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Yoga Vocal - Issue 12


b y  J o s i e  S t e e d m a n

Ok, so confession time, the next couple of months in the Yoga Local diary were mapped out a month ago and, yeah, I may already know what’s for Christmas dinner (don’t judge). Part of being a business owner means you have to have clear plans in place and be ready to take action. Now I’m a yogi… so there’s always flexibility and freedom within those plans… an intention without hard and fast expectation. Boy, it’d drive me crazy not to have some creative lee way. But my point is these yogi ways of thinking and working don’t just serve me on the mat, they translate into life (and, go figure, business). Yoga offers the tools that remind me to not be a passive bystander in this whole life journey thing, but to co-create it, design it even. Now all this entrepreneurial planning means I’m feeling kind of ahead in time and it’s got me thinking about New Year and how we will all want to start 2021 off on the right foot (exciting things up my sleeve for that!). But before we get there… my yogi teachings are calling me to stay in the NOW and remember that every moment is an opportunity to take action on what you want from every aspect of your life (physical, emotional, relationships, career, finance, health). Find out how you can do this too inside....


b y  J o s i e  S t e e d m a n


Yep, we are officially in the rapids that are hurtling us towards Christmas and New Year, question is will you sink or will you swim? Ho Ho Ho… yeah, I know, not the most positive of seasons’ greetings (especially coming from a yogi). But let’s not kid ourselves…this time of year can be a STRESSSS FESSST. Whether you’ll ride the yule tide rapids and reach calmer water has little to do with if you’ve got the buoyancy aid or a lifesavers’ certificate and everything to do with the answer to this question. Have you got the mindset? Today’s blog is all about learning how to deal with ‘it’ and get out of white waters when then they threaten to drown you.Want to know how…? Thought you might. Follow me. Before we get deeper into this, it’s helpful to know, and most of us get this by now (don’t we?) that just like girls have a time of the month, we can all naturally suffer from ‘time of the year’. This should not come as a big surprise. Us humans are made from nature in nature – and need to get over this idea that we can extrapolate ourselves from that – as much as we give it our best shot with 24/7 non-stop living. Your Body Will Give The Game Away. But regardless if you think you’re a separate object to your environment, fixed and solid (which you’re not, by the way, but that’s for another time) your body will give the truth of it away. Here’s the BIG CLUES it throws up when winter sets in. Your mood darkens as your internal clocks adjust to the shorter days. You feel mentally drained and less able to cope with setbacks and obstacles. You feel down, maybe disillusioned. Physically you are exhausted and struggle to do simple tasks or get out of bed. You naturally want to withdraw from life and hunker down. Throw that in with negative emotions such as a sense of being unfulfilled, wondering what the hell you’ve done with your year, and whether next year will be any better… eek. ... to read the rest of this blog and get the FREE strategy visit the blog section of the Yoga Local website... https://www.yogalocal.co.uk/christmas-comingdeal-yogi-strategy/

Shout out to Jacqui and Hazel who celebrated 150 and 100 classes during October. Many of you are climbing up the members' wall as you stay committed to your practice, show up and do the work. We'll be putting up some more pictures of you this week.. if you've not had yours taken yet ask your teacher next time you're in class.


b y  J o s i e  S t e e d m a n

Hey my spirtual warrior friends. Phew! We're out the other end of October and our theme of #Weareone. What an adventure! We started exploring this theme with the focus on something we're all pretty sure we all have... a physical body ;). Appreciating the structure and support of our body we learned to find presence in that very solid aspect of who we are. But we wouldn't be spiritual warriors if we didn't have the curiosity to go deeper than that right? And so, with the Warrior poses as our asana of choice, we got to work on exploring other, more subtle parts of our nature. With some firm foundations in Warrior 1 pose, we set out to travel beyond the level of the body, to the level of the mind. Noticing the ever changing nature of our thoughts and our presence within that. Our goal - to try and find peace amongst the activity and how that peace isn't found 'out there'. Week 3 and we've moved from Warrior 1 to 2 and starting to find our balance in Warrior 3. The challenge from week to week good practice for maintaining inner stillness, effortlessness and strength. Week 4 was about going beyond the ever changing nature of the body and mind, and to that essential nature that's unchanging - our awareness/consciousness. And Week 5 was another layer of reality again. We explored the Chakra system and started to connect with the energetic junction points that connect our form with the formless and our oneness with everything! Thanks for travelling with YogaLocal!


