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Quantum Mind A Technology Of Body, Mind, Time & Space

Roberta Ann Sparrow & Damian Alexander Sinclair


The discoveries and the text that outlines them are respectfully and affectionately dedicated to my partner on the way Simon Hinton

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A Series Of Octaves, Particles & Waves  Inception  Quantum Mind  The relationship between Mind & Matter  Systemic nature & the human life wave  The relationship between Mind & Time  Awareness & its vehicle Perception  Quantum Reality  The Bioverse & manifested forms

Octave I Inception The metaphorical construction commonly known as language serves as a conduit for the evolution of consciousness and its attendant technologies and for this reason it is to be recognised that language generally and words specifically carry their own history and baggage. Meaning is reduced to a common set of interpretations and as such renders itself redundant in the light of new learning’s. With this in mind Sentience orientates itself in respect of syntax, the very descriptions it employs in describing itself in its various aspects. Whilst appearing to some to be cumbersome we trust that the extra linguistic stretch will facilitate understanding in respect of the proposals and techniques which are currently being designed and developed. As explorers and latterly developers it is the intention of Sentience to examine, explore and develop the strategies and skills required to access and evolve evolutionary patterns of cognition and behaviour.

In The Presence Of Extraordinary Reality Consciousness Takes The Place Of The Imagination Wallace Stevens

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Rumours Like a virus rumours are spread in numerous ways. Each aspect supporting its predecessor and engendering that which follows. Currently rumours are rife within the world, prevalent amongst these are those originating from the worlds of politics, religion, sociology and of course the environmental movements. Like all rumours they begin, as does any virus, in a relatively harmless fashion. Observed? Perhaps ignored until it has become a powerful deterrent against ignorance. In short when it is already too late. The media in all its aspects serves as a primary carrier, seeding it into the minds of the public at large until what was initially an interpretation of the, so called, facts, now raises its head as incontestable truth. The rumour has finally achieved its purpose, and like its kindred spirit, the virus has claimed its host in its entirety. The host in this instance begins with the individual, evolves into the culture and finally enters its advanced stage of transforming the species. And how does this transformation take place? Information. The greatest of gifts rendered into the harbinger of gloom and defeat. Several rumours prevail at this time and like their cousins the virus need to be attended to if we are to regain a healthy perspective. What are our prospects as individuals living our own chosen lives? How is freedom being curtailed and for what reason? How are our societies evolving and integrating in the light of what is called the global village? How will our societies evolve in the light of the migration issues we face? How will our species evolve in the light of the environmental issues we face? What shape will our future assume were we to continue to remain passive in the light of the inevitable? What of the Earth and the rich tapestry of life she supports, life, in part, dependant upon our actions at this time. Will we, as we have done consistently, leave that question to the next generation to resolve? Rumours, like a virus are, in the main, unhealthy and arise out of a jaded cognitive environment. An environment invariably habituated towards the negative. What if

we acted as if our thoughts were concrete and transformed into reality in the blink of an eye? What and how would we think and act? Rumours and a virus alike are treatable and once the appropriate diagnosis and prognosis are in place the condition can be attended to and ultimately cured. We begin this process by examining the condition itself. What are the symptoms? A culture pre - stressed by the society we have structured as a convenience, held in place by ideological, religious and economic constraints, further stressed by the ideological warfare that prevails as a shadow of the conflict that rages in various nations upon the Earth. Further stressed by the environmental issues brought about by climate change. Meanwhile those with a just cause climb upon their specific band wagon and proclaim the truth. Again rumours prevail. And what are our choices? To assume responsibility. To be capable of response. To spread a new class of rumour. To promote a virus suitable to our purpose. And what is that purpose? To survive, to evolve and flourish as individuals, as companies, as societies, as cultures, as a species. It was once argued that – Reasonable men and women mould themselves to the world whilst unreasonable men and women mould the world to themselves. Therefore change occurs as a direct response to the actions of unreasonable men and women. As individuals, as companies and organisations, as societies and cultures and as a species we are required to become unreasonable if we are to survive in a fashion that is tempered by wisdom and compassion. We are surrounded by opportunity, resources, sources of quality information and yet in the light of living within this, the information age we act as if starved. Perhaps the choices are too vast? Perhaps this leads to confusion and as a consequence, inaction? Perhaps we recognise the culture of trading upon this perceived threat and as a result find this distasteful? One thing we can accept as true is that like an individual the world makes the very best of itself in the light of the resources it has available. There is also a very interesting view to be held when we take into consideration the reality of the term that –

The Map Is Not The Territory & The Territory Is Constantly Changing

What is the nature of Perception and the nature of reality that follows in its wake? How might I as an individual create a new perception and consequently a new reality? How might we as a company grow and flourish in an ecological and productive way within our chosen market or markets? How will we evolve as a society and species? We begin to spread new vitalising rumours. Turn adversity to advantage and prevail in the light of all that faces and challenges us at this time. Not by speculating and creating abstract philosophies but instead by acting now if we are to counteract the rumours and viruses that are prevalent within the world. Sentience by definition demands this and as an entity and structure itself proposes far reaching and evolving methodologies for interacting with the present rumours in a cohesive, congruent and ecological way.

Systemically Evolve Neurology Towards Internal Ecologically Nurturing Creative Environments The What and Why of the matter have been adequately addressed by the above. The all important question, as always, is the How? Models of excellence do exist and whilst not unknown to us have so far had a minimal impact upon the rumours and viruses we have been exploring. Why is this the case?

Isolation and insulation. Information, skills and strategies have been quantified and rendered as products and whilst being understandable limits the acquisition of this information and the ensuing skill set it outlines to those capable of bartering for such. Sentience as an organisation exists at this time to facilitate a number of divers outcomes. Foremost in this instance is addressing the previously described rumours and viruses attendant to our current perception of the world and its unfolding aspects. With this in mind a forum has been established via our web site for those with input which is resonant with the criteria this short introductory piece has outlined. You are cordially invited to make your thoughts and speculations known to us with the ultimate outcome of spreading a new breed of rumour. The distinction lies in the nature of the rumour and how it is perceived and ultimately employed in bringing about the changes all but demanded in these times. Thank you for your attention Sentience

Octave 2 Quantum Mind Quantum mind – From Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia The quantum mind theory is founded on the premise that quantum theory is necessary to understand the mind and brain. Proposition A common argument underlying the quantum mind thesis is that classical mechanics cannot explain consciousness, if only because Galileo and Newton excluded the secondary qualities from the physical world. These issues have led Penrose to argue that consciousness is not a consequence of interactions between neurons in the brain but arises as from microtubules within cells, which are much smaller and for which quantum effects could be significant. Scepticism The main argument against the quantum mind is that the brain is warm, wet and noisy and that the structures of the brain are much too large for quantum mechanics to be important. Consequently, it is difficult for coherent quantum states to form for very long in the brain, and impossible for them to exist at scales on the order of the size of neurons. Synthesis A system does not cease to be quantum because it is wet and noisy. And then, what was previously dismissed as "noise" in the brain has recently been discovered to be complex signals. Then, too, lasers, transistors and black holes are all arguably "large," and yet exhibit quantum behaviour. The fractal character of the brain If the brain is fractal in character, it may well exhibit sensitive dependence on initial (quantum) conditions. Given the fractal character of dendritic arborizations, brain function may depend on self-similar processes at lower spatio-temporal scales. Or, "neural form follows quantum function.

The conventional view : electrical impulses In the conventional view of brain function, neurons communicate via electric impulses which trigger the release of neurotransmitters in the synapses. Microtubules play no significant role in brain function other than to provide structural support to the neurons. Electrical impulses are quantum in nature Many of these critics fail to understand that electrical impulses are quantum in nature, as with everything else in the material universe. If all matter consists of quantum fields, then the brain is a collection of such fields. Alternative and related theories There is another type of quantum theory of mind called the many-minds interpretation that is invoked as a conservative version of the many-worlds interpretation of quantum theory and does not involve collapse of the QM wave function. Anonymous Author

ď Ł The Singularity Termed I Reality, that which underlies appearances, such a vexing concept, given the nature of our minds. Do we even so much as approach the borders of this co existent state? So easy according to some, and yet we simply superimpose our models of meaning upon the void. Let us, initially, examine some basics and present a working hypothesis. First a simple question. What is the nature of the mind? Here we fail at step one, were we to indulge in the myriad speculations on offer. For simplicities sake I shall opt for a relatively fixed viewpoint. Mind by its nature, in the singular sense of I, is far less extensive as might be proposed. Its appearance of range simply arises out of the nature of reality, with which it interacts/co exists.

We have a variable field of impressions interacting with variable instruments of perception. Out of this hybrid we graft the nature of a truth upon the perceived. This arbitrary function is crucial for us to survive as human beings. Let us for a moment consider the dawn of our time, conscious apprehension/self consciousness and other such higher faculties. At their germinal stage, nature red in tooth and claw. Questions asked, answers, out of necessity arising. Rather than answers I would posit erstwhile solutions. However slow to evolve our compound error in the first instance sits with us in the here and now. The mind in its concrete aspect holds reality hostage with the declaration – name me and I am yours. Such a simple act, the appearance of understanding. Perhaps a minuscule error then. Now, millennia later of abyss like proportions. How do we rectify this compound error? Put simply we cannot. Our mutation is all but complete, we can but mutate further. Some call this evolution. All major systems of belief posit an original chaos/void/emptiness out of which emerged collectives referred to then as gods or goddesses. Modern parlance would refer to archetypes. The terms, though different in appearance are in fact identical. Even the least sophisticated of mentations concludes that the only thing to emerge from the primordial chaos was the mind itself. Namely, the namer of things. Order upon chaos, the word cast forth upon the void. Such a simple view when we consider

Man Created God In Its Own Image And Then Commits The Supreme Blasphemy By Denying Its Existence Some might think, merely a clever play on words? That is how involved we are within our own system of perception and relation. In truth, the chaos never ceased to exist, we as sentient beings simply impose order out of dire necessity. The singularity herein arises. Why the need? That question can never be answered and we must address far more mundane considerations. So, who are we, what are we and where are we? Thee intrinsic questions, banal in effect but essential to what is in essence a rational species [ ? ] The convolutions which have arisen given these simple questions are far more complex than we would, at first, imagine. In truth they are as convoluted as the very structure we employ to apprehend them, namely the mind. Can the eye [ I ] be turned upon itself? Again an imponderable. So, how, yet again, do we wrestle with the beast? We don’t. curiosity must, will, always exist. For this reason we exist. Otherwise we would have no purpose as far as our intellectual faculties are concerned.

Some consider thought to be a disease of consciousness. Nice and neat as an equation but it implies impurities within an absolute state. Our god/dess falls from a lofty height. These words are themselves simply the reflections of the convoluted process I have attempted to describe. Quite intentionally, I add. Honeyed words have indeed been delivered down the ages. They serve to clarify, to bring knowledge and understanding. Perhaps some do? In the main they gain there originators personal power. It is, after all a world of commodities and what greater need is there for peace and its progeny. I call it illusion, the product of slave mentality. If you have pain, savour it, for by it, you at least know you are alive. An anodyne can work, sometimes for the duration, but where does this lead you? Blissfully ignorant, whilst knowing all things. If it travels through a human mind, be cautious, be discriminating. Where does that leave you and with what? I would answer, everywhere with everything. The answers that are sought are indeed fallacies. Erstwhile parking space for insecurity and fear. Necessary, I grant, but our evolution demands much more of us. So let us return to basics. To The Singularity Termed I, the mind its mirror, though dimensional in appearance, [its reflective quality ] is in truth, quite flat. It is all but two dimensional until such a time that it interacts with phenomena, be this internal or external. This interaction triggers a response from what I would term motive energy. This interaction in turn creates within our minds the concept of the space/time continuum. The result – consensus reality. Though down the ages our numbers can be measured in the billions, who or what has shaped our thoughts, our actions, our very lives? Comparatively few. This again, is the nature of slave mentality. Consider the opinions we hold. Are they truly ours, or something cobbled together from elsewhere? We argue points without examining the matter at ground zero. When we encounter passion of the mind, originality, innovativeness, we are threatened. This is herd mentality. Because we appear to extend our minds into the abstract we are comforted by the notion that ‘I, at least, am awake.’ Gross egoism, all but impossible to escape. We work within closed systems at present and simply, most of the time, experience our own feedback. Where is the objectivity? Again, I say non existent. The alchemists of old penned many useful axioms. One I value states –

Explain That Which Is Mysterious By That Which Is More So Mystery mongering? Perhaps? However, seek not answers but pose instead deeper questions would be my interpretation.

So where does all this leave us? Where does this leave you? Confounded, I dare say. Again, intentional, as it is the natural internal state of The Singularity Termed I. Our only resort is to much deeper and wider ranges of perception and access to the instrumentation thus evolved through the process. Yes, evolution again. Models abound, consider one – We enter a room [ furnish it as you wish ] on one surface is a window. We go over to that window. It presents a view, a vision of the void, all that exists beyond us. The unconscious if you wish. We take this to be personal property. We even employ the term personal unconscious. In truth, we exist in a far freer state, for at the same time every sentient lifeform on Earth looks out of the same window, upon a similar view. In short, a collective reality is all that exists. Personalised, in the main by superficial personal preferences. The Singularity Termed I does not exist other than for purposes of convenience. This in no way challenges individual life, quite the contrary, as it poses a deeper and richer dimension and perhaps intimations of our next step/s as a race. Many would argue upon this point but then again, many argue anyway. If I have served their purpose, so be it. It was once remarked that Reasonable people mould themselves to the world view. Unreasonable people mould the world unto themselves. Therefore, all change results from the actions of unreasonable people.

