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Yoga Vocal - Issue 5

March  2020 - I s s u e 0 5 

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b y  J o s i e  S t e e d m a n

I’m letting out a big exhale writing this… phew! I never expected how deep we’d all have to dig into that call to #BeBrave in March. It’s easy to get a bit glib about intention setting. I know when I’m not in the right space it can feel a bit cutesy! I don’t always relate - yeah I’m human too! But then… they land! Big! And although the wisdom behind them is tough to hear, the message resonates in your bones… Wowzer. In that video to the right there, I was afraid. I NEVER wanted to be an online business, it was NEVER part of my plan. The universe, however, had other ideas, and it was a call to show up, be afraid and brave at the same time. And you’ve been brave too. You’ve stuck with your practice, you’ve got over your fear of tech, you’ve shifted and adjusted to the ever changing landscape.. and that, my yogi friends, is how we thrive and grow. Together we’ve got this. Love J X

YL Kali Member Amanda Saxby overcoming the obstacle of being blockless!



Hang on… before you ditch this blog. Before you say ‘no way Josie’, I’m no triathlete, nope, not a chance…why would I want to do that? Hear me out. Ask yourself first my yogi friends, do you love to exercise and stay active? Great, me too.

YL Member Amanda Saxby overcoming the obstacle of being 'blockless'. We can recommend other solutions... but this one seems to be doing the job. :)

It makes me feel better physically and mentally. Simple. But did you know the setting you exercise in can add on extra benefits? Water and “blue” space helps us relax and can potentially give us more of a mental boost than slogging it out in the gym, or at home where we’re dodging distractions and sensory stimuli. You know – your phone, TV, music, apps etc.Being around water gives our brains a breakI love the open water. In it, out of it, beside it, on it. And guess what.

There’s a reason many of us feel that way. Intuitively we get that being around water gives our brains a break. When we’re near the water, under the water, we get a cognitive rest. We find a sense of calm and clarity. We know intuitively and instinctively that being in and around the blue stuff makes us feel great and it’s also a very real thing scientifically.

In the book Blue Mind, by Wallace J. Nichols, he talks about the science that shows that being around water can make you happier, healthier, more connected and better at what you do.So my yogis-intraining out there, what I’m saying is, don’t under estimate how much being near (or in) the water while you exercise can impact everything from your level of stress to your creativity, clarity, sense of connection and ability to rest/sleep. My personal favourite water haunt is Box End Park.

Next week, April 1, the lakes will be open for swimming. If you are new to swimming in lakes, I can recommend a great coach, Gavin Prior, of Tri.Somi



Aside from the Corono Virus craziness and shifting our practice online, (temporarily) what else went down? Oh yeah.. we all took flight! Using our #BeBrave theme, we worked into the actions of Crow pose – that’s an arm balance that requires balance, hip strength, core stability, arm strength, wrist strength (not to mention a good dollop of balsyness).

Week 1 we used the intention of being balanced and loving as we got over ourselves and our fears and toyed with ‘what’s possible’. Week 2, we got more trusting and opened our heart and mind to feeling ‘something else’, recognising that regular practice offers us the opportunity to create our sense of happiness and take responsibility for our progress. Week 3 we dug into strength and support. Core and balance work can leave feelings of shame and discomfort so we prepared to just enjoy the ride. And by week 4 we were tapping into inner confidence and freedom. To be enough. And yes some of us got off the ground… but for those that didn’t just remember…the journey beats the destination. #BeBrave do the work.

Josie. x


Want to join the LIVE classes? Need help signing up? Want the app on your phone? Struggling to add a membership? Confused by the timetable? You can now get help with any queries, concerns or just help with the technology from a real person (and fellow yogi)  Don't struggle, we are here to help. email assist@yogalocal.co.uk or just call Paul on 07764151368


Want to know what theme we're working with this month...? #BeStill. (Who knew you'd have a little universal assist on this one)

Seriously, these themes I planned at the beginning of the year - and no, I didn't know we'd all be on lock down... but if you want your tarot reading? Just kidding. Just like our call to #BeBrave and move into taking flight in crow, your challenge in April is to #BeStill and move into warming up for a deeper forward folding practice.

But, when we get still and silent we tap into a level of mindfulness and source of awareness that let's that shizzle go. Awareness gives us a clear window into our physical body and all the other aspects of our 'Self' that might be acting up, so we can work with intention to create a more peaceful inner environment. It's from this space that we bust through obstacles that stop us moving forward. Why Be Still?For me it's all about the Law of Least Effort. Maximum benefit minimum effort. Some times we need to step aside, and let 'it' happen. Nature is intelligent, your body is intelligent....it knowwws. You see that whenever you pay attention to nature - it just gets to work(when we let it - did you see my post on the ozone?) Be still and release the need to control and allow nature to get to work, step into flow. Release the struggle... and see what happens. Something bigger than your individual 'Self' is always in play. Tap into that, because you are connected to it. #BeStill

Why Forward Folds? Forward folds help us work with our central nervous system and increase our capacity to release tension as we stretch. When our mind's anxious our body will follow, our emotions kick in and we limit the potential of our practice - i.e how much freedom we have to move. If you're body's tight with emotion, and your mind's distracted - you ain't moving nowhere! Not safely and with wisdom, that's for sure.


