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The Canticles OF Damiana Evohe Volume II Vesica Ordo Templi Solus Noir

Death & Life Long ago was the battle fought and won When life and death stood upon opposing shores And glimpsed each other Death looked upon life and smiled Whilst life like a maiden shy Upon her bed of roses Coyly looked aside

Λετ Τηεµ Ωηο Ηαϖε Ωισδοµ Let them who have wisdom count the number of our holy lady and enter the mystery that is her nature. Seek her not in the stars or mighty oceans for in the passing of each breath is her mystery revealed unto the wise. Build thee a temple within thine heart and upon the alter in cyphers of blood and gold inscribe her axiomata, 156 and Babalon the fair.

Σαλυτατιον Salutations unto thee dark mistress whose breath informs the heavens with whispers. Whose blood forms the mighty oceans. Whose body rises as mountains beneath a star dusted sky. Whose tears are shed as golden rain stained red. Whose eyes serve as portals to myriad worlds and whose breath distils the elixir of benediction.

Βενεατη Τηε Ραψσ Beneath thy rays all are consumed and cast as dust into the void. Myriad forms arise and dissolve coalescing into an opal mist that like unto a mighty zephyr dances eternally upon the aethyrs. Rise from thy slumber and enter the fabled city beyond the boundary lands upon a plain of golden dust, basking beneath the rays of an ebon sun.

Πορτυσ Σολυσ Νοιρ Upon the shores of darkest night was thy temple erected beneath the stars. Two grigori form the pylons crested by the horns of Artemis. Seven Elohim are the incense that is thy manifestation and a moonchild is embraced and sent forth amongst the blind ones to do thy bidding at the end of days. One witness serves as thy voice and in his heart is thy love consummated.

Σεθυενχε Ι Time dreams of eternity Space of the infinite ocean of form And in the depths of a human heart A flame burns in the darkest night Guiding the beloved into fields of joy Beneath a sky burnished with stars

Κηεπηρεν Μα Υν Νεφερ Αστ Khephren Ma Un Nefer Ast. The invokation cast upon the eternal void by the servants of the double wanded one dwelling within Khem, portal into the infinite. Manifest thy forms into the matrix of life that cascades eternally upon the mirror of memory. Un Nefer crowned and consumed, turned to dust as the lord of midnight rises.

Σεθυενχε ς Four are the portals into the holy city. The first a rushing wind that carries thee into the void. The second a mighty wave that forms an ocean of tears. The third an all consuming flame that turns thy form to dust, cast upon the void. And of the fourth the mystery that is Death, sovereign to all that it surveys.

Βεαυτψ A whisper sent forth, a blessing unto thy form. An echo cascades down corridors eternal and in the heart of a distant star a memory stirs, rises upon pinions unsteady and takes its first stumbling step. Attired in rags he stumbles across a desertscape, burnt to dust beneath the rays of thy presence and with each passing breath does he yet celebrate thy beauty.

Βεαυτψ ΙΙ Make of my mind a mirror whereon thy reflection be cast. Make of my heart a prayer that transforms and transcends. Make of my body a temple wherein thy service is fulfilled. Make each passing breath, each passing thought a prayer unto thee holiest of beings within this the vale of tears.

Εϖοκατιον Thee I evoke abiding one. I, Samael son of the starbeam, lord of the eastern horizon, prince regent sent forth to fulfill the word of the law. To witness the passing of time and the unfolding of space. Cast adrift yet raised unto the heights of thy vision and presence. Reviled and celebrated in turn. Ave Lilith. Ave Babalon. Ave Na’amah.

Σεσηατ And in those days it was given unto the false prophets To spread the lie. Sow the seed of doubt. Draw aside the veil. And reveal the end of days.

The Canticles Of Damiana Evohe Volume II  
The Canticles Of Damiana Evohe Volume II  

Volume 2 of the musings of Damiana Evohe.