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HANDCRAFTED ‘My dad, Robin, made this unusual towel rail out of driftwood and old nails’



‘Metro tiles in the kitchen are a great way to introduce a block of colour. This neutral grey works well, or you could try out a bolder hue, like turquoise.’

‘DON’T BE AFRAID TO USE PINK IN THE KITCHEN – IT’S PERFECT FOR BRINGING A LIGHT, FRESH FEEL TO A ROOM’ TABLE TALK ‘We chose a small table to save on space, but it can be pulled away from the wall and extended if we have guests over’

the property was altered beyond recognition. The old kitchen was at the end of a dark corridor and squeezed into a space barely big enough for a cooker and a fridge. A worktop blocked the back door and a cramped bathroom, along with an outdoor toilet, was behind that.

Getting to work The day we came to start work on the flat, the lock on the front door broke and we had to break in. We decided that, from then on, the only way was up! Chris and one of his friends did all the building work, stripping out the old fittings and taking out non load-bearing walls so we could redesign the layout. They used some of the old kitchen space to create a bigger bathroom and utility room, then moved the back door and knocked down the outside toilet to

34 | AUGUST 2017