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Leeds College of Art -BA (Hons) ILLUSTRATION



LAUIL603 Extended Practice




Neneh Patel


10th May 2018

Rationale To produce a body of work that reflects my personal interests in science an technology and allows me to develop my skills - both digital and handmade. I want my work to have a certain mystery and intrigue, and highlight the use of handmade/drawn ink and painted textures. Across a variety of briefs, create conceptual work through the use of visual metaphors.

Themes / Subjects Editorial - current affairs/ opinion pieces Machinery and automation - Science/industry based imagery, informed by research Personal/emotional reaction to music - still images and movement and narrative in gifs or a longer piece

Products / Methods of Distribution Products: Screenprints Hotdog book Book cover design Editorial images and gifs Animation Methods of Distribution: Publishers Instagram Website Practical Skills / Media / Formats Ink drawings Gouache paintings Handmade textures - ink and paint Photoshop - editing colours, testing compositions and creating assets to animate in After Effects After Effects - motion graphic for gifs, final animation, and to develop my skills further in this area

STUDIO PRACTICE Statement of Intent 2

Brief 1: Music Video for ‘Disconnect’ by Clean Bandit & Marina and The Diamonds



Rationale: Having had the original music commission fall through, I wanted to continue with a longer animation for a song of my choice. This song contains a lot of interesting imagery, but I don’t just want to illustrate the lyrics; I want to create an emotive response. The imagery is going to be based on my personal experience of dealing with alopecia and I want to link back to the band’s colour scheme and logo, so it fits in with their imagery. Brief 2: Print Stuff



Rationale: I want this work to be an investigation into machinery and automation. I particularly like Armley Mills, just due to the scale of the exhibits; there is a lot to take in. I want to pick out some of the most interesting things that I have seen, in order to showcase the museum’s collection. The final pieces will be screen printed in order to sell at the Print Stuff fair. Brief 3: Editorials



Rationale: For the editorial images - I want to make a collection of strong imagery that has a considered use of visual metaphors - something that I would like to improve upon in my work. For some of the pieces, I will have a short time frame and treat it as if it was a real commission, aiming to get quicker at making work for these type of briefs which, in the real world, would have a very quick turnaround. Brief 4: Secret 7



Rationale: In approaching this brief, I want to look at the songs as editorials. I like the use of visual metaphors from editorial articles, and want to extend this to the way that I interpret songs too. Brief 5: Penguin Book Cover Design



Rationale: This was a way to further explore the theme of science and technology, but through the format of a book cover design instead of an editorial. Brief 6: YCN Bumble



Rationale: I want make a cohesive body of work for this and really be challenged to make work within the restrictions of the brand guidelines. Extending this project into short animations is also a way to really push my practice into motion graphics. Brief 7: The Colour of Madness



Rationale: Building on from my COP work focussing on identity for minority groups, this is the chance to apply that sensitivity in order to look at BAME mental health. Brief 8: Lifting Tower



Rationale: Testing skills in the short gif-style animations and preparing work for that is presented to the public through large-scale projection. Brief 9: Peter & Paul, LAU Mural



Rationale: Another live brief, which involves responding to a quote. I want this to be a challenge instead of having a whole article to generate work from, the imagery will be a lot more focussed. Brief 10: Roomzzz



Rationale: A short turnaround brief, to see my work across different applications - in this case, a mural each for two new hotels. Brief 11: Hookworms



Rationale: The chance to apply my work to a live brief for poster format and to respond to music in order to make work.

Final Statement of Intent  
Final Statement of Intent