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ARTIST IN RESIDENCE ‘Gary made these papier mache heads when we lived in Surrey – they make a really eye-catching display’


ABOUT ME I’m Lin Rogers, 61, and I live with my husband, Gary, 58, and our black cat Jasmine. MY HOME A 10-year-old end of terrace in St Ives, Cornwall. WHEN I MOVED IN It has three storeys and four bedrooms, and was built as a live/work space. This means that the ground floor is one large room. It was created as an artist’s studio, but we wanted to turn it into a guest flat. AND NOW The studio already had a shower room so, to convert it, we simply added a kitchen. The rest of the work was mainly cosmetic. STYLE TIP If you have lots of artworks, keep walls neutral so colour coordination isn’t a worry.

20 | AUGUST 2017

‘We escaped