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building for the future

Our Mission The mission of the N. E. Miles Jewish Day School is to educate our Jewish children and send them on to high school with a love of learning, a strong Jewish identity and the skills to become leaders in their generation. In the last 40 years, our small school has educated over 800 students whose Jewish education has informed their roles as parents, professionals and leaders in Birmingham and beyond.

Our Goal Along with an excellent academic and Jewish education, students will graduate from NEMJDS with all the tools and skills of the 21st century at their fingertips.

Our Strengths • A personalized learning community. • A nurturing atmosphere where each child is understood and encouraged. • A culture of academic excellence. • Daily immersion in the values, traditions and language of Jewish life. • Introduction to state-of-the-art e-learning tools.

Alumni Stories How to Give

Alumni Stories How to Give

Giving Levels/Naming Donor Opportunities Recognition Opportunities Needs & Goals

Needs & Goals

Building for the Future Building Campaign for the Future Campaign Our Plan Reconfiguring and upgrading our facility to provide more opportunities for the Four C’s of 21st century education: Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication and Collaboration. • The Student Commons will become an Innovative Learning Center that will be the hub of activity and learning in the school. • The Library will become a warm and inviting Dining Hall. • Updated classrooms will inspire and encourage varieties of group learning experiences. • A newly-designed entrance lobby will welcome and engage students, parents and visitors. • The technology infrastructure of every classroom will be enhanced. • Each student will have access to cutting-edge e-tools for every learning situation. • Teachers will be trained in innovative learning paradigms, e-tool mastery and maximizing all learning styles through the use of technology.

Building for the Future Campaign

$3,500,000 The goal of the N.E. Miles Jewish Day School capital campaign: to make our school one of the most advanced academic institutions in the state.

20% Make necessary repairs to our physical structure.

30% Reconfigure the building interior and provide the hardware to accommodate the educational technology that will prepare our students for the seamless transition to higher education and beyond.

50% Increase our endowment, allowing us to provide ongoing professional development and technology upgrades while maintaining financial stability going forward. Using cutting-edge technology centered in a progressive learning environment, our students will possess the tools to master the “Four C’s” of 21st century education: Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication and Collaboration. This campaign will enhance our ability to adhere to the core mission of the N.E. Miles Jewish Day School: to provide a comprehensive, values-based Jewish education with the highest academic standards.

Needs & Goals Total Building for the Future Goal $3,500,000 The NEMJDS Building for the Future Campaign consists of two parts:

Current Gifts

Endowment Gifts

(paid over 3-5 years) for the immediate needs of the school.

to insure continued, sustained development and growth of the school.





Current Needs

We anticipate that the majority of the endowment

Interior designs to create a progressive learning environment: $1,000,000 • Innovative Learning Center • Warm, inviting Dining Hall • Updated classrooms • Redesign of Entrance Lobby • Enhanced technology infrastructure • Addition of cutting-edge e-tools • Professional development in innovative learning

will be in deferred gifts, but our goal is to have a

Security Upgrades: $110,000 • Mag locks on all outer doors • Security arm for entry and exit to the portico • Lighting for front, back and sides of building • Phone system upgrade Immediate Building Needs: $200,000 • Replacement of 18 year-old roof • Replacement of 10 remaining original HVAC units • Repair of Abroms Assembly Hall interior • Enhanced playground

portion of the endowment in current gifts so that the interest generated will pay for annual teacher training and technology upgrades beginning in year six.

$1,000,000 (1)

$500,000 - $750,000 (2)

$100,000 - $200,000 (5)

$36,000 - $75,000 (15)

$18,000 - $25,000 (25)

$5,000 - $10,000 (35)


Repay funds borrowed for emergency repairs: $440,000 • Replacement of 8 original HVAC units • Repair of interior and exterior water damage


Giving Pyramid

Donor Recognition Opportunities Recognizing our generous donors is very important to us. Here are examples of some ways that your name, or a name of your choice, can be attached to specific N.E. Miles Jewish Day School projects:

Current Gifts


(If paid over 5 years)

Innovative Learning Center

$ 1,000,000

$ 200,000

Dining Room

$ 250,000

$ 50,000

Kitchen and Serving Area

$ 100,000

$ 20,000

Playground and Ball Field

$ 100,000

$ 20,000

Inside Stairway

$ 75,000

$ 15,000

Study Room (per room)

