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Drawings Drawing was always important part of my life. Many times it helped me deal with personal problems. It simply started as a hobby, I began to draw when I was 12 years old, but with time, my passion towards it grew bigger and I eventually decided to study art and design.

My own works


Model Studies


Paper, 50x70 cm

Illustration dedicated to T. PratcheTT’s works

Paper, 50x70 cm


Photography Photography is something completely new for me, I never had much contact with professional cameras before, but thanks to my studies, I am learning quickly with good results.

Model. Inez Kluziak


Model. Natalia Sabala


Form Studies Using manual skills is essential part of being an artist. For me, clay, foam or fabric can be as good medium as computer screen or paper. Traditional art like sculpture is something that comes easily to me, as well as sewing and gluing things together.


White clay and feathers


White Foam and Felt


Animal Ears

Leather and fake fur


Animation If five years ago, someone would tell me I will be making animations, I would not believe them. I always thought it is too hard for me. But now I chose animation as my specialisation. It is fascinating how fast you can learn new things and how quickly something can become your passion.

3D Ball [Link]

Cube [link]

Dog Tail [LINK]

Cat Tail [Link]


Typography For me, typography was nothing but some group of letters and words, put in a right order. Now, when I learned more about it, I know it is important to know how to set titles and images together to make them look good. But kinetic typography is what appeals to me the most. It is fun to make animations only using words and motion.

Poster with my own font, Geekspin

Geekspin in animation



About me My name is Dominika Kowalska I am student of New Media/Animation specialisation, on Polish–Japanese Institute Of Information Technology. I was born in 1993 and my interest in art began when I was graduating primary school. I started to draw on my own and it would remaind that way if not suggestion from my friend, that I should be taking classes from a professional. In my free time, I try to draw more, improve my skills on my own, but I also spend much time playing video games or writing. I intend to develope my animtion skills soon in the future, as well as in kinetic typography. For my works I use Adobe software, such as Photoshop and After Effects; Maya 2014 for 3D. I believe there is nothing impossible to acomplish. You only have to try and give yourself a chance to make your best in following your dreams. Contact: