed the task. It was a real pleasure working with him today. Superb job !

Edna Mendes Executive Assistant Helion Advisors Pvt Ltd


Hi, Yes you can close the call and the same I informed to IBM also. Good Response, Thanks for the Support.

Anil Kumar Raju S.R.R Manager - IT IMImobile

Rajiv Kumar Chauhan & Team Dear Sandeep, Rajiv Kumar Chauhan and his team has done approx. all the networking infra, He has done an excellent job in this and even his teammates.

Juhi Singh Assistant IT Manager Rodic Consultants Pvt. Ltd

December 2012

Our New Customers


Team Spirit


December 2012

Human Capital BAECS Training on Team Development-1st Dec 2012

The third and the final session of Dr. Jain’s training was contucted on Saturday,1st December 2012. The last session mainly covered areas like goal setting, how to conduct the group meetings and finally ended with overall feedback for all the three sessions. The session was truly proved to be an EYE opener especially for the leaders as it helped them in understanding the technicalities of conducting the problem solving meetings. Special Thanks to Dr. Jain for his remarkable commitment and contribution to the session.


Team Spirit

IMS Service Delivery Facilitation on 19th Dec, 2012 The IMS service delivery Team was facilitated for their dedication and commitment to their work. • Nilachal Sahu (Stores): Closing the calls within the TAT (Next business day) in Mumbai and contributing in less consumption (Cost) • Rupesh Bhadwalkar (Stores): Closing the calls within the TAT (Within 2 business Days) in Rest of Maharashtra, Gujarat & Goa and Contribution in less consumption (Cost) • Rajeev Kumar Jha (FE): 85 % Closure • Dinesh Salvi (FE): 83 % Closure • Chandrakant .P. Patankar (FE): 95 % closure for server calls. • Nilesh Sayta (FE): 91 % Closure of calls

Open House (QV Developer – IS) on 21st December 2012 • An interactive session with Mr. Prashant Momaya & HR along with the IS QV Delivery Team, where • members shared their issues and sharing on the new opportunities coming up in Team.

Christmas Celebration on Monday, 24th Dec, 2012 Mumbai


December 2012


Technical Training for IMS on Saturday, 29th Dec, 2012 The Second phase of the technical training was conducted in IMS by Mr. Kalp Kumar Sengar on 29th December at the Corporate Office, Training Room. Training majorly covered the topic on Server Hardware and Tape Storage.


Team Spirit

Support Group on Wednesday,19th Dec, 2012

“Support Group� as the name defines that we are there to support and help the members with their personal and professional queries. An initiative which was originated as an outcome from Dr. Jain’s training held with BAECS team.

25th Year Celebration on Sunday, 30th Dec, 2012

The celebration and the joy continues with the 25th year celebration at Zorba. Family members, ex team members and some of the core members were invited at the 25th year celebration leaving memory of the lifetime. The party had a special section for the members and their children. Different games were organized for all our energetic participants and some beautiful surprises for all the extraordinary members who had been associated with t:eam for more than a decade and some close to complete their second one.



December 2012

New Year Celebration on 31st Dec, 2012 at other locations Mumbai


Leadership Feedback Survey @Teamworks:

The most awaited leadership feedback survey line got initiated on 12th of December 2012 and was closed on 21st of December with almost 80% feedback collected across all locations. 17

