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Yoga Vocal - Issue 4

YOGA VOCAL - Issue 4

#BEBRAVE - are you daring to dream?


So, you’re faffing with your car stereo and a track comes on and suddenly it’s car disco time… (my kids know all too well about car disco time 😊). What’s my point? Sound literally moves us… into action, to inaction, it inspires, motivates, soothes, heals, uplifts. The sister science to yoga, Ayurveda, says the gateway to our external world is through our five senses… and what we allow our delicately balanced internal world access to can literally be a game changer for health and healing. Members got to experience the effects during a Yoga and Vibrational Sound Healing Class led by Carrie-Anne Bridel in February.

Yoga & Gong February 2019

Waves of primal energy were generated by mantra, gongs, crystal singing bowls and blimey… those conch shells. What a blast! Book now for the next event on Sunday March 29. You do not want to miss this ever again.



First you realise you didn’t travel home alone. True, you may have done some work on silencing your ego – but now you know it was only to make room for a whole new conversation – this time with your deeper self. In Chopra world you got real comfy with its nurturing voice. It was the one prompting you to ditch old ways of living (and believing) and reach whole new levels of awareness. It was persistently nudging you forward in the direction of helping you discover your truer, best version of you. In the safety and support of the retreat you allowed your deeper self to rise to the surface. And, armed with your knowledge of the Law of Least Effort, you got to show up every day just as you are…Now you’re home it’s not so easy. Why? Deepak tells us it is simply fear. We fear we will lose something important in our life if we make the changes our deeper self is contemplating. Not only that, our families and friends fear they will lose something important in their life if we make the changes our deeper self is urging us to. In my case this is what that looks like…

Child 1 Fear: Losing hamburgers, gaining hummus… and being asked to meditate.

Child 2 Fear: Losing Xbox time, having to eat rainbow veggies…and being asked to meditate,

Significant other Fear: Losing his woman to a ‘religious cult’, losing Xbox time, being asked to help prepare meals with ‘a thousand and one’ ingredients. Oh… and being asked to meditate.

Fortunately Deepak also tells us it’s in our very nature to want to grow and be authentic and because of that we will always have the resources to overcome whatever barriers we, or other people in our lives, throw up at us. The deeper self that is encouraging us forward will also provide the strength we need to break down our walls of resistance and make change happen. I’ll meditate to that.

Namaste everyone. 

#showlove My heart melted receiving this opening day (mark 2) gift from yogi Debi... it’s taken a prime position in unit 7 J x


In all the busyness of opening our new space we also go to #ShowLove this month. Not just romantic kind of love, but the kind of love we take for granted. Like the unconditional love of the breath (if breath was our lover, it would have broken up with us by now).

Did you think about where else you might be taking love for granted? It takes an open heart to give and receive love, so that’s where we went with our practice next, working on heart opening poses and back bends. And then some tough love got metered out. We charged up the core and our hips in some deep Goddess squats – ohhhhh sometimes love hurts. But.. this kind of love becomes most necessary when we are not doing what we know we need to, to get us where we want to go (aka strong legs and killer core, for example).

Keep up the good work. #ShowLove.

Josie. x

Join us in Morocco for a Yoga & Surf Retreat


Did you know that Yoga Local goes abroad in May 2020… to Morocco? Oh…and again in October. Want to know more? Sure you do. J. X

Our private villa (Villa Mandala) is directly on the beach and a 10-minute walk from Banana Village (Aourir). 5km south is Taghouzout, a colourful characteristic fishing village. The area is renowned amongst travellers, surfers, and yogis for its laid-back pace and world-class waves.

Villa Mandala boasts a lush garden, cosy lounge area dappled in sunlight and ocean views, plunge pool and yoga Shala overlooking the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Bougainvillea flowers provide colourful shade on the Villa’s front terrace and dining area. There is plenty of space for sunbathing and lazing by the ocean front plunge pool and on the roof top terrace. You are seconds from the surf, a short walk to sandy beaches, near to traditional villages, but also very nicely tucked away from the hustle and bustle. Not long to go to the May trip, or October for that matter. And, if you’re thinking of joining us on either trip it’s highly likely you have some questions that need answers – so email me with them josie@yogalocal.co.uk

But before I go… the big question that needs answering (and I know this because it was what I worried about when I first went on retreat) is…. Am I good enough? Let’s get it this straight. If you can practice at your studio, you can practice in Morocco! Just add a carefully planned wellbeing programme, the sun… and sand… and amazing food… and fab company…. With Hammams and Souks and maybe surf (but only if you want).

Now what’s stopping you? #BeBrave.


For those of you with a sweet tooth that won’t quit, try a medjool date with a swipe of peanut butter on top. DELICIOUS. And dates deliver some sweet satisfaction without having to compromise nutrition.

Just don't eat 5 at a time like me!



Class: Anchor

Practice Stage: 2

A deep, challenging and nourishing practice with longer holds and an emphasis on creating, strength, stability and calmness. Work through a classical series of Sun Salutations, standing poses and floor work. Focus on conscious and extended exhalations to help guide your awareness inwards.

Key Poses: Forward Folds, Twists, Hip Openers. Focus on developing the exhalation.

Mood: Connect back to your centre. Steady and stabilize.

Pick this class if:

• You have a busy life or a busy mind.

• You feel anxious or ungrounded.

• You want to feel stable and calm.

• You are not sleeping or digesting well.

• You are quick to anger or easily rattled emotionally.

• You feel overheated in your body or mind.

• You want to improve your focus, concentration, overall performance.

Keep an eye out for all the classes in future editions of Class Spotlight including Yin, Rest, Rise & Energise


WHAT: Yoga and Vibrational Sound Healing. WHEN: Sunday March 29. TIME: 10:15am to 12:00noon. PRICE: £25 (Discounted for Full Kali Members) SPACES LIMITED TO: 12

BOOK NOW IF: You want to explore sound vibration and the healing effects on the mind and body. You have a practice of yoga asana and you want to explore the primal nature of sound and vibration of Mantra to realign your inner energy on a deeper level. You enjoy sustained movement, warming and flowing. You want to deeply relax and emerge from practice fully grounded, deeply nourished and connected to strength and confidence.

For more information about this event and to book CLICK HERE

WHAT: Yoga Yin

WHEN: Saturday 21 March

TIME: 4.30pm


BOOK NOW IF: You need to take some time for you. You want to feel held and need some nurture. You are looking for the healing aspects of yoga. You want to feel yummyness. You would like to try Yin YogaYou are seeking deep relaxation.

For more information about this event and to book CLICK HERE

WHAT: Yoga and Chocolate Tasting

WHEN: Monday 23 March

TIME: Yoga: 6:45pm Chocolate Tasting: 8pm

PRICE: Your Class Pass + £10 supplement SPACES LIMITED TO: 12

BOOK NOW IF: You love chocolate (da!). You love yoga (da!). You want an asana practice that dives into all five senses (sight, sound, taste, touch, smell). You want an expertly guided chocolate tasting session after class and enjoy some of the finest chocolate known to man. You want to make new discoveries for yourself through tasting technique, sensory experience and understanding the impact of texture.

For more information about this event and to book CLICK HERE


Milk... from cows. simple. But that's where the simplicity stops. As well as going plant based, I knew I was already dairy intolerant so I just change my milk right?

WRONG. I have never known such a complicated decisions in my life...

I thought I was sorted. I had tried lots of different milks and by far my favourite was oat milk. done. Then I started to notice that my coffee from Starbucks had a 'sweeter' flavour. Now as you guys get to know me, you will learn that I can't settle for 'just because' I need to know the why? A few clicks later and all was revealed. My latte ,cup held no less than the equivalent of 7 (SEVEN) spoonfuls of sugar, now I have a sweet tooth but as I am not a shareholder with Tate & Lyle, this didn't leave me with a good feeling. It gets worse, you see you HAVE to compromise on something. Fat levels, sugar content, calories, vitamins, flavour, consistency or simply the bloody cost! The supermarkets seem to have confused my intolerance with some trend setter with money to guzzle who just wants alternative milk to be cool? They are the ones milking it!

So, at the time of writing, I am back on soya milk, sometimes coconut and if I am pushed, unsweetened almond.

I am switching my coffee to black and now pretty much only drink flavoured teas. My milk intake is pretty much limited to a splash on my granola in the mornings. I feel happy with that choice, life and my eyesight are both too bloody short to keep reading labels on cartons.

Each month, join me for an update.


Hello… followed by a smile. It’s a powerful thing but so few of us do it. Our lives are busy, our awareness is focussed internally and we walk past people without eye contact and carry on our day. Why is that do you think? Have we become a nation of shy introverts or perhaps we are worried of the rejection if we don’t get any acknowledgement back? What if the person sees it as a chat up line, or worse still, they stop and have a chat with you you… would the world stop turning?

Let me share a true story about a Starbucks barista. Every day for nearly 5 years a man would walk in to the same coffee shop and order the same drink. Sally, the barista would always smile and say ‘good morning, how are you today’ Jim never once replied, except to order his drink, not even a smile. Sally fell pregnant and on the day she was leaving, some flowers were delivered and the card read “thank you for making my morning, every single morning by asking how I am’ your smile stays with me through the day’ All the best, Jim.

You see, you never know what is happening behind the eyes, in people's heads, in people's lives. The pre-requisite for smiling and saying hello should not be to get something back, you are doing it to simply #showlove.

How are you gonna show love today?


WHO: Carrie Bridel EXPERIENCE: Over 27 years TEACHES: Yoga & Gong
WHO: Olivia Rose EXPERIENCE: Over 10 years TEACHES: Rest


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