ď Ł The Concept Of The Collective So again, who are we? What are we? And where are we? Earlier I argued for, and in part, against The Singularity Termed I and appeared to deny personal importance allotted to the individual. Quite the contrary, I imply, just how wide are our filters upon experience? We might liken ourselves to existing in the singular state solely to act as a lens/filter/reflection upon the totality. So as a filter, how limited, or extensive is our world view, our appreciation of reality? Down the ages the

individual has been held in thrall, for good purpose. Consider the state of the few with ‘the will to power’ being forced to deal with a planet wide escalation in consciousness and the personal liberation attending this. In short they would be out of a job. When speaking upon enlightenment the Buddha simply stated

It Is Not To Be Sought After But Realised As such we live in this state without knowing it. How? Why? Simple ignorance. Not a condition we possess in our original pristine nature but one conditioned into us by the world we enter. This point is proven by the very few who by Grace or simple determination break free of the thrall. Perhaps they are abberants, anachronisms? Perhaps they travel down the corridors from some future time? The point is, they have existed, will continue to exist and their message is singular. Unfortunately their message becomes enmeshed by dogma, becoming part of the mechanism they would, by their own natures, banish from our world. This is the nature of the world, of inertia. Inertia itself, apparently passive, all but abstract is in effect dynamic. It takes our will, our appearance of dynamism and choice and renders it void. Revolution both politically and philosophically, being the stalking ground of the young, for they have the energy, the impetus, the freshness and desire for change. They could all but turn the world inside out, upside down. I ask you, where do they go? Where do you go? No criticism is here intended. I do not exclude myself at any point from these observations. We create relative collectives. We argue a viewpoint. Convince others. Develop through the resistance, perhaps, encountered and from this evolve belief systems. These we reflect into all known contexts, given personal predilections, and this we brandish as truth.

Only The Strongest Of Swimmers May Enter The Deepest Of Oceans And Survive Many have by intent or accident been cast into such. Many have suffered disintegration. Many have partial views. Few have completion. Why is this so? Perhaps a model will suffice – many come to the Arte with ill formed motivations, seeking excitement and the exotic. Seeking is the primary impetus. More perceptive souls seek a sense of unity, of integration. In short, all come for a reason. Something to be gained. Lust of result. We face our own and the collective inertia and as such invariably simply travel the convolutions of our own minds. Closed systems indeed. Others enter the abyss and return. They themselves rarely know this. They are altered beyond recognition and yet their words, are again singular.

If You Can Conceive Of Any Possibility Within The Mind Then That Is Already, In Part, An Aspect Of Your Experience True, initiatory experience lies, at all times, beyond the ability of the imagination to conceive of, yet alone experience. For it to be otherwise simply reflects the shallowness of our experience and its attendant understanding. The singularity, partially developed, partially perfected exists solely to fulfil one singular act – to enter the collective, its true state. Reality. At the level of that which can be demonstrated it might be argued by psychologists, therapists or other altruistic minds that the argument falls short. Of course it does. How could it not? The proposition is simple –

That Which Is Unconscious In The Individual Is Conscious Within The Collective As such I posit no personal unconscious other than what is not in awareness at any given point in time. Why then, the therapist argues is there such a release of personal power when a neurosis is released? I argue the point that this energy arises out of the collective. Hence its power to change that which the will and its ministers are stunned into silence by. In our ignorance and vanity we take a small portion of our minds potential and describe with it all the elements of the wondrous mystery, which we are, and that surrounds us. In truth we talk into the corner of a very large, dark room. Such is our need for personal security. Again arises the collective, true non differentiation. As all individuals fear death, one way or another [ the advent of religion and philosophy indicate this. ] likewise entrance into the collective is representative of personal annihilation. Now you might begin to sense the original compounded error alluded to in the opening chapter?

ď Ł

Consciousness – The Collective State The Singularity Termed I in approaching the collective accesses and is accessed by the potential, now raised to the kinetic of crossing the threshold of our window, to use an example of earlier. And here our view changes radically as we permit traffic to flow in both directions. Here man has trod many times. In the guise of fiction many writers have proposed the existence of ‘others’ dwelling in other dimensions. Sometimes between dimensions. Numerous mythologies have been constructed which simply mirror previous creations. Names are changed, perceptions refined, but at heart much remains as once was. One underlying motif that stands out is that of the primordial. The chaos that existed prior to the development/emergence of god/dess. The emergence of these entities I posit was and is the development of reason. The development of mind in its self conscious stage. In short, The Singularity Termed I. The mighty titans, the old ones, all primordial entities were effectively ‘locked away’, banished by the evolution of the god/desses. The realm of reason came into being. However, you cannot effectively destroy anything, all that was achieved was the suppression of these vitalising energies. Considering this we are presented with a dichotomy. On the one hand we posit the existence of forces, which by their nature appear inimical to the human life wave. To invoke such powers, were it to be possible, would appear counter productive. The nightside energies must of necessity be handled carefully if we are to survive the encounter at a level of reason. On the other hand the principles of magickal/mystickal activity posit an entering into elevated states of consciousness. Take the practice of yoga, as an example. It speaks of union with deity. A condition of death to the world and all it represents. Personal suicide is as valid an interpretation. And yet such riches are apparently on offer. These pursuits contrary to the earlier proposition appear life enhancing, both at the level of the personal and the collective. What is the difference, in essence between them? In truth, none, other than the perspective they accord. It shows yet another of our tendencies towards dualism when we speak of a totality principle. It is true we open the gates of our own heaven and hell, but in effect our perception changes all considerations. Can this occur at the level of The Singularity? Perhaps it can, even though in doing so we yet again distinguish, and in doing so amplify, yet again our dualism.

The Host Environment Like an exotic fruit The Singularity Termed I is accessed by the collective. In ‘normal’ consciousness, the collective, like some miasma through which we move and have our being is selective. Not that selection is involved at the active level. The process is passive in effect. Out of an individuals persona, complete with its nature, tendencies, characteristics arise. Hence the specialisation that occurs within an individual. It might be likened to the idea that as a collective entity, mankind falls into a series of collectives. As there is a series of conscious centres within the subtle body of man, [ singular ] so might it be said that the same applies at the level of man [ collective. ] We might say that the collective endeavour of so called ‘types’, be they scientists, philosophers, healers, artists etc. may be likened to the existence of a collective centre in operation. Out of this arises the concept of The Host Environment. Plant hate in fertile soil and it develops into the monster we know it to be. Should it fall into a hostile environment it cannot, will not develop. In this sense our pursuits of altering, through practices and pursuits our base consciousness might be seen as conscious manipulation of our environment [ both internal and external. ] Altering as a result the ph. balance of our chemistry. The Host Environment has another further reaching function within the economy of the individual. If we accept the earlier proposition of the mind as a mirror. Reflective but narrow in perspective, existing as an atom in a sea of the collective, then an interesting notion arises. What gives rise to character, emotion, moods etc? What do we feel? Why do we feel it in a way singular to us. Why are patterns established? Many questions arise. Many of which have no solution. Were we to accept the collective as the only reality and all else its reflection, as appearance, then we deal with a phenomenal construction. Consider a vast collective mind. Consciousness itself aspected as a primordial state. Existent as is the air we breathe. This energy diffuses throughout us, for it exists and functions at sub atomic levels. Our bodies and minds are bathed in its presence continually. Our filters, perceptually speaking and our ‘mirror’ alone serve as 1. The means of stabilising within constant flux. 2. The result being, the arising of individual characteristics.

It is my contention that given this, all energy is neutral at source. When in its primordial state it is non differentiated and as such characterless. Quality exists elsewhere. As we are awash with the tides that bind us, this motive energy rises through strata, whereupon it eventually fuses with characteristics and is given definition. This occurs at the level of emotion and thought, which are often inseparable. As a result we are swept along by a rip tide of the named state, be it one of pleasure or pain. This reality exists not only sub atomically but also biochemically and in this respect there is no fundamental difference. We appear to operate through choices but at times appear powerless to deal with what must be considered to be transcendental. It shapes our minds, our lives, our worlds. If we had the ability to accept this energy as neutral, then all states, however judged, could be turned to our advantage. The importance of understanding the nature of the collective, in the various ways it has been presented is singular and far reaching. The key to knowledge and the attainment of freedom lies in this direction. Nothing new here. This concept lies at the heart of all serious cognitive evolution, prefigured as science, philosophy and religion, in its true reflections. Platitudes have sprung from the lips of mankind for millennia. It appears sufficient to conceive of a view, argue in its favour, develop theorem of multi faceted aspects, gain corroboration, through the belief of others and as such, enter complacency. This process is referred to the ‘intelligence trap’ by De Bono and takes into account much which is to be considered as intellectual pursuit. I ask but one question :

Does What You Do Change Your Life? As previously mentioned, initiation for it to be valid exists, at all times, outside the ability of our system to conceive of the possibility. This does not reduce the importance of the imagination and our ability to conceptualise, but simply puts them in perspective. All this activity takes place within The Singularity Termed I. In this instance figured as The Host Environment. What supports this are the cycles of experience. Our filters categorise infinite energy into narrow channels and this alone gives rise to every conceivable problem we experience at both the individual and collective levels. Again, in the words of the Buddha – ignorance. In order for The Host Environment to expand into its singularity and as a result conceive of its next step various individual and complex processes must be undergone. This is personal alkhemy in its true sense. All else is a sham. And yet the sham protects us. Likewise, self perceived limitations are valid mechanisms. The friends we trial ourselves against in order to evolve. Our first endeavour, in this respect must be self knowledge, at the level of the individual. The tools at our disposal, our friends. Our

apparent foes, where we consolidate, where we undo ourselves. In short, again, self knowledge. Perhaps then, we can move on. The alternative. We simply run around a maze, a maze represented as our own minds. We do not seek to explore the archaic but build at the level of neuro physiology the very equipment which will initiate the process of expanding the singularity into the collective. With this in mind, all activity, one way or another, gives rise to this process.

 Modes Of Consciousness The Objective And Subjective Argument The immediate question that arises when addressing this most troublesome of topics is simply – where lies objectivity? As all information/experience is processed through our sensory filters and thence through our neurology it makes the concept of objective all but null and void. To take the instance of optical neurology alone proves this point adequately. Rods and cones upon the surface of the eyes respond to stimulus. They ‘fire’ as it were. Were they not to be in constant motion, objects, having saturated the rods and cones would simply disappear in the way that you become accustomed to a smell, so that it all but leaves consciousness after a time. Via the optical sensors the information is processed by optical fibres, reduced in number, which itself implies deletion of information. By the time the image is assembled upon the visual cortex of the brain, the filters, which are personal to each of us, have created what we know to be the object. This we fire back into the world. In short what we perceive has more reality within our own brain than elsewhere. Again I ask, where is the objectivity?

This may lean somewhat towards psychology and neuro physiology, if so at the end of the day, it is our information gathering apparatus. One of the models presented earlier, was that of the ‘closed system’ this, in part, aids us in our understanding of the subjective nature of our perceptions. Whilst we have an infinite amount of information which is variable and rich in interpretation, our filters [ senses ] are, by contrast, due to habit and predilection, narrow and shallow. My argument is simple – outside of very evolved strata of mentation we simply fall prey to our own processing. It is all we have. We cannot, must not, deny it. And yet, we must also, of necessity, recognise this as an integral and structuring element within The Singularity Termed I. The various models we utilise to discuss and describe phenomena [ already two steps removed ] via – experience / interpretation and description / language, are myriad. At the level of physics, the atomic and sub atomic stratum, where the object, where the perceiver? At the level of, so called, ‘normal’ consciousness, where am I, where is the bus? Each model, each strata, calls for its own solution. Again do not confuse the planes, for to continue the metaphor, you and the bus are one. Yet applying this principle on another strata, if you stand in the way of the bus, it will kill you. As such the objective/subjective argument is endless, circuitous and as a result leads nowhere in itself. That is whilst we operate within ‘closed systems.’ A point raised on other occasions. What is this? Simple – we have taken a small functioning unit within our brain/mind and with it, subjected infinity to our scrutiny. The sublime being contemplated by the ridiculous. In our arrogance we prescribe truth, yet in truth, we simply draw maps which rarely, if ever, represent the landscape we describe. A closed system has no other option than to function in this way. That is our greatest limitation, and yet remains our greatest asset, for with it we may evolve into dimensions of understanding. Stimulated, in part. By our curiosity and spurred on, in part, by our ignorance. The world will ever remain, much richer that we will ever suspect. Whilst we live our subjective lives we cannot experience it in totality. The ‘open system’ by contrast can and does. Our endeavours, I trust steer us along this way. All that exists is consciousness, or so it is said. Perhaps [ ? ] we have its polarity/duality principle in subjective/objective. No easy solutions, simply further reaching questions. Questions we have asked ourselves, and each other since the time of our surfacing into, so called, consciousness. Questions we will continue to ask, and I for one trust that not too many solutions arise to distract us. Therein lies complacency. Something already prevalent within our mental landscapes. Banish this. Open your hearts and minds to mystery and live.