Team Spirit

Article Public Provident Fund (PPF) Your investment in Public Provident Fund contributes to the Section 80C limit of Rs 1 lakh. From this year, the investment in PPF has been jacked up from Rs 70,000 to Rs 1 lakh. With the kind of guarantee this investment product brings with itself and a 8.6% return that it will now generate, Employee Provident Fund (EPF) For salaried employees, the EPF is deducted compulsorily from the monthly salary and the employee contribution is eligible for tax deduction under Section 80C. Again, the income is tax free and returns are around 8.5% a year. 5 years Bank Fixed Deposits Bank deposits for 5 years can be used towards Section 80C tax deduction. Currently, the interest that you can earn is easily a minimum of 9% per annum. Keep in mind the fact that you still need to pay tax on the maturity value that you receive after 5 years, so in that sense, your returns are lower than 9%. The complete list The above mentioned ways should be used in alignment with your asset allocation. Depending on how much you want to save for the future and your expectation of return, tax planning should be done by investing in these products. Also note that apart from these, there are other sections that should be used to save income tax. Here is a quick listing of the various Sections available to save your income tax this year. 80C – Payment of Life Insurance Premium (For self, spouse & children) Contribution to Unit Linked Insurance Scheme – ULIP (For self, spouse & children) Deposit in Public Provident Fund-PPF (For self, spouse & children) Purchase of National Saving Certificates – NSC (Self ) Contribution to Equity Linked Savings Scheme (Self ) Payment of tuition fees for children to any School, College, University or Educational Institution Repayment of Principal of housing loan Fixed Deposit for 5 years with a Scheduled Bank 80CCC - Contribution to Pension Plans (Self ) 80CCF - Investment in Infrastructure Bonds 24(2) - Housing Loan – Repayment of Interest (Self Occupied) 80D - Medicaid Policy Premium (For self, spouse, children & dependent parents) 80E - Payment of interest on loan taken for higher education for a full time course 80DD - Medical treatment of handicapped dependent 80U - Deduction in case of self being totally * Subject to changes from the Government of India


December 2012

Benefits Under ESIC act Type Of Medical Benefits Provided The employees’ state insurance scheme provides full medical care in the form of medical attendance, treatment, drugs and injections, specialist consultation and hospitalization to insured persons and also to members of their families where the facility for specialist consultation, hospitalization has been extended to the families. For the families, this benefit has been divided into two categories as under:Full Medical Care This consists of hospitalization facilities and includes specialist services, drugs and dressings and diets as required for in-patients. Expanded Medical Care This consists of consultation with the specialists and supply of special medicines and drugs as may be prescribed by them in addition to the out-patient care. This also includes facilities for special laboratory tests and x-ray examinations. Apart from the curative services provided through hospitals and dispensaries, the corporation also provides the following facilities including family welfare services. Immunization The corporation has embarked upon a massive programme of immunization of young children of insured persons. Under this programme, preventive inoculation and vaccines are given against diseases like diphtheria, pertusis, polio, tetanus, measles, mumps, rubella, tuberculosis etc. Family Welfare Services Along with the immunization programme, the corporation has been undertaking provision of family welfare services to the beneficiaries of the scheme. The corporation has organized these services in 180 centres besides reserving 330 beds in hospitals for undertaking tubectomy operations. Supply Of Special Aids Insured persons and members of their families are provided artificial limbs, hearing aids, and artificial appliances like spinal supports, cervical collars, walking calipers, crutches, wheel chairs and cardiac pace makers as a part of medical care under the scheme. Maternity Benefits Maternity benefit is payable to an insured woman subject to contributory conditions:Confinement-payable for a period of 12 weeks (84 days) Eligibilty The ceiling 15,000/- gross salary. After reaching the ceiling one will be exempted. For more details you can visit esic website esic.nic.In.


Team Spirit

The Right Gait Cheerful, beautiful never has faith Polite & thinking always become great Moderate is special, always push to create Thinking & Thought comes after The Right Gait Issue or Problem always resolve moment of set So, think & thought always to new create This is the part of The Right Gait, always new create ANURAG KUMAR RAI (BAECS)

Upcoming Events • New Joiners Meet on 18th and 19th January 2013. • Birthday Celebration on 11th December 2013 • Leadership Feedback Meetings

