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September 2019


Issue 03

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WHAT'S NEXT? by Josie Steedman The path to true love never runs smoothly, as they say. But you also don’t just give up on it either. So, news in. Nope, I’m not on track with plans to extend our YL studio space, yes, it has been stressful, as of writing ‘no’ my, shower space is still not useable 7 months on and yes, I’ve dug deep into every yoga tool to stay detached and centred. But faith remains. I do trust I will get to break out my happy dance, in time. So, if you are finding it hard to let go and accept the way things unfold in your life or like me, think it will be a disaster if it doesn’t go exactly as planned. I’m with you. You can maybe join me in the moment now. To find some peace, surrender, and ask the universe to show me what’s next? Watch this space... J X January 2020

Issue 03


Use your practice to notice where and what you're judging yourself, others, your practice. Notice how judgement dissolves when you keep staying curious, ask questions, and just come to a place where you are present, just present, with what is. Jx

by Josie Steedman

The Law of Least Effort has been at work. And that’s not even a sarcastic nod to the fact that I’ve not been blogging about what life’s been like ‘living with Deepak’. Just lately I’ve been too busy clapping along with Pharrell Williams…because I’m happy…. and yes, I do feel like a room without a roof. How’s that possible, when did it happen? Ok, it’s not been an overnight thing, but when I went back to an old meditation with Deepak on Perfect Health it hit me what might have been at play these last couple of months. What I think has been happening is I’ve been building my matrix. Slowly, gradually I’ve been making changes, exploring new habits and building an environment where my mind can consciously and freely choose the most beneficial things that will restore and maintain balance in my life. I’ve been feeling my heart and choosing to listen to it.  That’s what’s been giving me my direction. And it’s taken me to all sort of great places – with seemingly no effort, no struggle. Deepak is so right when he says little changes can amount to big benefits. I’m convinced that my Yoga practice is helping me find my way in life and I’m not even conscious of how at times. It just happens. Just as a flower doesn’t struggle to open up to the sun… As I said… the Law of Least Effort must be at work.Here’s my interpretation of how Deepak wants us to put this fab Law into effect. 1. Accept stuff – don’t struggle against the moment. Accept things as they are, not as you wish they were. 2. Take responsibility for how things are  – don’t blame anyone (including yourself) and turn problems into opportunities. 3.  Let your guard down. Be open to other points of view and don’t be rigid to any one.

January 2020

#judgeless YOUR MONTH AND ME by Josie Steedman Here’s the thing with judging. We all do it. Even when I’m upfront (teaching nonjudgement) here’s what’s going on with me. Judgement 1. They’re not enjoying this, are they? Judgement 2. I made a right hash of that. Judgement 3. She’s yawning. Shit, she’s bored. Brutal. Who needs enemies when you have an inner critic? Anyways, my ask of you this month has been simply Take Care - through Sadhana (disciplined daily practice), non-harm (Ahimsa), judging less (note to self) and through balancing the Gunas – nature’s mix of energy, idleness and clarity. At the risk of judging, how did you score on that? Let’s do a checklist: I made time for yoga practice (Sadhana) I ate well and choose nourishing foods (Ahimsa) I prioritised my rest and sleep (Ahimsa) I searched for balance through meditation (Gunas) I did my best and let go of the rest. (Judge Less) Remember, yoga is a practice. Keep showing up, staying curious and detaching from outcome. All is coming. In February we get to Show Love. It’s time to be devoted to your Self. See you on your mat.

Josie. x

Issue 03

A YOGA ASSIST by Paul Warner

Need help signing up? Want the app on your phone? Struggling to add a membership? Confused by the timetable? You can now get help with any queries, concerns or just help with the technology from a real person (and fellow yogi)


paul really helped me with my class choices, thanks. Don't struggle, we are here to help. email assist@yogalocal.co.uk or just call Paul on 07764151368

Why Membership? There is a yoga word called Bhakti! Bhakti means ‘devotion or ‘love’. It is derived from the root bhaj, meaning ‘to participate in’ and denotes ‘loving involvement and devotion’. Here at YL, the term membership is used but only in a loose sense. Bhakti, however gets to the root of what we truly stand for, a place where you can feel devoted and in return feel the devotion back from me, my team and other members as we all support each other on this journey. You are already a member if you practice here and you will receive the same level of teaching, in the same stunning studio which ever level of membership you choose. But, as the overall theme for this year is Sadhana, which literally means ‘to accomplish something’, it was time to create an offer that would help our members reach their highest potential – unlimited yoga. Invites are going out as I write this to find our first 25 full members. I’m so excited to find out who wants this.

VEGANUARY by Marie Newton (Maz)

Today's lunch / early dinner courtesy of my Abel&Cole veg box! Paprika roasted potatoes, oven roasted carrots and broccoli, pan fried leeks, spinach and black beans and peppery greens, olives and leftover hummus. Super easy to prepare - popped veg on the oven, took my dog for a walk and then pan fried the beans and spinach when I got back.

