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So.. to set the stage, the time was around 480- 490 B.C. in Persia. There was a King named Ahasuerus, (forgive me, because I wouldn’t know how to pronouce it) meaning “ruler of heroes”. He ruled over 120 provinces. Now back in the day, they didn’t have Countries or States, they ruled by Province.

In the picture shown above, everything in RED is pretty much what Ahasuerus had jurisdiction over. At its greatest extent, Persia spanned from northern Greece, Egypt, and India. These included the modern states of Macedonia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Palestine, Jordan, Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Abkhazia (de-facto independent) Chechnya and Ossetia regions, Azarbaijan, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Egypt, parts of Lybia and Sudan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, parts of Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and parts of Kyrghystan. So you do the math… The best way to explain and to help you understand is to compare him to the King of Persia, Xerxes, in the movie “300”.

Anywho…This is how the story begins…

The Book of Esther Chapter 1 It was 3 years into King Ahasuerus’ reign and he decided that he wanted to have a party to show off his wealth. He spared no expense as he entertained the Governors and well-liked people from each of the 120+ provinces that he ruled. This man was rich, I mean he had money!!! Believe it or not this party lasted 180 days or 6 months! I couldn’t imagine partying for 6 months, let alone, preparing for one birthday party. 6 months, really??? It doesn’t stop there, because after the 6 months he threw another party. This one only lasted for 7 days, and was for “everyone” (rich and poor) who lived within the citadel of his kingdom. Again, sparing no expense, as everyone drank from gold, hand crafted cups. Each had its own design… Now these were just the cups! He encouraged everyone to eat and drink according to their desires- Talk about an open bar, right?

The Queen of the Persian Empire was selected from among the seven most ancient and noble families of the empire, just like Prince Charles and Kate Middleton. She couldn’t just be a servant girl that the king just happened to fall in love with? She was chosen and ordained- she had lineage… His wife, Queen

Vashti, meaning “beautiful”, threw a party for the women in the Royal Palace. Call her budgie if you will, but partying with everyone in the kingdom for her would be like Queen Elizabeth having dinner with you or me? She wasn’t having it, lol… At the end of the 7th day, the King, is beyond drunk at this time, I would imagine. Just think about your guy with his friends and what they would talk about when their ladies aren’t around, “drunk talk”. So the King, wanting to show Vashti off, summoned for her to come out with the royal gown and crown. It’s not like they had showers or make-up at their disposal they way that we do. To put on the Royal gear meant “TIME”, so much time that the king sent 7 servants to help her. I know that just to get myself ready, with the resources that I have, takes at the very least an hour and a half. Besides that, she didn’t want to be paraded in a room full of drunken men… Considering the fact that she was having her own party, it’s safe to say that she was drinking too? Tell me if you’d want to spend the rest of your day trying to get all dolled up? The Queen refused the King’s invite. But let’s put things into perspective. How would you feel if, after a 6 month party, your husband decides that he wants to party another 7 days? He probably smelled and looked wasted… I hear women rant about stories from just “one” night, can you imagine this scene? I understand, but it still didn’t give her the right to disrespect her husband. I mean if your man was having an event, even you didn’t like it, you’d probably support it, right? It would be like Michelle Obama not going to a public event with Barrack. Wouldn’t people talk? Alas, the Queen refused to go. I’m sure the 7 servants tried hard to convince her otherwise. Also, keep in mind in that back in this time, everyone needed permission to even approach the King. He would extend his scepter and you spoke, so if he asked for you to come, you better had done so. So when the Queen refused him, the king became upset, think about all the bragging he was doing. The bible says that his anger burned within him, so it is safe to say that he was pissed off… The king, now put into a compromising situation because everyman in his inner realm witnessed what happened, he was forced to do something. To put this in perspective, it would be like someone threatening an attack on the U.S. and the President not doing anything about it. This was so serious that he met with all of his councilmen. He went around the panel to ask what they thought he should do. Keep in mind that they all agreed that if women across the heard about this, it would give every other woman the “green light” to disrespect her husband. One of them suggested that she be replaced, and the King thought it was a great idea, so what did he do?

The King dethroned his wife!!! But it didn’t stop there; they made it a rule throughout each province that a wife should respect her husband both great and small, period!

The Book of Esther Chapter 1  
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