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The Canticles Of Damiana Evohe Volume III

Damiana Evohe Vesica Ordo Templi Solus Noir

 Of her secrets none shall know As beneath a blood red moon she lies Liquid fire within the cast of her eye

And upon her lips a nectar sweet A poison, a nectar of dew So cast thy spells and cast thy words Upon the shadows of her breath

Thy blood it boils, thy soul condemned To walk in shadows deep as night Upon these foreign shores unforgiven


Four gateways guide us to the palace of exiles. From the north, across mountain passes do we tread our weary way. From the south, burning desert turns us to dust beneath a relentless sun. From the east, the hurricane carries us across verdant landscapes and from the west, across an ocean do we sail, our course made firm by breath that guides us unerring towards our goal. And of this life did I conceive a path that would grant the elixir of vision and of this exotic brew did I drink deep and now I cast aside slumbers mantle and greet the day and bid thee welcome scribe of the ages.

Through the first gateway did I pass and the mountains turned to dust and vacuum. Before eyes blinded by thy presence did I embrace the void and now thy perfume lingers and the world dissolves into dream, a veil granting but a glimpse of thy perfection. Walk with me but a while creature of rapture and weave thy breath into moments yet to be. And of this dream did I forge a golden palace and placed it within the centre of a heart that yet beats, yet sings to thee upon midnight’s shore across a sea of stars, whispers of thy eternal presence.

Through the second gateway did I pass and across calcified bone did I walk. Prismatic light assailed eyes, hollow pits, remembrance of the time before when upon a fonder shore did I walk. Sun beats upon skin turned black. Rags barely cover the emaciated form in which I now travel. Each step a burden and yet each carries me closer to thee, lover and nemesis. And of this nightmare was I purified beneath the rays of Solus Noir and into the fabled city did I enter and wrote my cipher upon the scroll of death, mistress and muse. Benediction be thy word and beauty be thy form.

Through the third gateway did I pass and upon the wings of a hurricane did I travel. Thought became as crystal. Feeling became but torment as the winds carried me further and upon a foreign and exotic shore was I placed. The palace of exiles beckoned and beneath its arches was I transformed. The son of the starbeam rises and greets the day. And of this rite did the archons and vesicas, majestic and distant assume new forms and travel amongst the blinded ones, uncomprehended, all but invisible as time tumbled into memory and became but a memory of thy passing.

Through the fourth gateway did I pass and the oceans turned to mist, rainbow veils upon thy body dissolving with each step taken. Standing naked before eyes turned to sand did I hold out my hand and felt thy touch upon burning flesh. In rapture did we soar upon pinions of light, unfurled by breath cast endlessly into the void. Drink deep beloved lest thy form dissolve into nothingness. And of this vision did I craft a sigil, sent forth by hand and eye and cast upon the uncomprehending aethyrs to form and reform into the boundless shapes of thy eternal passing within the vale of tears.

And into the fabled city did I enter upon a day celebrated by archon, vesica and grigori. Entered the temple of redemption and laid my weary form upon thy altar of delight. Thy lips caressed my flesh and made whole that which was sundered. Touched the pulsing bloodbeat of a heart now consumed by thy breath and rose as a prayer that transforms the fleeting moment into a reflection of thy glory, thy eternal presence. Make of my breath a prayer. Make of my heart thy temple and make of my body a vessel that travels along the avenues of eternities whispers.

And now I pass into memory, dull mirror, cast upon the surface of sentience to dream no more. Seek me not in light for light be my nature. Seek me not in darkness for darkness is my form. Seek me not within the regents for they but mantle the memory of my passing. Seek me not upon mountain top or beneath ocean wave for they be but my body and desire. Seek me not in the cauldron of thine heart or within the breath of thy whispered prayer for they be but my masks. Seek me not in life for life is my shadow and death my redeemer. Seek me not.

And in the whispering vastness the angelus sing and of their song incense rises, salutes the brave and redeemed and passes into the void to be no more. Consumed by life the shadows walk upon the shores of midnight and reach out in eternal need and are dissolved in the cauldron of thy mystery. Distil but one drop and offer this unto the stars, whispering across the aethyrs and in the night of pan it is dawn and the black sun rises and bruises the darkness stained red by thy passing and upon opposing shores did life and death glimpse each other. Death looked upon life and smiled whilst life, like a maiden shy upon her bed of roses coyly looked aside.

Φουρ γατεωαψσ γυιδε υσ το τηε παλαχε οφ εξιλεσ. Φροµ τηε νορτη, αχροσσ µουνταιν πασσεσ δο ωε τρεαδ ουρ ωεαρψ ωαψ. Φροµ τηε σουτη, βυρνινγ δεσερτ τυρνσ υσ το δυστ βενεατη α ρελεντλεσσ συν. Φροµ τηε εαστ, τηε ηυρριχανε χαρριεσ υσ αχροσσ ϖερδαντ λανδσχαπεσ ανδ φροµ τηε ωεστ, αχροσσ αν οχεαν δο ωε σαιλ, ουρ χουρσε µαδε φιρµ βψ βρεατη τηατ γυιδεσ υσ υνερρινγ τοωαρδσ ουρ γοαλ. Ανδ οφ τηισ λιφε διδ Ι χονχειϖε α πατη τηατ ωουλδ γραντ τηε ελιξιρ οφ ϖισιον ανδ οφ τηισ εξοτιχ βρεω διδ Ι δρινκ δεεπ ανδ νοω Ι χαστ ασιδε σλυµβερσ µαντλε ανδ γρεετ τηε δαψ ανδ βιδ τηεε ωελχοµε σχριβε οφ τηε αγεσ.

The Canticles Of Damiana Evohe Volume III  
The Canticles Of Damiana Evohe Volume III  

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