$ 50,000

$ 10,000

Classroom Furnishings (per classroom)

$ 36,000

$ 7,200

Playground Water Fountain

$ 18,000

$ 3,600

Organic Garden

$ 18,000

$ 3,600

Boardroom Mezuzah

$ 18,000

$ 3,600

Single Star on the Glass Surround above the Innovative Learning Center

$ 5,000

$ 1,000

Single “Mitzvah� charm on the Mitzvah Tree Sculpture

$ 2,500

$ 500

Per Year

Endowment Gifts Endowment Recognition Wall Add your name to the Endowment Recognition Wall in our school Lobby by making a current or deferred gift to the endowment. Who is honored, one who honors others.

$ 1,000,000 +

For the deed of tzedakah there shall be peace.

$ 500,000 - 999,999

The more Torah study, the more life.

$ 250,000 - 499,999

One mitzvah brings another mitzvah.

$ 100,000 - 249,999

The study of Torah is equal to the fulfillment of all other mitzvot.

$ 50,000 - 99,999

The world endures for the sake of the breath of school children.

$ 25,000 - 49,999

Who is wise, one who learns from everyone.

$ 10,000 - 24,999

Pursue peace, love your fellowman, and bring them closer to Torah.

$ 5,000 - 9,999

Named Chairs Name a chair with a current gift to the endowment: Chair of Judaic Studies

$ 500,000

Chair of General Studies

$ 500,000

How to Give The NEMJDS Building for the Future Campaign is based on two types of gifts:

Gifts for Current Needs Examples: • Make an outright gift of cash or appreciated stock for current use. For most individuals, a gift of stock is deductible for the full market value.

Endowment Gifts Examples: • Make an outright gift of cash or appreciated stock with the principal held in the endowment and the interest used for current needs. • Leave a bequest in your will. • Set up a trust which may give you an immediate tax deduction and ongoing income, with a provision for a bequest to the N.E. Miles Jewish Day School when you are gone. • Give a life insurance policy to the N.E. Miles Jewish Day School. This may be an existing policy or a new policy with the school named as beneficiary. For most people, a donation equal to the premium is tax-deductible. With an existing policy, a deduction approximately equal to the cash value may be available. • Designate the N.E. Miles Jewish Day School as the beneficiary of some or all of your retirement plan proceeds. • Create a Charitable Lead Trust, the income of which is paid to the N.E. Miles Jewish Day School for a period of years, after which the principal reverts to you, your spouse or children. • Transfer a remainder interest in your personal residence to the N.E. Miles Jewish Day School. This may provide a tax deduction for you, while reserving the right for you and your spouse to live in the residence for life. Always check with your own tax advisors to confirm whether these techniques will work for you.

Alumni Stories

The success of a school can be seen in the lives of its alumni. Comments from some of our alumni reveal how an education at the N.E. Miles Jewish Day School prepares students not only for their future professions, but also for continuing a meaningful Jewish lifestyle. As we build for the future, our goal is to create many more success stories as NEMJDS alumni become Jewish leaders in the 21st century and beyond.

Larry Brook, 1982

Shaina Shealy, 2002

Sam Friedman, 1997

Carlie Stein, 2001

Yitzi Peetluk, 2008

Barry Tobias, 1993

Alumni Stories

Larry Brook, 1982 Publisher, Southern Jewish Life

I got my start in publishing at the Day School — I started a school newspaper when I was a student. The Day School gave me the foundation to be able to walk into a synagogue anywhere and instantly be comfortable and know what is going on — Shabbat morning services in a Yemenite shul in the back of someone’s home in Rosh Ha’Ayin, or at the main synagogues in Copenhagen or

Amsterdam, a rebbe’s tisch in Jerusalem, Reform congregations throughout the South, the Jewish Ghetto in Venice… My son James Henry is loving First Grade at the Day School, and Eli is rarin’ to go... though by the time Eli gets there, James Henry will have already taught him all the tefilot...

Sam Friedman, 1997 Attorney at Law, Sirote

Apart from my parents, my Day School education has more to do with who and what I am today than almost any other influence in my life. The Day School taught me to be a proud, knowledgeable Jew and to have a strong Jewish identity and firm core values. To put it simply, the Day School made me a better person. For eight years, I learned the importance of being a mensch.