Digha Tour for IMS Engineer, Kolkata Organized by Sachin Singh


December 2012

Appreciation for Excellence in Work

In honour of completion 15 years in Team


Team Spirit

Farewell Farewell Party to Jayanta Saha

Celebrating 5+ Years in Team 19th Year in Team, Ram Milan Sharma, InS, New Delhi

7th Year in Team, Rajiv Yadav, IMS, Rewari

6th Year in Team, Somveer Singh, IMS, New Delhi


19th Year in Team, Surendar Kumar, InS, New Delhi

7th Year in Team, Chinmoy Manna, IMS, New Delhi

6th Year in Team, Shailendra Rai, IMS, New Delhi

16th Year in Team, Vivek Srivastava, InS, Noida

7th Year in Team, Ajay Fatesing Salunkhe, IMS, N/A

6th Year in Team, Thomas K Joseph, IMS, Bengaluru

7th Year in Team, T M Sajith, IMS, Ghaziabad

7th Year in Team, Prashant G Bhadang, IMS, N/A

6th Year in Team, Kavita Meson, IMS, New Delhi

7th Year in Team, Manisha Salian, Shared, Mumbai

6th Year in Team, Yagya Shankar, IMS, New Delhi

6th Year in Team, S Muruganantham, IS, Chennai

December 2012

Welcoming New Members IMS (Member, SBU, Location) Hominder Kumar, IMS, Gurgaon Javaid Bashir, IMS, Delhi Peer Meeyakhan, IMS, Bengaluru Pooja Saini, IMS, Gurgaon Mohd. Waseem , IMS, Delhi Shailendra K Tyagi, IMS, Gurgaon Ajay Sharma, IMS, Corporate Radhe Shyam Kumar, IMS, Gurgaon T Srinivas, IMS, Hyderabad Kishor Raj, IMS, Bengaluru Anshul Singh, IMS, Delhi Packeer, IMS, Bengaluru InS (Member, SBU, Location) Prasad Deepak Mantri, InS, Mumbai Jayalakshmi K. , InS, Bengaluru

BAECS (Member, SBU, Location) Yashwant Kumar, BAECS, Delhi

IS (Member, SBU, Location) Deepak Wadhwa, IS, Gurgaon Bharat Kishore Rajamudili, IS, Chennai Ramesh Ganpat Sawant, IS, Mumbai Anand Chouhan, IS, Delhi K Suresh , IS, Bengaluru Channamallikarjuna , IS, Bengaluru Shaik Khadeer Basha, IS, Hyderabad A Joshi , IS, Mumbai Anil Kumar, IS, Mumbai Modukuri Srinadh, IS, Hyderabad Nidhish Mathur, IS, Delhi


Team Spirit

Birthday Buddies 01 January

07 January

Anil Kumar, IMS, Gurgaon Anubhuti , IMS, Delhi Jeetesh Kumar Singh, IMS, Gurgaon Kalpana B Yadav, InS, Mumbai Kamal Singh, InS, Delhi Parag Dhyani, IMS, Gurgaon Pratik Patil, InS, Mumbai Raghvander Singh, Shared, Corporate Ravi Kant , IMS, Corporate Satendra Kumar Kasana, BACS, Delhi shalendra Kumar, IS, Sheela Devi, Shared, Delhi Somnath Das, IMS, Kolkata Sumanta Banerjee, InS, Corporate Suresh Kumar, InS, Delhi Upashna Pradhan, IMS, Delhi

Bharti Manral, InS, Delhi Bishnu Pandey, IMS, Delhi Gopal Babu, InS, Chennai Neeraj Kumar, BACS, Bengaluru Shiv Jee Pandey, InS, Delhi Varuna Singh, IMS, Delhi

02 January Erika Jain, IS, Gurgaon Gaurav Arun Salvi, IMS, Mumbai Prabeen Kumar Jha, IMS, Delhi Rajesh Chhabra, IMS, Gurgaon

03 January K.C Pazhanivelan , Shared, Chennai Kundan Kumar Tiwari, Shared, Delhi Mohammad Mojahid Alam, IMS, Noida Rahul Kumar Amardev Yadav, IMS, Mumbai

04 January Krishan More, IMS, Mumbai Prasad Deepak Mantri, InS, Mumbai Putta Natraj, IMS, Hyderabad Yogendra Kumar, IMS, Delhi

