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Twilight Twilight Fell. A veil drawn across the face of the daystar whose last breath burst from lungs, a golden glory. The velvet touch of advancing night drew shadows into its heart and rendered hardened edges soft, shaped the glade to its will and called down the moon, who rose a sickle, blood red. At the heart of the glade wrapped in a mantle of silven light the mere reflected the stars that now gave of their light to the earth below. The softest of breezes etched ripples upon its mercurial surface before finally coming to rest and amidst the reflected stars the sickle moon hung as a diadem. The willows that stood as sentinels upon her banks bowed their limbs as if offering a prayer to the fathomless depths and deep within their roots they drank of the nectar which sustains all things. The leaves which covered their nakedness rustled in the stillness and sibilant whispers, barely audible, spoke of the times that had been, were and were yet to be.

Twilight Deepens Into Night Twilight opened the portal and Night entered. The daystar rose in another land whose mysteries paraded across the surface of his mirrored eyes and called forth memory. Night clenched its fists and the shadows fell to silence, retreated and awaited the time when once again they would claim dominion but for now they could but wait as their master surveyed the vista before him. The mere, the body of our holy lady at its heart formed a vortex which spiraling upwards and outward drew from the air substance that would serve as robes for the one who rose from the depths. Her breath, pine and Jasmin perfumed the air, now tinted carmine. The willows deep in thrall arched their boughs and their robes trembled as a song broke the silence that had reigned until this moment and as it gathered itself its tempo rose into a cadence of cascading tones that swept the scene as the wind might play with all it encounters. Honeyed wine poured from the stars and mixing itself within the mere, the elixir was formed.

Night’s Errant Children Night shook his robes and his children gathered. The daystar now a thing of distant memory entered the underworld and slumbered in the embrace of sister moon. Night’s errant children gathered about their lord and told him of their travels in far distant lands. Ergos whispered of dappled unicorns taking flight amongst the stars that knew no number. The mere now a mirror reflected the wings and hooves of the unicorns as they danced across the void. Endymion whispered of the birth of stars within a galaxy of mercurial dust and of the creatures that rose from the ashes of an extinct volcano and of Damiana who deep within the earth dreamed. This the willows drew into their roots and etched the memories into the rings that formed their bodies and the sap that rose within their veins. Veins that fed leaves and from them they exhaled a mist, intoxicating. The mist, a veil that our lady donned as raiment that her nakedness go unobserved as she entered Night’s embrace.

Midnight Night entered his lady and life was seeded within her womb. The daystar though far away shivered as it recalled the time when it too had sprang from the font of life. Night deep within the embrace and the intoxication of his lady’s embrace drank of her nectar and where once his visage had been stern, now a smile creased his brow and upon his lips a single word, Beloved. The mere stirred as consummation unfolded and from its depths arrows of light broke the surface and were gathered into the quiver strapped across the shoulders of the huntress, Artemis and with these arrows she pierces the heart of all that exists. The willows feeling the silven shafts enter their bodies knew ecstasy as placing her lips upon his the lady sighs and knew contentment. Night in union rose through the veins of the sentinels and took flight upon wings of vision and this vision and the cauldron from whence it sprang became the soul of Gloria Mundi.

Seven Bells Night felt the first shadow advance across the mere. As the daystar began to rise it shook off its slumber and from deep within its heart it released the shadows as dawn banished darkness. Night began to dissolve as once again his twin grasped the moment and with the rose of her lips upon his he softly slipped into the shadows to dream of the time yet to be when once again he would rise. Across the surface of the mere light rippled and the rainbow dance began. All around life stirred shook feather and fur and ventured forth. Dissolving into the embrace of the rainbow dance the ladye fayre descended into the depths of her memories to dream of her lord and lover. Unfurling their leaves the willows drew nectar from the advancing light and once again they had borne witness to the mystery that is Night. Turning their faces east they greeted the twin who rose a golden splendour tinted rose. The stars retreated as light bleached their presence and now their whispers were all that could be known of them.

Mid Day Upon A Foreign Shore Night slumbered beneath a mantle of stars. The daystar lord of all he beheld called his children forth and cast them upon the tapestries that were their lives. His twin, now but a memory awaited his time as the cycle, the dance would turn once more upon the ocean of existence. Night and Day, Light and Dark, eternal change, eternal moment. Dragon flies, light cascading from their wings skipped across the surface of the mere in celebration of the day. A choir of frogs began their recital and around the mere life gathered to bear witness to another day. Deep within her slumbers the lady smiled as she witnessed her children at play. The willows raising their heads bathed within the light that now coursed through their veins and from their roots released the elixir into the air and their raiment shivered as a breeze rose from the south and its warmth shrouded them in a veil of bliss. Life bore witness to itself once again and celebrated the turning of the wheel.

The mirror'd sceptre  

A Prose Poem

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