Octave 3 The relationship between Mind and Matter Is there a distinction? As a species we have developed the unique ability to distinguish one thing from another, ascribing qualities and characteristics which we hold to be true. Whilst useful in pursuit of understanding we by default restrict the potential for true understanding. History serves us well when we consider the evolution from what has been the superstition of our forebears to our current scientific appraisal of the nature of reality, and yet even in the light of reason we persist in maintaining superstitious paradigms. The dualistic principle, in this instance the distinction between Mind and Matter, has created on the one hand the development of faiths, each with a foothold on what it holds to be true and on the other hand division. The supernatural gift of faith hijacked in part by political agendas. In this respect the writing is on the wall and a shift in awareness is required should we wish to continue as a species for at this Nexus Point in history we face great challenges. How are we to meet and overcome these challenges? As an anthropomorphic species we overestimate in all respects our role within creation. Our arrogance in part, our ignorance in the main. Yet we are capable of such magnificent acts. We commence with a simple premise, whether true or false is irrelevant as we evaluate in respect of its usefulness. Our understanding of the physical universe, the arena of science generally and physics specifically has undergone rapid changes in what it holds to be true. Commencing with the philosophers of antiquity evolving through the evolution of scientific modalities as outlined by the discoveries of Newton and Einstein, to name but two posits a vast shift in comprehension. Empiricism, evidence based experimentation, has been held to be the pinnacle of knowledge and while it has clearly demonstrated its value, it now faces its darkest hour for with the development of Quantum Physics, a model that has been evolving for over a century, it is clearly demonstrated that the scientific method ahs its own limitations. Namely the impact of the observer upon the observed. No clear demarcation lines exist and as such the boundary between so called, Mind and Matter dissolves in the light of investigation. Religion holds the boundary to be sacrosanct. Philosophy sits on the fence. Psychology relinquishes responsibility.

It falls to the evolving technologies to clarify the next stages in human evolution to ensure our continued existence. Opinion is prevalent and in this respect Sentience as an entity reflects this tendency. However the over riding consideration remains – How useful is something? If it is, use it. If not discard it for something of greater value. As such

Codings A Brief Summary Classic Code Neuro Linguistic Programming The original coding which facilitated the cognitive manipulation of Modalities and Sub Modalities in respect of perceived experience. Created the linguistic counterpart and developed the general concepts and skills of Spatial Sorting and Clean Sorting in regard of reference experience. Using primarily the sensory description of ongoing experience, extensive visualisation [ using VAKOG Modalities ] was and is employed to shift the nature of perception. This by definition was invariably in a dis-associated state as a description of the experience in question remains at least one removed from the experience itself. Its profound impact upon those exploring the model of subjective experience was in the main a consequence of entering a fully associated state. New Code NLP The original coding underwent a shift in emphasis and systemic wisdom was engaged. The principle of the Greater Unit of Mind as demonstrated through the developing understanding and application of the conscious and unconscious units of mind. This coding relied extensively upon a model of mastery demonstrated by Carlos Castaneda and his discoveries amongst the Yacqui Indians of Mexico, which along with the input from other divers sources created a set of operating principle which mirror, in some respects the pre suppositions of the classic code. Toltec Sorcery In many respects inseparable from the New Code which modelled extensively its methodology. Such processes as Perceptual Positions, Active Dreaming, Stalking processes and the various edits, as described were developed into processes and utilised to access the greater unit of mind. Within the Toltec

tradition itself Perception is the underlying principle which is fuelled by personal power, hence its procedures are intended to access personal power for re deployment into perceptual choices. This nominalization, personal power serves as the crude material which forms the matrix of developing awareness which in turn is fixed by what is termed The Assemblage Point, whereon total worlds are perceived, entered and experienced. The Seven Principles of New Code were themselves formulated upon this foundation. Intent, the power that underlies all phenomena and its consequent perception serves as the arena for the pursuits of the Stalkers and Dreamers, The exploration of the 1st and 2nd Attentions. Quantum Mind The aspect of quantum physics, sometimes termed mechanics, which addresses the consciousness aspect of interaction with matter, so called. Formulated upon the principles, put simply, that [ a ] An observer has a direct effect, via the interaction with observed and [ b ] at a deeper level within the brain itself, quantum effects are in effect. Amongst its, at times, startling discoveries are such questions as – is there truly an out there, out there? What truly results when a specific is examined by a specific, the mind itself, and what emerges as a property by virtue of this interaction. Though in its infancy, a hundred years or so, its speculations and discoveries have and are addressing such elements as the nature of matter itself, the nature of mind and consciousness, the nature of time and being itself. Quantum Power Programming Employing the modelling strategies of the Classic Code of NLP whilst employing the focus and emphasis of the New Code of NLP. Exploring and developing models and strategies derived from the application of the Toltec teachings and integrating the contemporary discoveries and learning’s of Quantum Physics and employing the evolving accelerated models of learning. Drawing its information form divers energetic models of healing and excellence where it is encountered in any context QPP engages in creating processes which in many respects serve as the emergent properties of combining all of the above. State in respect of the body mind unit experiencing a fully associated moment accesses what has become referred to as the interface and employing holographic representations develops its processes with these principles and outcomes in mind. The foregoing can simply be described as –






Stopping The World The Bridge Between Attentions Quantum Mind Though perhaps, abstract at this time like all developing process awareness, through its research and applications QPP develops models of direct experience which once seeded into consciousness by there very nature evolve into creative, life enhancing tools for exploration and discovery. You are invited to cast aside the past, so called, and embrace the future, so called within the Eternal Now, the only true glimpse we have of the ambiguity that is and will remain Reality. Thank you for your attention Sentience

ď Ł

Octave 4 The systemic nature of the human life wave The Arena of Evolution Reason – V – Faith Let us first define our terms in accordance with how they are to be employed in this context, thereby circumnavigating the pitfalls of personal interpretation. Reason – The quality of the greater unit of mind that dwells within both the heart and mind and evaluates upon the foundation of innate wisdom. Is based upon skills and actions and determines the relative truth of a thing in the light of evidence clearly demonstrated. Is innately unbiased and transcends belief systems, whilst acknowledging the tenets of all. Faith – The innate belief in a thing. At its highest logical level it has been described as a supernatural gift and forms the foundation and pillars of all established religions. At another logical level, fuelled by hope it serves to establish trust and belief in a specific. Its criteria of judgement lies within the abstract and as such its value is open to conjecture. It remains conceptual and exists outside of all evidence procedures and relies solely upon its sibling belief. These definitions will, of course, raise much in the way of argument but as stated above serves as a clean template upon which to formulate the words that follow. We call this the application of clean language. Argument – There exist Nexus Points of convergence at specific points in history where the choice is presented to radically change the methodologies and ways of being, of existing in the world. Catalysed systemically a new order of a kind rises and is met by the inertia that exists by virtue of the status quo. Structures politically,

economically, socially and those pertaining to the religious persuasion in recognising the change none the less choose to remain as they are whilst performing cosmetic exercises in the direction of the appearance of change. In short all remains as it ever was. The evolving consciousness is overwhelmed and subsumed into the collective structure of that which ever was, and change is stifled. Evidence – Politically, the unrest experienced by the vast majority of the Earth’s inhabitants creates well co - ordinated confusion, unrest and insecurity in respect of the future. Economically, the imbalance across the globe, where the few share the majority of the resources whilst the majority experience abject poverty. This can be clearly perceived at the level of individual nations and elements within specific societies alike. Socially, whilst dependant upon economic conditions, rifts are clearly in evidence across the spectrum of cultures which in order to maintain, the appearance of freedom, break off and form sub cultures within the collective structure. As such cohesion is eroded and the general sense of belonging to the race of being human is undermined. Religious institutions revert to their fundamentalist aspect which in many instances is a return to the dark ages where religion and politics were one. Whereas the religious inclination exists innately in order to facilitate the wonder of being alive within this beautiful and spectacular mystery we call life, instead it is rendered down to the simple matter of existing. All religions to one degree or another posit a somewhere better to go, a something better to become. In the light of this what ever happened to the wonder of the Now? Individually, and here we apologise for what is to be considered a major generalisation, rendered, in the main as a society serving unit, stripped of its power of choice, whilst the choices it appears to be presented with are in effect, choose the best option of a bad lot, put simplistically. Where are the heroes, the poets, the visionaries, the individual, those who by their very actions change all that stands before them? We create reality, we create the world of our species, each and everyone of us contributing to what might metaphorically be called a heaven or a hell. Where do you choose to live? Environmentally and Ecologically. Though pendant to this list of evidence, this has been chosen as a means of emphasising the most important criteria of all. Consider this, without us, the human species, the Earth and its wondrous diversity of species

in all their manifestations continues irrespective of our presence. Conversely without the Earth we simply cease to be. The impact of our species upon the Earth and our fellow residents has been and remains catastrophic. From the period generally marked by the industrial revolution, but a short time ago, relatively speaking, we have consumed resources in an ever escalating fashion. One day the supermarket shelves will literally empty. And, of course, at this Nexus Point in history our impact is clearly demonstrated by the changing and evolving climatic conditions we are beginning to experience, ones which will, without doubt escalate. We are responding far too late, of course, as ever. Of course in our arrogance we act as if one day there will be somewhere else to go, a prevalent fantasy which born out by the evidence of the future will be put in its place. Too late. And yet there is hope. We are truly remarkable beings. Creators and destroyers alike and though in our infancy there are true wonders yet to realise and experience. Let us resolve to remain in existence long enough to witness them. In truth we are but one species in the wondrous dance that is creation and evolution. Possibility & Probability Returning briefly to our argument, one which the evidence, as listed validates. A change in consciousness at a collective level is demanded of us. A change in Perception and most importantly a change in our Actions.

ď Ł

Consciousness V Imagination Holography V Visualisation In The Presence Of Extraordinary Reality Consciousness Takes The Place Of T he Imagination Wallace Stevens Definitions As before we will define our terms, though not necessarily dictionary specific we will, at least establish a common ground for meaning? Consciousness – A complex and inexplicable emergent quality arising from a system containing the complexities of organo-chemical agents combined with a matrix consisting of preconditioned, and in the main, unknown biological and environmental elements. Philosophy, Religion and Science itself have wrestled with this concept and current thought leads in the direction of Quantum Physics with its attention to the concept of the effect of the observer upon the observed. Within the context of the present speculations consciousness is to be considered the embodiment of Being. Holography – Within the present context aligned to Consciousness and as such a 4th dimensional construct. [ allowing for the reader who has conceived of multiple dimensional paradigms ] Containing the totality of itself within each and every one of its perceived parts. A methodology for engaging the totality of a given system / person in the act of creation. Engaging a fully associated state of mind, heart and body in the act of creating systemic alignment within a given direction. The methodology employed by Sentience as an organisation, QPP as a model, and in short is called Quantum Mind.

Imagination – The ability to envisage and in part, experience alternative time based phenomena. To conceive of future times and in part, create them. The ability, through memory to review the past and elicit the states of the time and place of the memory in question. The realm of the dreamer and creator. Described as our only, and as such, most important creative faculty. Visualisation – Aligned in this instance to Imagination. A relatively cognitive element engaged in the manipulation of internal sensory representations of experience in order to create an alternative pathway towards a specific goal or direction. A description of how things could be and as such, at the outset an observer view. Disassociated from the totality of the system and yet desiring to direct the system as a whole. Usually directed by the conscious aspect of the mind and as such unaware of the deeper strata wherein exist motivations and personal agendas. In the hands of a fully aligned self aware being, a powerful tool. Otherwise a hope fuelled strategy which can work until such a time as it fails to do so.

ď Ł The System V The Self Aristotle V Plato The Octave we have been exploring, namely, Duality will be highlighted in this section for it serves as the primary error mankind has nurtured for millennia. Manifested in language as the pairs of, so called opposites and experienced directly within each and every aspect of life. We have traded our heritage, the very nature of our existence for the illusion of separation. Though pure in essence the cult of the individual, in respect of human rites is sacrosanct beyond this we are dealing with a profound mystery of which we as individuals are a part. A part capable of divinity whilst living a life of abject poverty, relatively speaking. And yet

the wave that is evolution challenges us at this Nexus Point in history to rise and face the challenge. Our forebears have turned away for they existed in relatively stable times. Stable times, inertia and complacency. In this instance we define ourselves simply. The System – the greater unit of mind condensing into the appearance of singular forms whilst existing within an ambient field of totality. The Self – the singularity termed I, emerging from its pure collective state and forming an island within an infinite ocean. Theoretically abstract, the province of religion, philosophy and metaphysics perhaps? Sentience as an entity, an organisation, argues for the nature of physics in is purest form. Should one wish to study consciousness then it is required to study the states that consciousness manifests, namely the continuum that has been described as conscious and unconscious, conveniences at best, ill formed illusions at worst. Mind and Body, Spirit and Matter, extensions of the same particle, particles which exist in the ambience of the wave of creation. And yet we experience in the simplicity of our lives, division, the yearning for completeness. Why? A question pursued and answered by many who in turn convince the many more until dogma, be it religious, political or sociological arises. The status quo maintained at all costs. Evolution demands much more of us at each and every turn, each and every moment we are granted the opportunity to explore, discover and become. Let us briefly consider some prevalent ideas. In essence we know little of the nature of the body and its profound functionality. True, medical research has pushed back the veil of ignorance and advanced our understanding considerably. Miracles are performed and health and longevity are extended. How much is there to discover? In respect of the mind we know even less. The evolution from pure superstition to the appearance of contemporary sophistication is but a veneer and this is evidenced by our way of being in the world. And of the wonder and mystery of the life that surrounds us we know nothing, demonstrated by our behaviour in respect of it. We have sought a creator outside of creation itself and as a result fallen from the grace that belongs to existence in its pure state. And yet we begin to understand and as a consequence begin to explore and as a result experience the nature of connectivity that exists between Mind and Matter which in unity as opposed to our dualistic tendencies leads to the rising of consciousness. It is true we are self aware, but of what and how? Whilst exalting the self we sacrifice the system. The system that is the totality of our unique aspects in unity and the system that is the totality of all apparent selves in the liquidity that forms the infinite depths of a mysterious ocean. We its particles, its waves. Take a simple example. In our lives we often seek to change a given something and that part of us that seeks the change all but enters an arena of conflict when we face the ensuing pressure that arises. Often classified as situational and circumstantial,

in truth we enter conflict, or its appearance as a result of all but ignoring equally important aspects of our nature. Who sets the direction, who seeks to change? The snapshot that is our conscious mind facing and having to deal with the greater unit of mind. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we fail. Systemic wisdom in whatever aspect of life, be it personal, professional or relational arises when we develop the perception, the skills to execute actions in the light of awareness. We have travelled far and there is even further to travel. Modern descriptions of what we might be and what we are capable of cause us to hold onto the strands of hope that exist and yet hope is the instrument of the weak. Knowledge and Personal Power are our only allies within the arena of evolution. Let us embrace them and partake in the unfolding of the tapestry that is life.

