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September 2019


Issue 02

where good news is the news

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What's Inside?

COMING SOON! Great news! An opportunity that we simply couldn't turn our backs on has manifested itself. We're less than 6 months old... but we're growing fast... quite literally. Help us plan ahead, decide how the story unfolds... TAKE THE SURVEY



YES PLEASE! We're hosting a very special Anchor class on the 16th December. Yoga followed by a showing of Love Actually. We have limited spaces for this event and a few mats are already taken. BOOK HERE

We know you guys prefer to watch and listen rather than read so to keep you updated on all things Yoga Local, we have started a YouTube channel. Have a look HERE

BEGIN THEIR JOURNEY by Josie Steedman As a teacher, my gratitude comes in various forms, none more so that seeing you guys progress. Another batch of yogis graduated this month, off to explore the full timetable where I can watch their progress with a sense of pride and a little dollop of satisfaction. I think we all need to remind ourselves to acknowledge the things that we sometimes take for granted. The beginners are always a reminder for me because not only do I get to see the progress each week but I also get to see friendships develop. Yoga can be a truly special gift to give this festive season. December 2019

Issue 02

A YOGA ASSIST by Paul Warner

Need help signing up? Want the app on your phone? Struggling to add a membership? Confused by the timetable? You can now get help with any queries, concerns or just help with the technology from a real person (and fellow yogi)

YOUR BUNDLE OF LOVE by Josie Steedman Remember we told you all about giving the gift of yoga in the last issue? Well HERE'S A VIDEO that goes with it (you could call it a bundle đ&#x;˜‰). Watch it and savour, knowing that Josie must love her work sooo so much as doing video clips is completely out of her comfort zone! Anyway, this issue we’re back help you make that gift certificate extra super special and enjoy some great savings on some yummy natural products that will enhance every yoga practice. Yoga Local has teamed up with yogini Christine Hawkins and founder of the Apothecary Room, to source some incredible candles, yoga mat sprays and diffuser oils that she hand made for us from her countryside workshop in Hinwick. Like us, Christine is conscious about not only what she feeds her body, and how she moves her body, but she’s also aware of what she feeds her skin and the products she puts on it. She discovered how the power of essential oils and aromatherapy could deal with not only modern-day stresses in life but also common conditions like acne and psoriasis. She quit her job as a CEO of a software company and now runs what has become a fabulous rural business, serving spas and health venues throughout the country. She’s incredible, her products are amazing and you can now get them right here at the studio. Bundle them up with a Yoga Class Pass Voucher|Certificate and you can enjoy a cheeky discount on them too‌ It’s a gift. See price list for more details.

December 2019

the app lets me sign up with a single button press Don't struggle, we are here to help. email assist@yogalocal.co.uk or just call Paul on 07764151368

LITTLE WINS by Josie Steedman

Why do we always wait for the big wins and want to celebrate those, when actually it's the little wins that are really important? So look back on today and ask yourself, what little victories could you give a little fist pump to. ...don’t forget to celebrate the little wins... just like Nicola  You know easy seated pose is not always easy‌

#littlewins l

Issue 02

Gratitude is our theme here at the studio this month and who could not be grateful or content when nature shows up in all its glory first thing of a morning... One of our tribe captured this during our early morning Rise class... thank you for sharing - thanks for all those that showed up to practice - in all their glory. Jx

FROM THE ARCHIVES by Josie Steedman

Did you know there’s a bunch of people out there who research our happiness? These guys are actively working out which places are happiest and why. Sadly, my copy of Waitrose Weekend tells me the UK rates at just 23rd in the UN’s World’s Happiness Report. It’s the Danes that are taking the top spot in the joy stakes. The reason? A ‘brand of Scandinavian cheer’ called Hygge which is being exported in the form of a book called The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well by Meik Wiking.So, what’s the deal? We could all do with some more happiness, right? So, I’m keen to discover what the Danes are up to that us Brits are not… and the answer my yogi friends, got me-a smiling.Here’s the why.People who are Hygge: Appreciate the small things in life that bring joy, are looking for lifestyles that bring a sense of peace and calm, place a premium on being ‘in the moment’, practice everything in moderation, get close to nature, are consciously cozy, place an emphasis on togetherness, gratitude, savouring and atmosphere, are less interested in material things, want harmony not competition. There is no need to brag about achievements.Yogi friends…are you finding any of this familiar?The article comes to a wrap by asking if the Brits are too questioning and angsty to let ourselves be ‘hygee’ happy or if our ‘snug bars and country cottages prove we are more ‘hygge’ than we think’.Are Brits more yogi than we think?It’s a great question, and I say this because I’ve asked it myself, many a time. But I didn’t use the word hygge. Nope, I’ve been playing with the question ‘are us Brits more yogi than we think?’ and making it my purpose to help all those that want to, find the yoga in them.Now I’m sat thinking… is Denmark a nation that practices hygge, or are they a nation of yogis-in-training? And, if they are, is that the actual reason why they are the world’s most contented nation…?

December 2019

#begrateful YOUR MONTH AND ME by Josie Steedman Do you struggle with social media? I find it hard work. I have stubbornly held this opinion since my newshound days. Back at the turn of the millennium... I didn’t get it. I still don’t. Maybe I’m a dinosaur, but I really can’t deny the big, HUGE, part of me that find’s it all a bit empty and distracting. Maybe I’m not ‘doing it’ right. I don’t know. What I do know, and what I teach… is that to be happy you need to reach into more of what you do love… and ditch the rest. Or at least not give it so much of your energy. So what I LOVE… and how I LOVE to reach out to you guys is through the good-oldfashioned medium of the newspaper (albeit with this baby there’s no paper involved – but that’s a good thing given the environmental issues we have in our world, right?) Anyway… I’ve a word count to consider so I’ll move on. But… let me know what you think – a good ‘old-fashioned’ email back works for me. December holds gratitude, a place for contentment, savouring the moment, giving thanks and counting our blessings. It’s the season for all that stuff.. so come and practice with me sometime…

Josie. x Issue 02


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Yoga Vocal - Issue 2  

Yoga Vocal - Issue 2  

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