05 January Kumar Manvendra, InS, Delhi Rajat Sehgal, IMS, Gurgaon Shashank Dhingra, InS, Delhi Sujit Ganguly, IMS, Delhi Umesh Kumar Mishra, Shared, Delhi Vijay Pandey, IMS, Gurgaon

06 January Abhishek Gupta, BAECS, Kamal Talukdar, IMS, Kolkata Reshma Khatoon, IMS, Gurgaon Richa Tyagi, Shared, Corporate Shashank Gupta, InS, Delhi 24

08 January Anurag Kumar Rai, BACS, Delhi Madan Kumar Jha, IMS, Gurgaon Mohit Kumar, IMS, Gurgaon

09 January Tushar Pandit Lagade, InS, Mumbai

10 January Dharmendra Kumar Sharma, InS, Delhi Dwarika Prasad Simalti, IMS, Delhi G.Siva Sakthivel, IMS, Chennai Kamlesh , IMS, Noida Mahesh Kumar, IMS, Gurgaon Sangamlal Ramsajivan Patel, IMS, Mumbai Tapas Kumar Chain, IMS, Kolkata

11 January Himank Luthra, IS, Gurgaon Manoj Anant Kadam, IMS, Mumbai Vidhi Khera, IS, Gurgaon

12 January Devendran Nadar, IMS, Mumbai Mallesh Ramulu Boddu, IMS, Mumbai Radhe Shyam Kumar, IMS, Gurgaon

13 January A Syed Mahathum, IMS, Chennai Jatin Sawhney, IS, Corporate Sandeep Pokhriyal, IMS, Noida Shailendra Rai, IMS, Delhi

15 January Lila Ram, IMS, Delhi Pankaj Kumar, IMS, Corporate Pankaj Sinha, IS, Gurgaon Puja Chauhan, IMS, Delhi Sunil Kumar Nautiyal, Shared, Mumbai Tanveer Ashraf, IMS, Delhi

December 2012

16 January

24 January

Bajrang Lal, IS, Gurgaon Era Dhyani, InS, Delhi

GP Pandey, BACS, Delhi Rana Roy, InS, Mumbai

18 January

25 January

Aftab Alam Ansari, IMS, Corporate Sujeet Kumar Jha, Shared, Delhi

Amit Kumar Jha, BACS, Delhi Aniket Tawade, IMS, Mumbai Chetna , IMS, Delhi Naveen Prasad Gupta, InS, Delhi Saugat Banerjee, InS, Delhi Shivanand V Kambli, IMS, Mumbai Vipin Swarnkar, IMS, Ahmedabad

19 January Lalit Bhatt, IMS, Delhi Ramchandra Mahadev Parab, InS, Mumbai Rohit Mohindra, InS, Delhi Shrimi Saha, Shared, Corporate

20 January Gyanendra Singh, IMS, Gurgaon Mohd. Salman Khan, InS, Delhi Pawan Juyal, IMS, Delhi

21 January Manesh Ramesh Khot, IS, Mumbai Pankaj Gera, BACS, Delhi Rajeev Kumar, Shared, Corporate Sayantani Biswas, InS, Mumbai

22 January Gouranga Jana, IMS, Noida Jai Prakash, IMS, Noida Packeer , IMS, Purnima Pasi, InS, Delhi Varun Kumar Gupta, BACS, Delhi

26 January Gaurav Setia, InS, Delhi Kaptan Singh, IMS, Noida

27 January Parveen Kumar, Shared, Delhi Sams Rijwan, InS, Delhi

29 January Santosh M , InS, Bengaluru

30 January Sandeep Kumar, IMS, Gurgaon

31 January Priyanka Rani, BACS, Delhi Sunil K Khot, IMS, Mumbai

23 January Chinmoy Manna, IMS, Gurgaon Kavitha C Rao, InS, Bengaluru

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Team Sprit December 2012  

Team Sprit December 2012, Whats happening in Team