ď Ł The Now V The Future Eternity In A Moment. Infinity In A Flower. William Blake Paradox. The purest of states and understanding. A portal that becomes us and opens onto a journey of pure discovery. Our current state of evolution finds us absent from the moment. Primarily as a consequence of basing future expectations on the experiences of the past. Thereby generating the self fulfilling prophecies that are the testimonies that we call our lives. This serves as the lineal coding of time and experience and yet the system processes memories in the Now as it processes ongoing experience. In short the same neural circuitry is employed in both instances. As an example think of a time when you smelt grass. Is that then or now, subjectively speaking? Imagine if you will standing in the moment, challenging enough given the demands our lives exert upon us. Now consider a metaphorical representation. We stand and each and every one of our memories attaches a fibre to our attention. Each has its own pressure, its own

intensity. Imagine the pull and the distortion our stance in the moment undergoes. Now add to this the expectations of the future, each again adding their fibres, their pressure their pull upon us standing in the moment. Consider, if you will, are you remaining upright or are you distorted in regard of your spatial placement? Perhaps your attention is all but consumed by the effort of remaining upright. At best a balancing act, at worst collapse. Our metaphor serves to describe a possibility. Meaning is ascribed and understood where there is resonance, all else is speculation and rumour. When we begin to examine Quantum Mind we accept that the perceived dimensions of space and time undergo radical shifts in respect of our understanding. Mystery rather than being resolved becomes deeper, wider and far more mysterious. Questions are posed rather than the acceptance of ill fitting answers. We are often advised to think ahead, plan for the future and yet we place this future, out there, as if it had a spatial location. Here the imagination plays a key role, as discussed in an earlier section. Consciousness by contrast accepts, as does the system as a whole, the eternal now and creates at the quantum level a living breathing reality in the now. We are often asked, where are you? It is equally true to ask the question, when are you? For in the light of the latter what we hold to be habitual patterns of behaviour, fixated ideas and cyclic experiences take on a new perspective. Now is all we know. The Past a fading dream, The future an ambiguous fantasy. The Now a Dreaming Moment. Embrace this and evolve the system, the self by default in the light of this become who you are meant to be. The foregoing serves as an introduction to the two octaves that follow. It is our expectation that the foundation has been put in place and that the context is clearly set. The evolving models that follow are emergent probabilities within the infinite ocean of possibilities. Thank you for your attention Sentience

ď Ł

Octave 5 The relationship between Mind & The Perceived dimension of Time Let us consider for a moment the evolution of our descriptions in respect of the divers nature of our perceived world and of ourselves. Simplistically the ancients conceived of a naïve and yet accurate model of creation. Unity. Diversity has arisen by virtue of the emergence of science and its siblings philosophy metaphysics. The Body/Mind system by its nature one and undivided has been compartmentalised as if two separate aspects of our nature existed. In part due to the religious paradigm of a mortal body of clay, host to a transcendent principle called by some, the soul, spirit or by the more pragmatic the mind. Were this not sufficient to confound, modern psychology has designated multiple layers within the mind in regard of consciousness. Whilst useful in evolving a syntax of comprehension we have, in part, confused the symbol or description with that which it represents. Millennia of this cognitive activity has brought us into the position of, whilst being in possession of an understanding of our natures, we remain the same. At the Quantum level where all is reduced, paradoxically, into the realm of the infinite no distinction can exist between apparently divers aspects of our being. This is the nature of Unity, the principle which whilst appearing to underpin religious, philosophical, metaphysical and scientific dogma, has in truth become but a platitude. However this platitude at this stage of our evolution does serve to lay down a matrix for future evolution, despite our thoughts to the contrary. To return to our underlying premise – Unity! Whilst we perceive the dimensions of space directly through the cognitive tools of our processed senses and as a consequence experience the physical world of bricks and mortar the dimension of Time is a little less objective and not subject to the same laws. True clocks tick, time marches on and history unfolds and yet we all at some point experience the nature of time as the transcendent property it truly is. Timelessness as the great metaphysical poets have described it. Eternity in a

moment to quote one such. The Mind is in truth the only aspect of our unity that is capable of co existing within the physical and abstract worlds of our perception and serving as a vehicle we evolve beyond the mundanity of our apparently mechanical universe and existence. In the model currently evolving an entire new syntax of definition and meaning must by its very nature evolve and arise if we are to take the next step or steps in our evolution, evolution which in the main continues outside the realm of conscious awareness and is fused within the genome of our DNA structure itself. In this respect Mind is the dimension of Time and time rather than unfolding before us has by its very nature begun the process of apparently reversing and erasing itself. This statement has the appearance of being, at best a generalisation and at worst a sweeping unspecific statement. What is meant by it? Human history has established and maintained the illusion of separateness in the name of uniqueness and whilst each sovereign individual strides for its meaning within the greater equation in truth as a singularity it does not exist. For as stated elsewhere it is merely within the realm of cognitive process that we maintain the illusion of separateness. At the biological level we process information across neural bridges crossing space and time that fertilisers our awareness with transcendent and almost immortal qualities and properties. We have empathy with others and their issues and on rare occasions a true empath unshielded by the veils of uniqueness directly experiences others through the filters of thought and emotion generalised as feeling. The mind containing at its core the heart begins the journey from what is to what will be and as a process is challenged. Who could relinquish their sovereign independence in the light of unfolding evolution. True we stride to do this and yet in essence we commit personal suicide of a fashion in undertaking this step, a step we are all but forced to take. Choice is not present in the matter for we are compelled by our genes and in these times unusual things are occurring. Things which are filtered by all in respect of their own belief or filtering system, systems which may have a piece of the puzzle and yet remain confounded. That’s life, an oftime uttered phrase as if something external called life directed our so called free will thereby reducing it to nought within the equation so we exist within the contradiction of having free will to choose and yet this force we allude to either co operates with us or serves to present us with obstacles. This is the nature and dimension of mind and its relationship to time. Lineal models as such are now rendered redundant in the presence of evolving consciousness. We do not undertake this path by choice for there is in truth no choice, simply the imperative to evolve or become one more species that has outlived its purpose and goes the way of the dinosaur. In these times of apocalyptic scenarios and realities we have the choice to evolve into a slave mentality, evidenced by

increasing strictures placed upon us as individuals and cultures or evolve into freedom. This understanding we describe as the true nature of the end of days. Time erases itself to wipe clean the slate as it were through complex processes both within and without ourselves. Some have a syntax by which they comprehend these changes. Some simply react to the process and relinquish responsibility in the process of so doing.

Mind, Body, Time & Space Are One Systemic Unit There are those who by virtue of possessing esoteric technologies accelerate these processes at this time and despite their awareness have but a simplistic understanding of that which they do. Particle physicists by their science worked upon the atom during the early part of the previous century unleashed a power that transformed humanity for all time at the deepest of levels and now in the time the same mindset works directly at the sub atomic level by employing such devices as the Hadron Accelerator with even more dynamic effect. Man’s thirst for knowledge knows no bounds and is equalled only by its stupidity, to paraphrase Albert Einstein. In conclusion we travel the dimension of time in the very fashion that we travel the dimension of Mind, that is, unconsciously. And yet at this nexus point of human history we burn in the light of comprehension descending. Nightmare or epiphany the choice is ours. The choice is yours. Thank you for your attention Sentience

ď Ł

Octave 6 The Nature of Awareness & its Vehicle Perception The Intent of Sorcery Expanding the limits of normal perception is a concept that stems from the Sorcerers’ belief that our choices in life are limited, due to the fact that they are defined by the social order. Sorcerers’ believe that the social order sets up our list of options, but we do the rest: by accepting only these choices, we set a limit to our nearly limitless possibilities. This limitation, they say, fortunately applies only to our social side and not to the other side of us: a practically inaccessible side, which is not in the realm of ordinary awareness. Their main endeavour, therefore, is to uncover that side. They do this by breaking the frail, yet resilient, shield of human assumptions about what we are and what we are capable of becoming. Sorcerers’ acknowledge that in our world of daily affairs there are people who probe into the unknown in pursuit of alternative views of reality. They contend that the ideal consequences of such probings should be the capacity to draw from our findings the necessary energy to change and to detach ourselves from our definition of reality. But they argue that unfortunately such probings are essentially mental endeavours. New thoughts, new ideas hardly ever change us. One of the things that I learned in the sorcerers’ world was that without retreating from the world, and without injuring themselves in the process, Sorcerers’ do accomplish the magnificent task of breaking the agreement that has defined reality Florinda Donner Grau Being in Dreaming An Initiation into the Sorcerers’ World

We commence this octave with a noteworthy quote from one of the Toltec Texts, an approach which Sentience embraces within its particle form, out of which arises WaveSentience. Within the Toltec model and understanding all that exists is Perception and we as energetic beings navigate its waters. The consciousness of human beings is matured by the process of growth and can no longer be simple awareness, because it has been modified into something more intense and complex, which Seers call Attention. Awareness is the raw material and Attention the end product of maturation. Carlos Castaneda – The Fire From Within This second quote clarifies our position in respect of the nature of Awareness and Perception which we collectively, albeit simplistically regard as Attention.

 The Two Attentions and their Interface Introduction In approaching a subject of this nature it is wise to remember that all we can know is automatically a description and as such lies within the territory of 1st Attention. No description, however lucid can be anything other but the activity of 1st Attention. And yet :

The Sorcerer’s Skill Lies In The Use Of The First Attention. How It Is Used Can Make Of It, A Gateway And A Key. It is all too easy to create labels and distinctions, even though they are said to be used for purposes of clarification we invariably fall into the trap of speaking, thinking and acting as though they were real. In proposing the existence of a 1st and 2nd Attention is complex enough, yet alone conceiving of an interface between them. And yet we have to begin somewhere. That somewhere is the only place we can

truly think and talk from or about, for it pertains to Reason. That place is 1st Attention. All else is Experience and Silence. A simple question before proceeding : What is Attention in the first place? This has been appropriately defined by Carlos Castaneda in – The Fire From Within. The consciousness of human beings is matured by the process of growth and can no longer be simple awareness, because it has been modified into something more intense and complex, which seers call Attention. Accepting this demonstrates the fluid nature of Attention and yet it also demonstrates its ability to become fixed. In Sorcery there is a description of how Attention can be primarily understood in its 1st 2nd & 3rd descriptions. The purpose of this Essay however is to explore, specifically a description, as such I shall confine myself to 1st Attention even whilst appearing to be describing other descriptions. This will ensure that I remain aware, or at least maintain the appearance of being aware of the implications in examining such an intricate and vast subject. To proceed :

ď Ł A 1st Attention Coding of 1st Attention The 1st Attention is a dream, for it is the sum total of what we call the self. A self that is effectively no more than an idea, a good idea, of course, yet still an idea. We support its beliefs and values as if real and, of course they are, for they are all we have to hold onto in the ocean of mystery that is the true nature of our being. This is the paradox of being. Consider a child. How does it learn? What are the stages of its learning? And more importantly what was its nature prior to learning? We have all been there and yet we are, with rare exceptions, completely unconscious of this part of our existence. Could it be that we had no cognitive awareness? For it has been said that :

Out Of The Ocean Of 2nd Attention Comes Forth A Crystallisation, A Life, A Consciousness. Thus Arises 1st Attention. There are several ways to consider 1st Attention and they are all typical of the limitations that attend thinking :

The 1st Attention is : The conscious mind and is often described as something that gets in the way of the wisdom that exists elsewhere and as such needs to be circumnavigated. An aspect of the system immediately accessible and therefore utilisable. Something we use to describe things with, like an artist uses a brush or a writer a pen. A guardian that forgot its task and became a guard. How we know what we know and what it is we know in the first place. One more way of defining an aspect of a being whose true nature is a mystery and mystery itself. Our entire orientation process in respect of time and space. The world manifested by the 1st Ring of Power. The sum total of human thought and action. Normal everyday awareness. The human side of humanity. Etc. etc. The list is infinite and yet a complete list would but scratch the surface when it comes to the mystery of the Tonal. For as the sum total of the self it contains all things. It would be so easy to say that all that exists is 1st Attention. For the distinction lies in ‘where’ you place Attention in the first place. For this reason all religions, philosophies, ways of life, pursuits, beliefs and maps of identity are absolutely true. How could they be anything else when we consider the nature of Attention itself? It is not my intention to confound, rather than accept a simple solution, of human origin I would prefer an intricate question that raises the issues that are actually involved. We do not know what Attention is, how can we go about describing it as if we did? This activity, however, is necessary for it forms our evolution as thinking beings and yet pertains to the first Ring of Power, namely that of Reason. To unseat reason is suicidal and yet Sorcerers endeavour to do just that. However a paradox exists, in order to unseat reason it is required that we shine and perfect it to the point where in a blaze of Clarity we transcend its domain and connect instead to the second Ring of Power. That which can only be spoken of in whispers and nuance, namely, that of Intent.