This package has been thoughtfully designed to help you take your wellbeing and yoga practice on a real journey. It’s for members who are ready for making a commitment to themselves and their wellbeing. Is that you? Here’s how you’ll feel the love as a Full Kali Member (Named after Kali the great ‘loving mother goddess). Unlimited Classes 10% Discount on all Merchandise 10% Discount on all Events Free Monthly Posture Class No Cancellation Policy Bring 1 Friend Free per Month * Open Mat * Priority booking on Events Priority booing on Retreats £57 a month – min 12 months. January 2020

#plantbased Issue 03


EVENTS WHAT: Yoga and Chocolate Tasting WHEN: Monday 23 March TIME: Yoga: 6:45pm Chocolate Tasting: 8pm PRICE: Your Class Pass + £10 supplement SPACES LIMITED TO: 12

by Josie Steedman

Anchor A deep, challenging and nourishing practice with longer holds and an emphasis on creating, strength, stability and calmness. Work through a classical series of Sun Salutations, standing poses and floor work. Focus on conscious and extended exhalations to help guide your awareness inwards. Practice Stage 2   Key Poses: Forward Folds, Twists, Hip Openers. Focus on developing the exhalation. Mood: Connect back to your centre. Steady and stabilize.   Pick this class if: • You have a busy life or a busy mind • You feel anxious or ungrounded • You want to feel stable and calm • You are not sleeping or digesting well • You are quick to anger or easily rattled emotionally • You feel overheated in your body or mind • You want to improve your focus, concentration, overall performance

WHAT: Yoga and Vibrational Sound Healing. WHEN: Saturday February 15. TIME: 10:15am to 12:00noon. PRICE: £25 (Discounted for Full Kali Members) SPACES LIMITED TO: 12

BOOK NOW IF: You love chocolate (da!) You love yoga (da!) You want an asana practice that dives into all five senses (sight, sound, taste, touch, smell). You want an expertly guided chocolate tasting session after class and enjoy some of the finest chocolate known to man. You want to make new discoveries for yourself through tasting technique, sensory experience and understanding the impact of texture.

BOOK NOW IF: You want to explore sound vibration and the healing effects on the mind and body. You have a practice of yoga asana and you want to explore the primal Insert Link – for more information about nature this event and to book on go to… of sound and vibration of Mantra to realign your inner energy on a deeper level. You enjoy sustained movement, warming and flowing. You want to deeply relax and emerge from practice fully grounded, deeply nourished and connected to strength and confidence. Insert Link – for more information about this event and to book on go to…

NEW CLASSES by Paul Warner WHAT: Train: Yoga for Men. (Practice Stage 2) WHEN: Every Saturday TIME: 2pm to 3pm. SPACES LIMITED TO: 12 WHAT: Rise (Practice Stage 2) WHEN: Every Wednesday (as from 12th Feb) TIME: 9:30am to 10:30am SPACES LIMITED TO: 12 WHAT: Begin | Again (Practice Stage 1) WHEN: Every Tuesday TIME: 9:30am to 10:30am SPACES LIMITED TO: 12

January 2020

Issue 03


It’s all Josie's fault. Watch this documentary she said, Game Changers on Netflix.

EXPECTATIONS by Paul Warner It’s a strange one. Such a simple thing but for some reason it gets complicated. Let me explain. For me, an expectation is set when you say you will, or won’t, do something. ‘I will create a new reception area’ said the builder. It will take 10 days and will cost this much. Not complicated is it? The expectation is set around the work, the price and the timing. The ONLY thing the builder has to do is to keep to all three. This is where it goes wrong. You see the builder, rightly or wrongly, just said what he thought he needed to say to get the job. He failed to grasp the consequences of not meeting those expectations, a chain that has a long set of links. In this case, 6 different parties are affected by the builder just not being honest, or, at the very least, being disingenuous with his word.

Several months ago, I had a ‘kinesiology test’, I decided on it because I knew something wasn’t right… bloated, lethargic, moody (scrub that, I am always moody). Something was triggering all this and the obvious baddy in the barrel was my diet. Josie had already taken me through her Ayurvedic Lifestyle Programme and I found out my Dosha is Pitta, the faultless balance of two seemingly opposing elemental qualities, fire and water. Together, they are the energetic force that regulates the body’s transformative functions; its digestion, its metabolism, even the body’s hormones are believed to be controlled by pitta. The tests were both a bit ‘left field’ maybe for some, but the fact that they both highlighted the same areas of concern, or things to consider, was surely not a coincidence. So, having then watched Game Changers’ and seen the scientific proof that diets with higher meat content can have an adverse effect, I decide to explore some more. I am a determined old fart and I will do anything I take on to the very best I can and with conviction, so my journey has begun.

The whole thing could have been avoided, the stress, the mistruths, the knock on effect. Even if the intention was there on day 1, if the intention changed, the expectation should have been adjusted. The morale of the story is simple, only say it, if you mean it. Expectation set.


1 month in and I am on a plant based eating regime, early positive signs include higher energy, better sleep and smoother skin (odd but true). Cooking my own meals has been therapeutic and my mouth has been left wowed by the flavours. Win Win so far. Each month, join me for an update

January 2020

WHO: Charlie Carter EXPERIENCE: Over 40 years TEACHES: Train - Men's Yoga

WHO: Kat Weaver EXPERIENCE: Over 6 years TEACHES: Rise

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