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Revised Statement of Intent - Neneh Patel Friday 9/2/18 Rationale I want this work to be a cohesive body that better explored the relationship between embroidery and illustration. However, I also want to adapt my process to allow for quicker turnaround briefs such as weekly editorial pieces. Themes/ subjects Editorial, publishing, crossover between textile and print media, exhibition, animation Products​ - Zines, exhibition, animation, book cover Methods of distribution​ - Social media, mailers, print fair, competition briefs Practical skills / media / formats Painting, screen print, machine embroidery, After effects Brief ​Weekly Editorial Deadline ​Ongoing/ weekly submission - submit to news outlets as a collection in April Rationale​ To make a series of editorial pieces each week from an article I have chosen. Maybe allow someone else to choose the article so I get to illustrate a wider range of articles than I might choose myself. Focus on quick turnaround and use of visual metaphor. Set time limit for making this? Brief ​Multi-academy trust logo Deadline​ 12/2/18 Pudsey waterloo and primrose hill —> Owlcotes multi-academy trust Online and print, eye-catching and recognisable Brief ​The Colour of Madness Deadline​ 18/2/18 Rationale​ Create a piece of work that represents your experience of mental health Brief ​MadeByTheWoods logo design Deadline​ 9am 19/2/18 Rationale​ Woodland, reclaimed wood, recycling, muted, natural colours. Examples of how to use across different platforms Brief ​27 club Deadline​ 3pm - 1/3/18 Rationale​ 27 x 27cm artwork for a chosen artist from given list

Brief ​Penguin Book Award Deadline​ 12 noon 6/3/18 Rationale​ A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking. Create a book cover, to the requirements of the submission template. Focus on use of visual metaphors! Brief ​Bumble Deadline​ 11.59pm GMT on Thursday 22nd March 2018 Rationale​ Create a series of illustrated designs for print advertising and animated videos for social media. Brief ​KFC Deadline​ 11.59pm GMT on Thursday 22nd March 2018 Rationale​ Single image for a modern redesign of the KFC bucket focussing on the idea of family and community. Images of placement of image on bucket. Brief ​Batsford Prize Deadline​ 28/3/18 Rationale​ Theme of ‘Craving Colour’. Create a video, using After Effects which illustrates the theme. Look at storytelling and the interplay between animation and music. ● 5 digital images of the work, OR a digital version of a picture book/graphic novel, OR a video (plus stills) ● a supporting statement of up to 500 words (to be included on the entry form) Brief ​Carmelite Prize Deadline​ 11:59 pm GMT on 6th April 2018 Rationale​ Create designs for the ‘Beyond the sea’ story about a little otter. Brief ​Textile machine embroidery, Armley Mills exhibition proposal/ Print stuff fair Deadline​ 25/418 Rationale​ Create work for a proposed exhibition in Armley Mills on the theme of ghost stories/ history of textile mills and based on experiential research at the site. Combine Traditional media and machine embroidery. Storytelling and narrative in wordless series of images. Brief ​3 zine series - Print Stuff fair Deadline​ 25/4/18 Rationale​ Storytelling, wordless picture book. Screenprint to create a collection of handmade artifacts ready to be presented at Print Stuff Fair. Think about packaging and professional packaging. Additionally, business cards, stall decorations, etc. Brief ​Music Video Deadline​ 30/4/18 Rationale​ Use After Effects to create motion graphics music video for the song ‘Disconnect’. Check for copyright guidelines?

Brief ​Music Video Deadline​ TBC Rationale​ Use After Effects to create motion graphics music video based on the idea of a journey for a 30 minute recital. Collaboration with Leeds College of Music student. Brief ​Self portrait 7”x7” Deadline​ 21/5/18 - weekly deadline Rationale​ Create a series of weekly self portraits that accurately depict your creative self at this point. How does this progress throughout the term? Brief ​Gal Dem zine Rationale​ Submission of work for zine Brief ​Yellw zine Rationale​ Submission of work for zine

February statement of intent  
February statement of intent