The Warrior’s Task Lies In The Recognition That Life Itself Is The Abstract Flight. The Gathering Of Power, The Focus Called Intent And Finally The Step Into Freedom.

A 1st Attention Coding of 2nd Attention The previous description, 1stAttention was at least accessible. By comparison 2nd Attention is ambiguous to say the least. To consider this Attention to be the unconscious is overly simplistic and yet we know that its domain is, in the main unconscious, as such we need to refine our perceptions in order to approach this subject. We can however simplify the matter with what might be a lucid thought. Were 1st Attention to be considered, in the main, the human aspect of Attention, then 2nd Attention is the sole domain of the Sorcerer who operates out of heightened awareness. A state we effectively witness and then often forget, only to re – assemble the experience and information at a latter time. This is the experience of the memory and time lapses often experienced by those pursuing Sorcery. Another useful way to view this Attention is by considering 1st Attention, as previously mentioned to be hooked to the Ring of Reason, whilst 2nd Attention is hooked to the Ring of Intent. These two Rings of Power effectively constitute the Energetic Matrix of a being in both their human and Sorcerer configurations. To experience the everyday world and its concerns is effectively to assemble perception at a specific location and to experience the world of Sorcery wherein time and space are effectively more malleable is to experience perception in a radically different way. For this reason rather than creating an ambiguous division between Attentions I would rather conceive the Human and the Sorcerer as being two distinct aspects of a being. To clarify further the 1st Attention pertains to a human being in its Body – Mind configurations whilst 2nd Attention pertains directly to the Double which the Sorcerer has direct access to whilst a human being can only view it as a dream. By the transference of perception to the Double or Dreaming Attention the human being enters the world of Sorcery directly. This is, of course an outcome totally dependant upon Personal Power, power which is accrued by shifting the Assemblage Point to such locations as ‘The Place of No Pity’ whereon the human being begins the transformation into the Sorcerer. Next the location known as ‘The Place of Silent Knowledge’ completes the transformation in one respect. The final transformation can only be considered actual when the Sorcerer looses ‘The Human Form’ and becomes a ‘Formless Warrior.’ Then and only then is their sufficient energy to begin to configure and exercise the Double, the aspect of our nature, our mystery, that pertains to Dream, for it is in Dream that we access this all but inaccessible part of our natures. The pursuit of Sorcery has this specifically in mind, all its tenets and practices are designed to access Intent which alone makes this myth, as it has been described, a possibility. All other considerations, however sophisticated must, of necessity be regarded as the activity of The Ring of Reason operating as it does through 1st Attention. A Sorcerer is considered to be such only when the transference of everyday consciousness to the Double or Dreaming

Attention has occurred. This demands a thorough Recapitulation of ones life which in effect enables, through Setting up Dreaming, access to this indescribable part of the mystery we are. Intent and Intending Intent alone make this possible and through the Impeccability rehearsed and applied through the application of the outer forms of Sorcery, the practices themselves, we begin to make headway within the description of Attention known as the 2nd Attention.

 A 1st Attention Coding of the Interface Here we are on firmer ground for both Attentions are to be considered a myth and a dream. We can at least cognitively apply ourselves to the matter of the interface. The word alone implies setting up the means of communicating with apparently divers aspects of Attention. We know of several practical ways to facilitate this. Ways which clearly demonstrate the vastness of our natural state when perceived through the filter of Sorcery. All components of practice which employ Active Dreaming formats constitute an aspect of the interface. ‘Dreaming Awake’ as it is sometimes called certainly aligns the Attentions and as a result we begin to perceive systemically and holistically.

Setting Up Dreaming specifically and everyday dreams generally also form an

essential aspect of the interface. The only challenge here lies in translating information usefully or accurately.

Gazing establishes connection, as an effective aspect of the interface and in some respects constitutes an Active Dreaming Format, employing as it does similar processes.

Metaphor and Story Telling

specifically and language generally facilitate the interface by virtue of the direction that is set up within the system irrespective of the degree of Intent involved. For this reason Stalkers use language Impeccably and precisely for they are aware of the power of directing the entire system into the context uttered. There is only everyday talk and words, amongst everyday people,

Stalkers by contrast know the power of words and use them appropriately and accordingly.

Simply asking a question, any question facilitates the interface for someone /

something is indeed listening. As an example : ask yourself a question now. Notice what happens. Where does the information, the answer come from? And how does it rise to conscious awareness?

Somatic Syntax

formats facilitate the interface by activating the body aspect of the polarity whilst Trance work generally facilitates the mind aspect of the polarity. Each undoubtedly contains elements of the other, yet I choose to be simple here. Put simply it is all but impossible not activate the interface at one level or another, for rather than being an abstract it is in truth a core piece of our communication matrix. One can of course refine it. As such the idea of having to install one is missing the point somewhat. In conclusion, for the interface to be effective it is exercised like any other component of our multi – dimensional natures. The above descriptions of how this exercise is undertaken forms a list of the more obvious. It is at the level of the interface that we can at least speak with some conviction for developing and enhancing it is directly within our power. The rest, in regard of the Attentions is in many respects ambiguity itself. When approaching Attention in any of its configurations we run the risk as outlined in the introduction of falling into the folly of description and yet it is all we have. Let us at least widen our descriptions and as a result develop the sophistication required to consider these abstract principles. The nature of Sorcery facilitates this, let us at least facilitate Sorcery. Thank you for your attention Sentience

ď Ł

Octave 7 Quantum Reality The Origin and Development of the Quantum Theory Max Planck In this lecture I will endeavour to give a general account of the origin of the quantum theory, to sketch concisely its development up to the present, and to point out its immediate significance in physics. Looking back over the last twenty years to the time when the conception and magnitude of the physical quantum of action first emerged from the mass of experimental facts, and looking back at the long and complicated path which finally led to an appreciation of its importance, the whole history of its development reminds me of the well-proved adage that "to err is human." And all the hard intellectual work of an industrious thinker must often appear vain and fruitless, but that striking occurrences sometimes provide him with an irrefutable proof of the fact that at the end of all his attempts, he does ultimately get one step nearer the truth. An indispensable hypothesis, though it does not guarantee a result, often arises from the pursuit of a definite object, the importance of which is not lessened by initial illsuccess. For me, such an object has, for a long time, been the solution of the problem of the distribution of energy in the normal spectrum of radiant heat. Gustav Kirchhoff showed that, in a space bounded by bodies at equal temperatures, but of arbitrary emissive and absorptive powers, the nature of the heat of radiation is completely independent of the nature of the bodies. Later, a universal function was proved to exist, which depended only on temperature and wave-length, and was in no way related to the properties peculiar to any substance. The discovery of this remarkable function gave promise of a deeper understanding of the relationship of energy to temperature, which forms the chief problem of thermo-dynamics, and, therefore, also of all molecular physics. There is no way at present available for obtaining this function but to select from all the various kinds of bodies occurring in Nature any

one of known emission and absorption coefficients, and to calculate the heat radiation when the exchange of energy is stationary. According to Kirchhoff's theorem, this must be independent of the constitution of the body. A body especially suited for this purpose appears to be Heinrich Hertz's oscillator, the laws of emission of which, for a given frequency, have recently been fully developed by Hertz. If a number of such oscillators be placed in a space enclosed by reflecting walls, they will exchange energy one with another by taking up or emitting electro-magnetic waves, analogous with a sound source and resonators, until finally stationary black radiation, so-called, obtains in the enclosure according to Kirchhoff's law. At one time I fostered the hope which seems to us rather naive in these days, that the laws of classical electrodynamics, if applied sufficiently generally, and extended by suitable hypotheses, would be sufficient to explain the essential points of the phenomenon looked for, and to lead to the desired goal. To this end, I first of all developed the laws of emission and absorption of a linear resonator in the widest possible way, in fact, by a roundabout way which I could have avoided by using H A Lorentz's electron theory then complete in all fundamental points. But since I did not then fully believe in the electron hypothesis, I preferred to consider the energy flowing across a spherical surface of a certain radius enclosing the resonator. This only deals with phenomena in vacuo, but the knowledge of these is enough to enable us to draw the necessary conclusions about the energy changes of the resonator. The result of this long series of investigations was the establishment of a general relation between the energy of a resonator of given period and the radiant energy of the corresponding region of the spectrum in the surrounding field when the energy exchange is stationary. Some of these investigations could be proved by comparison with available observations, particularly the damping measurements of Vilhelm Bjerknes, and this is a verification of the results. Thus the remarkable conclusion is reached that the relation does not depend on the nature of the resonator, in particular, not upon its damping coefficient - a very gratifying and welcome circumstance to me, since it allowed the whole problem to be simplified in so far that the energy of radiation could be replaced by the energy of the resonator. Thereby a system with one degree of freedom could be substituted for a complicated system with many degrees of freedom. Indeed, this result was nothing but a step preparatory to starting on the real problem, which now appeared more formidable. The first attempt at solving the problem miscarried; for my original hope proved false, namely, that the radiation emitted from the resonator would, in some characteristic way, be distinct from the absorbed radiation and thus give a differential equation, by solving which it would be possible to derive a condition for the state of stationary radiation. The resonator

only responded to the same rays as it emitted, and was not at all sensitive to neighbouring regions of the spectrum. My assumption that the resonator could exert a one-sided, i.e. irreversible, effect on the energy of the surrounding field of radiation, was strongly contradicted by Ludwig Boltzmann. His mature experience led him to conclude that, according to the laws of classical mechanics, each phenomenon which I had considered, could operate in exactly the reverse direction. Thus, a spherical wave sent out from a resonator may be reversed and proceed in ever-diminishing concentric spheres until it shrinks up at the resonator and is absorbed by it, and causes again the energy previously absorbed to be emitted once more into space in the directions along which it had come. Even if, by introducing suitable limits, I could exclude from the hypothesis of "natural radiation" such singular phenomena as spherical waves travelling inwards, all these analyses show clearly that an essential connecting link is still missing for the complete understanding of the problem. No other course remained open to me but to attack the problem from the opposite direction, namely, through thermodynamics, with which I felt more familiar. Here I was helped by my previous researches into the second law of thermodynamics, and I straightway conceived the idea of connecting the entropy and not the temperature of the resonator with the energy, indeed, not the entropy itself, but its second differential coefficient with respect to energy, since this has a direct physical meaning for the irreversibility of the exchange of energy between resonator and radiation. Since at that time I did not see my way clear to go any further into the dependence of entropy and probability, I could, first of all, only refer to results that had already been obtained. Now, in 1899, the most interesting result was the law of energy distribution which had .just been discovered by Wilhelm Wien. The experimental proof of this was undertaken by F Paschen at the Hochschule, Hanover, and by O Lummer and E Pringsheim at the Reichsanstalt, Charlottenburg. This law represents the dependence of the intensity of radiation on temperature by means of an exponential function. Using this law to calculate the relation between the entropy and energy of a resonator, the remarkable result is obtained, that R, the reciprocal of the differential coefficient referred to above, is proportional to the energy. This exceedingly simple relation is a complete and adequate expression of Wien's law of distribution of energy; for the dependence upon wave-length is always given immediately as well as the dependence upon energy by Wien's generally accepted law of displacements. Since the whole problem deals with one of the universal laws of Nature, and since I believed then, as I do now, that the more general a natural law is, the simpler is its form (though it cannot always be said with certainty and finality which is the simpler form), I thought for a long time that the above relation, namely, that R is

proportional to the energy, should be considered as the foundation of the law of distribution of energy. This idea soon proved to be untenable in the light of more recent results. While Wien's law was confirmed for small values of energy, i.e. for short waves, O Lummer and E Pringsheim found large deviations in the case of long waves. Finally, the observations made by G Rubens and F Kurlbaum, with infra-red rays after transmission through fluorspar and rock salt, showed a totally different relation, which, under certain conditions, was still very simple. In this case, R is proportional, not to the energy, but to the square of the energy, and this relation is more accurate the larger the energies and wavelengths considered. Thus, by direct experiment, two simple limits have been fixed for the function R, i.e. for small values of the energy it is proportional to the energy, for large values it is proportional to the square of the energy. It was obvious that in the general case the next step was to express R to the sum of two terms, one involving the first power, the other the second power of the energy, so that the first term was the predominating term for small values of the energy, the second term for large values. This gave a new formula for the radiation, which has stood the test of experiment fairly satisfactorily so far. No final exact experimental verification has yet been given and a new proof is badly needed. If, however, the radiation formula should be shown to be absolutely exact, it would possess only a limited value, in the sense that it is a fortunate guess at an interpolation formula. Therefore, since it was first enunciated, I have been trying to give it a real physical meaning, and this problem led me to consider the relation between entropy and probability, along the lines of Boltzmann's ideas. After a few weeks of the most strenuous work of my life, the darkness lifted and an unexpected vista began to appear. I will digress a little. According to Boltzmann, entropy is a measure of physical probability, and the essence of the second law of thermo-dynamics is that in Nature, the more often a condition occurs, the more probable it is. In Nature, entropy itself is never measured, but only the difference of entropy, and to this extent one cannot talk of absolute entropy without a certain arbitrariness. Yet, the introduction of an absolute magnitude of entropy, suitably defined, is allowed, since certain general theorems can be expressed very simply by doing so. As far as I can see, it is exactly the same with energy. Energy itself cannot be measured, but only a difference of energy. Therefore, one did not previously deal with energy, but with work, and Ernst Mach, who was concerned to a great extent with the conservation of energy, but avoided all speculations outside the domain of observation, has always refrained from talking of energy itself. Similarly, at first in thermo-chemistry, one considered heat of reaction, i.e. difference of energy, until William Ostwald emphatically showed that many involved considerations could be very much simplified, if one dealt