C o n t i n u e d  f r o m  P a g e  1


By finishing 2020 on a high my friend. Go out with a bang and a whoop, as opposed to a fizzle and a bottom burp is what I say. How do we do that? Yoga has the answers…

1. Reflect. Recommit to your yoga and mindfulness practices and reflect on the year so far. These practices help you to both be open to and grounded in the truth of your actual experience. Don’t kid yourself because your soul knows. Then create a foundation from which more skillful actions, thoughts and choices can rise up.

2. Practice non judgement. What ever has happened, happened. Wherever you’re at, you’re at. Judging can throw up obstacles and derail you from your intention to move forward with your life and what you want to accomplish!

3. Get heated. Tapas, one of the niyamas or observances from the Yoga Sutras is a powerful way to practice in the lead up to the New Year. Tapas translates as “heat” and a tapas practice will build heat and energy in the body. The idea is to fire up your desire, passion, and dig deep into those things that move you and motivate you. What fire’s and fuels your life? Awareness is everything lovely.

4. Clear space. As you build heat in the body and tend to your inner fire you start to remove the physical, emotional and mental clutter that may block the light of your awareness that wants to flow through you and bring you that coveted joy and clarity. Think of your yoga practice as your internal deep clean. Remove what doesn’t serve you so you can bring in space for something fresh, new and full of possibility.

5. Set your intentions. Resolutions have never worked for me. There’s that air of expectation about them. And when you put pressure on yourself to achieve a certain outcome, without room for set-backs and humanness, you leave yourself open to defeat and giving up on our goals. So I say look instead with a more yogic lens. Intention settings is a way more compassionate approach to leaning into what you want and gives you permission to practice being more of who you want to be as you move through life. Practice and all is coming – after all.


Do you like what we did to the place? The store side of Yoga Local is taking shape and we are gradually building on our supply of mats, bags, straps and bolsters. We can also help keep you topped up on candles, and amazing plant essential oils... not to mention fuel your coffee habit!


b y   J o s i e S t e e d m a n

Course: Begin Practice Stage 1

Description: An introductory course for new or returning students who want to get back to basics and build a solid yoga foundation that’s rooted in the 8 Limbs of Yoga. This four-week progressive course walks you through everything from alignment, awareness, posture, and breathing techniques to following cues and using props. You'll get more time to reconnect with your Self and figure out where your body and mind is at. And that’s when you’ll find the confidence to consciously move into stability, strength, flexibility and balance. It's THE way to set yourself up for a regular home and studio practice.

Course Covers: A journey through the fundamentals of yoga using a basic flow to explore conscious movement and. Begin to cultivate strength, flexibility and balance in mind and body. Providing a safe and nurturing space where you can build the confidence to practice in a group setting and/or at home. Bridging the gap from where your strength, balance and flexibility is today and where you want it to be. Breaking down a basic flow sequence pose by pose, exploring energetics, variations and mindful connection. Using simple breathing techniques to quiet the mind and cultivate conscious awareness. Learn the basics of meditation and restful awareness as tools to unlock your full potential. Go beyond the poses (asana) with an introduction to all 8 Limbs of yoga.