My go to essential oil blend this month has been doTERRA On Guard. It’s been diffusing at home pretty much 24/7 (as it was in the studio before we shifted online.) This blend is known to have positive effects on the immune system when ingested. Grab yours HERE

doTerra On Guard being diffused in Josie's house this month...



b y  J o s i e  S t e e d m a n

So, big brave pants donned, we are online. Test runs, done. We did it. And mastering the tech wasn’t such a big deal. Don’t believe me… listen to this lot

Anita Boiling – “It was fab, you were amazing! I felt like I was in the studio. Anyone not sure....try it. The Zoom app is so easy to use, and it feels like a 1 to 1 class.”
Sara Austin – “Completely brilliant session. Pretty seamless and very easy to access using Zoom.” Francesca Ufton – “Great online Rise class today Josie....thank you so much for getting this set up, worked so well....looking forward to the next one! Xx”
Amanda Saxby – “Thank YOU Josie it was great. Nearly as good as being in your studio. This will make a big difference to everything over the next few weeks. Easy to set up the technology too.”
Sarah Crickmar – “Really was good! Totally worth a try if you’re a beginner or more advanced, was just like being in the studio and so easy to set up! x”

If you’ve not tested the online water yet, what are you waiting for? Here’s how to take the plunge.

Before the start of class you need to download the free software Zoom. www.zoom.us

If you are using a phone then you need to download the “Zoom Mobile app”. Look for link to the Apple App Store/Google play.

You will receive your invitation via email before the class begins.

Class registration will be closed 1 hour before the start of the class.If you do not receive an email invite at least one hour before the class check your junk. If you still don't have it go to your GoTeamUp account – the link will be available 48hrs before class!

The invitation will have a link to click, which will take you directly to the Zoom class. If you get a message that the host isn’t ready just wait. You beat us to it… no rushing to yoga guys…;) We’ll aim to open the session 10 minutes before we are due to start.

Find somewhere quiet where you are not likely to be interrupted or distracted to practice. Make sure you can stretch out your arms and legs and try and find room either side of your mat too if you can. You should be able to see yourself and other attendees on your screen.

Position your camera so we can see you when you are lying down, and sitting. You’ll get usual cues and adjustments just as if we were in the room with you.

Face your mat horizontal to your device if you can rather than face on. Before the class we’ll say hi and chat with each other like we would normally in the studio.

Once class has started all members go on mute so the camera stays on the teacher. Please wave if you have a question or comment, and the teacher will speak directly to you. We’ll take you off mute at the end of the class so we can feedback and chat some more.


The teachers have LOVED spending time with your guys in 'your space' and seeing how you are all adapting leaves us all with a very warm glow inside - thank you. Send them to Josie@yogalocal.co.uk


According to a study by House Beautiful magazine, we open the fridge 23 times a day on average, well… I have blown that stat out of the water single handed…

Has anyone else developed an obsession with the fridge?

I blame the change of routine. Like most of you, I am stuck at home for who knows how long and I am trying to use my Ayurveda teaching to only eat when I a hungry. Sounds simple right? The problem is because my routine is all over the place, when I pause, I think ‘ooh, I know, I will eat something’ big fail, HUGE!

Now throw in to the mix that non vegans are buying vegan food types just because they think the world will end so they are going to stuff themselves with plant based food and my guess is that when the overdose of lentils give them the shits, they will use the 3000 toilet roles they have bought to wipe up the mess!

Seriously though, it has been much harder to stick to the plan when the foods on offer are not only limited but seem to have hugely increased in price. Since when was a cucumber a quid??

But, I have, for the main stuck to the plan. My indulgence has been a Jacket Potato with Prawns and I am drinking more coffee now having given it up for a while. I struggle in the evenings as like most people, I get the munchies and for a while, I would dive into the peanut butter jar but the weighing scales had other thoughts so I am now trying to up my water intake to tell the hunger monster to do one.

I am determined to see this through. Each month, join me for an update.


Some good news stories from around the world...

The United Nations environmental agency declared that at this current momentum, most parts of the ozone layer are on track to heal completely in our lifetime.

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home reportedly re-homed more than double their usual amount of cats and dogs last week. Pet shops were also cleared as people looked for a companion for the lockdown.

British scientists have developed a new ventilator for the NHS in just a week – they hope the simple design will make it easy for manufacturers to produce en masse. Millions of the world’s poorest people will receive over 20 million hygiene and cleaning products, including soap and bleach, from a new campaign by Unilever and the Department for International Development. mental health company called Unmind has made their online resources free for all NHS workers to combat the impact of pressure and demand on staff mental health caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. They’ve already had 7,000 NHS staff members sign up.

A World War II veteran, Jack Bowden, is believed to be the oldest person in the UK to survive coronavirus. The former Royal Navy petty officer is 98 and was discharged from the hospital three days after testing positive.

Graffiti artists in Senegal are using their spray cans to spread public health awareness messages and encourage people to protect themselves. Many read “Together against Covid-19,” while other messages, which were spray-painted next to a health hotline number, said “A big thank you to the caregivers.”

Dogs are being trained by scientists to see if they can detect coronavirus through their sense of smell. It follows earlier research that showed that dogs can detect malaria. If successful, the dogs could be stationed at airports after the epidemic to prevent the disease returning.

A group of nine friends have set up a non-profit called Meals for the NHS, which after receiving donations from the public, provide front line workers at London’s NHS hospitals with free meals. A £30 donation feeds six NHS workers – cooked by restaurants suffering financially during the lockdown. So far over £100,000 has been raised.


It's easy to take for granted that stuff will just 'be there' or to use the excuse 'I haven't got any kit'. We would normally just send you to our online store but we are on lockdown so we need to improvise right? That's what yogis do, they don't just give up... SO.

We have selected a couple of different options from Amazon for mats, straps and blocks, all of which have great reviews are from brands we know and trust. They will be delivered by Amazon and if you get your arse in gear will be here in time for your next class!

So what are you waiting for?



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