with energy itself instead of calorimetric values. The undetermined additive constant in the expression for energy was fixed later by the relativity theorem of the relation between energy and inertia. As in the case of energy, we can define absolute value for entropy and consequently for physical probability, if the additive constant is fixed so that entropy and energy vanish simultaneously. (It would be better to substitute temperature for energy here.) On this basis a comparatively simple combinatory method was derived for calculating the physical probability of a certain distribution of energy in a system of resonators. This method leads to the same expression for entropy as was obtained from the radiation theory. As an offset against much disappointment, I derived much satisfaction from the fact that Ludwig Boltzmann, in a letter acknowledging my paper, gave me to understand that he was interested in, and fundamentally in agreement with, my ideas. For numerical applications of this method of probability we require two universal constants, each of which has an independent physical significance. The supplementary calculation of these constants from the radiation theory shows whether the method is merely a numerical one or has an actual physical meaning. The first constant is of a more or less formal nature, it depends on the definition of temperature. The value of this constant is 2/3 if temperature be defined as the mean kinetic energy of a molecule in an ideal gas, and is, therefore, a very small quantity. With the conventional measure of temperature, however, this constant has an extremely small value, which is naturally closely dependent upon the energy of a single molecule, and an exact knowledge of it leads, therefore, to the calculation of the mass of a molecule and the quantities depending upon it. This constant is frequently called Boltzmann's constant, though Boltzmann himself, to my knowledge, never introduced it - a curious circumstance, explained by the fact that Boltzmann, as appears from various remarks by him, never thought of the practicability of measuring this constant exactly. Nothing can better illustrate the impetuous advance made in experimental methods in the last twenty years than the fact that since then, not one only, but a whole series of methods have been devised for measuring the mass of a single molecule with almost the same accuracy as that of a planet. While, at the time that I carried out the corresponding calculations from the radiation theory, it was impossible to verify exactly the figure obtained, and all that could be achieved was to check the order of magnitude; shortly afterwards, E Rutherford and H Geiger, succeeded in determining the value of the elementary electric charge to be 4.65 cross 10-10 electro-static units, by directly counting alphaparticles. The agreement of this figure with that calculated by me, 4.69 cross 10-10, was a definite confirmation of the usefulness of my theory. Since then, more perfect

methods have been developed by E Regener, R A Millikan, and others, and have given a value slightly higher than this. The interpretation of the second universal constant of the radiation formula was much less simple. I called it the elementary quantum of action, since it is a product of energy and time, and was calculated to be 6.55 cross 10-27 erg sec. Though it was indispensable for obtaining the right expression for entropy for it is only by the help of it that the magnitude of the standard element of probability could be fixed for the probability calculations - it proved itself unwieldy and cumbrous in all attempts to make it fit in with classical theory in any form. So long as this constant could be considered infinitesimal, as when dealing with large energies or long periods of time, everything was in perfect agreement, but in the general case, a rift appeared, which became more and more pronounced the weaker and more rapid the oscillations considered. The failure of all attempts to bridge this gap soon showed that undoubtedly one of two alternatives must obtain. Either the quantum of action was a fictitious quantity, in which case all the deductions from the radiation theory were largely illusory and were nothing more than mathematical juggling. Or the radiation theory is founded on actual physical ideas, and then the quantum of action must play a fundamental role in physics, and proclaims itself as something quite new and hitherto unheard of, forcing us to recast our physical ideas, which, since the foundation of the infinitesimal calculus by Leibniz and Newton, were built on the assumption of continuity of all causal relations. Experience has decided for the second alternative. That this decision should be made so soon and so certainly is not due to the verification of the law of distribution of energy in heat radiation, much less to my special derivation of this law, but to the restless, ever-advancing labour of those workers who have made use of the quantum of action in their investigations. The first advance in this work was made by A Einstein, who proved, on the one hand, that the introduction of the energy quanta, required by the quantum of action, appeared suitable for deriving a simple explanation for a series of remarkable observations of light effects, such as Stokes's rule, emission of electrons, and ionization of gases. On the other hand, by identifying the energy of a system of resonators with the energy of a rigid body, he derived a formula for the specific heat of a rigid body, which gives again quite correctly the variation of specific heat, particularly its decrease with decrease of temperature. It is not my duty here to give even an approximately complete account of this work. I can only point out the most important characteristic stages in the progress of knowledge. We will now consider problems in heat and chemistry. As far as the specific heat of a solid body is concerned, Einstein's method, based on the assumption of a single

characteristic oscillation of the atom, has been extended by M Born and The von Kรกrmรกn to the case of various characteristic oscillations, more in agreement with practice. By greatly simplifying the assumptions regarding the nature of the oscillations, P Debye obtained a comparatively simple formula for the specific heat of a solid body. This not only corroborates, particularly for low temperatures, the experimental values obtained by W Nernst and his school, but also is in good agreement with the elastic and optical properties of the body. Further, quantum effects are very noticeable when considering the specific heat of gases. W Nernst had shown at an early stage that the quantum of energy of an oscillation must correspond to the quantum of energy of a rotation, and accordingly expected that the energy of rotation of a gas molecule would decrease with temperature. A Eucken's measurements of the specific heat of hydrogen verified this deduction, and the fact that the calculations of A Einstein and O Stern, P Ehrenfest, and others have not yet been in satisfactory agreement can be ascribed to our incomplete knowledge of the form of the hydrogen molecule. The work of N Bjerrum, E von Bahr, H Rubens, and G Hettner, etc., on absorption bands in the infrared rays, shows that there can be no doubt that the rotations of the gas molecules indicated by the quantum conditions do actually exist. However, no one has yet succeeded in giving a complete explanation of these remarkable rotations. Since all the affinity of a substance is ultimately bound up with its entropy, the theoretical calculation of entropy by means of quanta gives a method of attacking all problems in chemical affinity. Nernst's chemical constant is a characteristic for the absolute value of the entropy of a gas. O Sackur calculated this constant directly by a combinatory method similar to my method with oscillators, while O Stern and H Tetrode, by careful examination of experimental data of evaporation, determined the difference of the entropies of gaseous and non-gaseous substances. The cases considered so far deal with thermo-dynamical equilibrium, which only give statistical mean values for a number of particles and long periods of time. This observation of electronic impulses, however, leads directly to the dynamical details of the phenomena considered. The determination by James Franck and Gustav Hertz of the so-called resonance potential, or that critical velocity, the minimum velocity which an electron must have to bring about the emission of a quantum of light by collision with a neutral atom, is as direct a method of measuring the quantum of action as can be desired. Also, in the case of the characteristic radiation of the Rรถntgen spectrum discovered by C G Barkla, similar methods which gave very good results were developed by D L Webster, E Wagner, and others. The liberation of quanta of light by electronic impulses is the converse of the emission of electrons by projection of light, Rรถntgen or Gamma rays, and here, again, the quanta of energy determined from the quantum of action and the

frequency of oscillations play a characteristic part in the same way as we have seen above, in that the velocity of the electrons emitted does not depend on the intensity of the radiation, but on the wavelength of the light emitted. From a quantitative point of view, also, Einstein's relations for light quanta mentioned above have been verified in every way, particularly by R A Millikan, who determined the initial velocities of the emitted electrons, while the significance of the light quantum in causing photo-chemical reactions has been made clear by E Warburg. The results quoted above, collected from the most varied branches of physics, present an overwhelming case for the existence of the quantum of action, and the quantum hypothesis was put on a very firm foundation by Niels Bohr's theory of the atom. This theory was destined, by means of the quantum of action, to open a door into the wonderland of spectroscopy, which had obstinately defied all investigators since the discovery of spectral analysis. Once the way was made clear, a mass of new knowledge was obtained concerning this branch of science, as well as allied branches of physics and chemistry. The first brilliant result was Balmer's series for hydrogen and helium, including the reduction of the universal Rydberg constants to pure numbers, by which the small difference between hydrogen and helium was found to be due to the slower motion of the heavier atomic core. This led immediately to the investigation of other series in the optical and Rรถntgen spectra by means of Ritz's useful combination principle, the fundamental meaning of which was now demonstrated for the first time. In the face of these numerous verifications (which could be considered as very strong proofs in view of the great accuracy of spectroscopic measurements), those who had looked on the problem as a game of chance were finally compelled to throw away all doubt when A Sommerfeld showed that - by extending the laws of distribution of quanta to systems with several degrees of freedom (and bearing in mind the variability of mass according to the theory of relativity) - an elegant formula follows which must, so far as can be determined by the most delicate measurements now possible (those of F Paschen), solve the riddle of the structure of hydrogen and helium spectra. This is an accomplishment in every way comparable with the famous discovery of the planet Neptune, whose existence and position had been calculated by Le Verrier before it had been seen by human eye. Proceeding further along the same lines, P Epstein succeeded in giving a complete explanation of the Stark effect of the electrical separation of the spectral lines, and P Debye in giving a simple meaning to the K-series of the Rรถntgen spectrum, investigated by Manne Siegbahn. Moreover, there followed a large number of wider investigations, which explained more or less successfully the mystery of the structure of the atom. In view of all these results - a complete explanation would involve the inclusion of many more well-known names - an unbiased critic must recognize that the quantum

of action is a universal physical constant, the value of which has been found from several very different phenomena to be 6.54 cross 10-27 ergs secs. It must seem a curious coincidence that at the time when the idea of general relativity is making headway and leading to unexpected results, Nature has revealed, at a point where it could be least foreseen, an absolute invariable unit, by means of which the magnitude of the action in a time space element can be represented by a definite number, devoid of ambiguity, thus eliminating the hitherto relative character. Yet no actual quantum theory has been formed by the introduction of the quantum of action. But perhaps this theory is not so far distant as the introduction of Maxwell's light theory was from the discovery of the velocity of light by Olaf Rรถmer. The difficulties in the way of introducing the quantum of action into classical theory from the beginning have been mentioned above. As years have elapsed, these difficulties have increased rather than diminished, and although the impetuous advance of research has dealt with some of them, yet the inevitable gaps remaining in any extension are all the more painful to the conscientious and systematic worker. That which serves as the foundation of the law of action in Bohr's theory is made up of certain hypotheses which were flatly rejected, without any question, a generation ago by physicists. That quite definite orbits determined by quanta are a special feature of the atom may be considered admissible, but it is less easy to assume that the electrons, moving in these paths with a definite acceleration, radiate no energy. But that the quite sharply defined frequency of an emitted light quantum should be different from the frequency of the emitted electrons must seem, at first sight, to a physicist educated in the classical school, an almost unreasonable demand on his imagination. However, figures are decisive, and the conclusion is that things have been gradually reversed. At first a new foreign element was fitted into a structure, generally considered fixed, with as little change as possible; but now the intruder, after gaining a secure place for itself, has taken the offensive, and today it is almost certain that it will undermine the old structure in some way or other. The question is at what place and to what degree this will happen. If a surmise be allowed as to the probable outcome of this struggle, everything seems to indicate that the great principles of thermo-dynamics, derived from the classical theory, will not only maintain their central position in the quantum theory, but will be greatly extended. The adiabatic hypothesis of P Ehrenfest plays the same part in the quantum theory as the original experiments played in the founding of classical thermodynamics. Just as Rudolf Clausius introduced, as a basis for the measure of entropy, the theorem that any two conditions of a material system are transformable one to the other by reversible processes, so Bohr's new ideas showed the corresponding way to explore the problems opened up by him.