Includes: 14 Day Unlimited Class Pass On Course Completion


Did you know the Begin Course is recorded and made available to course members to practice at home? It's so important that we get you started on solid ground and help make yoga a practice that works for you. We want you to have no excuses to fall in love with this great new lifestyle choice you just made. And yes, Yoga is touted as 'for everybody', and it it is, but it also an individual practice that should serve you and celebrate who you are and where you are at in your life journey. Figuring how to do that and empowering you to be able to make choices that are right for you and your body is where we start ont this course and where you will grow from. After four weeks you'll have four videos, some basic tools and a framework to guide you into the next phase of your yoga journey . You also get a FREE 14 Day Introductory Pass for you to check out the rest of the classes on the Yoga Local timetable.

It's a no brainer... and people seem to think so because our next course in November is FULLY BOOKED. But you can get yourself booked in for January 2021. Visit yoga local.co.uk/timetable for more details.

No time like now. Give yourself the Gift of Yoga and get yourself on to the New Year Begin Course. Limited Spaces.


So we've said that November is the month to set your intentions, plan ahead and be generous. And we can happily help you out here with all three ;). Actually, this has come from a suggestion by a few of you guys during chat over coffee in the studio brew bar and as members were browsing some of the new stock. So generously, I have responded to that request which was…Can we have some Gift Vouchers please Josie? Err yes of course. And here they are… in various denominations to suit any budget. Gift vouchers are great for Those times you didn’t buy something that was perfect but was just outside your spend limit – hey presto… you have a gift card to cover that! Taking away anxiety from your nearest and dearest about what to choose for you. The Coast design yoga mat, the Marble…. Eeek… you wanted the Tropic…. (not going to happen with a voucher). It gives you the opportunity to give someone an experience,

rather than a thing or an object. These give vouchers can be used in the yoga shop but you could also exchange them for a class pass, or a course, or a gong bath…total flexibility and what a gift ;). Showing you know someone personally. Choosing a gift card that allows them to do more of what they love, where they love to do it…. who’d be disappointed in a gift like that?


b y  P a u l  W a r n e r

Another month goes by, if only my weight moved off as quickly as the months seem too. I think like all of us, I am struggling with actually focussing on anything of any purpose. I don’t have any symptoms of Covid but for the first time, I now now four people that have caught it over the last month and it has left me reeling a little bit and thinking more about just living day to day and avoiding this terrible infection.

My work is varied and over the last four weeks, I have worked 28 days out of 31, which has left me with no time to pause, let alone cook. It’s not a great place to be, it feels like I have little or no control over my life so I know I need to get this fixed. But I haven’t… why? Like many of us, I guess I am using covid as an excuse not to take action. It has bugger all to do with covid but still I serve it up as a reason… you just need to say a sentence that involves the word covid and suddenly all is forgiven - what a crock of shit.

The moment Covid ruined my photo....

The truth is I have been lazy. It sounds odd to say given I have worked so many hours this month, but it is true. I haven’t had the drive to make a difference to my life by starting the diet. Even having to ‘fess up’ to you guys is not incentive enough to make me take action. I guess I must be feeling some guilt though because I have just bought 12 months supply of Vitamin D tablets to bolster my immune system. I would add a picture showing you but my phone can’t take photos at the moment, I blame covid… every other fucker does!


Peppermint brings joy to the heart and soul. It invigorates body, mind and spirt and reminds individuals that life can be happy.

So we didn't quite make it to Morocco this year... but that doesn't mean a little bit of Morocco couldn't make it's way to you. And here are just some of the pictures we got back after sending out bags and bags of Moroccan Mint Tea to our active members this month. Who doesn't like a bit of lumpy mail eh? Thankyou so much for all the lovely comments and notes of delight. Reminds us of the yogi principle of giving and receiving - there is never one without the other, right? And Morocco is coming folks... July 2020... you want to come? #BeGenerous



We know from the growing numbers that people are keen to start their yoga journey to so help them on the path, we have recorded a simple video that takes you through the steps to sign up to the yoga studio.


So you've signed up, now how to you get the best value from your membership? What are the options and how do you buy them? All these and more are answered.


We are creatures of habit but your yoga practice should be a journey. The classes are now wide and varied with everything from a Yin based rest class to a full on Ashtanga.

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