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September 2019

Issue 09

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Oh yeah.  And better than ever.  Go behind the scenes of Operation Reboot

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YOU WANT IT? STICK WITH IT by Josie Steedman Why is it so easy to break the promises you make to yourself? I’m noticing August is one of those months we tend to lose commitment. We get distracted by sunny days and holidays, kids, picnics, boozy summer bbqs, seaside excursions, gardening projects. Our intentions to practice, commit to our health, fall to one side and then, we fall back into our Samskaras (old behaviours, mental imprints). These little buggers are deep rooted and create a groove that’s difficult to resist – so absolutely take some compassion here. But (pattern interrupt incoming) that’s it. Tough love.  Now you’re aware of what’s at play…let’s carve a new Karmic path and revisit what’s important. You!Yoga, remember, is about thriving in all areas of your life. So that’s not something to get distracted from. Which is why during August we’re planning a month of reconnecting you to your discipline, your passion, your ‘why the hell am I here if it's not to feel fantastic’. We’ve got practices that will show you how being faithful to your self will get you the results (in time). You will not want to miss a session. #Keepyourpromises. Let's do this. August 2020

Issue 9


Here's a record of our first online/instudio class led by Kat. As teachers we have had to #makefriends with new ways of sharing yoga as a practice. But have we finally "made friends" with the tech? ;)

by Josie Steedman

INSTANTLY MEET YOUR NEEDS FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR YOGA MAT. What happens when you really want or expect something and (for whatever reason) it doesn’t happen? Maybe you had a situation like that recently? Let’s see if you can relate. OK, maybe you nailed a presentation at work and expected your boss to notice, uh oh. They didn’t. You wanted your nearest and dearest to tell you how great you look, but the hair cut you got was, quite frankly, wasted on them. You expected your friend to know that you’re up to your eyeballs with work and need dragging out for coffee, but the knock on the door or text never lands. How does any of that feel? Icky, uncomfortable, emotional? All three? Us humans are not that complicated really. According to psychologist Abraham Maslow, we have four basic needs (beyond of course those that keep us alive – shelter, food, warmth, water, etc). Want to know what they are? OK. Acceptance Appreciation Attention Affection. And get this. When any of these four needs are not met, we experience STRESS. Oh dear! So, if its wellbeing you’re after, your job is to get your needs met and minimise stress. But, hold up. Not so fast. If your needs are not getting met from external sources. If the people around you and external situations are letting you down all the time, what then? Easy.  We simply don’t rely on those sources for our happiness. It’s an inside job that’s required here. I’ve got FIVE practical ways to help you instantly meet your needs and derail stress from the safety and comfort of your yoga mat (or meditation pillow). Read them all on the blog. Here's the link. https://www.yogalocal.co.uk/instantly-meetneeds-derail-stress-safety-comfort-yoga-mat/

August 2020

#makefriends YOUR MONTH AND ME by Josie Steedman Do you pay regular visits to yourself? When was the last time you checked in? Held a mirror up and reintroduced yourself to yourself? It might sound nuts, but just like you can’t step into the same river twice, (think about it), each time you check in with yourself the experience will be different. You are not the you you were when you first started reading this post. New information and energy is shaping you in every moment. In fact, I find it helpful to literally think of my Self as a wave, rather than a fixed object. Just like a river… we flow. Which is why we invited you to #MakeFriends here at Yoga Local in July. To reinforce the message that NOW is always the time for yoga. To tend and befriend. To repair and hold space, to nurture and grow into your Self as it is TODAY in this moment. Here's a reminder of the teachings we worked with. Avidya (Ignorance of the true Self). Asmita (Identification with the Ego). Raga and Dvesha (Attachments to Pleasure and Aversion to Discomfort). Abinevesha (Fear of Endings |Death). Karma (Consequences of Choice).You might be thinking that it’s easier just sticking with the bending, strengthening and flexing aspects of the practice…  you’d be right.. but you can get that in a gym. This is yoga – and it goes deeper. Ask yourself, what could be uncovered, be possible, if you commit to go deeper,

Josie. x Issue 09

A YOGA ASSIST by Paul Warner

Want to join the LIVE classes? Need help signing up? Want the app on your phone? Struggling to add a membership? Confused by the timetable? Want to bring a Friend for FREE? You can now get help with any queries, concerns from a real person (and fellow yogi)

OUR DOORS ARE OPEN by Josie Steedman It's been four flipping long months... but on Saturday 25 August we got to reopen the studio doors once again. Yes we're back in person! And we're so excited (so much so we've been making crazy videos for you like this one). It's so good to be back...and not just as we we were... but with more....

More classes More teachers More ways to practice More times to practice All from the studio space here at Nene Court, The Embankment, Wellingborough.

Things have had to change a bit about the place... and not just to keep you safe (which is of course number one on the list). But we're also embracing a whole new way of teaching - with online and in person options on every class. (Can I give you a quick heads up here to make sure you check your booking as spaces are limited in the studio and online spaces cannot be switched for in studio ones). So..now you've made a mental note to do that...there's some other stuff we need you to do.. "What's the drill Josie?"  I hear you ask... Well, I whipped up this infographic to make it a bit more fun explaining it to you... take a look. How's that all sound? Are you onboard? Are you excited to be part of this? We know this is still a weird and worrying time, so if you do have any questions or concerns you know where I am and I'm ready to listen. Just drop an email to josie@yogalocal.co.uk and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  In the meantime - for goodness sake đ&#x;˜‰ come back and see us as soon as you feel you can. We have missed you!