A question, from the complete answer to which we may expect far-reaching explanations, is what becomes of the energy of a light quantum after perfect emission? Does it spread out, as it progresses, in all directions, as in Huygens's wave theory, and while covering an ever-larger amount of space, diminish without limit? Or does it travel along as in Newton's emanation theory like a projectile in one direction? In the first case the quantum could never concentrate its energy in a particular spot to enable it to liberate an electron from the atomic influences; in the second case we would have the complete triumph of Maxwell's theory, and the continuity between static and dynamic fields must be sacrificed, and with it the present complete explanation of interference phenomena, which have been investigated in all details. Both these alternatives would have very unpleasant consequences for the modern physicist. In each case there can be no doubt that science will be able to overcome this serious dilemma, and that what seems now to be incompatible may later be regarded as most suitable on account of its harmony and simplicity. Until this goal is attained the problem of the quantum of action will not cease to stimulate research and to yield results, and the greater the difficulties opposed to its solution, the greater will be its significance for the extension and deepening of all our knowledge of physics. Thank you for your attention Sentience

ď Ł

Octave 8 WaveHydra WaveSentience The New Dreamers We Are Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On Medieval Dream Weaver The room in which you sit, an assumption on my part, began as a dream, an idea. It took an architect, a planner and a builder to bring it into reality. And now you benefit from the end result. Consider the distant past, the world inhabited by our forebears. Each layer of discoveries, of dreams, realised down the corridors of time into the present Now. Empires have risen and fallen. Ideologies fashionable for a time, fall into decay or evolve into a new description. Perceptions, Ethics, Morals and the actions they engender likewise rise and fall, like a tide that ebbs and flows from the depths of an infinite ocean washing upon the shores of the present time and leaving in its wake new learning’s and discoveries. In short evolution. And yet evolution does not presuppose success, simply an exercise in selection. Consider the dinosaur. Where are they now, collectively speaking? Existent in the present, true, but in respect of the dominant species, a secondary consideration. As a species we are considered to be unique. Partly as a result of our self consciousness and ability to determine to some extent the world in which we live and partly as a result of our implicit arrogance. A species who has with a finite cognitive ability defined all that is and will be. A mass consciousness drifting upon the tide of its own creation. Governments determine, or attempt to determine what we are permitted to do. Religions determine what we are to believe. The media determines what we are to think. Each of these institutions succeeds and fails magnificently. Succeeds by spreading appropriate rumours or viruses to control what are determined to be the masses. [ see OpenSentience – Forum ] Fails by virtue by of constantly needing to

change, to mutate in order to survive. A strategy which in these days is wearing thin in the light of the evolving events abroad within the world. The particle of the wave form called Sentience, in this instance The New Dreamers makes no apology for the descriptions or words of others. Linguistic baggage comes along with every word. We simply define the word Sorcery, in this instance as The Art and Science of Perception. And as such – “The world of Sorcerers is a dream, a myth, Yet it is as real as the everyday world. In order to perceive and function in the Sorcerers world we have to remove the mask that has been strapped to our faces since the day we were born and replace it with another. That mask we have to make ourselves by Dreaming our Other Self.” Florinda Donner Grau : Being In Dreaming The New Dreamers is a division, a particle of Sentience and in this aspect has a vision, a dream of an evolving world of fulfilment and abundance. Nothing original in this as we acknowledge those with similar aspirations. The present time bears all the hallmarks of escalation and it is believed by those who inform and form Sentience that the time to act is Now. As such we offer a possibility, made a probability by proactive interaction. It is true to say that all institutions offer this possibility. The price however is believe as we do and you will become as we are. Where is the freedom in this? Is it not exchanging one tyranny, of sorts for another? We appeal to reason at this time. Not the reason of the mind but that of the heart. As once eloquently described by Gregory Bateson. Aldous Huxley used to say that the central problem for humanity is the quest for grace. This word he used in what he thought was the sense in which it is used in the New Testament. He explained the word, however, in his own terms. He argued - like Walt Whitman - that the communication and behaviour of animals has a naiveté, a simplicity, which man has lost. Man’s behaviour is corrupted by deceit - even self deceit by purpose, and by self consciousness. As Aldous saw the matter, man has lost the “grace” which animals still have. In terms of this contrast, Aldous argued that God resembles the animals rather than man: He is ideally unable to deceive and incapable of internal confusions. In the total scale of beings, therefore, man is as if displaced sideways and lacks the grace which animals have and which God has. I argue that art is a part of mans’ quest for grace; sometimes his ecstasy in partial success, sometimes his rage and agony at failure. I argue also that there are many species of grace within the major genus; and also that there are many kinds of

failure and frustration and departure from grace. No doubt each culture has its characteristic species of grace toward which its artists strive, and its own species of failure. Some cultures may foster a negative approach to this difficult integration, an avoidance of complexity by crass preference either for total consciousness or total unconsciousness. Their art is unlikely to be “great”. I shall argue that the problem of grace is fundamentally a problem of integration and that which is to be integrated is the diverse parts of the mind especially those multiple levels of which one extreme is called “consciousness” and the other the “unconscious”. For the attainment of grace, the reasons of the heart must be integrated with the reasons of the reason Gregory Bateson Sentience pays due respect to all those who have preceded it, laying down the foundations for what is to follow. Allowing for one prevalent theorem in respect of systems it has been postulated that the square root of one percent of a given numbers system were that number to orientate itself towards change the rest of the system would follow suit. What if that system were the human race itself? How many individuals would it take, given the formula described, to bring about significant change at a systemic level. At the time of writing a number hovering between seven and eight thousand. Achievable given the number of individuals alive at this time. But such individuals would they be. Prerequisites of such an order would be required. Innovation – Creativity – Proactivity would serve as fundamental abilities built upon which would be genuine curiosity melded with the ability to integrate and develop fundamental skill and information sets. And were that not enough a sincere desire to make the world a better place. Not solely for ourselves but those that are to follow, our children and of course the responsibility we have as caretakers of all of natures bounty as represented by those noble creatures we share our world with. A nature that is threatened and destroyed on a daily basis. In whose name and for what? This approach is redundant as we have nowhere else to go at present and in the light of unfolding environmental, political and sociological events the writing is on the wall. The one hundred monkeys concept also bears mention in this instance. It has been observed that during a study primates in the same location learned a new skill, such as a behaviour or the application and use of a new tool and as a result others learned by their example. Where this is understandable for most of learning, amongst humans also is primarily through mimicry, it is of significance to note that at a specified saturation point, described in this instance as one hundred, primates in another location, divorced of direct contact also demonstrated the same skill or behaviour. This is morphic resonance in effect and demonstrates clearly the

systemic nature of the greater unit of which individuals, though unique are a part. [ see the writings of Rupert Sheldrake ] Sentience in all its aspects operates upon these fundamental premises and appeals, once again to those men and women of reason and vision to act at this time. As such –

Wanted Men and women of reason and vision who individually and collectively are innovative, creative and proactive. Are possessed of curiosity and the ability to evolve learning’s and skills into practical applications and are gifted with the sensitivity of caring for all life upon this our beautiful and changing world. Gender, Ethnic Origin, Age, Religious Denomination, Political Persuasion are to be considered redundant descriptors and as such do not affect agreement with our ethos. We inhabit the same world and serve to enrich it with our diversity. Creating the clone mentality and reality is anathema to the operating principles encapsulated by Sentience. You are invited to explore the transparency and accountability elements manifest within both our wave and particle components. OpenSentience – The Forum we suggest as a useful doorway into our evolving structure.

The Greatest Gift We Have Is Our Imagination, For With Its Power We Might Become More Of Who We Are The Greatest Sin Therefore Is To Go Unimagined Thank you for your attention Sentience

A Corporate Audit An organisation or company can be likened to an individual, possessing unique characteristics such as the Environments in which it operates in respect of its workplace locations and its impact upon the environment generally; the Behaviours it manifests as actions and their immediate and long term consequences; the Skills and Strategies it employs in order to evolve and grow; the Beliefs and Values it maintains concerning itself and its market; the sense of its own Identity and the Vision it has of itself within society and the world. How is quality information that enhances future development in selected directions accessed from the system that is you and your organisation? What is your current sense of who you are as an individual and what your company represents in the world, and how might this be enhanced in order to facilitate future productivity? What systemic processes exist that enable creativity and imagination to inform the strategies currently employed within the contexts of business and personal development? A Consideration The world is changing at an accelerated rate. Evidence of this is made apparent in respect of the current environmental issues that face us at this time. The sociological changes in regard of global migrations and shifts within the ethos of the work force. It has been noted that graduates seeking future employment are seeking companies with, so called, green ethics in order to assess the value the company places upon the environment generally and the treatment of its work force. Politically we live within an ambience of threat which gives rise to natural fears concerning the future. In short is there one of value to move towards or are we accelerating into a world ruled by chaos and disorder? Important questions need to be addressed and asked at this time. As individuals and corporate structures we have the responsibility of securing the world for those who follow, our children and all life as it currently exists on this our world, our home.

As an organisation how do you – See your current position within the market you develop and facilitate? How do you see this evolving into the future in respect of the above considerations? What is your current attitude towards the environmental issues we face at this time? How would you like to see this change in the future? What are your current survival strategies in respect of the market in which you compete? How could this evolve into an effective and ecological set of strategies? What is your current impact upon the environment? How do you compensate for this? How do you perceive the work force you employ at this time? How might they perceive you? What are your current considerations of the future How might this change? A Possibility Contrary to popular opinion we each have a unique and distinct responsibility towards the future. As an organisation the responsibility is multiplied in many respects. How might the future evolve? Politically the flaws become increasingly apparent as such evolution in respect of individuals and companies is the way forward. Sociologically the flaws, likewise are apparent. Again we hold the future as individuals and organisations in our hands.

Psychologically, the current status of our lives are pressurised to the extreme and as a direct result our ability to act appropriately is compromised. Were any of the proceeding observations and comments to be considered valid, how might they be addressed. You are invited to reflect upon this and were you to wish to participate in the creation of a future you would be proud to be part of the choice is now a matter of taking the next step. As such –

The Future Begins Now Thank you for your attention Sentience

 Pathways A World Evolving In Beauty Enabling The Enablers What can I do? A common enough question given what is our current perception of the world at this time. Sentience as a core structure exists at this time in a number of aspects in order to address the current situations we face during this part of our evolving history. Sentience – Pathways is specifically orientated to those individuals and organisations who have established themselves or are in the process of becoming a force for change within the world. Whether your projects are sociological, ecological

or form part of a proactive evolving way of being in the world Sentience has at its disposal models of excellence for modelling and improving the strategies and methodologies currently employed. Excellence in any field of endeavour has built into its equation the possibility if not the probability for improving the system it employs in any given context. As an individual or structure for improving the current world situation how might we – Become more efficient in our present project? Become more effective? Evolve strategies of a generative nature? Create ecological methodologies both within our structures and how we approach the world?

Sentience – Pathways extends the invitation to explore and acquire the tools for fulfilling the above criteria and we look forward to hearing about you and your projects. Contact may be established directly through our web site address or you might choose to become a part of Sentience – Forum, an evolving network of proactive contributors to the evolution of co – operation and mutual sharing of ideas and resources. Thank you for your attention Sentience

Quantum Power Programming – QPP™ A systemic approach and orientation allows for its energetic aspect to exist both as a wave and a particle simultaneously. Sentience is its wave essence whilst its aspects or divisions assume the role of particles. This is the nature of the evolving Quantum Paradigm that is Sentience Quantum Power Programming The Realm of The New Dreamers Renaissance man or woman, unlike the present trend for specialisation, pursued a multi disciplined approach to learning and experience. As such the emergent properties that arose as a result of this exotic blend of pursuits gave rise to emergent properties, disciplines, understandings and ultimately technologies which were and are greater than the sum of the parts. This is made clear in the present time by the research and discoveries made by such eclectic minds as Moshe Feldenkrais, Gregory Bateson and Nikola Tesla to name three examples. In keeping with this profound approach to learning and the relationship that is established between information and those that pursue it Sentience at this time fully endorses and pursues this methodology. In this respect, in keeping with Quantum theory Sentience, at this time is representative of the wave formation whilst its respective divisions are its manifestation as particles. Quantum Power Programming [ QPP ] like all emergent and evolving processes has its antecedents, ones which have advanced our current understanding in respect of the nature of the world in which we live and more importantly how we perceive it.

There Exists Only Perception Foremost amongst these are – A model of the structure of human experience described as Neuro Linguistic Programming in both its Classic and New code descriptions. Deep State Dreaming Technology. Specifically modelled from the Toltec teachings of Don Juan Matus and scribed by Carlos Castaneda whose descriptions of 1st and

2nd Attention in respect of the continuum of consciousness referred to as Conscious and Unconscious aspects of the mind are without equal. Multi Dimensional Mind Mapping. As Energetic Beings we exist in a state of mind and body fusion which in the majority of instances is divorced from its essential energetic self. This separation occurs at birth by the act of signing, metaphorically speaking, the social contract that permits us to experience only that which is in accord with its criteria rather than the totality of potential we have at our disposal as an option. Alpha Flow and Deep State Access. State and Information being isomorphic, state dictates the class of information and hence the resources and choices we have available to us given any specific context. The deeper states are accessed directly by the interface that exists between, what has been previously described as the attentions. Quantum Physics. The long extant error that mind and matter are polarities within the model commonly referred to as dualism has, in the main been addressed by the archaic institutions of Religion, Philosophy and Metaphysics generally. However, each whilst contributing much to our current understanding concerning the nature of reality have simply generated belief systems which though supplying a measure of comfort and faith to their adherents, again, in main have made little or no impact upon the evolving nature of human kind. The evidence for this is clear given the archaic institutions predilection for debate and argument, argument which in many instances gives rise to conflict, war and destruction. The world at this time stands testimony to this. We do indeed manifest our thoughts continually, albeit unconsciously and in this respect are the architects of our reality, be it a unique model upheld by faiths and institutions or that often called consensual. The Quantum paradigm clearly demonstrates the interaction of the observer and the observed. Our task as such is to assume full responsibility for this interaction and as a result take control of our unfolding reality. Chaos is the alternative. Choose well for the future lies in the hands of each of us Now. Accelerated Learning. Sentience in acknowledging the uniqueness of each individual in respect of their learning styles and capabilities develops and presents programs which whilst fulfilling the brief of its description employs methodologies for ensuring that each of its participants engages fully in the learning process. An array of techniques that facilitate this are utilised to ensure that the outcome set is fully realised. Its operating premise may be described as

Information + Reference Experience = Learning

Learning in this instance is systemic and engages the totality of the individual as opposed to simply catering to the cognitive element. Creating and Healing Modalities. All creative acts begin with a dream, a vision of something different. Sadly our compacted thinking strategies often think of a hundred reasons why something cannot be done. Hence the dream is aborted at stage one. Clean sorting permits us to dream, plan and evaluate clearly thereby consolidating the dream by supply a strategy for its fulfilment and evaluating on route the plan to do this. This leads to a congruent strategy which is capable of manifesting the dream from the simplest to the grandest of objectives. Health as represented within our hearts, minds and bodies is all we have, whether that be an individual, an organisation, a society or human kind itself, it reflects into each and every one of our pursuits, for as a filter our state determines the outcome of our intentions. The cognitive aspect of our being believes it alone sets the goals we select and yet we are compelled from deeper depths which are reflections of the system as a whole. So, who sets the goal in the first place? A realistic model of the totality of our being allows for the continuum which represents the conscious and unconscious aspects of our natures. An orientation of this order begins the pursuit and results in the beginning of wisdom. Quantum Power Programming is a possibility within a sea of such and as a wave manifesting within its particles or divisions we require the finest minds to participate in its unfolding process. For this reason it has been classed Alpha Wave Training. Not to imply elitism, rather to engage the keenest minds in the process of their evolution for at this time it is dependant upon the capable to stand up and be counted in these, the unfolding times we face at this juncture in our history.

