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- OR How to Monetize SAPA SAPA’s s Local and Regional Demographic Advantages A Proposal

The Desperate Search for “Local” y Among web gurus, the Next Big Thing is “Local” y Local search y Local banner ads y National ads, national search re-focussed as local y Huge sums being spent y Google – 500 Million y Yahoo – 300 Million y MSN –200 200 million ll y Donnelly and other Yellow Pages distributors y Big newspaper conglomerates

Problems with “Local” y Google, Yahoo, etc., seen as National/Global y They own national/global ads y To gain “local” they sacrifice global yD Donnelly, ll etc. t y On line yellow pages? Hard to differentiate Most ost users use s just Google Goog e and a d look oo for o local oca content co te t

y News chains y Do quick partnering with,, etc y Partner with Google, Microsoft, etc y Quickly lose “local” local flavor and get no local traction

SAPA Publications Are Inherently “Local” y SapaPubs define their geography y Print distribution = local boundaries y SapaPubs p own local trust y Content is very localised y y y

Advertising is local not national Classifieds f News, where present, highly local

y Advertisers, Advertisers readers believe in SapaPubs SapaPubs’ community presence

SAPA Has What Google Wants (And what Microsoft, Yahoo, Donnelly, etc want) y What SAPA needs: y Develop member’s web presence y Bring g local readershipp to that ppresence y Monetize that presence y All ll this h can b be d done with h very llittle l outlay l y Needed: y Will y And a plan p Note: This presentaion is the bare bones of the plan‌

“Local” – Use It, or Lose It y Somebody is going to own “local” y No effort = No possibility of recovery y

Fight or die.

y SapaPubs will lose not only potential dollars –

but also will lose existing local ad dollars to Google, Microsoft, etc., etc. etc. y Suggestion:

Invest in Local ((not Paper p Chain,, etc.))

The Plan y Develop member’s web presence g y ffor members y Provide a standard “content management� system y Provide basic technical services y Bring local readership to that presence y Provide and share content of regional interest y Provide venues for local content y Monetize the SapaPubs web presence y Sell demographic-focused ads to regional/national players y Sell S ll web/print b/ combo b presence

Every SAPA publication needs a web presence y A must-have in today’s online environment y Can be simple y Must be constantly updated with new content

Develop Member’s Web Presence y Create standardized website g y Provide basic p pages y Start page y News page y About Ab us page (pix ( i off publisher, bli h etc)) y Contact page y Provide active modules y Classifieds Successful y Banner Ad Management web/print ideas y Local Sports Blog Recipe page Garden page y Community Bulletin Board Pet photo page y Local Photos Grandchild page

Buy or Build Standard Content System y Create a standard content system to be used by

all y Hire programmers to build or modify free

content system for uniformity y Build in Networking features y News/Photos/Videos y Display Di l ads d y Classifieds

Standardize Page Element Locations Publication Logo

Featured banner

Navigation bar News story/photo


News story/photo


Mini banner ad


News story/photo


Provide Basic Tech Support y Develop simple tech support service g student intern)) y ((Part-time hire off nice ggeekyy college y Set up domain names y Set up p hosting g service (? ( Own server ?)) y Set-up / train local pub on y Set up email accounts y How to create banner ads, logos, etc y How to upload banner ads, logos, etc

Drive Local Readers to Website CONTENT! y What increases visits? FRESH content! y What gets reader visits?

y All SapaPub sites must have fresh content y Classifieds y Community Calendar Readers y Reader Bulletin Boards provide this y Local Sports blogs content! y Personal photo blogs

Limited Publication St ff involvement Staff i l t

SAPA to Provide Content Support, Support, Too y Develop simple content support service g student intern)) y ((Part-time hire off nice ggeekyy college y (might be the same geeky tech-support college student intern) y Using standardized module networking push

shared content of regional interest into appropriate i pages off all ll SapaPubs S P b sites i y News, videos, photos, etc

Advertising Options y Distribute Regional Advertising into SapaPubs y Using standardized module networking push

regional banners ads into all SapaPubs sites y Should Sh ld bbe able bl to bbe ddone with i h one click li k y Ads rotate on SapaPub websites with local ads

y Ad size and p placement established through g Standardized Modules

y Use AD2AD for classifieds with all pubs y SAPA can push “CAN� ads directly into web and print of AD2AD users y SapaPubs can offer CAN distribution to customers when placing ads y Provide CAN advertisers Web Web-view view data as sales element

Regional / National Targets for SapaPub Ads y Think small(er)

National and regional retail in strip malls = target for SapaPub Ads y Pizza Pi H Hut y NAPA auto parts y Ace hardware y Stein Mart y Cracker Barrel

None of these likely to want Google presence All likely to want SapaPubs presence Remember – only SAPA can offer Web/Print options—Flyers, coupons

Milestone Planning Accept Plan (20 minutes) Find Geeky Intern (2 weeks) Get domains for all SAPApubs (2 weeks) Establish SAPA web server (2 weeks) Point domains to web server (1 week) Create basic home page/contact page/AD2AD for all SAPA pubs (3 weeks) y Move existing domains to SAPA server (2 weeks) y y y y y y

y Parallel – technical: y Begin B i buy/build b /b ild off content t t managementt y Create standard content management modules y Release modules to SapaPubs as available y Parallel – marketing: y Begin marketing and sales of banner ads to regional / national advertisers y Should be able to complete regional buildout of SAPA Local Network

within 12 months from start


Web ideas for sapa members