Academically, the Day School truly did prepare me for my legal career. How many people can say that about their grammar school? The critical thinking skills that I learned by analyzing Torah and engaging in discussions over Talmudic issues helped me succeed in law school and continue to help me today.  hen I have children, I cannot imagine not giving W them a Day School education. I know how much it has meant in my life, and I hope and expect that a Day School education will have the same impact on their lives.

Alumni Stories

Yitzi Peetluk, 2008 Student, Berklee College of Music

I am glad that I had the opportunity to grow in an environment like NEMJDS that set me up to know who I am in this life. I know what my goals in life are, and I know what it means to be a Jewish American and not an American Jew.

interested in and attend Berklee. Today I can tell you that I followed my interest and it has paid off. I plan to be a Music Business Management Major and I finished my first semester with a majority of A’s in my classes.

 he Day School taught me to follow my interests. T When I was accepted to Berklee College of Music in January of 2012, I had a decision to make. I could either go to another University for a more general education, or I could follow what I am truly

I definitely want my future children to go to a Jewish Day School. If I end up back in Birmingham, you already know where my children will go to school!

Shaina Shealy, 2002 Marketing, Green America

I t was not so much what I learned at the Jewish Day School that prepared me for what I’m doing today, but how I learned it. I remember classes erupting in heated debate as my peers fiercely challenged our teachers’ lessons about Kashrut or what it means to be Jewish in America. My Jewish Day School education taught me to think critically. We were expected to grapple with the ideas presented to us in order to challenge one another to think deeply. It was in these classroom settings that I also gained an appreciation for diversity of opinions and beliefs. In fourth grade, I learned about the concept of the Jewish people as one body. My teacher explained

that if one Jew suffers, then we are left as a body without a limb and, thus, the whole body struggles. I embraced the idea — kol yisrael areivim zeh lazeh — that all Jews are guarantors for one another. This made sense to me, even at an early age. And just as the Jewish people are commanded to care for each other, I believe that Jews have a global responsibility to the rest of humanity. This is something that I take to heart in all of my actions today. I f I have children, I hope that they will have similar opportunities to be exposed to the thought provoking educational environment and foundation in Judaism offered by a Jewish Day School.

Alumni Stories

Carlie Stein, 2001 Medical Resident, UAB

I am so grateful for my parents’ decision to send me to NEMJDS. The education I received there was really tailored to my personal strengths and weaknesses. I remember being pushed to succeed and wanting to succeed because of how much I respected my teachers. I have been working hard to achieve my goals ever since. My years at the Day School are so memorable and close to my heart and have truly shaped my values. Studying Judaism, Israel, and Hebrew at such an early age ensured that these values remained with me. I enjoyed sharing my Hebrew and Judaics

knowledge as a Sunday School teacher at Temple Beth-El during high school, and serving in leadership roles at the University of Georgia Hillel during my time in college. Now living in Birmingham for medical school, I have furthered my passions by becoming a BBYO advisor and trying to instill my love and commitment to Judaism by mentoring young women. I feel passionate about providing my future children with a Jewish day school education — hopefully where I received mine!

Barry Tobias, 1993 Flight Controller, NASA

The Day School was in fact what got me interested in what I do today. I work at NASA as a flight controller for the International Space Station watching over the crew as they expand humankind’s knowledge in the pursuit of science, technological research, and exploration. In September of 1988, I was in Mrs. Goldman’s third grade class. She had us stop work and watch TV coverage of the shuttle Discovery’s return to flight as the first post-Challenger shuttle launch. She even let us watch the post-launch coverage, and I became hooked! The Day School faculty supported this obsession from day one, and for my next 5 years at the school, they helped me find books to read on the subject, they encouraged me

to do school projects on spaceflight and NASA — they supported every ounce of fanaticism that an 8-13 year old kid could have. The Day School instilled in all of us to follow our dreams, and I have had the privilege of being in Mission Control during some of the most exciting and amazing events of human spaceflight over the last decade.  esides preparing me for multiple degrees in B engineering, the Day School also gave me a solid foundation in fundamental Jewish tradition and knowledge and I plan to give my future children a Jewish education as well.

Investing in our school today will secure its place in the future and will help insure the continuation of Jewish life in our community, our nation and the world.

N.E. Miles Jewish Day School Building for the Future  

Investing in the N.E. Miles Jewish Day School today will secure its place in the future and will help insure the continuation of Jewish life...

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