Evolution Is The Only Solution We trust this serves as an overview of this particle of the wave known as Sentience. You are invited to be curious and join in this, the unfolding of a dream and future. Thank you for your attention Sentience

ď Ł

 Appendix  The Philosophy Of Time Travel Roberta Ann Sparrow

Recovered Chapters & Appendices Damian Alexander Sinclair

Introduction & Explanation All due respect and acknowledgement to Richard Kelly, writer and director of Donnie Darko. Viewing this movie and finding it intriguing and stimulating by turn and being tantalised by the pages of The Philosophy Of Time Travel attributed to Roberta Ann Sparrow I discovered certain chapters and the appendices were not to be viewed within the film. As an area of interest and allowing for my limited skills as a writer and graphic designer I elected to complete the book in respect of text and image. Should this in turn be read by others I trust I have fulfilled the demands of this exceptional story. The chapters I have written I will remain ambiguous in respect of as the interested can determine this by downloading the original materials.

The additions I have made to this text are dedicated to the memory of Roberta Ann Sparrow Damian Alexander Sinclair


The Philosophy Of Time Travel Foreword I would like to thank the sisters of the Saint John Chapter in Alexandria, Virginia for their support in my decision. By the grace of God, they are: Sister Eleance Lewis Sister Francesca Godard Sister Helen Davis Sister Catherine Arnold Sister Mary Lee Pond Sister Virginia Weaver The intent [ ? ] of this short book is for it to be a simple and direct guide in a time of great danger. I pray that this is merely a work of fiction. If it is not, then I pray for you, the reader of this book. If I am still alive when the events foretold in these pages occur, then I hope that you will find me before it is too late. Roberta Ann Sparrow October 1944


Chapter I The Tangent Universe The primary universe is fraught with great peril. War, plague and natural disaster are common. Death comes to us all. The Fourth Dimension of Time is a stable construct though it is not impenetrable. Incidents when the fabric of the fourth dimension becomes corrupted are incredibly rare. If a tangent universe occurs, it will be highly unstable, sustaining life for no longer than several weeks. Eventually it will collapse upon itself, forming a black hole within the primary universe capable of destroying all existence.

ď śď śď ś Chapter II Water and Metal Water and metal are the key elements of Time Travel. Water is the barrier element for the construction of the Time Portals used as gateways between the universes at the Tangent Vortex. Metal is the transitional element for the construction of Artefact Vessels.

Chapter III Fire and Earth Fire and earth form the primary matrix of manifested forms. Fire is the informing seed matrix for the formation of all forms in all corresponding realms of manifestation and acts as the intelligence quotient. Earth is the vehicle which holds and bears the seed across the continuum of manifested forms.

ď śď śď ś Chapter IV The Artefact and the Living When a tangent universe occurs, those living nearest to the vortex find themselves at the epicentre of a dangerous New World. Artefacts provide the first sign that a tangent universe has occurred. If an artefact occurs, the living will retrieve it with great interest and curiosity. Artefacts are formed from metal, such as an arrowhead from an ancient Mayan civilisation, or a metal sword from medieval Europe. Artefacts returned to the Primary Universe are often linked to religious iconography, as their appearance on Earth seems to defy logical explanation. Divine Intervention is deemed the only logical conclusion for the appearance of the Artefact.

Chapter V Artefacts Artefacts are assembled when a Time Continuum breach occurs. Though rare the occurrence is devastating for both the Primary and Tangent universes. The equivalent of a meeting between matter and its contrary form, anti matter. The artefact/s form a pressure wave which often results in the breach becoming complete and the anomaly of transposition takes place. It is for this reason that the artefact is, by necessity returned to the Primary Universe.

ď śď śď ś Chapter VI The Living Receiver The Living Receiver is chosen to guide the artefact into position for its journey back to the primary universe. No one knows how or why a Receiver will be chosen. The Living Receiver is often [ blessed ] with Fourth dimensional Powers. These include increased strength, telekinesis, mind control and the ability to conjure fire and water. The Living Receiver is often tormented by terrifying dreams, visions and auditory hallucinations during his time within the tangent universe. Those surrounding the Living Receiver, known as the manipulated, will fear him and try to destroy him.

Chapter VII The Manipulated Living The Manipulated Living are often the close friends and neighbours of the Living Receiver. They are prone to irrational, bizarre, and often violent behaviour. This is the unfortunate result of their task which is to assist the Living Receiver in returning the artefact to the Primary Universe. The Manipulated Living will do anything to save themselves from oblivion.

 Chapter VIII The Primary Universe The Primary Universe whilst maintaining a semblance of stability, due to its protracted manifestation across time undergoes fluctuations within its matrix at Nexus Points in history. These points occur as a result of Artefacts manifesting and the presence of a Living Receiver. At these points in time the relative stability of the Primary Universe undergoes flux which, under certain conditions brings great peril. It is imperative that the Living Receiver is guided to return the Artefact in order to offset the consequences of its continued presence within an unstable matrix.


Chapter IX Tangent Incursions Though extremely rare incursions occur and the peril represented invariably underestimated. The Artefact creates an upsurge in religious activity amongst the superstitious whilst the ruling hierarchies as a result of the Artefacts existence experience a power flux which, in part, disables their control over the manipulated. The Living Receiver acts as a focus and for this reason it is imperative that the Artefact along with the Living Receiver is returned to the Primary Universe.

 Chapter X The Manipulated Dead The manipulated Dead are more powerful than the Living Receiver. If a person dies within the Tangent Dimension, they are able to contact the Living Receiver through the Fourth Dimensional Construct. The Fourth Dimension Construct is made of Water. The Manipulated Dead will manipulate the Living Receiver using the Fourth Dimensional Construct. [ see Appendices A & B ]. The Manipulated Dead will often set an Ensurance Trap for the Living Receiver to ensure that the Artefact is returned safely to the Primary Universe. If the Ensurance Trap is successful, the living Receiver is left with no choice but to use his Fourth Dimensional Power to send the Artefact back in Time into the Primary Universe before the Black Hole collapses upon itself.

Chapter XI Omens and Communication As a consequence of the presence of an Artefact the Living Receiver undergoes irrational shifts in awareness. These shifts though destructive to the Living Receiver serve as the only means available for the Tangent Universe to be identified and latterly understood [?] The Living Receiver at this time experiences synchronicity. Random and yet sequential events unfold as if a message were being conveyed. Incursions from a Tangent Universe often take this form and whilst the Primary Universe rarely makes sense of the intended message, these communications serve as a means to rectify the incursion.

 Chapter XII Dreams When the Manipulated awaken from their journey into the tangent universe, they are often haunted by the experience in their dreams. Many of them will not remember. Those who do remember the journey are often overcome with profound remorse for the regretful actions buried within their Dreams, the only physical evidence buried within the Artefact itself, all that remains from the lost world. Ancient myth tells us of the Mayan Warrior killed by an Arrowhead. He had fallen from a cliff, where there was no Army, no enemy to be found. We are told of the Medieval Knight mysteriously impaled by the sword he had not yet built. We are told that these things occur for a reason.

Notes Living Receiver Donald [ or maybe Donnie ] Darko [ died October 2nd 1988 ] Manipulated Dead Frank [ Anderson ] Gretchen Ross [ not her real name ] Manipulated Living [ everyone else in the film – list includes Donnies family, friends, enemies, Roberta Sparrow, etc ] note after Jim Cunninghams name reads, I think, ‘died October 1988’.

 Mad World All around me are familiar faces worn out places, worn out faces bright and early for the daily races going nowhere going nowhere Their tears are filling up their glasses no expression no expression Hide my head I wanna drown my sorrow no tomorrow no tomorrow and I find it kind of funny I find it kind of sad the dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had I find it hard to tell you I find it hard to take when people run in circles its a very very mad world mad world Children waiting for the day they feel good Happy birthday happy birthday and I feel the way that every child should Sit and listen sit and listen Went to school and I was very nervous no one knew me no one knew me Hello teacher tell me what's my lesson Look right through me look right through me And I find it kind of funny I find it kind of sad the dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had I find it hard to tell you I find it hard to take when people run in circles its a very very mad world mad world enlarging your world mad world Orzabal & Roland

Appendix A The Fourth Dimensional Construct The Fourth Dimensional Construct is made of Water and serves as the primary conduit and gives rise to duration in its lateral aspect. At specific nodal points [ one being the planet Terra ] where water exists in abundance a pressure wave is formulated at the quantum level. This gives rise to a state of extreme instability as the manifested lifeforms themselves act as portals. Due to their partial desiccation [ dehydration ] the Manipulated Dead gain access to the Living Receiver in order to reconfigure their previous form/s. Neural Resonance is the cause of this as their innate memories act as a magnet in respect of what once was. It is a craving they experience and this, in part, accentuates the instability an incursion represents. Within the primarily liquid matrix of the Living Receiver a rift occurs between the cognitive mapping of perceived reality and the now present, underlying incursion. An anomaly of this nature gives rise to great confusion as the Living Receiver enters a state of extreme flux. This continues until the Artefact is returned to the Primary Universe. For stability to manifest in the Living Receiver an alignment must take place. This alignment takes the form of a specific cognitive awareness connecting to the abstract conditions in which it finds itself. The alternative is chaos which results in the creation of the black hole phenomena, previously described. Thus far, as evidenced by our continued existence all incursions of a Tangent nature have been stabilised by the actions of the Living Receiver succeeding in returning the Artefact/s to their point of origin. We can only pray that this continues to be the case. The alternative being unthinkable. *for further information and insights [?] see Time Folds and other Temporal Phenomena – Roberta Ann Sparrow – Cellar Door 2027


Appendix B The Seeding of an Artefact Artefacts are constructed from metals, some precious, some common. Temporal research has clearly demonstrated that as a result of specific circumstances arising an Artefact is inadvertently made manifest and a Tangent Incursion takes place. These circumstances include – Disturbances within the aqueous membrane of the host planetary form, flooding etc. Undue elevated resonance within the crystalline matrix at the quantum level. Unrest in the collective cognitive process of the resident lifeforms. This combination of causes gives rise to the rift, referred to previously. A conduit, of sorts, opens and an incursion occurs. Rare or unknown material is discovered and this gives rise to speculation. This speculation gives rise to superstition and the ascendancy of a new belief structure [ divine intervention etc. ] In other instances an Artefact of a known material [ perhaps Gold ] is discovered whose design is uncommon and whose purpose unknown. Metal is the chosen nature of an Artefact due to its crystalline matrix which interacts directly with the aqueous nature of the fourth Dimensional Construct. In most respects these two elements are synonymous and serve as aspects of the same phenomena. As these two apparently unique elements manifest, the resultant system, by way of symbiosis gives rise to a third emergent property – The Living Receiver. The relationship which exists between this trinity of principles is isomorphic. As the Artefact and the Living Receiver enter a dialogue [ of sorts ] the incursion intensifies until resolution occurs. This resolution invariably involves the sacrifice of the Living Receiver who finds it increasingly difficult to maintain coherency within the primary matrix during a Tangent Incursion.

This sacrifice ensures that the Artefact is returned and stability within the Primary Universe is maintained. Throughout recorded history [ ? ] six incursions have been recorded the present anomaly represents the seventh. The Manipulated Dead seek out the Living Receiver [ see appendix A ] and direct him or her to return the Artefact in order to acquire substance within the Primary Universe. Their actions, though powerful, are restricted though they have access to the Manipulated Living who serve as their channels of influence. Once the Metallic Artefact enters the Aqueous Portal represented by the Living Receiver all returns to a state of stability. Let us all be grateful for their presence, purpose and ultimate sacrifice.

CellarDoor MMVII

Full acknowledgement and gratitude to Richard Kelly and his film Donnie Darko for supplying the heart and foundation of this text. My task has been to complete it appropriately.

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A New Paradigm plus an appendix that completes a favourite topic.