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SOLAR POWER ‘I’m a sucker for vintage design, and loved the shape of these Edison-style solar lights’

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ABOUT ME I’m Heather Young, 37, and I live with my husband Ben, 38, and our twins, Esme and Alfie, seven, in a 1970s four-bed detached house in Berkshire. We moved here in May 2011 and it’s taken us six years to tackle the garden. MY CHALLENGE The side return area of our garden was a really awkward space to work with. It was edged by an ugly 1970s patterned concrete wall, and just ended up being a dumping ground for all sorts of clutter. MY WISH LIST We wanted to create a social zone, so seating was a must. As keen campers, we like cooking and sitting around an open fire, so we loved the idea of a permanent fire pit.

94 | AUGUST 2017

TRICKY SPACE ‘This side return area is an awkward, triangular shape, but it makes the perfect hang out spot’