August 2020

paul called me and talked me through the whole thing thank you Don't struggle, we are here to help. email assist@yogalocal.co.uk or just call Paul on 07764151368

GET TOOLED UP by Josie Steedman

Because this month we're finding the will, heat and passion to get serious about keeping our promises to ourself  it might also be the time to tool up for the job. If you need a new mat, blocks, bolsters, straps, incense sticks, eye pillows, essential oils or a diffuser we've got you covered. Visit our online store. https://www.yogalocal.co.uk/your-store


Issue 9

HOW TO COMMIT by Josie Steedman In class last week, you’d have heard us talking about the empowering nature of Karma because it reminds us that, “we get to choose”. If you weren’t there. Let’s recap. Yoga teaches us that when we’re fully conscious, present, in the moment we can give space to the idea that our life experience is our responsibility and there’s the opportunity to shift its direction if we choose. To me a life not present is like sleep walking (as opposed to grabbing it by the balls and staying engaged with it).So what are you choosing? I’d hazard a guess that you made a promise to choose better for yourself at the beginning of 2020? Diet, exercise, relationships, career, health, finances all get a January 1st overall. It goes with the digestive issues brought on by Christmas excess right?Now it’s August! Are you keeping your promises to yourself?  How many times did you bail on your good intentions? What got in the way? What was the consequences of quitting on your self? It’s never too late to reconnect to life, to reclaim it, grab it (wherever you want to grab it) and be engaged with it. And lucky you. This month at Yoga Local we’re going to help you figure this commitment to yourself thing out. Using the yoga teaching of tapas (discipline) we’ll be asking you to lean into discomfort, and overcome your resistence to do the work. You will learn to own your level of inertia (your current state) and develop tejas  - energy, vitality and charisma. We will remind you of your love to practice, your love for yourself, and your desire to reach your full potential. We all have something we resist doing, avoid, or put off. If something is challenging, don’t be discouraged. It’s time to show humility, show up and practice.  See you in class.

How do the YL teaching team stay disciplined when they feel like skipping a pose (or an entire practice)... #Keepyour promises...

Marie (Maz) Newton At the start of the week I choose 2 days that I'll dedicate time to a longer, more focused practice. I'll make sure at least 1 of these is with a teacher, either online or in person, so I'm booked in and committed! I often avoid seated forward folds as they can make me feel judgemental about my body. To overcome this, I remind myself of the progress I've made and try explore them with curiosity rather than judgment.

Becky Gosney

Josie Steedman I journal! On a Sunday evening I'll create a snapshot of how I want the week to go and I'll revisit my intentions every day. August 2020


I listen to what my body needs and try my best not to ignore it. As I do a lot of sport when I plan training sessions I make sure my yoga practice compliments its, like yin and yang. And know even if I don’t feel like it I will feel better afterwards! I also commit to attending a class at least twice a month rather than just self practice. I am avoiding backbends currently, spending hours leaning forward on a bike means I have to work on them and know consistency is key to glean the benefits

Kat Weaver I try to practise yoga 6 days per week. Some days my yoga consists of taking a moment to sit, breath and stretch. Other days I will do a full practise. I committ to attend on counted Ashtanga class and one Mysore class a week. I also love to attend my fellow teachers classes as well when commitments do not clash. I am not naturally flexible and have a busy mind so find I avoid yin style practises whilst acknowledging this is the style of practise I would benefit from so have been committing to a weekly releasing practise of my own. I am very aware my ego and have found the practise of Ashtanga feeds my desire for strength whilst makes me focus on breath to release and find my flexibility. I can in asanas that I struggle speed my breath up to get out of it quickly!!! For me back bending is my struggle. Specifically pursvottanasana and urdvha dhanurasana (wheel. I have shared views on backbends with my teacher and her guidance helps me work through the breath required. Back bending opens the heart and can bring with it a sense of vulnerability which having a teacher support me through has helped. I have used my self practise to translate the concept of heart opening throughout my practise in general which has really helped. ❤ Issue 9

CLASS SPOTLIGHT Class: Yoga FIT A fun, flowing and dynamic yoga session to work the whole body, strengthen the core and increase overall body strength and mobility. It is a strong dynamic flow that can be tailored to beginners and well practiced yogis alike, with progressions and regressions, breaking down the moves into stages allowing you to challenge yourself that little bit further but within your own control and adaptive to all. The aim is to have fun, challenge yourself by being inspired to take it a little further in a safe environment where the physiology of proper alignment, form and function is understood, building on muscle activation and power. Key poses: Plank, (knees down or full plank both encouraged). Body weight movements, core activation, glute work, the warrior series and a smile. Mood: Find strength, explore this dynamic flow, build your confidence during the fun flowing movement. Building your ability to complete body weight movements and generate a rush of feel good endorphins. Pick this class if: You want to get stronger in your body You want to get more mobility in the range of movement. You want t to feel confident in your own skin, are looking for something to tone you up. You want to have fun You want to do a workout that with challenge you but be well informed and with the correct alignment. You want to feel energised and full of life, invigorating your whole body and mind and overall performance for daily life.

August 2020


by Josie Steedman

It's hard to see or appreciate what goes on behind the scenes of a business in lockdown, but so much has happened in this space since we had to shut our doors in March. Things have been bought, scrapped, sent back, broke down, repaired, tweaked, hoisted, changed, added (new classes, new teachers, new tools)... to not only serve you guys online during lockdown, but to get this place ready for the reboot, the return... stronger than ever! A huge big thank you for the support you've shown during this strange and challenging time - even if it's just been to read my emails and these newsletters.. ;)Â And a big shout out to the YL TEAM (teachers and tech support!) YL would not be here and things would not be the same without you.... THANKYOU JX Issue 09


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